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2-27 6-7pm Sports Talk, keep Graham or trade him?

Feb 27, 2014|

The deadline to place the franchise tag on NFL players is Monday. Should the Saints use theirs on Jimmy Graham? Is trading Jimmy Graham the best move for the Saints? What’s best for the team—keeping Jimmy Graham or trading him?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Roll right along here on sports talk Kristian -- in for the big chief Deke Bellavia alongside the cajun cannon Bobby there. Are pretty jaguar people online for -- WWL dot com what's best for the Saints keeping Jimmy Graham. Pain in the neighborhood 1011. Million dollars per season over what six years about sixty million dollars. And or. Trading him. Yeah trading him it's not blasphemy. -- about it. His value is higher right now for the Saints and it would be maybe ever. You cast your vote online at WWL dot com. Or calls at 2601878. Hole 38668890878. Group might take online at WW yelled -- coming to there can also blog about it. Comment about it on my FaceBook page and on Twitter as well. Back telephones we go. Allen and river ridge. Iran WL Allen. A person. Let the Islanders are you -- -- column. I understand your point but -- -- my issue is. I don't like chi chi used to -- could play. New groove and I are at an Allen Danny rice said 4 o'clock -- -- that'd Terry in and out of football minds think this way you don't get rid of young. Especially young help the great players. I because he's still has a lot of side verses. Hit or miss on the draft I am a fan of contrarian thinking though. It's well you know you could very well draft. I don't read that sort -- Polamalu or someone that quality you could out there and -- confidence element quietly. Sedrick -- Yeah. You look at -- Look how many are -- -- -- ground prepared in general managers probably coach got fired because they don't work the -- Analogous what that we they've proven this team has proven they know how to work the draft now they -- they found immigrant. Any value that ran around in the third round -- -- came out I'll tell you right now in my about them but they don't miss altogether. And and it gives the top ten. The top ten top fifteen in this draft especially now well in this draft that -- fourteen which is loaded with talent. -- can be hard it can be hard to miss. And not not Allah Allah let us say this scenario and not think it on the line jar. -- -- good about okay. Yet it in theory if you get outstanding this and now they can even Carroll you you know say you get a first and third round pick. Think about how all mean -- whole Buddha nature and yourself all the everyone all the fan base. Block whoever -- say we do trade Jimmy Graham that first round draft pick better work out. -- -- -- There you -- your offense so that you have. Given age and offense and you're young players -- weakening offense. At its current. Allen you know though that's a little -- Allen the -- his -- tiger yet to a degree you are weakening your office however. Could you make the argument that. If you pay it tight in a tight end one player on your offense. That may -- your weakening your offense because you can't play you can't pay wide receivers or offensive line. To help offered to Lima to help protect your franchise quarterback. -- now. I can't play again. We know it's -- we drafted all of our great offensive line call -- and mr. Lozano later. Or yeah. Bush tried a David look at the guy I mean if you might think. It's the -- fan so I I look at oil and I'll look at what -- already they would Chicago third round or later Toronto Armstead who's now agrees approving about. I look I get where you're going Allen. I just think that it's worth. Looking at the long term ramifications are taking what the biggest. Counter to my argument is honestly one motives besides -- getting rid of good players and I agree that ultimately you don't wanna do that but. It's 115 to salary cap is expected to balloon because of the TV contracts. So you can eat this month you can withstand this money in that contract. Is it -- big of -- as big of a cap. The -- contract. It when he 151617. Because you have has gotten so big -- -- Canada's Chris we told it to march probably and tomorrow it's supposed to be set and -- like a -- reportedly aren't 3335. Million dollars which is a twelve. And a half percent increase from last year -- given the -- quickly. Does it say that -- that. I trust the -- and just try and all that to draw batter in a chilly days story didn't walk you can't. I would -- and we'll move now collapsed and kick out last Cabrera picked a certain sports ground. Don't need to potential first round into the -- to Jimmy -- -- -- Placement and good good Politico yeah I enjoy the rest of money Grumman and you -- -- -- OK okay look where we -- -- -- late first round. Mean if you look at them as of late. Late first round. All marking him and pat Robinson. But did you Atlanta's Jason even get in and say top