WWL>Topics>>2-27 7:20pm Doug Sunseri, Darren Sharper arrest warrant

2-27 7:20pm Doug Sunseri, Darren Sharper arrest warrant

Feb 27, 2014|

WWL's legal analyst joins Bobby Hebert and guest host Kristian Garic to talk the Darren Sharper arrest warrant.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Helped to helping this explain it all dogs and -- RW WL legal analyst. On Sunday morning's all things legally -- 10 -- and Doug. It's aggravated rape. Two charges to Gregory to rape charges. What is now are rated rape. They aggravate it or break. Usually a -- -- dangerous weapon power out. To. Two. Do you -- orchard. As hard on that goes to it's a all right for you to let you know. I dating situation and I'm -- -- that you type. Or. What you know. But not -- or maybe drug induced type of our situations so. -- great -- Berry Berry here and under which they are well aware. What is it here Louisiana life. Obvious albeit by. -- wouldn't like -- experience burger. -- and boy you look everyone. Quality of football fan are. And NFL alumni former player our teammate is like getting everyone initially is like just shot. And and when you look at it and to say at least when you say what then look too good now it looks horrific. When you look at the pattern that. And now it seems like -- there's smoke there's fire obviously not just one place but you look all the different states involved what what. Louisiana Arizona. Nevada California Florida. I mean it would Disney classified that exists on the service. But I gonna against who was tko dead that -- -- serial rapists like. As that is that correct or not. Mean it is in you know -- -- banquet when I talked to Chris about three months ago about. This one stroke chart they -- -- you -- look at the street mark's record -- each other but other -- and -- well because typically. When you -- sexual -- -- we have -- walk string. A bit. He got that you know years years donating with clergy here. Maybe you know people already or politician who got the -- problems sexual harassment -- Usually -- -- I only car that car wants. The pattern of behavior. I wanted to thank when he first won -- art came out I think interment was we're talking about -- -- -- ought to be honored at a -- all. As to what it really opened on that oh that particularly if you heard the news doesn't bode well are optional. Visiting would W -- legal analyst Doug since area here on a sports talk to be to go about Doug. Now when you're trying maybe trying to. You know talk to you kids are you see something like the as the familiar -- Darren Sharper. It's not like the boogie man. Here's Darren Sharper maybe. The live in a split personality attitude different lies that. You know he's been respected. You know nice look -- doesn't look like that you know the -- kind of profile type thing where. When you look at whether serial murders serial rapists they gonna like you next door neighbor but. I think -- a lot of and over his teammates took this approach in a radical from a former. Saints team -- his and he said you've heard stories like this from time to time about a guy. You know multiple rape charges whenever and but they all said a lot of TV -- never thought in a million years he'd be something like this. That he was out in the Bowden. Minnesota speak ladies' man whatever it is but when you break it down has really nothing to do that right. Did it doesn't anchor -- -- role in the role you'd rather see in the public could be like one way and you know and you part of -- He can be an article and I mean it. -- equate it with OJ. You know the shock that no there aren't. It public -- -- there was so -- OJ Simpson was probably burst out in America. Who is a who's. Are you could be endorsed by any -- -- already a lot -- -- also sure I'm on. And -- you know what you are Americans both are scratch their heads are in. Just certain expect. And not think we feel right now are there are sharper because they're like. He knew how to present correctly -- Very articulate. It very well you know well -- Sperry. The -- what you'd -- Represents yet spell out and it's on network right out. -- -- -- -- It. And yet it happened demarcation of -- product life he was only option it would be portrayed on. In public -- you saw it -- and -- I mean maybe like archer could could beat to get better and Asian import but Bart and our pitcher or are you Barbara. WWL legal analyst -- since -- Doug before you run I mean I know. You know this is all alleged at this point from. He's pled not guilty of the charges in Los Angeles I would assume he's going to plead not guilty to these charges here in New Orleans once the issue. You know once the they arrest warrant comes out it's RD out but once they complete the arrest and if you're his client do you tell him. Do you tell him to go ahead -- go to new Wallace and in turn yourself in does that look better for you. Are yeah -- it would do -- go ahead. And -- know just a week or climb it -- -- for crying in French. And saying in out of town America and the outback pro. -- -- Can he plead insanity. You know for psychiatric issues. Now I helping in the critical is because when you psychiatric you can kick and go from reality are. Are you can't distinguish reality we're not. And you can't generally function -- today -- -- that you saw it in our park person who's wandered the streets and. Don't keep a job I don't pay structure like. And you know he held the job. EU are very structured. I -- -- and they cannot you know he's got. Under said that he's got to use -- club I -- -- -- human being able able to be one of these could be art beat our. Yet the dugout that question Al's gonna ask you on the save money and in theory is no logic could you get to the point. I don't know is not really a civil suit but he can get that a point where you you pay off all of the victims. And and they drop the charges are now is that is gone too far and it's a it's out of you know it's not a -- -- the victim's hands. Well I needed and oh yeah I put Jack -- he probably could. But he doesn't have backed out I got. And so I don't situation where you would have a hard Colts while -- person where every out they. It and a compromise in situation that could cripple card table and current civil -- the element. Guys aren't able. Element charts Crennel talked will be really you could you that once you made three there -- you can't do that picture separate not a not money around. And so I don't see that happen. -- necessary things about that time we appreciate that aren't. Great -- -- -- good thought you are I.