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Feb 27, 2014|

"Why do you want to discriminate against gays? You say, we don't...only the marriages bother us. But that's the same thing, because their right as an individual is to marry."

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There is chaos in the streets of New Orleans. You know you can always say that and there's always chaos but this time it's the the croquet rosters -- chaos parade. -- Babylon was rolling earlier a lot of -- flammable carries in the -- tonight. This is really the last night was the beginning of nonstop -- drawing but did it really starts to pick up tonight and you know last night the weather wasn't the greatest but you know. God bless all those parade writers in the tractor drivers and those. March in the parade -- The marchers and also their chaperones and everybody involved in the parade they were out there last night and god bless all you went out there and celebrated and -- let the weather keep you home. Night tonight it's chilly. But it's nice and dry and people are enjoying it it's going to be nonstop through Mardi Gras days. Whatever you're heading to the parade make sure that you lock your radio on every WL 870 AM. And qualify for yet -- who -- you traffic updates and great progress report. Clearly throughout this morning growing season and also remind you that by fete Tuesday we would have 30000 friends -- FaceBook page. Thirty K. I'm gonna go a day. One of r.s 30000 French by going to WWL FaceBook. And become part of our friends now we don't want you to just do this for us we want to do this because it's a benefit to you as well because all day every -- we're posting breaking news. Stories about the saints LSU pelicans and quite often you're gonna get news updates from our FaceBook page before your friends know what's going on so you can be the one to give them the news. Like coming your friend. WWL -- FaceBook W your radio and on FaceBook. And we've got videos and photos and blogs from our -- producers that you could use your computer Smartphone or tablet. To follow the links from our website or you can go to FaceBook. Dot com slash that we WL radio to keep the conversation going. WWL radio FaceBook friend had huge list I just got a report that theory is. A series. Accident I ten westbound at canal street. It's down to one lane so if you're on the I ten heading into New Orleans. That's gonna get backed up really quickly -- down to one lane and will give you an update on that -- if we get that in just a little while. Pass canal street -- on I ten westbound it does a break -- and -- clear up but it's going to be very crowded if you're westbound on I ten. Heading into the city understood what tonight is. Is about something that the president of the Catholic league Bill Donohue said in Bill Donohue. Really cutting has a two Tennessee to say really. Hard core. Time. Orthodox things are just really strict things about the the Catholic faith and and I understand that and I expect that from him. But I visually quite surprised that he would say something is as crazy as. Marriage. Is not about love. That marriage is about duty and commitment it's the structure for. Having a family. But it's not about love. And I was always under the impression that love had -- a lot to do with. With mayor -- -- didn't Frank Sinatra tell us that a long time -- love and marriage it was as the theme for. The and a show. Mary with children. So I just again the president of the Catholic league thinks of -- that. Is is ridiculous and I'll get to some of your comments or FaceBook page. Discuss blog tonight is our website at WW -- dot com you can read it and share give us your comment if you like. It's also returning on our FaceBook page WWL radio and you can join that conversation there will. I give you some of the some of the comments they -- Catholic league says marriage is is not about -- How could not be about -- I love you like there might be this. This. Legal. Paperwork there might be this legal. And ramification of of marriage. But didn't love bring us to that point in the first place again I just think that it was ridiculous for him to say that and I would hope that. If the Catholic Church that other officials from the Catholic Church would would denounce this guy. It's about time -- because again he does say some very very far out things and it's it's wrong of the church and not. To not address this issue due to suggest to especially young people who are getting married in the Catholic Church that. Marriage. Is not about love. I think it's ridiculous there's our -- have you offered jaguar opinion poll tonight. Have you gotten more or less excited. About money draw only 6% say they've got more excited about Monica 94% say they've gotten less excited about Monica. This is also with this -- operating going on until. -- on day this is also good time to talk about some of the things that. That people do that you wish they wouldn't do. And if somebody's doing something at a parade. And it's it's not -- It's not parade etiquette it's not something that you really should do at a parade. Profanity. Excessive drinking just. You don't look. Acting obnoxious okay you I guess we all kind of active not to -- you could not be drinking and if you if you get into a Mardi Gras parade would be really. It would be released you to just describe you is looking like your obnoxious so being obnoxious that I guess that's kind of part of the whole. Colombia -- of Mardi Gras but if there's something that the