fifteen take you two point seven package. Abdullah Arriaga can't educated the Carroll's a Grand Slam and beyond a home run at that Al. Knowing if you could tell me and that. Along with a 27 make that league and get another can't even Carroll -- know that that's that's huge. Because from the salary cap. You know the UC BA you know I think -- return there yet united pay in these rookies with the new rookie wage -- like like he used to be. Bargain shopping that's a benefit every NFL teams trying to do right now and there's no more bargains to be had. In this draft I mean did in this draft missed this draft supposedly loaded especially at areas of need for the new -- Saints wide receiver O line Blakey Gretna. You know on -- -- too heavily. I got to have -- Obama saying I'm -- Cleveland now martyrdom Jimmy Graham. And our number 27 -- or number four NIC and Jordan Cameron. Now. I don't know how I feel about that because I think -- -- -- get production elsewhere. I think you're professionals I wouldn't I wouldn't be off from my first round pick I would turn our crew here and Europe where I'm trying to get multiple picks are. But I think you know I will be more like I think. And -- ambiguity this is that and Blake having more. Jarring Cameron and a first round pick for Jimmy Graham yes that NASA like that I can -- -- but not that I don't wanna give up anything I'm not trying to and I took a already given up a really good player a great putter and get the best -- -- -- an argument so why now I'm not I'm -- -- that. But I -- we -- see you think what is the best. Situation for the Saints keep Jimmy Graham or trade him. Well I think they should keep limits at that right prior yes that's right thing. They're not our turn to me helping get a guy like Sammy walked in and pair him with Cameron. I think that -- the Saints more though than just keep them. Blake is it hard to not consider them. I mean our our our our yeah. I think -- Blake are. 260187. It's all -- 866. 889 all -- -- Jimmy Graham is that this thing's for that or heard Andrew -- say that ultimately with their. That power of being able to hold on average guy and -- drag into some are designed to do yeah. Yeah hold on that player drag it out into the summer we've seen this movie before a couple of seasons ago Kyle and Moss point you're on WWL Kyle. Bigger -- -- -- like I'll. All of a program and not art gallery -- -- -- guard right guard. You know you keeping -- easy to great players he's got outside. But it -- You know different than you know a franchise quarterback we're talking about yours to try and they are a lot more eat. And then. You know somebody you're willing -- Well it out yet how there's that hole you quite believe it -- -- -- talking about truly great. And in that with the rule changes at all as of late franchise. Tied tied -- what you might precede the best that a best. Like even as of late in his career Tony Gonzales Antonio. Gates. Now Rob Gronkowski. Even. Vernon Davis had and they haven't won a championship. You know seven I'm saying I mean like so I mean get their piece of the puzzle the -- is saying is that like he's talking about. They Drew Brees -- Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady's Payton -- of the world. Right in his nose and like you are saying you know you can if you can get you know a top after the draft picks foreign. You know look how deep this draft is you don't they don't necessarily have to stay with that topic you know they award a year that could gain more picks at that point. You know with everybody saying -- let it distract he has. You know want to get younger at several positions instead of staying on at one position. Kyle -- pointing out things most for weigh in here jolt Corey. Joining us now former sports agent NFL contract and salary cap expert for CBS sports and the national football post and -- I know maybe when you heard that trade Jimmy -- violent ha what no way it is at all that much of outlandish thought process. You know -- get a trade the best tight end in football. Well when you have great players the idea is to keep them not give them away. Well it into the end of the way he'd be hidden value in return for. But I've proven value that -- a jolt as a final argument that in the area when I look at. Yeah he was an improvement but the Saints have also paid players in the past who have proven and they stayed improvement. In the first from but but still I got there and theory out I was telling Christian is that. Look you don't really get rid of young held the great players. I mean and and that you can you know again and noble and -- big number three whatever. In -- in the if he'd be another -- the -- yet be outstanding for the Saints but. The question I have for you is that. Okay let's say -- franchise tag him oh what are the rules as far as get a franchise tag him. Could they deal him to another team and led them or about working how long term contract. He can why he can't do some of the franchise tag