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Scoot Show 2-27 10pm, Mardi Gras pet peeves

Feb 27, 2014|

Mardi Gras parades are rolling tonight leading up to the big weekend before Fat Tuesday…are you going to the parades? Have you gotten more or less excited about Mardi Gras? Has Mardi Gras changed or have you changed?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to our show parades are rolling through the streets of New Orleans right now it is NAND stop parading -- until wanna -- today and actually all the way through Mardi Gras day. Remember when the crew of Comas used to be the last parade Mardi Gras night. I actually of remembrances of as a kid going into the French Quarter and bide my parents knew somebody had a balcony on now I guess is -- the royal -- program probably royal street. And we used to watch the parades that went to the quarter and you manager raised going to the French Quarter but the the used to a name they stop that because they realized. 10 -- doesn't seem like it's a safe situation but Theresa continue to roll and even know where. On on a high floor in the building we're in much up to the street a block away I can see and hear. The parades. Coming in to a coming to an end when the marching bands come to an end here. So it is an exciting time fun time. I hope it is a fun time for you -- that everybody behaves but inevitably get this many people together and they're going to be people who were not going to behave. So -- on the show among other things we've been talking about Mardi Gras parade pet peeves. What bothers you most about. When people do and don't wanna grow operate. And also just general -- gras parade etiquette and for those of you who have tuned into the show around the country we're not trying to rub it in this is money -- time -- world as it if you have never experienced this. I'm sure you can pick up on how much fun it really is and today it is in if you have never seen it and you have a chance to see it. Make plans to experience it however for those who have been here for many years. They. Don't wanna see it every year and they don't need to see it every year. It is an effort to be there -- people this is just this is so much part of their culture so much part of the year. -- -- teaching there in their families to go to rates -- so many people go to the same spot every year. And watch -- and I think that's a great tradition. And never really had a tradition as I've I've mentioned when we were kids there was a balcony that we would occasionally go to and I think it was on Boyle street. To what separates that we never have consistently had the same place to go open a lot of people that's part of their tradition. And I'm assuming the -- growers like fair labor union in some cases that they did families get together and and see each other. They don't see each other all the time but they certainly see each other alimony draw because they'll go to the same place or maybe you've got. A family member who has a place on a parade route so it really is it's it's a fun time of fear there's no doubt about it. But if you had been here. For a long time it's not something that you always want to participate in and that's okay. There -- a lot of people who take this this time to go skiing in effect I remember at one point I don't know if it still happens or not but it one point. -- Austin I'm not Austin on -- As the cholera are you still Mardi Gras parade on Mardi Gras day because so many people from New Orleans. Were in Aspen. Skiing over -- over the morning raw politics. Here's our -- give you a pretty general opinion poll tonight have you gotten more or less excited about Mardi Gras and I'm a little surprised at practice. Only 7% of got more excited about money draw and 93%. Have gotten less excited. Can -- opinion by going to our website WW real dot com also the a -- blog is on our web site it's titled Catholic league says marriage not about love. That's with the president of the Catholic league Bill Donohue said he said marriage is about family. It's not about love marriage has always been based historically on duty and commitment. And I guess I wonder about. About love because isn't that the laws that brings you together for the for the for the marriage in the first place. A sacrament of the church. It's love that brought you there. Now it might be about more than love but it certainly is about laws so I've enjoyed writing a blog about this you -- totally. Disagree with me you might agree you can read it. And share it this year with your Catholic non Catholic friends. It's on -- we're excited to -- to be built on -- it's also part of the conversation on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. And I'll get to some of your FaceBook comments here in just a few minutes if you wanna join us with your comment about anything we're talking about tonight. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And our text Amber's late 78 Saturday also getting interesting text about about love and marriage. Because of marriage is not about love then and what's it about. I would agree that it's about more than then just love. But certainly. Marriage is about love to. And in our realized that EU. You see the love that you have you feel the love that you have for somebody. If fall. And it it it it changes. But it still needs to be based on just the basic idea of I love this person. And for the president Catholic stated marriages is -- about while I just thought it was ridiculous. To join -- -- right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids every text is 870 eights have -- -- -- -- -- are coming up for the nor short build your on the -- show and every WL. -- object on a golf -- Yeah all the bulk of the top. And respect the portrait or thought about. And people like that -- or -- or any. Time. -- Even. People. -- -- -- -- It's. Just a black. That's a -- it's a really good point you know I've I've passed somebody in the street. As the other night and two Mueller's city urinating up against a building in the CVD and you know there are a lot of Puerto parties around there -- a lot of -- portal that's where you can mean you can do what you need to do. And I find it interesting that men seem to feel this need to urinate in public occasionally women do it but if it was something that was that. Biologically necessary then why wouldn't as many women do it is meant. But there. Are. But boards and you know. And it. -- -- border exhibit do your job. Out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There. Are reports out and buy it. Up -- -- You go. Go option. Before you go to jail. Don't. -- war. Or -- We really don't people working sixteen. -- -- And you know we don't want. More and -- war here. And what about the law. -- -- -- Get. Out. You're not call the. Now what what exactly -- arrest him for bill of the date they do you have. A constitutional right to videotape. This is something that has been a big controversy what we you actually arrest and forest. If if you're arresting somebody and their -- A friend with him and they won't go -- what do you arrest them for. Well -- about. Iraq and all your public. -- an area where do what we get an active. -- -- -- Know you're as you know the people. You know it's really interesting how alcohol makes a lot of people experts on the constitution. Get elected. You don't -- that -- -- -- lost to get what you think that it you don't. Get. I'll call -- Developmentally. Bill but don't start we. Called -- -- they're called. It. Apart from -- take on -- part. -- And -- -- It. Aren't god bless you for what you do this time a year because I know it's a challenge you when you think about the number of people proud to the the incidents per capita of people on the street. It really is is small. But there are enough incidents to where you've got your hands for everybody -- Or. It might never apart here -- actually at war. What that you and your little too much -- to -- all of all. What I don't want to have our our -- and adopt. Bill when it comes to the new rules and regulations that -- are in effect for this money draw. You're still paying attention to what might be. A real problem is opposed to how far back collaborates. I thought liberate. It by but I thought yeah that's not a -- Serious. Look at but -- get married they look -- closed -- at a crowded area where it's not out. Yeah it's not a lot but it up and get always look at that we don't. The -- At each company but what. I do like all the new laws but I don't like the idea that police would focus on enforcing those laws -- there are really more important things to worry about on a parade route. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll eat out and worked on ball all. The big -- All of -- out there. Out there that are. -- -- got it all. Went to. Take action type. You you can't be arrested for peeing on on and on our Mardi Gras parade route. Bolstered -- -- dirt cheap ticket that technically the balloting. If there's a child well it would be called out. Dylan -- called a political show and and again god bless you do this morning -- season for would you India and knowledge Europe -- your fellow officers do this time -- year. Thank -- much. -- I'd -- -- so some good advice from a police officer. If you wanna join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. At a text numbers 877 here's a Texan reads I would have liked to has seen the results of the poll. If a third option. About the same excitement was available yet you know what that's at an option we could've given. From the parish Randy or -- WL. I did on good. You mentioned how little credit it's -- now when you look back -- The -- that went through the -- quarterback in the late sixties and early. I just did you know looking back on that it was you know it just does seem like it VO workers accords were so close there mean. All -- our everything so good and that the raceway and then that the flam ball carriers and that they use. I mean you then in looking back audited it seemed like it was kinda dangerous. What what stuck out to me as really did great work you remember back when -- first -- it. It went to a different court Nigel -- one on on a couple of corners. Went up for it turned that can't American machinery will be on him. To actually move out 'cause they could make the time. Saudi they had American machine labeled as a -- the -- kind of caught -- in front court. Agassi taking the parades on the French Quarter has led to a decrease in jobs. Of people are losing work over that. And that at all. -- knew that it. Topic most probably just you know clarifying. Puppet state coach you know somewhat let it be different lot of them out or I'll follow it won't let the -- that stick out in the years. -- -- say you can't have -- profit -- -- on public