people tend to do to -- always bother issue -- -- operation couldn't caller showing. Let's talk about that and is there anything that you do to a try to stop people from doing what it is that they're not supposed to be doing I mentioned earlier. That. The the feed the new rules. About Mardi Gras everybody's not following those rules because apparently there's somebody already camping offering -- And one of the new rules for -- noise you're not supposed to stake out your territory. And you're supposed to be given a ticket now if these people are not slighted. And is that the police are gonna cite people for breaking the law within why why have the law. It would be nice if we didn't have to have -- people just just naturally did the right thing but unfortunately that's not the way. Human being says think and and operate and they. Quite often have to wait for a lot of come around -- to want to do something that really common sense issued a told the duke if you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our number is 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number. He's a 77. Here's attacks that reads about to build -- a -- clearly an ignorant statements and maybe he misspoke. You become. One with marriage. You have to love to become one. Totally agree with that here's a text of families are supposed to be made out of love. Hence the phrase when he mommy and daddy love each other so much a whole new person is made. And that's where babies come from. I never heard that. That's a pretty simple explanation. To people of each other so much that a baby. That a baby comes out. You know that's not gonna hold up long once again into their their teen years and and I I guess that's something that you -- tell them very early on but you know there's nothing wrong with that being honest with -- kids -- -- they're really -- in effect I think there's also a story on our FaceBook and Africa on our website WWL dot com. About should sex education be mandatory. In the state of Louisiana. Yeah this is really kind of an exciting time of year for for talk show host because you've got legislatures. Around the country and -- -- is that this is the time of year that legislatures get together and start talking about really stupid laws. Every once in awhile Melissa good sensible law that makes sense but quite often it's really dumb laws and it we've been talking about in the news has been dominated with a information about the Arizona legislature passing law it was vetoed by the governor yesterday. A doubts. Allowing business owners to use -- religious beliefs. To. Discriminate against homosexuals to to not serve homosexuals. Now this would also protect the pharmacist who doesn't want to give birth control pills to somebody. Because he doesn't agree with birth control. Well -- I would have to say that as I've said it's your job to serve the public and analysts it's on rule lead behavior or something like that you really should. Has served the public that's mine the view of that and then you know last night we started talking about this and a lot of people have questioned whether or not. Now Republican governor Jan Brewer of Arizona. -- acted. Out of what was. In the best interest of the people and acted out of what was in her hard or did she act out of economic by necessity. To veto this this deal. I guess it matters to some degree -- As long as she vetoed it that's the important thing. And it is interesting to note that states. Can do whatever they wanna do with with flaws in their legislature. But if they're part of the United States of America which they are. They will be held accountable. For the laws they passed and the laws they proposed the the mayor of Phoenix has said that even though the governor vetoed it the damage is already done. And this was a state dead there also had had lost a Super Bowl I believe the 1993 Super Bowl. Because they did not recognize Martin Luther King Day. As a holiday in the state of the national holiday federal holiday but they did not recognize it. As a state -- if you wanna join our shooter might with a comment about -- they were talking about her numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text ember is 877. Here's a Texan readmit recent marriage is between a man and a woman not to man into woman move on next topic. No actually this is. A topic it's not gonna go away that's your definition but that is not the definition that is supported by. On the courts and the constitution. After this point. Cage he -- -- WL. -- You mentioned tourist art crawl. A little while ago and I got to have bond. Very then you know it looks like -- -- and you want the -- proper course set -- true. And sometimes tourist. Try to take a little bit off. That's it that's a good point you you do have the feeling when you come here -- especially if you come from a place that's not New Orleans and if you're coming here from somewhere else you're you're not living in New Orleans and and this place does give you the impression that you can do whatever you bought and any and you really can't. Yeah that's right. Yeah. Sometimes but it. It might sit it there. Yes they do and now -- and another good thing cage to tell people from out of town if you're down here looking for love. Everything in the quarter may not actually be what it appears to be if -- I cage are glad to call if you wanna join us tonight so our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text number is 87870. Here's the text says that reads. The love involved in marriage is a different