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2-27 6:20pm Bobby and Deke, franchising Graham

Feb 27, 2014|

The deadline to place the franchise tag on NFL players is Monday. Should the Saints use theirs on Jimmy Graham? Is trading Jimmy Graham the best move for the Saints? Bobby Hebert and guest host Kristian Garic were joined by Joel Corry, Former sports agent, NFL contracts and salary cap expert for CBS Sports and The National Football Post.

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-- -- Joining us now former sports agent NFL contract and salary cap expert for CBS sports and the national football post and -- I know maybe when you heard that trade Jimmy going to be violent ha what no way but is -- all that much of outlandish thought process. Yeah I get a trade the best tight end in football. Well when you have great players the idea is to keep them not give them away. Well it into the end of the way he'd be hidden value in return for. But I've proven value that you could jolt as a final argument that in the area when I look at. Yeah he was an improvement to the Saints have also paid players in the past who have proven and they stayed improvement. In the first round but but still I got -- in theory out I was telling Christian is that. Like you don't really get rid of young held the great players. I mean and and can you -- you know again and noble and -- big number three whatever. In Indy in the if he'd been dedicating the -- yet be outstanding for the Saints but. The question I have for you is that. Okay let's say the franchise tag him oh what are the rules as far as get a franchise tag him. Could they deal him to another team and led them or about work and how long term contract. Yet he can why can't you sort franchise tag and trade them. The most recent examples of that -- Matt Cassel was given a franchise tag. By the England Patriot -- -- straight to the teams that he cheeks or early second round pick. And that's how the Minnesota Vikings acquired I figured out he was the franchise player in the city cheeks -- work -- a trade. -- signed him to a long term deal so we can beat time. Joseph when you look at. This contract situation potentially with the Saints and Jimmy Graham and the franchise tag deadline on Monday. Where all in all do you think the money's gonna come in. You hear reports that he wants them in -- neighborhood of twelve million dollars a year the highest paid tight end and in the game right now is currently Rob Gronkowski -- on nine mean dollars a year. He figures -- between. Somewhere between about ten or eleven. Yeah that seems to be about the right plate but he should be the first ten million dollar a year try again. And the guaranteed money actually exceed -- davis' 23 million summit between five million dollar 26 million dollars neighborhood. I give -- that Mike Wallace. Twelve million per year thirty million dollar guaranteed. Money is a little bit stretched. Now Jill. Who what do you say -- Saints fans that would -- nation they were really frustrated as outstanding as Jimmy Graham. Was last year almost surpassing. Gronkowski is single season touchdown record. You know he was at sixteen gronkowski back in eleven had seventeen. Look at touchdown receptions by tight -- since 2010. He had 41 gronkowski 42 with. Would they get pressured and look at it what the hell happened twice against Seattle. And then now I'm shut down against the Patriots in and that had been look come playoff time crunch time only. Four receptions 52 yards and zero touchdowns it. Look at Peter had to kind of gain. The saint against Seattle and and I'm not -- win or lose let's say six catches. Runner on a hundred yards -- so. That -- may be all on that bandwagon. That Jimmy Graham may be deserves. To be on the verge -- -- -- paid like the best of wide receivers even. Well yeah I look at that he had -- There are games as an anomaly in the heat that's basically that -- and I Vernon Davis -- say take dramatic game they take out the entire. Denver Bronco -- -- to a point where there on the verge of being shut out. I don't think you can mr. Graham's solely. At the number one defense may be an all time defense. When -- having one of his worst games. You not gonna say them. Every week -- faced them may be in the play off. But Graham is obviously the best right hand in football. And you came according. Now Joseph what is the argument are should say oh what do you think about this argument you heard this you lead tied and so I don't necessarily you don't win championships. Bit elite quarterbacks in and defense is -- And and you look at the light says to me as the numbers of their with the receivers that only tied it for you look at. Talked to Tony gets -- Antonio Gates. Rob Gronkowski Vernon Davis now he's been a big part of what -- sisco than that and what is suitable. Old school Kellen Winslow. And they've all been outstanding but they haven't really. You know you know one that suitable. Yeah some validity in the validity to that argument by the same time. You would play makers and who is the playmaker on top of their playmakers Jimmy Graham. Well that's a guy you'd pay you pay your best playmaker you get more playmakers around. The out there and Jimmy Graham wasn't considered the focal point the passing game. Yeah and maybe you don't cut him as much you have to -- you know mile long term deal. Jill Corey salary cap expert former sports agent. For CBS sports and -- the national football post break it down force -- a -- always enjoyed talking to appreciate it. I'm right there.