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Feb 27, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our show tonight here we are in our safe controlled studio and there is craziness all around us. It is starting tonight well there were parades last night as the weather did not cooperate. Completely with the race last night for many if you went out anyway. It's crowded tonight and just coming to the station on a little while ago for the show lives on the streets lined with people and the Marines are rolling tonight. It's nonstop until Mardi Gras day. Now for those of you who are shooting into the show around the country. And you're not experiencing Marty Roth. We're not trying to -- Padilla. We just. Have to talk about this because this is what we're doing here and I guess if you haven't been involved about it. Maybe it's time that you made a trip to New Orleans Barnicle it's fun it is it's a blast though although you know there are some people who would just rather. Do without it there's our daily have you operate jaguars pick your poll tonight have you gotten more. Or less excited about bawdy girl. Can -- opinion we'll try to pull through on assured be assured that you're going door to our website WW. Don't count I can't wait two we get into the top candidates for you do here. What the president of the Catholic league Bill Donohue. Said about marriage. And this is all part of the conversation about same sex marriage in the country. You're not gonna believe what Bill Donohue said -- disguised kind of known for saying really hardcore. Orthodox things but this. To me is the most outrageous thing you said about about marriage and I can't imagine that anybody would actually agree with him. But you know we'll give you chance to talk about that took me get into the top eight at eight. And you've heard about the whether it's their chilly tonight so if you are heading out to make sure you bundle up you might still be heading toward operators are going to be rolling for a while muses parade going tonight. And their ladies and they threw shoes and that that is that's a fun crowd. So it should be a good -- -- illicit -- has some very nice weather over Mardi Gras weekend -- bash is scheduled for hours Sunday. And then Mardi Gras day looks like it's gonna be nice however there is said. There's a decent chance of rain on Monday but of course that's still a few days away so. Which is hope for the best for all the one to draw a festivities and operates -- Monday night. It's time for tonight's top later dates here the topic things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on to -- WL. Number eight. -- -- clinics in Colorado are reporting an increase in the number of pets. Being treated for marijuana poisoning after getting into there. Their owners pot laced marijuana snacks. That are now available in stores since they approve illegal sale of marijuana for recreational use. So your pet gets into. The marijuana -- what -- with the sympathy for a dog. To scuttle lying around older who have weighed dog dogs do that anyway. Try to jump on this openness. Wanna eat a little more of this next. It was interesting is that there have been two cases of it too interesting cases one with an iguana. And another with a turtle. And the the animals' -- into the pots and pot stash. And I guess you know -- turtles eat. Vegetation and I I don't know what iguanas athletic on his seed venture I thought they'd insects and thinks it may be the traditional kind of thing. So you could see where -- the pop would be rather appetizing. Of course I can't imagine that you would chill -- a turtle or an iguana any more than they're just naturally chilled out 'cause they don't really do very much anyway. But apparently according to the civic -- in hospitals and clinics in Colorado. The they've seen an increase of this since. Pot was legalized in the state for recreational use. Now back in 2010. They arrived on there where is roughly two cases a month. And so that would be or two cases a month. 21 every of the day that was that the the range and apparently now there are more. Cases of animals getting into these these Sodexo. I guess the question is issued a pet -- face charges if the year. Let's get stoned. And I wonder how long it takes a dog him come down off that I guess it depends on the quality of what you -- number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- suspects are in custody in saint John the Baptist perish for the. Murder and robbery of the applause feed and supply store. We've got the story the pictures the information on our website at WW dot com. I guess his name is pronounced. -- year doing 22 years old. And also a 22 year old Charles recorder the third. Both of these guys look older -- 22. They're not that that's really an issue but this is a real tragic story. And I hope they got the cash register back in the money I hope part of the deal because I know they were the the police were. -- negotiating with the family of one of these guys -- the gunman. To turn himself over and I hope part of the deal wasn't that they get to keep the cash register -- -- keep the money I hope they really get anything out of that. As I said on the show last night. Ted Nugent inappropriately use the term sub human models. To describe the president. But I think in the case of these the people who committed this crime if it's these two guys. And they believe they arbiters until proven guilty but whoever committed this horrible crime little -- Feed and supply store I think it would be safe to call them sub human. -- Number six at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. 