kind of love. Then the love that people experience. When they first fallen off. OK but love is part of marriage. And for the president of the humanly bill Donahue to send this is all over the news now. That. Marriage is not about love is absolutely. Insane. And should be denounced by the church thought you know I wonder if the church is -- correct him on this if -- -- gonna letting go and pretend that didn't happen. Well it happened in people heard it more of your text coming up next. If you enjoy this tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Text number states every Saturday is another song about love love Shaq doesn't that lead to marriage. -- -- We'll be right back but to -- WL according to Bill Donohue the president the Catholic league. Very well respected among many Catholics -- to -- says some very outrageous things overtime. He says that's -- has nothing to do with marriage so I guess this would be a song for him what's love got to do that. The value was say nothing that's what the -- blog is about tonight. Effect -- -- go to FaceBook page you just a moment and get some of the comments from our FaceBook page the blog about this is our FaceBook page getting comments and also. It's on our website at WW real dot com here is attacks that reads and some people discuss me scoot. How can they sit there and discriminate against a group of people because of their sexual preferences how in the world is that differ from segregation Jim Crow laws etc. Well I would I would agree with it. Here's a -- -- the legislature and Arizona makes Washington look good they sure learned slow if I had my -- Spain in -- school and lost sixty million dollars. And a sixty million I think I would sober. How in the world do bone heads. Rice so far just. Not to come crashing down I you know I I'd I'd I don't know but this really is an exciting time because. A lot of the state legislatures revealed. The the personality of their states that it doesn't mean the personality of everybody in their states but this time of year. Legislatures revealed the the attitude of many people within their state because they're elected officials. Goal and proposed laws -- it's. They believe their constituents the people who put him in office I'm want them to to to stand for want them to try to pass and that's says says an awful lot about a state infect. And in the state of Mississippi before the legislature there isn't a deal it's very very close to the -- and Arizona. Which if you read carefully it seems like in Mississippi you would -- of business owners the right to refuse business to somebody based on sexual preference and again it is we've we've talked about this. How do you determine other than just. A visual. A visual image of somebody how do you determine if somebody's homosexual. You can't unless you're gonna just -- visual visual judgment on somebody. And haven't we learned that that is. Just innately wrong. We're also talking about Mardi Gras parades and things that people should not do people in the parades and people on the parade route. -- homer parades are very bad for throwing tightly. Packed beats packed so hard. Like they're throwing a brick and the writers -- them everywhere without looking or consequence. If that is something that is going on on the volume then that needs to be addressed. That is now I've I've had two bags of deeds he would be before something that. And some parades that are writers do in you know quite often. Alcohol. Inspires people to do really stupid things alcohol sometimes makes people very. Aggressive. Sometimes alcohol can make you very. Very. On cruelty and and very rude. You know the idea is to throw beads into two. To throw. With force. I tightly. Packed. Pack of deeds. And it seems to me like Q. You have an aggression problem. Seems to me like you've got some violence in you that you need to. If you need event. -- here's a text but -- there are just sitting out there. In camp chairs without -- or tarps. Or cultures. I guess that's in reference to some people who -- -- on the news were already camping out. But for Damian and -- until Saturday night. So. How are they using the restroom. Because you're not supposed to put toilets apart portable toilets and on public property anymore. And obviously lighting fire -- -- anything like maybe they run to a fast food place close by in any event look I'm all for people. Having as much fun as possible it has always bothered me. A throughout my life and this is something that we it was common in Portland for the the Rose Parade. That's the city of roses and they have a Rose Parade. And it's it's a big deal but I believe it was in the the winner may be ending in January and I forget what it by desperate but people would would would stake out their territory. They would use all kinds of items to mark their territory days in advance. And it's always bothered me -- there was growing up here or did other cities because it's really not your property unit it's really kind of a first come first serve. Situation. But -- a lot of people don't see it as such and they feel like they're entitled to to that property. And I would think that a lot of people who feel like you're entitled to that I I'm entitled to stake out by territory here. That is an entitlement mentality that you might not -- to recognize you have and I I love talking about this because. They are are there are people who are so down on those who think there in title to something. And yet many of the people who were critical of others for feeling like