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2-27 5-6pm Sports Talk: trade or tag Graham

Feb 27, 2014|

The deadline to place the franchise tag on NFL players is Monday. Should the Saints use theirs on Jimmy Graham? Is trading Jimmy Graham the best move for the Saints? What’s best for the team—keeping Jimmy Graham or trading him?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome in -- sports talk our number two alongside the cajun cannon Bobby -- Kristian -- They got topic on the table for today. Is the best move for the Saints to trade. Jimmy Graham franchise tag them the deadline is Monday. For the Saints to slap the franchise tag on. And that should they trade him values high right now. Maybe higher than it'll ever be food for thought about college WL dot com laid out think -- beat the best option. -- better on defense retool that offensive line ESPN's Andrew -- they're business analyst joining us now Andrew. He spent a lot of time and Packers organization. Been a part of some some deals and with high profile players. Right now. Every team has conversations about every player on their roster what their trade values is that correct. Yeah I think every you know this is a busy time it seems slow it between the com sign free agency that I just remember written and even cover in myself it's very busy in terms try to forgot scenarios what happens we -- -- -- I don't plan especially in that respect they're free agency. And come back to us with something that we try to re sign him now would you think the market's going to be for this -- Well you know you -- receivers -- it would -- gonna get so what targeting Ditka get behind them those kind of things. And as far as trading you know I think to come by and I always talk about the unofficial start of the new league year even though it doesn't start till march 11. And it basically started at the combo and you can talk. He just can't make deals and I think there's a lot of talking going on. And -- Andrew if you look at. I guess the approach like kind of old school -- in theory. I should say and -- coaches say it is reported you know really get rid of a young healthy. Great players. And and -- especially look at Jimmy Graham means to me is still learning the game and of side. And now you can say well it -- be more complete better a player and tied in a should say and run block better. But. Third time he's right about attack without an otherwise he's in the slot or he's lined up wide. But when you look at what it might take. To pay him like what what do you think that number is I'm I'm kind of approach. I think based away during accounts he got paid. Said somewhere give or take around ten million but not necessarily in that twelve the sixty million range and then the second part of that question. It is his value. You -- not too many players are -- first round pick do you think. That you take your phone calls us alone what to offer -- -- first and a third. Or or a first and a fourth would that be worth it. Yeah I think the big question by the is. He is retaining Hannan and I really I don't think people understand the value of the franchise tag. Because I know people so well it's only ten players a year what's the big deal to make a lot of money for one year it has tremendous value for teams have been there. Number one you call a guy out the free agent market he used to be may need really in 1990 three's you remember. For true franchise quarterback players like Marino and Elway an eight far. It has morphed into something much more powerful. -- team can take its best free agent off the market best free agent every year they want. And it's perfectly. Place for guys like Graham because. He's not a franchise Corey Perry went through that -- through and now they have this tight end. What and I don't want to get into the hole -- tight end receiving defected to keep marked the market and negotiated deal. Now I think the market range you suggest is about right it's between the top tight end market and -- what I call that top tier. Wide receiver market except for two guys FitzGerald and mega -- are in the market unto themselves then you have guys like Percy -- Vincent Jackson. Receivers like that in this sort of doing -- market. So I think he'll be in between those two and that's about right between -- on mine average and twelve million average but the bottom line is. If -- tag to. They go through march -- April made the deadline may even in July and immigrants got a choice. You can sit there and play for either whether it's gonna be 79 or eleven iron or six -- -- -- whatever can be. Or. You can do a long term deal at the terms the Saints are comfortable with that sports such value. It's not like that Saints are negotiating with him like he's a free agent they have his rights so. The value is tremendous not only for the Saints for all the teams and no one's gonna put attack until the deadline which is Monday. I would think we'll have ten to twelve. Visiting with ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt spent a lot of time negotiating a big time contracts. Oh in agreement Packers