13 of all millennial stoicism and. People who generations that are eighteen to 34 years old today. They say they have left their church or religion over condemnation of their religions. Feelings about same sex marriage. Now maybe it's just kind of a natural aged between 1834 when you kind of push religion out of your life. Did you ever leave the church did you ever. Really kind of push your religion aside and where you between 1834 when that happened. Or is this really have and a new phenomena and it disagreement and this is this is the age group this is the demographic that disagrees with. The did the national opinion of a same sex marriage which is is pretty evenly split now I think. I've been in this particular group eighteen to 34 year old to relieve those under 45. The majority have for a according to polls have been supporting same sex marriage. -- so is this is this really the reason they're leaving the church or is that just a good excuse to say hey you know I'm I'm I'm done with all this religion stuff. And if you did leave the church why did you leave. And if you push your religion or your church -- side. And you came back once -- come back. We'll talk about that of the -- if you wanna join us with a comet tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. At a Texas received 7878. WWL parade progress reports. And every if you will. All right that's -- WWL -- progress report we'll have another -- coming up about 830 tonight and then another one at about 10 minutes until 9 o'clock so. Whenever you heading to a parade -- station WWL 870 AM. And went -- 53 -- -- you relish them number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. There's a report showing that the number of hate groups in the United States. Is actually decreasing. Do you feel like there's less hate in America you know we've been talking about that the -- the show the last. Believe the last couple of months but in particular the last week or so. And what would it take to eliminate the hate groups in America. According to this new report the far right extremist groups have been on the decline. And this I would think is very good news the they really were reaching a peak in the election of the 2008 when President Obama became president. But the number of hate groups has declined 7% from 2012. To 2013. I'm groups with the word patriot in them also saw a decrease dropping 19%. From thirteen 160 groups in 2012. To 1096. Groups. In 2013. These were anti government groups that were. I'm gaining strength in numbers and because of the fear of what President Obama would do to our country. But now we're seeing a drop in those groups I think it's good news that there is some information that. Hate groups are on the decline in America if indeed that's happening. That certainly goes along with something we've talked about a lot on the show recently and that is that. They they hate from the right. And the heat from the left. Are not being applauded. In the same. Numbers that they were once being on a watered it did -- there are diminishing groups. On the right and the left that are going to ultimately have to give way to those. Who are. Logical. Sensible. Tolerant. Human beings. And we have reached a point in this country where hate has really become a dominant emotion. And he shouldn't be that way. There was a time when we could. Disagree and they were bitter -- always been bitter battles on point on Capitol Hill. But there was a time when hate was in injected in the political debate. The way it is today I think it's a sad state of affairs when you when you think about this country being built on the idea that. We have freedom to our opinions we have freedom to express their opinions and we can disagree. But we don't have to hate. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- the president Bill Donohue said in an interview on CNN. -- Catholics are being besieged. On the subject of same sex marriage. Donahue said. Marriage is about family. It's not about love. -- in marriage is not about love. Do you agree with that I mean it is whether you're Catholic or. You're from any relation. Was it what was your impression that. -- marriage was about -- of -- blog tonight. Is titled Catholic league says marriage not about laws. Read that. Common honored if you like and share it with the others that this needs to be exposed as. Absolute. Idiotic idiotic comments I don't I don't even really know how to worried that this is just. Mindless to me. Now Catholic league president bill Donahue has said what I considered obese kind of some hardcore wacky things. In the past and I have quite often disagree with Donahue. But in this particular case I don't see how anybody can agree with him. -- said marriage is about family it's not about life he said marriage has always been based historically on duty and commitment. But I guess my question is. What about laugh. I mean regardless of your religion. Haven't you always been under the impression of -- was about -- extra there's the legal. Commitment to marriage there's the legal bond of marriage. But isn't it love. It drive you today union in the first place. I mean and I know it's hard to define the line it's it this intangible feeling it's difficult to define because it's different in each individual. But I guess very simply define love is an attraction between two individuals it is based on. An emotional. And physical violent. And if a Catholic Church argues that same sex marriage is wrong in the eyes of god because of the emotional and physical relationship between two people of the same sex in that being a natural. Then if marriage is based on duty and commitment and it's not about love it it's a legal structure for maintaining a family without -- is a factor. Then what's the argument against. Same sex marriage. It's going to be really interesting to see if Catholics. Rise up and say something about this. It's gonna be really interesting if Catholics Bryce -- denounced this discount it. And I think this is another opportunity for me to once again point out that you could be Catholic. You can -- the church. You can go to church and you can enjoy going to church. Where you don't have to agree with everything the hierarchy of the Catholic Church says and in this case you can totally disagree with the Catholic league president Bill Donohue. What he says marriage is not about -- I just think that is absolutely. Outrageous. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a text number is 877 and again this could block tonight's this will definitely. I get a lot of a lot of -- tonight Catholic league says marriage is not about month. Really. We'll talk about that -- -- number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- conservatives are freaking out to about Arizona -- -- Jan brewer's veto of the bill that was known as the freedom of religion bill the religious freedom built. A -- start to Fox News tweeted Arizona governor Jan Brewer makes Christians in her state second class citizens. Is that really true yeah we talked about this last night when Jan Brewer did veto the bill. Christian pundits like -- Tony Perkins. A set on Fox News. That. There's nobody to protect. The rights of Christians. Has anybody taken away your Christian -- Numbers signal in my mind. Sought I don't know who's taking away. Your rights. And there are going to be the right wing Clinton's. Who are going to become hysterical. About this veto an Arizona because they wanted to use religious freedom. -- to disguise it discrimination. And as we talked about on the show recently I find this to be an interest in flash point in time. Because since it essentially looks like the battle to ban same sex marriage is all for. He went -- battle is is has been lost by those who -- trying to ban same sex marriage based on this beautiful document that we have referred to as. The constitution. Based on this document that to this day. Still. Governs our country. A ban on same sex marriage. Is gonna be declared a positive and consistently. Consistently has to. So I -- I find it interesting that this is. This is now coming to a point where some are now picking a new battle which is okay well we can't do anything about banning same sex marriage so. -- able what's yours are religious -- and we just thoughts or from let's let's find a way to discriminated let's find a way to get back. And I just think that's -- mean spirited and defies what it means to be a Christian but again that's my opinion coming up in just about 45 minutes were gonna have another parade progress report for -- into the WL. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Has issued an arrest warrant for former saints player Darren Sharper. And I'm sure you've heard this tonight we've got the full story on our website at WWL dot com he's accused of rape. He also faces charges in California and there are accusations in several other states. And and his. His situation with these other women is being investigated in other states this is really this is really really series -- -- you ever heard Bobby and our Christian talking about this earlier with the with the attorneys. This could mean life in prison. And and everybody wonders about -- why would you do this I mean you're good looking guy you've got money why would you do this. Well this is really about power it's it's not about sex. And you know win when he was charged in in California. We were talking about how. This is about to power it's about. It's about time. Having sex with somebody. The accusations are that they were -- they were passed out. How could any man and find that. Enjoyable. I mean without going into any details at all relating it to anything else having. Somebody who's not even participating. That's really about about power. And how shallow which somebody have to be deep down inside. If that's their way of of of gaining power a sensing power and Darren Sharper innocent until proven guilty. But there seems to be some consistencies with these many different stories. In different states around the country that lead to people to believe that. There really is something to this. And you know the other thing while it's not the fault it's not the fault of the females whatsoever. The lesson here is. Don't get drunk with somebody don't go to somebody's apartment or hotel room if you don't know them very well. Even if you think you know them because they're. A celebrity. Don't do it while it's not your fault if something happens. You could prevent yourself from being in a position for something to happen. And finally tonight's number one and the on tonight's list. Of the top eight -- eight. Bottom -- parades are rolling tonight leading up to the big weekend before money draw. Damien -- all set to go right back I saw on the news that there's some group of people that already are camping out. On the in -- parade route and I believe that's now against the law but I guess. I guess they don't read. Are maybe they don't listen to the radio or TV. Or maybe they're just defiance. And yet I would wonder if those people who were camping out in staking out their church -- I wonder if those are the people who would be critical of others for breaking the law. All these -- they -- well. They're right in the and again maybe you don't even know maybe you're not even aware of it but that is down. Against the law. -- breaks are