they're entitled to something from the government or they had this entitlement mentality. The entitlement mentality. Does transcend socio economic groups and is not just confined to the stereotypical group that so many think. Has the entitlement mentality there are others. And if you stake out territory I I think it's part of the entitlement mentality. You may disagree with that if you wanna join our show -- a comment. And we're also talking about things that people do. During Monique draw that relation should be addressed and not everything can be addressed by laws and it shouldn't take a -- to make everybody do the right thing. And if you see something if you experience something around a Mardi Gras parade whether it's from the writers -- the people who are watching the parade with -- What is it that bothers you most. I've always been bothered by. By -- and inspired. Profanity. I just always thought that was just such -- a sloppy. Form of behavior and really unnecessary and there are a lot of -- young people adults as well but a lot of young people who. Feel like that's their way of being rebellious and that's their way of I'm getting noticed just getting shrunken the spewing out profanity and I think it's it's pretty disgusting. Also if you have kids are always things that you have to prepare your children for. And you can't -- you might not cursing your home but that's stuck in stopping kids from being exposed to profanity. When it comes this other -- operate. You can protect your children from seeing any form of nudity and there's that possibility that they might see some. My old aspect of nudity during during -- draw sold since you can't. Shelter them from that I guess you prepare them for the reality if of what they might see. -- I I'm not opposed to bringing kids down to the French Quarter you might wanna stay away from urban street. But there's -- lot of fun stuff going on royal street in and throughout the quarter and than Denver and street. Again it doesn't mean united sees some -- because the other going to be the guys with the champs. You know and nothing else but wearing chaps in. I don't really personally find that very attractive but hey it's wanna -- date if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 877. Up from -- -- mr. Charlie here on WW well. -- -- -- -- -- -- call it a sub. Point and I can't. I can't play or. Actually -- word at all complex within. It. What kind of law -- as long as -- law that's. Michael out. Well you grow as a call. -- -- -- like okay. -- kind of thing. OK all day on all about it. What you personally girl obviously. Yeah -- you basically you want to. We don't. I would say. By how he's not bad at east lake and go activity all she always concluding that -- -- in July. The reality that reality check. We need to. Appeal. Here. So what is really -- And the lack not that may try to say that right. And -- 2222. A recent court talk to a traditional marriage yo get well. Children it's the children and we -- to -- and. -- I. Think. -- The -- And it could hit it at the children involved. Actual entry com horse and talk to. Each week. And in the pro. -- will actually that would do it. It would be ready. Why I do agree and I do agree mr. surely there are a lot of different ways to express love and a lot of different kinds of love but. On you know to be talking about same sex marriage and to say that marriage is about family it's not about love. -- That is not taken out of context in and you should do look a little more into like to build -- he said dad I'm not a fan of bill Donahue on the Catholic and I'm not a fan of Bill Donohue because -- -- some things that I. Quite often disagree with but you know it if you the president of the Catholic leader of your position like this you're saying things. Can't say something and expect people to dig too deeply into it you have to figure that people are going to take it on face value and to say that marriage is about family and not about love. I'll open yourself up for a lot of criticism if you're suggesting that that did love it is not part of marriage. I understand what you're saying but couples should Lucent laugh though that the love that you have -- the love that you start off with. It starts off as a crush and and then you're you're in love and you get married and you're in love and that love does go through transitional periods and it does. Evolve into a different kinds of of love but there's still love that is the foundation of of the marriage. And then the family. And told me something one time he -- all. Ships security. All the -- And then will or higher despite the call. Do not intend. To -- to. Look. Okay. We go into some console. That sort out problems just a technical -- -- in the straw. While it. May. Complicate. -- -- I don't remember that line but I do agree with that don't really potential response -- a little -- which could -- Architectural. Work in and and and and and typically has children -- not panic. I don't know that kind got. To reach that that went in. That. You have a tremendous response unfortunately. People like about. Personal. Satisfaction. Unfortunately on the worst case. They get the kids and it results in the black in. Other cases it's not -- that you want kids that parents -- -- -- -- didn't. And I want. -- people you know wealthy. Throwing out I totally -- -- -- and an assembly -- I'd love to point out I -- I hate dated it happens but it is a reality and we talked about this with the case of this. Sixteen year old in Fort Worth, Texas terrier