and trade them. The most recent examples that are Matt Cassel was given a franchise tag. By the New England Patriots and he was straight to the city cheeks or early second round pick. And that's how the Minnesota Vikings acquired I figured out he was the franchise player of the canes each each they -- -- a trade. -- signed him to a long term deal so we can beat time. Joseph when you look at this contract situation potentially with the Saints and Jimmy Graham and the franchise tag deadline on Monday. Where all in all do you think the money's gonna come in. You hear reports that he wants them in the neighborhood of twelve million dollars a year the highest paid tight end in in the game right now is currently Rob Gronkowski -- around nine mean dollars a year. He figures him between. Somewhere between about ten or eleven. Yeah that seems to be about the right place but he should be the first ten million dollar a year try again. And the guaranteed money should exceed burning davis' 23 million summit between five million dollar 26 million dollar neighborhood. Are getting to that Mike Wallace. Twelve million per year thirty million dollar guaranteed. Money is a little bit stretched. Now Jill. Who what do you say -- Saints fans that would -- nation they were really frustrated as outstanding as Jimmy Graham. Was last year almost surpassing. Gronkowski is the single season touchdown record. You know he was at sixteen gronkowski back in eleven had seventeen. Look at touchdown receptions by tight -- since 2010. He had 41 gronkowski 42 but. Would they get pressured and look at it what the hell happened twice against Seattle. And then and shut down against the Patriots in and that had been look come playoff time crunch time only. Four receptions 52 yards and zero touchdowns it. Look at Peter had the kind of game. In the saint against Seattle and and I'm not saying win or lose let's say six catches. A runner on a hundred yards -- so. That -- may be all on that bandwagon. That Jimmy Graham may be deserves. To be on the verge again paid like the best of wide receivers even. Well yeah -- look at that he had -- There are games as an anomaly in the -- that's basically the -- -- -- Davis tacos. Say take him out of the game they take out the entire. Denver Broncos -- at the point where they aren't -- being shut out. I don't think you can mr. -- solely. At the number one defense may be out on defense. When -- having one of his worst games. You not to have faced them. Every week he faced him may be in the playoff. But -- it's obviously the best tight end in football. And you came according. Now Joseph what is the argument are should say oh what do you think about this argument you heard this elite tight ends I don't necessarily you don't win championships. Bit elite quarterbacks in -- defense is -- And and you look at the light says to me as the numbers of their with the receivers that only tied it for you look at. Talked to Tony -- -- Antonio Gates. Rob Gronkowski Vernon Davis now he's -- a big part of attempt sisco than that and what is suitable. Old school Kellen Winslow. And they've all been outstanding but they haven't really. You know you know one that's suitable. Yeah some validity is validity to that argument by the same time. You would play makers and who is the playmaker on top. The -- play makers Jimmy Graham. So that's a guy you'd pay you pay your best playmaker you get more playmakers around. The -- there and Jimmy Graham wasn't concerned the focal point the passing game. Then maybe you don't pay him as much as you have to -- -- -- long term deal. Jill Corey salary cap expert former sports agent. For CBS sports and a the national football post break and downforce thanks to module always enjoyed talking to appreciate it. I'm right there -- what's best for the Saints keeping Jimmy Graham or trading them. Pretty jaguar opinion poll 59%. -- keeping them 41% say trade him. Mean casual right there are calls at 260187. He told 38668890878. And Chris MIA at 87. If I had to guess now like last night -- -- -- you thinking about you know talk about this topic. -- arm. -- unscientific poll -- your. That that I thought it become a allowed -- yes 6040 inch yep could be fighting event I'm not exactly 5050 but somewhere not a slam dunk in either direction. Wrote about it on line as well at WWL dot -- read and comment below on the L blog section of it and also on FaceBook and Twitter Joseph. In independent. You're on WWL Johnny. Try to take a look I'll -- My question is why not not make. Gluten free has -- to where other teams consult the market or. That's a great point John -- let me explain you obviously know -- And if you can flat -- deal. You get -- number walk. And he -- you explained it well he's playing well let me just explain you obviously -- is but a non exclusive franchise designation as an exclusive and non exclusive. And an exclusive is just what it says. Franchise player offered a one year contract for an amount no less than