rolling it's apparently going to be a nicely it's chilly tonight but there's no rain and the weather's nice and a lot of people are lining the streets of New Orleans is these parades roll through. The city tonight. And then they'll be parades and tomorrow night and then all day Saturday Saturday night with a -- and holding Sunday and Sunday night but bachus. There's a chance of rain on Monday that hopefully things are gonna work out okay. And it looks like forty -- he's going to be nice however when you when you heard about money -- march. You might have not really mild spring like temperatures. Nice going to be nice especially if you Wear the costume. But the last I heard partly cloudy skies only a very very slight chance of rain but behind the -- days expected to be 55. Which again I I find it to be very enjoyable. And a lot of people are wondering if there can still see as much Guillen. Yes if you go to the quarter 55 degrees the second stop people from showing things that has some cases they've really shouldn't show. Has more legally changed or have you changed at this morning grow more enjoyable now or less enjoyable to you. That's a -- of -- -- project blog opinion poll if you would join -- with a comment about money draw if this is your first morning draw if you are listening somewhere around the country and you're heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year. And you want us to answer any questions about it we'll help you get ready for the experience because it is indeed. An experienced -- to join our show tonight with anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. To all 386688970. And a text number is -- except. This is the school children will be right back -- born -- from New Orleans in the middle of Mardi Gras parade. Honda VW well here's another governor alimony or operate progress report. Mardi Gras parades are rolling it is that time of year have you gotten more or less excited. About money draw. More excited. 11%. 89%. Say they've gotten less excited. Cushion this poll they change with a parade sand and then people in their cars and they went to the rating ever spot because -- right now lot of people who. Have become less excited about Monica what they're not at operate. So they're responding to the polls to this big changes that I guzzling you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW well dot com. Catholic league president Bill Donohue. Said in an interview on CNN that Catholics. Are being besieged. And on the subject of same sex marriage -- he said that marriage is about family it's not about law. Do you agree. Is that your impression of the Catholic stance on their time. Getting a couple of text from somebody who says very very upset as saying that there you go again. Pounding Catholics. And then it's is you don't count on radical Muslims like this. Well I don't know with the stance erratic and radical Muslims is on love and marriage. And if you wanted to be that information please. Give us an we're critical of radical -- Muslims when the opportunity comes up. You know -- people who believe that are on any given moment if you're not attacking the group that they want you to attack the you're somehow in favor of that group. Which is. Absolutely absurd that it's not the case but that's what some people actually probably but I I find this rather appalling. The -- blog tonight is titled Catholic league says marriage not about -- -- I mean merit of the Catholic Church. I thought it was love that that brought my wife Stater. Brought us both there to get merit a book that was that the foundation of a marriage. Were also was turning -- -- web sites I mean on our FaceBook page which is to be a dual radios if you wanna join the conversation on FaceBook give -- comments and opinions read the blog. So people don't read the blog and they they comment and it's a dancer comments sound brother. Idiotic because they really haven't paid attention to what's being said it may judge it simply by the title. But that conversations going on our FaceBook page so you can go to our FaceBook page should there be a dual radio give issue -- will reach some of those comments as we go through the show tonight. And we want to remind you that we wanna have 30 cave by morning gras day thirty cave by fete Tuesday. We want 30000 friends on -- -- to -- you'll FaceBook page. Now we'd like you to become one of our friends but it really does benefit you. Because all day. Every day we're posting breaking news saints and LSU pelican stories we've got exclusive photos. And videos and blogs from -- producers. And you can use your computer Smartphone or tablet to follow the links from our website. Now go to FaceBook dot com slash WWL radio. And you could keep the conversation going. So as much time did you spend on FaceBook what she just addresses as as wanna you Francies -- will eat you might actually get a lot of information that -- your friends don't have yet. Because we try to give you that breaking information on our FaceBook page as well so. Become a become a friend WWL radio and keep the conversation going to -- -- your radio FaceBook friend. Fabulous. If you wanna join our shooter -- with a comment about any we're talking about our numbers 26018. Sanity. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a tax numbers 877. Here's a text. Where can I buy tickets for -- to draw if you would like to buy tickets for the morning draw parade demoted to a date parade. Send. A 150 dollars to me here at the radio station and also -- the tickets. Actually you don't meet cute and -- and he gets. So it is the kind of opportunity that some people would take advantage on how to get tickets have much. Oh OK if you're -- -- -- country and you need tickets to the market operates send the money to be and -- -- you take it back I'll send you. -- -- tickets for every parade. You'll have exclusive access to every single parade just. See that's the kind of thing that people think -- -- note the great thing about Mardi Gras is. Continuing to be described as the greatest free show on earth. Here is a text hypocrisy. Why would you -- love your spouse. The -- take ball. All the covers on cold all -- I take all the copper -- cold nights they squeeze the toothpaste in the middle. They have. They leave the toilet seats in the wrong position. And then there is that thing about their needing affection. When I am too busy. Love bah -- blog where are my key -- I just I don't really think it's outrageous that the president skeptically -- -- -- -- Words. Would actually. Say that love has nothing to do with marriage. Here's a text that says for me to -- do something to myself. Interest -- interesting. Here is a text and crew of underwear 2014. No I did the crew of underwear years ago and that was sort of as a joke in the -- morning -- who has started as a joke. And it it turned into a really big deal that we did the crew of underwear for several years it was not to admit to be obscene it was meant to be fine. The premise was if you can't parade around in your underwear on Mardi -- day than when -- That's not to say that some people potential opportunities in a few things like that it was fun but that's something that was part of my past and while I still have my guess somewhat of the same. Attitude today when it comes to. -- drawing life in general on the crew of underwear it was a it was a wonderful part of the past and for those of you who participated in over the years. I'm sure you had fun as well he will have another WW operate progress report coming up here in just a few minutes if you're heading to the parades any time this Mardi Gras season -- radio. Debbie WL 870 AM at 1053 FM and will have a pre progress reports for you. Throughout the day -- to a day and Saturday and Sunday and also throughout the night including tonight. Another three progress for coming up here just few minutes if you enjoyed -- -- with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 26 cell. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a text amber is -- 77. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back. Under the WL it has been revealed from the president of the Catholic league Bill Donohue that love has nothing to do with marriage and marriage is not about -- And so we're gonna place in Los songs on the show and I that's a lawful by the -- -- may remember that from the past. I hears this -- Texas says says scooter I'm not saying that I agree with this but I was once told by a wise old man. That you love your parents. And you love your children because they are the ones who are truly your blood relatives. Interest I guess your spouse is not technically a blood relative. But. I thought the whole premise for marriage was was based on love -- I just think this is outrageous for. The president of the Catholic league. Does say that marriage is not about love if you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. In a text Amber's late 7870. Here's a Texas stuffed thinking things Donahue says are outrageous years ago. I have come to expect it well why -- somebody denounce this guy what is why don't why don't more people with the Catholic Church denounced this or is this guy. Is this guy like ranking right up to your church hierarchy to where all well he's the president of the Catholic league he can say whatever he wants. It's like my god if you president is saying really stupid things. Then why not calling -- and to say that. That love is not part of marriages. Just totally idiotic and and ridiculous and again I think it opens up the Catholic Church to. Have a hard time. That's saying that same sex marriage and is inappropriate. Because if it's not about lover physical relationship at all if it's simply about on duty and commitment. And a structure for maintaining a family. Then. Which your argument against same sex marriage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A scoop like tonight is title Catholic league says marriage is not about love it's on our website at WWL dot com also we're starting a conversation on FaceBook page. And -- appeal radio on FaceBook become a friend if you got a friend in -- that a conversation we're also talking about monogram from New Orleans Ryan -- on this cute show good evening. But there's not much. -- is important I'll -- a small area. And we read reports from other colleges around the city and yet. The nation's. About it might not be -- like. Apart in the heartland. So. One of our guys went to their over the weekend in and Peter you. And at the -- by -- bit faster pop panel. And -- we came up with. About 60 PP am familiar bullet in the single. And just for reference the acceptable level let and he doubled in -- for children is point 5 PP am. So I just picture that he did it to and -- in general not putting people out there property law and after dealing with them anything of that sort. Ryan it's really good information and that's something that I would have thought of and I'm sure there are a lot of people with kids who wouldn't thought of that I'm a -- folks so I wouldn't want anybody to put beads in their mouth and I would stop a child from doing that -- I'm sure their parents to let their kids to -- -- and put -- in their -- but if there's lead in there that's another reason not put a beating your mouth. Yet to come to China that make