property. And and that no talking on either job I don't know if try to stick out. Just what Margaret -- needs. A few less -- and mark and a few places that day. Well you know lies that it's a good point envoy has something else to remind everybody I I think the word is god now but it the first parade now a lot of cars got 20 Ditka is now on both sides -- saint Charles and both sides of Napoleon. Partners there's no parking I think it -- two hours before parades or do you keep it there's a lot of parking places available. I'm yet there's a reason for that you're not supposed to partner ready and glad you called and I'm happy Mardi -- A to join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids seventy tech's number is 877. Here's a text about marriage technically -- marriage according to the Catholic Church is something that you were supposed to do to procreate. And believe it or not. Does not by -- religious law include -- I personally believe love should be involved but I understand the priest or whoever. It said love is not necessary. Finisher understands what is at. Yeah now but wait to procreate -- -- supposed to love each other in order to. Engage in that act I guess you don't have to love each other users have to be married. Well that's not right. -- if -- -- stay with us I'm scooter will be right back on TWO it's -- a -- time -- loans -- berets are rolling through this city streets are right now and no rain it's a little cool. It's got a -- -- today the weather for this weekend looks like it's going to be spectacular for spring like that at another cold front's gonna come through here. It might bring some rain on Monday which might affect one to draw Wheeler watching that forecast of one of the ways for your into the WL. But then Mardi Gras day is gonna be partly cloudy with a only a very slight chance of rain however even though it's a march Mardi Gras which is a little bit unusual doesn't happen very often. It's going to be a little chilly 55 degrees and so for some it's it's it's kind of -- is -- feel like spring break but that's really not gonna stop anybody from. Quote unquote having fun that you we have -- -- you know you just heard this a police officers say. Hey you know keep it under control and you you can be arrested for urinating in public and you know the urinate on it. Saint Louis -- these -- somebody's house. It's not necessary and again if it was so biologically necessary. To. To urinate in public then why do more men do it than win. I realize it's more convenient. For me into doing the agreement in some women do it but more guys still. So. Since is more a guy thing. Obviously it's just something dead out of convenience they do. It's not something that you absolutely have to do but I do realize that one of the problems around -- time. Is finding out of a place to use the restroom because so many places have up signs. They say no public restrooms a customers only if you wanna join our shooter might with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. A text numbers like 7870 what do you miss about money draw Podemus about Mardi Gras parades. Do you miss the parades being in the French Quarter disciplined for the past that you you miss about monogram. And what your Mardi Gras parades. At -- what is that the people do that makes it less enjoyable for you and everybody around you and his journey -- draw etiquette you wanna talk about as we approach this -- weekend before Monica I'm from New Orleans marry your on this coach going to be an. -- you feel good. Yeah I want to make any comment yes one pet -- Clinton may get paid. By the way. I don't like them by but come on radio and down economics web site obstacles we've been about the men more men and women. I mean. I would think about that the other day at the weird. Larry. Honestly I I believe you know there. And I think this is why more men spit and women. I mean it's a lot of men and if -- on a fast walker. So I pass a lot of people when I'm walking and there are times that I have almost been hit. By a -- the 'cause I'm just passing somebody when they're turning in spinning. About it dodge it inside -- -- -- -- -- now know that people should turn and look at make sure that nobody's passing human characters that it will not that anybody should -- but it's it's the -- it's this it's this masculine tendencies I don't know how are important to mark territory. This is -- on the dispute. IC a lot of man. And I'm not trying to be mostly is why do men why do so many men and this is something that you would know. But a lot of guys are gonna partly it is either they do it or they see people -- -- a lot of men spit in the urinal right before they start to T. So there's so they're so I guest they're marking their territory before they. -- I think -- that I can vehicles that it is primarily due at a convenient payment may be around. But until then I don't know opening -- -- -- one pet peeve that I am a nod from -- week not comment apparently -- thing. I've got to pick up a stampede. And -- I had a bit about my hand I think -- -- -- and that happened. I have had that happen I haven't seen it recently but in the past I have seen that a lot. And then -- second thing is I can't can't debate. That come in my hand and make it happen now. I mean they don't -- my hand and then make it popular. Did don't have that Mac attack not to do something real. But. But one to