the average of the top five salaries at that player's position as of date in April. Other current year in which attack will be applied or 120% on the player's previous year's salary whichever is greater but. -- try -- -- and cannot negotiate with any other team the players basically -- -- -- know that the franchise owns their rights and not exclusive franchise tag. One year deal. No less than the average of the top five salaries at the player's position or 20% of the players -- -- from a year same thing is as exclusive. I here's where it's different like it has the market. I'm not exclusive franchise player can negotiate with any other NFL team but -- he -- an offer sheet from another team the original team. Has the right to match that offer. Or if it does not match used to decline to match it. In you lose a player that that franchise is entitled to receive two with 21 round draft picks as compensation -- -- -- vets at night I don't know at face value as the most common sense approach to take. So if you're -- -- I don't know if I. It hit a walk and a parade or -- -- -- -- I think both of -- To -- on what. Right and -- here's the deal here the caveat. You know I guarantee that because. You can negotiate around that so in other words a team can go -- will assign Jimmy Graham he if you guys who will let them go. But I am not gonna give you two number one's -- -- one of the three and -- it's like they putting and went around the. What -- also. Yet done and and look at added Johnny. Also. It could be the player all of a sudden sexton and Jimmy Graham to go on the market and and maybe -- a sexist I think you know lot about I can get Jimmy Graham. And top why receive money fifteen million -- say the would be willing to budge in. It's around ten million the Saints might decide well we think that's what he's -- -- in -- -- about it and let let let other team said the market. I understand but I don't let the -- but are there people are twelve maybe I could not you let them -- And you get to -- one. So what's best what's the best situation yeah. I think. I'll let you -- all -- -- to practice this a look at -- he's been great potential. But for twelve million dollars -- Very well thanks to a fault call Johnny independence -- weekend. John at Slidell you're on WWO John. Age Christian. I'm concerned about it because. How much coverage as Jimmy Graham poll he opened the office and so forth. An art or other receiver eighteen. Drew it has -- 82 or three more good year if we bring in new people -- to build all new chemistry. What those people -- I mean it needs to be carefully thought through because that sink or all people. Will really miss Jimmy Graham. Well it yet it's John argued Tate is that I know Drew Brees once Jimmy Graham and that and that carries significant yeah clout in that building however John. You just said though. You know I haven't. Too many compliments to him right now so will they be able it. Continue to add to those compliments if they sign him to a big deal that's the question you got away as well. He had if you could tell me never gonna find the next mega -- and I feel -- -- I just think that you know that the argument of hey if it's how -- I'll say it's about money at all they really is fine and of the bargains find value. Not been an all. Not spinning one or two. That's spinning on one or two players win in this around. Drew Brees with -- off at the line a couple receivers a dominant defense. I think -- business model as Seattle is is tried and true and I think that's one that a lot of teams -- into a hard look at. NC they -- emulate now. They have to draft well. The day but. Again you look at it. In what's tried -- -- in the NFL franchise quarterback's image of defense that works. It works tight ends don't win championships. Well the -- -- they -- -- about that point -- A lot of teams in -- colleges do with Seattle. Well you have to also look at the personality to coaches wanting. Now I wish I always had a top ten defense the Desmond. The exception not the rule where'd the ruling as we've always not only have a top ten -- has been a top five all -- about it. Since drew all of -- what I actually I'm Sean Payton yet so. The way it was structured like for -- even Drew Brees QB an old man I don't they would never taken the approach isn't like Russell will have only thrown the ball 25 times a game. Bobby you don't think that Sean -- me Sean Payton studies every seeing that someone else is doing if it's successful. So you don't -- you think he's stubborn enough to really just say you know I don't care how Seattle that it. Yep it's a copycat league Doug Davis are now did they look at what Seattle's doing defense with a save it in the secondary. But hitters do it's Canada but you know what the horses make a difference. The guy -- -- Seattle yet they found -- and other teams find him -- technology you can. You candidate does it mean just because a list it would Seattle's doing. You have to have -- players might