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WWL>Topics>>2-27 7:35pm Bryan Lazare: LSU baseball

2-27 7:35pm Bryan Lazare: LSU baseball

Feb 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Brian was -- joining us now senior writer tiger bait. Dot com the LSU baseball -- back in action tomorrow regain series against the Smart guys Yale. But of course the -- coming off a you LL lot loss to -- the -- contest in a rain shortened game four to one back on Tuesday night in Bryant. Ultimately that loss in mean he had you don't wanna lose that way but it it's not gonna affect the RPI it's -- it's not that significant for the LSU Tigers. No Saints their only gotten in the big picture not really hurt the team -- -- SEC being so strong in -- ball. It's what you do in the conference that it really -- report ankle you know in the conference begin. Two weeks of pride yeah. -- you need to put the get it -- very good week in light and they'll be on it regards -- -- Prior what do you like or dislike about me what do you like and dislike about this baseball team right now what -- a concern what do you think you feel good about that they can hang their hat on. Well I think 11. Area which still a lot of questions about the start of the year now being like things are going okay is the pitching staff. You know both the starters and relievers. You know. Cody Glenn you know pitched OK. In the law on not on Tuesday went four and gave up three on that. You know. Wanted to run came in a bad hop single and really -- -- the worst out via LA she's starter so far this year -- thinking. No argument that would wonder rotting in. In his in his work so let's start have been pretty good. You know pulmonary kill it to decide what the weekend. Who's gonna look like behind Eric Noll. You got Cody Glenn. -- -- And and cow -- in the electorate decide. Who we get the other key spot but the start good and then you know even. Probably more surprise -- in the work of the bullpen -- -- it's been very good. And the world started -- field. You know certainly appeared right now. That the closer it hurt the tune a senior from down in catcher hand and then not too. Setup I'd get to the closer. Are part about who's a freshman from Juan Diego and Ngo groups are not an ordinary equipment guys who volatile across. So. -- the the pitching that looks like it. You know. Progressing. As everyone would hope. And of course -- if he can pitch well he got to change. What is the biggest problem is still trying to find ways that to produce some -- to -- you know everybody knew that losing. 43 year starters they can catch rate crimes Coby Jones and I brought the author is going to be effective. And we're eighteen Internet apparently and it looked like it's going to be indicate. And you know pulmonary still juggling the lineup try different combination try and actually I'm out. You know how he can get the most production -- want to buy -- opening day rallies ward Arturo meal really. That he kept the changeup that in a week we all know what happened we get all ball low scoring game. You know UCLA won a national championship last year playing ball all. And you know you're at bat the way if you have to do it allergies lately and it hit three home run they -- you LL LSU and ball well the other night. And they'd come quote we get out the park did not come quotes at all. So it's almost like eating at a ball up in the air right now. It's an out. And so you got -- line drive hit the ball on the ground all on goal -- That means you have to manufacture -- -- whether it signal stealing a base hit in Raanan Accra by on it. And now I think it up you know well you may -- a little bit more of the small ball. As we go forward Goran this year. Yet till they change the ball that Jeremy -- grind -- Yeah they need to College Baseball needs to. Well it and it changed the Obama Q global global sports scene vault which is shoot help according to that capped the Richard Don. And we may have a little bit more offense. Are definitely seeing right now but if you know the work and right now. And the home run out gained it back double brought about. And that's what Brian that's what separated I think College Baseball from the from the pro game. It's and that's what separated it because you can go to College Baseball game seat two or three home runs in. By you -- -- escort B eleven AB. You know fourteen games. In all those I think the fans. Well I know they love that LSU fans gullible whatever you want to call it. But that Brian look at it now. LSU players. Every year we talked about this and going it to the next level at that NFL. Now become bind beamed over and a lot of ball players focus in on LSU pro day publicly is to have -- who impressed you the moles. And as far as maybe your opinion as far as helped their stock. With the draft obviously. Caught everyone's attention -- Beckham junior how fast he ran the forty. But it looks like also zag men burger. When I was here in his and maybe ahead of schedule as far as actually. What is drops and that you be ready to roll come his pro day. Yeah I -- open and the Denver will be able row you know. Pro day which is later in the usual April 9 usually come the end of march considered. A threat to -- -- -- -- three quietly she's pro day later this year. But that to get open point he's healthy enough that he can throw that -- You know -- thought about that and that no doubt the way he ran well I think we'll need our help and got a little bit you know he yeah he ran pretty good. At that come -- and I think those two guys there are that it is out -- turner had not thought you know -- is to work was was pretty good. And out so I think it would be those three guys they eat they okay who really. You know caught the attention. I drew some attention about the thousands and represented in the NF LP that -- be back on. Turner and and about. Trials are senior writer at tiger -- dot com Brian thanks much -- the time and now look at over the Higginson. -- --

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