say about that the Catholic thing about Lehman that afterward now. When you think it would -- out -- me become the contract. Well and that's basic and went on I said he said it that marriage is about. About family it's not about -- he he says it's had -- about duty and commitment. Don't make my racquet contract that you in her -- Any anything it's that impersonal than how does the church turn around and then did and then. I'd defend a ban on same sex marriage if it's if it's not personal it's not. If it's not emotional it's not physical as it's just is -- it's about commitment and duty then why would you be against two guys getting married are. -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- about it is they adapt -- that ridiculous I mean did you know we've got one in da -- back from Iraq. I mean it is -- it is a contract but my god it's that it was time. Contact when you may not that don't like I'm glad I'm one man thing about that was collected volume and put them. Yeah. He can't be responsible for the expand it to -- well the poor guy. Can't be responsible for the -- didn't see him. -- You know and I just love to point out the. I'm not saying even one right I think one had to write an analyst and a right to Britney at the right. But there are those who criticize some people for not setting. Guidelines and consequences for negative behavior for their kids. But Dave -- I'd be doing it themselves but they're not part of the stereotypical group that is usually blamed for not raising their kids properly. Maryland girl I have a -- I'd -- I always I always do. Here's a text that reads what's wrong with asking an officer. What a person especially someone in your parties being arrested for. I understand 90%. Or maybe more of the time. Easily share it but there are some arrest them or not I've experienced it firsthand. I have been cuffed. For being a Smart -- Walked down the streets. And let go the officer told me and I quote you can't make an officer looked bad in front of people without. Consequence. It was during a parade. And yes I was sober when this happened I see some cuts taking advantage of the situation during Mardi Gras they mess with people. Because they can at times and that is clearly wrong. You shouldn't you know police officers have to be tough. This has been held of people I'm not suggesting that you do this. But it is -- -- players did you have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. When it comes to. Flipping off an officer. Or cursing in an officer. Now you can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that that is not been upheld in court I don't think you should do it. -- Police officers I would think would have enough control over their emotions. To no wind to really get mad at somebody and not to get man over something a superficial because we do. Expect them to. To be in control of your emotions especially because they have guns and they have power for Tennessee Daniel Euro and a VW beating. Yes good evening retired talk shows compliment your show -- -- Your greater contributors tell you that you'd go to that America votes only years ago. And but listening to hear about -- -- of -- Obama didn't comment about Mary. So bored I don't think you can take law. Al marriage. Anymore than you can take America all of try and do. I heard the believe love is very important element. I'd bet my life for the score that in the -- earlier which is twenty miles away it and -- I walked over church at -- Little -- and we got married one week later -- commercial much love. Bad I think love is very important element to this dollar contract he -- -- what you make what you. Take your browse to -- creator. And that. Extremely important and I don't know -- in the world will be. Buried. -- Arctic especially antibody represented the Catholic Church -- which would honor the the whole column of love and honor it would perspective laden is an integral part of marriage. You know certain our old way and so forth to work will be under. Water well. And that's what we do -- portraying years and so much below -- and that's to -- Goodness I did he's a lot about that -- is it true that -- perpetuated. So do you ever recommend that people don't -- dance. Although I would recommend I would I would say I mean I would not recommend that usually somebody Q are. It will it go -- young ladies -- shortly after Richard Kirsch. And just it does happen that way and we usually. Oh which denies it America follow -- or try to write about it -- -- answers. -- what I lately you've met. On Wednesday night and you were married the next Wednesday morning. Yeah yeah. I'll -- -- a lot of people here and there and our our our story. -- rest the Daniel you must have just known instantly that this was. Person. Yes there Louis we would -- got marriages legally engage us. But it what an account Riggio you're -- tiger I think your question that I've never had the producing modern rock although I've -- Arlen. You're -- That there are at any time. Especially in the Amtrak action that the -- they're -- Oh they called companies that are crews. You know yeah -- business. But foreign countries -- blunt but a bit and or accurate job of oil on the street money problems haven't ever have been that privilege and a I'd say that it. On and movies torture. And I think just one thing that people have a right to celebrate there coming up to -- I remember