get a -- and you -- thought was unbelievable. All of a -- -- all -- -- but now they get these -- it's a back suspended. All of a sudden Maxwell -- started off a -- he comes out of nowhere to take it start to any team in the NFL. What around and Richard Sherman go in five. Yeah -- and chancellor go and probably for the Earl Thomas is there I think he went the first for -- Alex does have a success offensively -- late round picks. Be the only thing -- do a good personnel group over there surely do they can find those guys. -- the Saints. They can find them I have faith in the vacant it yeah it is wanting has been proven that he can bring up. They've missed a lot of first runners absolutely but they've hit on these later later round guys. I I happen to think that Sean Payton studies everything about the league. And hill and it doesn't if it means winning he'll shift his velocity though -- -- thought process if it's tried and true improvement. What saves like in the first round great leaders do that I think are the in the beginning of second round that we me this morning we hit I think I say that mean look at Cedric Ellis. -- -- -- -- acog Johnathan Sullivan that's the you know Mickey was part of that but I'm -- as of late in the -- -- paying allocate. And I'm looking about production led the united day's starter that played a role. But I look at if you are like the first front -- expect that that be a -- great player. When I look at Sedrick Ellis. Malcolm Jenkins. -- Robinson. Charles Brown what early second round pick. No but thank god -- my later round picks have worked out because though. Who we need more hits like like he can even Carol you know that. Type of players. We don't know if he can't get -- if you don't. Canadiens organization. You. Oh that. To your team to your franchise into the fan base to explore any and all possibilities to improve your team. Bobby talk a lot about the way the Saints are structured around Drew Brees and in a quarterback that doesn't happen. The -- of -- point 15 times a game and not necessarily as strong as the running games a year and year out and defense that is improving but the way they're structured currently in if they were assigned Jimmy Graham the -- they be structured centrally focused a lot around Jimmy Graham. Can they beat Seattle. In the likes. The way they're structured. I think at home and they got to go at Seattle in the category at San Francisco and no I -- AB CI think it's seven out of ten times in the though I think. If we yeah I think in the dome. It's kind of 5050 deal with San Francisco and Seattle where I think on the road. Maybe 1020%. You know I I get paid as. I think if we beat Seattle in the playoffs and an upset him out of that little one at San Francisco. Right now and now we get amended don't. I think it's a different animal but I think -- we resign Jimmy Graham and all that and the way we structured. Now I don't know we gonna get a cornerback opposite Keenan Lewis. But no we would have to upset at being the Seattle San Francisco I think if you look at the NFC teams. And Utica division winners or wild card. Top six win that number. But that they -- going back consumable that does -- you know that you have what it takes right now also. You know status quo that and -- -- are getting younger. He had yet to make me more drastic changes is and and and trying like you say get more value for Jimmy Graham -- -- Of cited Jimmy Graham is still there. You know but. Look at there is vastly improved is Jimmy Graham too much of a security blanket for Drew Brees. I'm always -- had that security blanket but is it too much of one well in that too much of -- -- -- the change -- you productive at that anything has to be they'll went when they're double a team in Jimmy Graham and sometimes you can force it in there and still make the players. As -- and whoever had the single coverage. They have to win. And so it's all timing words was anticipating pre snap read the ball's coming out. And when it's time to throw. And other guys are open it's not like and I think he got this particular season I haven't seen this in a while. Then opponents sometimes take confidence. That. You know what their rush and we -- on Jimmy Graham that we can hang on along with the Saints. And then at their receiving -- not necessarily. You know with Sproles there was some mismatches. I thought. An outstanding defense that we exploited in the passing game -- the Cardinals. Jimmy Graham what has been as games CB Patrick Peterson a slant route for a touchdown. I'm looking at times even the Dolphins how well we threw the ball you know -- with a single match I was -- In 2011 it was so ridiculous. Among how explosive we wore. That in -- we turn over the ball the Saints are not going to be stuff I mean that they were that good. Jimmie in -- New Orleans on live five you're on WB well -- You got little shaky -- -- He's nice to actually it carries some -- what western priest support Jimmy Graham. A Super