you know electronic waste like. The board now old cellphone like that. Almost all the stuff we throw away comes back to his reincarnated as beats. Pretty much I mean it's -- psychic and try to do it I mean I cannot put the people out about the case itself figured. -- -- -- -- -- I'd write a political shows nationalistic if you wanna join us for any comments about bodyguard because it this is a -- season. And and I know we have some other things talk about tonight that I like talking about article on this time of year and those of -- targeted consumers and attract our attention and right now that is that is -- draw. -- is in the morning -- operates the you've experienced so far it has everybody been nice as it has it been a pleasant experience. A Georgia and Russia are -- our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number is 87870 at a toward your text here coming up in just a moment. And here is another WWL parade progress reports not a gras parades are rolling get a very early this afternoon it was very crowded downtown and it's going to be crowded for the next available through Mardi Gras day it's going to be very -- so if you have anything to do downtown. Make sure you give yourself a lot of extra time and be patient and especially any street that goes from pointers. To canal street. Is -- likely to be backed up and just be bumper to bumper and sometimes that starts early in the afternoon so just did just be cognizant of that issue. Were you re around the city the next couple days and Cowboy Mouth and I forget who else is playing telling mouth is going to be part of the one he draws celebration. As Spanish plaza Monday hopefully the weather is gonna hold out for that that's always a fun setting. And rain or shine you know that's gonna take place anyway because that is the official beginning of Mardi Gras day. Here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight have you gotten more or less excited about Mardi Gras. Only 7% of got more excited about. 93% have gotten less excited. I have to admit that when I'm moved back to New Orleans a couple of years ago. I learned to appreciate things about the city that I didn't appreciate as much when I was here before. Growing appear I took a lot of things for granted. And I was always involved in -- grow because of of my job on the radio. But I didn't necessarily go out of my way to experience. The Mardi Gras celebration. And I find it in and coming back. I have relieved. Relish in things like like -- draw in -- the unique cultural things about this city that make it's so unique. And I think I I'm I'm very blessed because it in and maybe you've been in the situation as well where you from here or you've lived in other cities around the country. And and you come back here and you if you didn't realize it before and I always knew new worlds was a special place because they did travel. But in in moving back here it really came to appreciate what a very unique special. City this is simply aboard a Greek culture we are and that doesn't mean that we don't have problems of course for your problems in their Lotta things that we need to take care of and and we need to get better rat. But. We shared the same problems with a lot of other cities but we also. -- just totally have this this uniqueness that did nobody else sense. Now there are festivals and other cities but nothing like Jazz Fest nothing like the French Quarter for the the way we do festivals and and also we think about all the the fall and spring festivals. -- the churches all around this area. They don't have that like we do in in other parts of the country. And so it's something that we celebrate and this time of years -- one of those times when we. We just totally celebrate who and and what we are and I hope that everybody goes to the parades and goes to -- -- a date with. The right attitude and unfortunately not everybody dies. I don't like to see. I teenagers. On cursing around families getting drunk and cursing around families. It's unnecessary. And in other ways to be rebellious if you wanna be rebellious teen be rebellious teen. But there's things you can do to be rebellious and not offend or hurt anybody. Around you. On I do see you do you you do hear about people in the crowd who wore rude and will. Grant beats and steal things away from cramps coming out of the hands of kids but for the most part people are really nice. And instead of focusing on the negative thinks we should also think about it notice in focus on the kind things in nice things. The things to say good things about who we ours as people and as a city and everybody who goes to the -- operates is not from here. But everybody who goes to the voting gras -- should have the same attitude and that's what -- that I really notice about people visiting New Orleans they they come here to to get into -- they. They try immediately to become part of our city. And part of our culture and part of the attitude. And people who have never been demoted -- before. Come here with the attitude of just having fun. And most of them do. And some have a little too much fun and there's so much partying on the Monday before -- draw that I just can't even imagine that some people actually enjoy -- draw. But when -- at a parade notice how many times somebody catches a bead or something simultaneous with somebody else. And then police sitting offered to the person rather than -- take it. And and I would I would hope that you would refrain from. And profanity if you're in the parade because it's obviously there -- lot of kids around and they don't need to hear. This is Cisco show and we'll be right back after the news -- -- WL.