executive. No one movie that about the -- -- The quiet this stated nor. -- there moniker and they are be covered -- and who's. Your. I remember that. That movie when -- killer bee movie was set in New Orleans. Yes sure that's been around and done it right through the French Quarter that blow I covered the killer could be. And then say that lady's library cause they they cooled down and -- this was spent with cooling down of the superdome to have it bespoke optical. So they're they're a while ago about money drop otherwise I just told you. But it -- whether that episode of American history -- it should be upon and that the rules or regulations or for the there. -- it's it's true while I hope you make it here some time because it is say it's quite a spectacle. Yes sir I appreciate you. What you like to also will urge all of you ought that is -- I don't do it and we don't we don't need those out more but there was a time when you had -- point. Plus still on the licensing and there aren't that word retired -- victory here. -- you like to know you're coming it'll give loud and clear a little cheap radio from my -- Archdiocesan. And it's been there isn't right now that are mobile table and work this interview and as a player and a bit -- you're 5 X 5. All right Daniel alive I appreciate you listening and to from a Tokyo rose Tuesday a retired I appreciate the compliment thanks for listening. I RE Collison anytime. I here's attacks that Reid says -- I would recommend that you T inner tube. Or you could use. A continent. You know I don't like. Like chest just find the legal place to pity okay I know it's a challenge but kind of figure that out before you head out from -- -- -- This is Disco show parades are rolling. And we'll come back right after this break content of -- -- welcome back to our show it's feeling like -- growing here. Parades continuing to roll it's not over. Like I -- the last night the -- went until I've gone after after 1 o'clock. I did -- sabres who gets your calls are just a moment here is attacks it says there's a car facing west downs. Possibly traveling westbound in the eastbound lane on I twelve near the Robert exit use extreme caution. This was three minutes ago his Tex came and I hope that news news is that situations taking care of but he -- that in that that it is in the event that it isn't eastbound. I twelve in the Robert exit. There was a car facing Wes Brown possibly traveling wears down. That's really scary. Night here is a comment from the police officer bill in the North Shore who talked to assist few minutes ago in the year. As somebody said that you have a right to ask the police officer YE you or your friend being arrested. And detects reads it's not about asking the cop it's not. On accepting the answer it's interfering with the cops job it's -- 99% of the time. You can certainly ask -- somebody's being arrested but if you're if you're drunk and you become assertive and asking. Why this person is being arrested if you start to talking about your constitutional rights and you interfere with the arrest. That's when you're gonna find yourself in trouble here's a quick update on our W -- pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Have you gotten more or less excited about -- draw only 5% of got more excited and 95%. Have gotten less excited about Monaco. Can -- opinion by going to our web site WW -- account also on our website tonight the -- blog is titled Catholic league says marriage not about -- Amazing. If they're gonna say that and how could -- be against same sex marriage if it's not even about. Not even about love witnessed defied. The whole thing of on demand line with a man that many people a quote from the Bible anyway an interesting comment from. Bill Donohue the president of the Catholic league and suddenly and I -- -- -- W dot com you can read and share. But also it's a turning our FaceBook page WB radio and we'll get to abort your comments about that in just few minutes. I'm Max you're under the WL. -- Area I'm good. In your question is are you more electric about audit you and your perspective. Someone who lives on aids and all. I actually live on saint Charl are a lot of people. But I think that this city is on time. It into a terrible but the -- your 29 parade travel and and many days it's I operate in one day. The people the residents who live along the federal law and -- abreast on. Street. Paint company on. It did get bit. Were trapped in our -- are -- -- the brokers or on Thursday and I can't leave again until Wednesday because I can't get our. Because politically -- -- block. There's no -- to get out and across the old -- And I got to -- to it you know and out now that people think a bridge to the West Bank. Turn erratic comeback in the east bank it would. And is this something that is changed or is it always in this one. It's gotten worse this year because this year they've moved even more courage lest -- -- at about 22 parade it -- now not. Why not move some of the race off the bat mobile want to get out. And I know that deplete it because he's got up on -- well yes they set up on each but I also set a weapon and so released some of the pressure on saint Charles a lot of the residents of that debt at some. Quality of light during Mardi Gras because right that we are not. Well there's nothing new about that area being just still with -- gras parade saw on morning -- today and that's something that I guess you knew when you when you move their article date has always. As always been. Part of the saint Charles and many others -- many industries I wish there are you saying Macs and and I I can sympathize with west you have to deal with. A lot of people do have to to deal with those things because it's just the nature of of this beast that we have that does bring in a lot of money for the city. And I got here I go all -- -- those. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon and -- -- in our virtually can't call great prospect Arab. I operate districts Saturday. You know -- from 11 o'clock in the morning. Until 10 o'clock -- gently and and liked by not driving and now changing -- -- and our business. And I'm going to be based would be only that I can take to get all -- the coolest. And don't get out -- -- pitch up and I get off the top to distribute track BG. So it's now a cabinet spot the great just don't know but it might get out of the -- on parity. So what would you what the city to do. I would want in -- will put the -- abroad in the Indian. And at least give odds. Give us some all currently and that the people that on get out a great about the parade. So mobile local ordered the police a couple of their Grand Canyon. By that weekend at all -- orders stretched. When the police set up wearing idiots but separate problem. Well maybe that's something that you should do should bring up before the City Council. I have brought it up -- a number city leaders. Tourism. Torres and at the big business and the city of course but he should not be at the expense of the business. That are permanent business and it's. You know and and instead make it ought you and indeed entered -- -- we'd lose virtually. Non productive. There backside I can appreciate how you feel I appreciate you calling his showing got to get to break here that's not gonna change though and ceremony groin is such a big money generator in such a big deals at. Businesses. Not making as much money as they make it during morning on meet again this is part of the culture of New Orleans and I just LC. That changing. All right this -- we're coming right back with more of your comments on a bit of you'll Mardi Gras parades continue to roll they're not over yet test for our caller who is -- -- FDA has to get over the child until exit here's a -- -- traffic -- to exit. Is some minimal. Here's a -- nine days out of the whole year big deal. The I would think if if you -- -- saint Charles avenue one option might be too I just take a take a long trip for a week. Mona Grayson inconvenience. It's an inconvenience to residents and to businesses. But it's part of the New Orleans culture. And I guess everybody has an option where they've set a business and and and where they live but I can certainly understand the caller. Being inconvenienced and and maybe some of the -- should be. A switch over to the in giving -- room. A few and enjoyed -- with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. Texas a 78 Saturday for new -- Janice your -- WL. Yes and -- -- Yeah I mean you know everybody can't take tips from people you know they get to go to work and things like that. And it took everybody -- I personally and I -- -- as a child I enjoyed it. Then. Bobbled with the parent -- -- -- -- went with my attention and I went and myself it's. Everything in me personally I mean everybody's different but I think it enough that that. You know that the balance and the -- And that -- I don't think that's OK I mean that's acceptable Leo so some people can't get enough of it and they obviously sure all their lives and it's part of their tradition and they've they've -- they live every year forward for writing or for going to the tradition. I had number of years ago whenever. He was one of the trades person that he can't think of life. And it you maybe they intensity. -- -- and -- that. But immediately expressed. It's different thing about being liked McCain because -- -- -- might be a trap heat in the baggage at a camp and is it took. Me have been different and then it can't stacked. Spend big in country music I. Am so you know from beauty yeah why they keep saying she haven't seen him. It can get team is different than commitment -- that can now. Some people continue to go and find different things to notice or -- differently I understand what you're -- And -- and medium to crowd. The crowd got like. I've got my husband I don't know that you my TV and it's not -- particularly. A guard tennis and political -- the listing and having bought a -- even if you're gonna just enjoyed it home. If you're -- stay with -- -- to all of your calls here are coming up right after the news if you enjoyed this with your comment tonight among other things were talking about Mardi Gras parade pet peas. Now what is it that you really. Don't light about the crowd -- Europe float rider or you're in the crowd. What is it that bothers you about other people in the crowd also morning draw Medicaid and what do you miss about Mardi Gras parades or Mardi Gras day. Also we've had a discussion about -- -- really no place to 2 PM -- ago but today it. A police officer called -- instead of one of his pet -- is you have to arrest people for urinating in public which is something that -- not supposed to do all right so if your it'll stay with us. This is the -- show and we'll be right back.