Bowl chance was it not yes okay we're Jimmy Graham forgery. The harder trying to learn the plays to. A check out. There's more grand that you can't tell me it is not there a point. Jimmie or -- -- -- not asking but he would be -- a little bit relaxed yeah if he'd bought. And -- -- didn't get pushed around 598. Yards and backs. When he slides -- -- That's what -- -- Graham checked. I think. Graham saw outlaw program a lot. Saw that project he played in what you get paid corners. Well he plays more like a lot cheaper pitched it out and block like a tighter. Good point I think what we should do. Is it the price is right restart -- at the right not right. We need you. Your program. Got -- the defense out because. It is torn and that she does not -- Not -- by tight. -- more or. All they want a Super Bowl and aging tied in into the end Jeremy Shockey. Exactly exactly so -- who Colston Hofstra where it's more totally go army. Brees is making these guys he's got and -- Embree. Well well your jedi like he's saying I mean we don't we that we don't have no all Proehl. Like I'm not terrible I mean Pro Bowl receivers and it is not like Larry FitzGerald mega try and Andre Johnson we don't have any of those guys. Come on now you're the next contestant on the price is right and also sports talk couple text messages here at 8787 aces. What are we talk about for me a year for a guy who is just starting out. Should take what he's being offered greedy person cannot live with ten million dollars question mark question mark well. Listen first off. What is not a real world is the market is NFL market yeah I'm college educated me in your job any in your job whoever loses it just texted me. If you do if you are carbon there you're not gonna do a job for two point for twenty dollars an hour when you when you can get forty it is not is bad business to be out of business quickly. Our -- considered. The top carburetor and most Harmon does that make it 2030 dollars our regular to top -- covered and you can demand. Fifty dollars an hour within -- as the market. -- your considered the best Randy in mid city on WW well what's best for the Saints trade Jimmy yeah Jimmy Graham or keep them. But at which you keep. -- Well I'm kind of looked at from a different perspective than that. Are you Jimmy available a lot of the ball that's the production. And he seemed to be of these. Bubble guy for Drew Brees and now he feels comfortable early on. And it seems like there's just because of the lack -- support he gets from your receivers catch the ball consistently. And by doing yeah he's six foot tall he could go to ball catcher -- so -- and so. But I have a single and have a big numbers or the offensive output. At -- -- -- let's see England gave Ingram the only ones that they could sit there and ultimately though pictures the ball so. Well I already like you said. When you compare. What Colson is that a Saints uniform now Jimmy Graham the number one thing to me that comes at the forefront is that. Jimmy Graham still has a lot of side and he's young he's younger. You know it's as I think you have to like you say you got -- Internet. The trust factor withdrew. I mean if you take Jimmy Graham on a vol offense last year we still a top five offense may not on -- -- this Randy. Well case it was stays status quo. And how we're structured. And as they would -- Jimmy Graham. Always still good enough to ultimately is to win championships not just be. A great team now. We cut fastball now we just don't want it to an eleven win team that we want playoff team year in your -- But have a great chance to go to suitable so I'm thinking of its status quo would kind of almost stayed the same -- -- -- good enough. To me be you know we Paige Jimmy Graham to overtake the likes of the Seattle San Francisco. Right -- every effort into a double cup double cover him because he's so good. And the other -- to step up and be open as well because what that. What do they can't do what they can't step up because because they've gotten older older and and then if you pay were tied in. Somewhere on that team you got to cut corners somewhere is it that wide receiver is that. Although it's -- line is it defense somewhere. You gonna have to get younger and cheaper now that they can't do it into a championship. But I think that it makes it that much more problematic. And I know this. You'll spend that money. It's not as big of a problem yet yet to replace the production it's double it's sort of meet you got to replace those 41 touchdowns. But. You can also improve your defense of that money with some draft picks as set era. Hey you guys wanna keep talking about it will key role with a Jack David and nick. Brian Claude. Sit tight will also get into the Darren Sharper. In a PD issuing an arrest warrant for Darren Sharper what was your reaction when you first heard it. The first report. And now five different states. Seven different women. Sports talk rolls on next hour that's not a coincidence.