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Scoot Show 2-27 10pm, Mardi Gras pet peeves

Feb 28, 2014|

Mardi Gras parades are rolling tonight leading up to the big weekend before Fat Tuesday…are you going to the parades? Have you gotten more or less excited about Mardi Gras? Has Mardi Gras changed or have you changed?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What are the other side of our our building and I looked down magazine streets and it looks like magazine street is starting to back up I still see the parade coming to an end here on -- to list. But a lot of you are back in your cars after. Reviewing the parade tonight. And if you're just joining our show tonight we welcome you to dispute show. And reminds you that you should always locked in WW LE 70 AM at 1053 FM when you're heading to the parades because we've got parade. A traffic updates in progress reports. I'm constantly before and during the parade so ledger with a -- hope -- had a good talk it's a little chilly it's gonna warm up tomorrow. A tomorrow is gonna be crazy it just remembered it. There's going to be a lot of traffic downtown as there was today and this is what it really starts to to heat up tomorrow the official beginning of the big weekend before morning draw. It will be a little warmer tomorrow Saturday and Sunday there's another cool front coming through here possibility of rain on Monday. And then Mardi Gras day looks like partly cloudy with a very slight chance of rain and the hi -- -- day about 55. So it's cooler than a lot of people like it and when you saw on the calendar that Laurie -- was going to be in March this year. It might have thought it was going to be like spring break type temperatures but. That may not happen differently no we can't control the weather nothing stuff says we're still gonna party and have a good time and I I don't think you'll see any less flash if that's the recent that you go to -- on the French Quarter. I just because the temperatures going to be a little cooler but you might be tempering. -- -- due to keep you a little bit warm and indicates as well on Mardi Gras day. If you gonna join us with a comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Which Stephanie in -- text -- is 87870. I hear is attacks please -- please remind your younger drunk listeners. Don't ever walked in between the marching bands in the parade happened a lot -- news is tonight so disrespectful. -- were also talking about your your Mardi Gras parade pet peeves what is it that people do that bothers you during the parades I don't know maybe some of these people are doing this stuff and they don't really realize that they're doing things that are disrespectful or aggravating to two other people and maybe by talking about it. They would be less likely due. Course -- they're drinking admitted drinking that just. -- just I guess exaggerates and everything that you that you might do we were talking about money draw etiquette and what is it that you miss about moaning. Earlier tonight I was talking about drivers kids. Going down talent -- parents and they knew somebody who had a an apartment on royal street. And we should go to the balcony and royal street and watch the parades go through the French Quarter. He's kind of hard to believe that these these parades. Actually went through the French Quarter. And then -- on 98 I believe it was the -- the crew of Comas the congress parade. Would be the last -- don't have a parade on morning -- night downtown any longer but Comas was the last parade. -- -- parade. In. And in the city -- -- -- nights and it went through the French Quarter and and you think about those close quarter I don't I wonder how those parades and how the people even. Negotiated those those parades. In the French Quarter and it's such such tight to tight quarters but they they did it but I guess they figured out it just wasn't the safest thing to do. I hear is attacks that -- needs. I just stood got at the uptown parades and parents need to keep. There. There kids on keep their wretched kids on a leash. Are you almost tripped over two kids tried to grant beads. From my feet. SE I don't liked at least thing. I don't like kids on a leash. I occasionally see it and it did it bothers me because it seems like it. It seems like it. It takes. Respect away from the spoken word and it it also like I guess it's it's. It's easy for parents to be kind of kind of lazy you know you don't have to worry about. Keeping track of your you have your kids. You you just give them a little Tug. And you don't have to pay as much attention to -- so I guess it's less it's less distracting if you're a parent if you had your kid on a leash it's less distracting. I don't like seeing that -- of -- well they're they're they're quick to a dart off in -- and while it's always been that way. I mean this is not the first time we've had kids in the world. -- -- -- -- -- And and there was a time when nobody thought about putting their kid on a leash. And if you wanna be called politically correct aborted due to feel a little better about putting your kid on a leash than you refer deletion as a child restraint device. But it's a leash. And he should teach your kids to stay close to you and they shouldn't be. Taught to be close to you because of the Tug of of a leash and you know just simply a pay attention to -- and you know keep them out of the street because unfortunately every once for a while. There isn't a