who wears. Who was guilty of getting drunken driving and killing four people. And the judge sentenced him to probation no jail time and the defense attorney argued that he suffered from affluence. Which is a condition of having parents who were so wealthy they really didn't pay attention to you or -- enough rules so he didn't know he was doing wrong by drinking and driving. And -- So I agree and like you know you see it in nice neighborhoods on the North Shore you -- it nice neighborhoods everywhere where parents are so wrapped up in the air lines. And in themselves. That they're really not raising their kids and they are at the very ones who were critical of inner -- low income families for not reflecting their kids. Big paper I put. I get up on it you'd think that won't do it again to act all you know an -- ball well. -- -- his throwing. Our guys occult specialist if you wanna join us with your thoughts in your comment tonight. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a text number 67870. But it's more your text here in just a moment -- that this was it got me Frank Sinatra sent a long time ago. Love and marriage. -- -- Bill -- I can't stand him and marriage. Here's a WW -- pretty -- my opinion homes. Have you gotten more or less excited about -- drop. I've got more excited about it but maybe it took me. Living around the country. And coming back to New Orleans that made me appreciate it even more give us your opinion by going to our web site David if you will not come this is dispute Schilling will be. Right back this. And it's. The roads and it widow's day at -- Management. Now we're featuring some love songs on our show tonight because Catholic league president Bill Donohue said that marriage is not about love. And I got the impression that he's basically saying that. Love has nothing to do with the marriage. A wrote a blog about it they're Catholic Church is -- -- about love that's on our blog at the temperatures the Catholic league. Which does it -- represented the Catholic Church it's on our website at WW real dot com you can read and share with others also it's a turning on our FaceBook page. At WL radio he could be part of that conversation here is. A FaceBook posts from Valerie it's finding somewhere you wanna share your lifeless. Lo green sometimes. Love does -- and sometimes it's it's not for sun and sometimes you've actually heard no longer in love which is really same thing that happens to a lot of people. Here's a comment on FaceBook page from dale. Because I fell in love I married. I'm married to my loving -- has been 32 years next month will dale congratulations. Here's a comment from. -- I got married because I was stupid -- well. Here's a content on FaceBook from Michael I adore my wife. And here's a comment from June oh my -- offered my neighbors and cows and some land for his daughter. To marry me you can give us your reaction to the blog in this idea that their marriage is not about -- By going to our FaceBook page WWL radio and you're not a friend become a front we'd like to have thirty K. By gonna go on day 30000. By fete Tuesday. I -- is a comment that reads he's right -- And not just a sexual preference and not exactly sure what that means it's a text about Arizona. The American wild the American west is supposed to be more progressive than the rest of the country what happened to Arizona. I I I can't answer that question. And here's attacks about the affluence a case and I just cited it. You know I just I love putting out hypocrisy and I hope there's no hypocrisy with -- you would I guess we all have a tendency to possibly. Not be hypocritical at times but our goal should always be too. -- -- to not be hypocritical. And yet there are so many people who are critical of one segment of the population for neglecting their kids. But there are other segments of the population. That neglect their kids as well in a different way but they're still failing to be. Hands on active parents because they're so hung up in their house their cars and things they're doing. So this text -- today in your influenza exam as you're in your affluence example. That is an exit that is an excellent example of how the best legal help money can -- And you know a lot has a lot has been suggested about I didn't. I don't know if anybody has done anything wrong in that case. But it is appalling that a judge would sentence sixteen year old to a GR I guess ten years of probation what which is one type of -- But ten years of probation no jail time. No juvenile. Detention center nothing when he's actually been sent to a rehab center. And if I'm not mistaken his parents are paying forward it's it's it's a rehab center in California. The cost 450000. Dollars a year. And so that's so how tough desist kidnapped. He stole -- from Wal-Mart. Got behind the wheel of a car. Driving drunk killed four people. And he gets off because the argument is his parents were so wealthy they really didn't set the right limits for him. How appalling is that. If you editor in Russia with a comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688970. And a text number is 877. Here's a text about this staking out your property and your your territory old before parade. But is it staking out your spots. That they want is it first come first served since they were their first. Yeah -- I just have not been a fan of staking out your territory. Days in advance. You know that were my neighborhood I I would more these. Strangers living in a tent. Across the street from me European. In a