organization and Andrew. Wherever and it's a conversation. About Jimmy Graham obviously you know that the -- don't the deadline is on Monday. But you know with it a trade possibility in the way things are the seemingly changing in FL. With a great defense in the Saints. Are making strides to get there I mean -- they had some significant strides with a Rob Ryan a year ago but at the -- now on on the defense side of the ball. Think about what he can bring to them does that -- Mean do they even entertain that. In terms of trade. You know I think to answer the -- But to. Again it just gets standing you're feeling and ultimately they're feeling about the value this player and an offense and how. How would they function without them whether they be you know obviously not as good good close and is it worth giving up. The player for whatever it brings a first round pick and inside establish young player on defense. I just sense you know just watching this team. Drew is a different story but the way they handled drew they put attack on and they really didn't get serious about negotiations until the deadline. Is that any guide. Will see -- tag him again in the legal figure out what topic is whether wherever grievance to me that's secondary. What can take in how much at the one year earnings to one year earnings really don't matter that much I think the issue is a long term deal. I think the Saints probably wanna do it and they wanna do it relatively on their terms and I think the tackle allow them to do that maybe not until July. ESP NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt thanks a bunch of time appreciate it -- center. Big -- ninth or Clayton is Slidell and you to a 260187. Neitzel 38668890. -- and give your best shot trade or not is the best move. For the Saints do you want a long contract. -- negotiation process dragging into the summer you experience that two years ago look at the play he can't tell me that and that's when he twelve season Drew Brees is play. Suffered a bit. In -- twelve was a because of the long drawn out process it was also because of the bounty issue. You tell me though the value of Jimmy Graham what he can do -- the dominant defense and a Seattle's model works. Strong defense retool that O line what do fast sweeten the pot one of the top ten pick in the third round pick for Jimmy Graham people actor. Yeah obviously that's any time top fifteen in the first round that's myself first from -- Miller makes a difference. Top fifteen pig in theory almost you came miss and those guys they gotta come help the team run away and play late first from a slightly early season I would offer. A top fifteen program. -- don't know you know it and they had to have a couple of first round picture like was the Rams the Browns the Rams made a bunch of money Jared Cook yet but tightening could take a pay -- Patriots playbook and say that two time at tight ends right. But -- December Africa and all of a knee injury yeah I mean how effective NC. Yeah Mike Amanda -- you're on a WWL sports talk. I knew of quality and Bob Christian. You -- averaged about. -- come out of all of the a player that hurt what they did not -- Martin. In my opinion. Should have showed up and gain by publicly New England. Seattle twice. B adult life I mean if you want copy about it you not -- oh yeah. Might he -- only need to meet its still frustrates me. What was that satellite that I don't Jimmy Graham as an opponent -- but but in those games he got -- He did did they hit him in the mouth and I'm not the UN scared but I don't know if you knew how to respond now I think he can grow. And by that experience but -- that being said. Seattle -- that to Vernon Davis you we know Vernon Davis is this does for the 49ers. Thomas the the tight end for the Broncos and is suitable he didn't do anything. But. -- what -- -- his appointed nets I was saying he still can learn is when you look at highlights are replays are certain plays. Not being aggressive to a ball coming back. And letting Seattle the safeties dictate that that the tempo as far as breaking on the ball and knock it in down. I've target date right now Christian that it would be a slam bill. If Jimmy Graham -- -- got off and those games. And now that might have like a hundred yards receiving fire I can't Arsenal why why. He supposedly can't forget danger for a minute about the fact that. Team's ten triple team Jimmy Graham because there's not enough complementary pieces in place indeed run the risk. Of not being able compliment him if you pay him they not a money that he might -- because it's inevitably inevitably to apply. -- -- talk about it all time some where you're gonna have to get creative you're gonna have to. You gonna have that your team's gonna suffer some depth issues isn't at the wide receivers is and can you add a a compliment to him if you're paying them that much money is that an area that suffered because of it. Well what what -- would have liked. -- gets older you know the kind of production we had. Thrown the ball in 2011. That is Jimmy Graham would have been and where he was this