situation like that. I like it you just get up early and until like everybody else because it really hit it it's not your. It's not your property that's insulting it's always bothered me so -- what it operates continue to roll we're talking about things. A during -- draws it. Did that bother us of things that we can let other people know war. Not part of real -- draw etiquette and you shouldn't do some of these things. -- -- that will convince some people not to do some of the things that they had been doing and and you know one of my pet -- with the monogram parade is. Just being obnoxious sleep blatantly intoxicated and and cursing. That's just not necessary especially around -- you can assume that they're going to be kids. And every parade in Metairie or even downtown. Of Mort your text are coming up and from Slidell cynic -- -- under the WL. Thank in particular -- pure Caldwell the bombing of the home. That you want on citizens livable than. And so all that incident and the all. -- button and about. You would know. Went. Football. What this. Quote -- -- -- well. It was our vote or. -- -- -- -- Well this is. All the. At all. That a guy I agree mutate takes more takes more than love to maintain a marriage. But -- -- -- brings two people together to get married in the first place and love is a recent people or at the altar in the Catholic Church asking for God's blessing in this. In this -- sacrament. -- know what is all the ball well. -- -- Vote but all that it would. But back then if it is -- -- The the order of what. -- I'm glad you called -- show I've got to get to break it thanks Susie and I do agree with you about it Bill Donohue president chemically effected this is that's some somebody that you have noticed. It seems like as time goes on he says some more more. Wacky things. So we're kind of bringing up love a lot on this show because of the club is very much a part of marriage and in fact it's one of the main ingredients of bearish. Here's a text abuses just -- -- -- about twelve minutes ago. Half year old on the parade route you wanna give a separate update you can send us a text at -- 7870 or call our show it to 601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 Georgia wants to enact a law that would make it. An offense for somebody to. Lolly gag in the left lane in other words not to pull over when another car approaches from behind. Does that sound good or does that sound dangers that's one of the things a tummy -- double talk about tomorrow morning. -- WL first news with Tommy Tucker six to ten. Under the WL a Ted Cruz in the Tea Party are now starting a fight with the Republican Party said the Republican Party is a far from. On becoming unite you we talked about this on the show last night and I think to the reaction even from Republicans to -- -- Ted Nugent said about the president calling him -- odd and a sub human Mungro which is what the Jews I've called a which is what the year at the Nazis called it used to justify. I genocide and holocaust but they're not human they're sub human mongols therefore we can kill then it's not like killing a human a so. To say that was just totally inappropriate and Ted Nugent is known for doing those kind of things alone now he says he's he's not gonna say ugly things about people anymore so it is civilians to to see if he follows through with that. But between that and the also the the Republican. Backlash. Even from top Republicans around the country to the Arizona legislature passing that bill that would essentially allow. On business owners to discriminate against homosexuals based on the business owners religious police. But the Republican backlash to both of those things was an indication that the Republican Party was ready to divorce itself from the extreme right. And I wrote a blog about that that is still on our website at WW real dot com here's an update on our -- WL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Have you gotten more or less excited about money draw. Only 7% of got more excited. 93% got less excited. That a lot of people -- the race tonight. So maybe a lot of people who would say they've got more excited at the parades and can't respond to the pole and maybe -- responded apple a little bit later when they get their cars or get home and they and you join the -- -- they can respond so right now we'll see if this -- the sport changes but right now only 7% say they've got more excited. About money out here is a text that read says scoot I saw a fifty year old woman -- a seven year old from Mardi Gras parade. Because she was there first even though she was head and shoulders above him. No class at all. Indeed. You know you you -- selfish adults all the time and I'd. How can he do that to a kid. Rock and you have continued to shoot -- away. From a prime spot. But because you wanna get the -- I don't know whether you've noticed this or not but that have really not worth anything I mean it's it's it's fun to catch him it's fun to be part of the parade but. They're really not worth I guess if he had enough he could he could asylum. And in mass quantities but for the most part there they're worthless that you should be a fun time for everybody. Here is attacks to happy eighteenth anniversary or actually five a four point five years to my wife I married her on leap day. You're my inspiration. Would do it all over again we've been talking about the president of the Catholic league Bill Donohue saying that. Marriage is not about love is he writes this is the -- show and we'll be back.