season and -- back on that team you know is Darren Sproles is younger he said all purpose yards mark. You know they're all -- lefty today Alicea -- you with the way you -- this year is like. Lance Moore looked old and denied the end of the C -- -- tried to get yards after the catch -- beginning you guys have already fall now. A Colston. At times look like he was a thirty year old. A plus receiver would you look at that we did in 2011. Now before -- -- is dropping coming I'm just enjoy explosively war. On the road in the playoffs. We're down by seventeen points have five turnovers. And they the first and if furcal take the lead twice. On the road on the five minutes -- fourth quarter and you don't win shame shame on the defense but -- dumb just saying. Jane patty -- needed to but right now where was -- to Jimmy Graham. That at times if you do double team Jimmy Graham and take a -- to gain. That when it's time to throw teams are confident. That's sometimes they match up 101 you know when it's time to get rid of ball and we're not as explosive obviously. Across the Borland who were in 2011 big jelly in the Ninth -- -- keep them. -- I want a new -- program and I don't know -- probably to -- commitment at this. They're mad -- -- put out an element and you know. No you could spread that out between two players you just read his production I ever watch money ball Billy Beane then movie about the Oakley you've watched the movie money ball. I'm gonna play you're not thinking clearly about it at 88 -- a -- big gel lately isn't I -- I'm not sold on night you know they'll keep Jimmy Graham I'm trying to play both sides and -- Christian has made some great points. Where'd you look at it is a surprise to a big Joseph are you saying that it Jimmy Graham. Listen if he wants twelve at least twelve million to sixty -- pay him no matter what. Or -- do you think. Like okay that he's words around ten million according to what he's done compared to gronkowski. So those are you saying pay him no matter what he once party big is a certain price. That ten minute. Man advantage but what where you let them. 84 in return but what do you get -- return they -- a phone call big jelly get four good players. And it's cheaper price. Okay did not he's saying getting four good players draft picks the potentially good players. Now prove -- clear if they found Jimmy Graham hot and a third round okay we found that every every ounce Cedric now don't tell me the argument of this kind of player doesn't come around very often Rob Gronkowski Aaron Miles. Rodman Krause didn't gronkowski Aaron Hernandez Jimmy Graham all of the 2010 draft that's significantly those three tie -- Big time that an iron and is in prison I get that right but when he was playing I'd Rob Gronkowski he Jimmy Graham both in the same draft so they come around. Then another player like this will be around. Somewhere down the road latest developments on that Darren Sharper and OPD issues and arrest warrant for Darren Sharper the details on line for UW elect Kumble. Did that as well. Later in the 6 o'clock hour back to the phones we go Clayton and slide Els and patiently waiting -- on WWL Clayton. Yeah I don't see no reason. Arnold has been -- on -- that dynamic of the game. No reason whatsoever. So -- commands fifty million dollars that's not a reason. He had a particular -- but maybe injuries should recruit reconstruction. Contract and pitch a little bit. He wanted to be and I expect to play. You can't do that Jim grant to have been a great. Different positions different impact -- living has played any still could be the highest paid and ten -- and tied in -- -- he had a tight -- he's not a receiver -- it out and -- and it. I think that you know aren't that good receivers are more apt -- run and -- -- he fateful deal not only. Single covered by and that that quarterback and averaging in double covered by the safety and. -- -- -- double covered though why you think Dennis. Give a lot about life he didn't get away with a. Because they have other weapons -- go to camp. The Saints. It. I don't know if I saw that well -- production while clay as well I think is it more this year now and as and is great at at now. Personal attacks on I'm sorry yeah -- only thing is is that. This and at times he was not always double team against Seattle and and he knew he didn't win. Now I think Jimmy Graham like you said I think he has the best tight in the game. Right now what you said at what price. Mean just look at NFL additional they look at the way the rules are structured he almost broke and -- -- racquet. And a single season yet sixteen touchdowns. In 2011 Gradkowski had seventeenth so that's history. If you look at. Consecutive games retires now recession but Titus has in 1970. AFL NFL merger Antonio Gates is one he that he did that back in 09 in 2002 and wood nine. Jimmy Graham tied with. Toni and Dallas and rob Rob Gronkowski with six games so I mean he's put up numbers that is make him. NFL history. But. Communion with the salary cap age of what you have to pay him to better your team. That's why I take the approach out one Jimmy Graham. Of them but not in any price and that's why you definitely have to listen. And talk to different teams about the trade value and identity again the consideration the one thing that I look at that I know what I haven't Jimmy Graham. As as that -- still think he's learned -- game there's a lot of upside is obviously. His age. You don't get rid of young healthy. Great players. So the Cowboys did. Well who who -- -- But Herschel Walker was over rated over Herschel Walker but they got some by the day -- day the Vikings got taken to the cleaners. I mean. That help. If you look at what the Cowboys did that had enabled him to help them -- a suitable. But Herschel Walker will -- as great as Herschel Walker was and I. Start out against him when he is it a New Jersey generals in the USFL he was used as great as he was majority was -- Jackson. 260187. It's all free 866 -- nine. Zero -- having Jane's New Orleans you're on WW -- -- guys -- out there. Think Christian correct article the day and we don't always agree on everything but I think you're -- oh does and double what I think. One everything shut down another arbitration involved got you beat stated the tight end or wide receiver I think. I just I feel like. They'll probably come. And and ruled him as at the tight and I you know part of position now they'd rather have redefined that it did all its not like it was. In the sixties where everybody lined up next to the track all you know so it it's. You know every every trying to nowadays do it you know it. I'll probably you take about a change it in really in the eighties and even in the early nineties that has been this way like the last I'd say a dozen years fifteen years animals. But Bobby at an earlier today -- but I think also. You know. Are are like Jimmy Graham obviously you know you talk about Aaron Hernandez -- in -- you talk about -- he used. -- No doubt these are pretty -- in an art that are -- that you know locked up. Be -- -- October. -- they grab a good team player I think you could get it. You bring up a point -- I don't know if he's aggressive and not. There's something -- his personality. I just think that you know so you know you know he can learn. Deadly agent James how about this she definitely can never accused Jimmy Graham of being a bully. He say -- like that he would have been in school and you look at his background. And all the adversity he's faced in his life which is unbelievable literally they're red headed step child. That would he was on the playground and like an elementary school that he was aware that guy he's bigger than -- kids and they'd bounce off -- may -- at their heads start crying. So maybe Edmonton and not as aggressive. That that almost his personality. Is not maybe. He's going to gets. A competition like any probably never seen it before against Seattle that maybe -- rise at that a challenge that is not his mindset. It's not like you say and you go under that something you can change -- that's something that India. You know right. And -- and the other -- you think Christian I mean here's the kicker OK let's say you were saying Jimmy Graham Penn has twelve million dollars today you know. You know we didn't double team them you know or triple team him even on -- an important. I mean you don't so you know. Caught him yet not been age Lance Moore in my opinion it's been a better page. You know -- jump to break you know. Although -- eliminate those washed out Kenny -- I don't know I think he's good I don't think he's great I mean -- I mean I hope to work out we really don't have a really young stud receivers I think it's. Jimmy -- well. They triple team them that -- it. Where's your Town Car where's your counter. Where's your next yeah it has James is -- like we have is now lightly -- -- have Marshawn Lynch you know and and been in the backfield and James thanks so much for Wayne and and I appreciate it a little boy we don't always have to agree. And we dogs at the disparate. I take -- games. James and Chris like Johnny dean Kevin Blake power cal sit tight 260187. Neitzel -- 86689087. -- Opinion -- Operating -- -- people online for -- -- WL dot com right now 50% say keeping Jimmy Graham is the best for the Saints. 42% say trading Jimmy Graham is best for the Saints back to the phones we go. Kevin and Guerrero you're on WWL Kevin. Kevin you there or you don't to the weekend. Olmert and the sure actually. Mixed. -- Brandon Albert sort of same market their epidemic where are on them or see you in an anomaly or hysterical. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Credit that I get to -- full one but is that a need Dillon left tackle right now -- when you consider. To be -- Armstead. And and moved in their step when you saw two problems there and I'm sure it will not terribly could do it with them as a -- immigrant height weight speed she. If Beckett pitched it went to a birdie and he would do the same thing and trial all stretch. Blogger Kevin -- that that's a good point when you say to -- one how. You know he's trying to better the offense and and and trying to keep even -- balance in its not like all of a sudden. If we resign Jimmy Graham obviously. That a contract that that he deserves the obvious same market values I mean there's that truly make up our receivers better -- basically the same receivers. I mean I was hoping -- Marty comes back. From his knee injury and he can stretch the defense and he's gonna be in the mix I think the jury's still out obviously on nick toon. I mean LB works out. I mean Kenny stills as good -- consider him you know great. Body on the -- because on though is Jimmy Graham a great tied it absolutely but easy it is he a franchise player is -- a franchise changer. Only years I change. And tonight in a position he plays Tony -- Dallas quarterback meeting would argue different tone against dallas' the greatest tight end in NFL history one playoff at at -- if you look at the numbers I mean he he's of their with the greatest receivers of all time but like you said he went to Atlanta and trying when it's doable -- couldn't. -- and have a with the Chiefs. And now it's go to workouts acknowledges that this is the nature of the position even if you look at it even more. As. As as a wide receiver putting him in the slot or out wide America's greatest Gradkowski Woody's done when he's healthy. The Patriots won this global like before gronkowski. You know I mean it it is still a great team but winning a championship. I mean gradual thing about a right now all of a reasonable chance. Can even name this Seahawks tight end that's my point right I mean it yet because the Seahawks tight end it is really -- I can name beast mode right you know Marcel great defense he can make LOB -- had reasonable. That a great week from mark I can't pronounces that Twitter handle that it's just difficult sold him butcher but he says. Where's the bounce between getting paid and keeping the team competitive. That's that that's the challenger you're facing if you're in the world saint three years or any team that's trying to dole out big money contracts. And instill. Keep the talent. In remain competitive in re -- your team got. Really angry call. From from one listener Israel as a yeah. Don't touch Jimmy. Hands off -- Jimmy well Dutch. I think a lot of members that have put detonations from Steinfeld would take that approach them if you would have gone off against the Seahawks. Let's say he would have had 6720. Yards and Zito we still lost to Seattle. But no I mean if you look at their four receptions 52 yards and zero touchdown. In the two playoff games. Whatever department lately the hear me say you know all the time. That's the thing I think a lot of Saints fans wise not a slam like -- crazy can't get her to Jim Ingraham. It was because they remember and -- focused on okay we gonna get the best that it -- so what haven't you and keep the lead. I don't -- was holding knew what was he doing mine and so what I'd take an offensive interference been the sock them in the jaw and you know our. Arthur do something more aggressive letting -- a whole lot of play and ended up holding on every -- yet so I'm just think that's why I think some Saints fans. Or I know is -- keep Jimmy Graham and any price Chris investor and -- on WW well good even. They could be great topic got up. -- it's -- -- -- for trot out oak -- will keep Orel but. You know -- -- that coupled with the scenario. Up first round pick and take your third -- -- on our car. Like -- back you're here. Got it. -- -- opera a player toward other -- where. And it cheap price -- attitude or price. At a cheaper price they also -- you. And we were terrible. Punt return last year I mean another thing is Darren Sproles that we were like I wanna say one before last. And you look at like our ends were really good yet the coverage units outstanding that. You look O'Dell Beckham junior Christian oh. How his stocks rise and right now for 31 of the forty yeah I mean that speaks for itself. And yeah. Your record -- -- get caught grant got a lot you to go out yet. Media -- good good good player yeah a lot are or were quarterbacks so it's W -- topic. -- -- -- I thought about what if scenario that as I have -- -- And Chris. Development Timmy Chris and I think Chris I don't know if you knew this I think he'd be a slam -- if you look at their crystal ball -- and I Jimmy Graham is not a pro -- he's all pro -- And that's all the NFL players combined two of you could tell amenable to pull one scenario. If you -- again. Like Jabari Greer type not necessarily on the verge -- being -- -- blown -- approval -- -- -- Jabari Greer -- reliable starters. That I think you'd almost have to take the guys that you could count on and that -- heard -- really gonna help you win. And don't have to be the best in advance. But he Devlin now like oh we just polygamy and there -- -- there could start for a number of teams and maybe not like I'm digital -- kind of job right you're -- And and have two guys -- that it is a dominant one guy. -- times like Jimmy Graham was all pearl. -- didn't angry Kyle Howard Blake dean Johnny Chris sit tight you lead off next hour. It's sports talk on WW LA anathema dot com.