real tragedy. When it comes to our kids just kept getting out there in industry during operate. I have seen a lot of good things at parades. I've seen people try to -- beats away from kids but I have also seen people who simultaneously. Catch beads with somebody else and release them to the person next to them. I've seen people catch stuffed animals or big packs of -- and and and hand them to a kid nearby. And I would hope the fun of it is is catching the speed. Not collecting the deed or whatever stolen off a floated it shouldn't be about gathering well tonight. I think I have a -- and the oppression that. Various there's this there's this temptation -- to wanna be the richest one operate. Which would be the one that has the most the most beats the most of -- the most whatever. It's a way of of gathering wealth among your peers issue. Watch this this parade. But it really shouldn't be about gathering the wealth. The things that are thrown off of the floats it really should be just about. Enjoying it and I hope that you would be one of those in the crowd that we do all you can for the kids around from New Orleans Larry -- on the -- -- never WL. Beer you're doing good -- -- got to cut. Maybe. You want me talk. About. What they did it we wondered about the dark right about the parades don't throw yeah. Not my -- did you hear a lot of people know what more at all before before piece of property. They know -- debris on the day of the big it is the it's got -- that would get in the big picture right. They need to complete -- we. Epic four they've made it borrowed -- but what -- what -- is the real work at six they expanded their the world. While this this call live at saint Charles avenue and he was talking about and you know and nine parades or nine days separating and they were fired raids today in one day and it was an inconvenience -- -- draws an inconvenience to most people -- -- Well the whole lot of things would've been nice if they had my experience would it would make it given all that. But the but you can do is just not be probably you'd think. So why -- I -- have to I have to agree -- -- is an inconvenience and it's an inconvenience for me I I have my car is in the garage near the radio station and I'm like god I can't get it out the parades and point jump to the streets of this is a time of year when I have to deal with the inconvenience and if if people work downtown. You do tend to either leave early derogatory. It -- also awaited -- big planes -- only a short. The nickname with Bobo is good outfield streak and efforts you know. I don't have them -- for what's the solution for urinating in public. If you feel like you're going to -- -- the -- you need to goal what you won't be used to bear -- Gave pilgrim samples will liberals if it took part pit -- Wear diapers. Duplicate that it went -- to confront it directly -- -- got a big problem that predicament for the -- -- won't be down. I wouldn't have any experience with the idea of what it's. Take -- to. Us as in a and lately we think we come into this world with people changing diapers of legal lot the same length. And. You Q wiped out they argue -- read all of your door of all -- -- if you vote. -- that they all be together and no secret it's been a bit. It it is in it's it's disgusting and I mean I've since I live downtown and I'd see it all the time not just during morning rob but I see it on a regular basis and if you if it was biologically. Necessary to pee in public then. As many women would do it is men and more men do it than women. That they had to go about what you told them thank you -- won't go in the ample. -- -- sort of grow into it kept the vehicle rigged with. Gloria. And nobody does like to go in the to Portland but you know what at least this time of year it's not hot -- let's during -- during Jazz Fest -- stifling hot not a whole different story. I worry. I'm going to call socialistic passcode like tonight -- appeals have been talking about. It's titled Catholic league says marriage. Is not about bluff. During an interview with CNN the following to veto of the the deal to be talked about last night of religious freedom bill. In Arizona Catholic league president Bill Donohue said marriage is about family. It's not about love. Marriage has always been based historically on duty and commitment. I would think that -- place a big part in that is well you can read that you share with others it's and our website at WW -- dot -- it's also part of our FaceBook conversation. Which is on our FaceBook page at WWL. Radio I'm -- when your on the -- show good evening. Later but what is it they can you are. -- Is called a beacon. Is. Anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- happy for me is. How. That you have now. It hit the camera -- out at a separate out. Over the years. Because -- registering people they're more -- On every night that there -- -- now it be great. At 1 o'clock and so it may. Get her lap thirty. There there there was a time when did you receive like if there's one parade tonight during the week. -- would more or may not want. It got or at a couple of it is that but the second thing to say is. There -- way. That is a little more. Challenging but but it easier in the long run common man on the west. Top. Eight they are all -- it was that the -- Crop it -- to come back I'll it acts and amendments and tool anymore. That note -- get up at capitol -- which there is no light at the bottom of that -- you get your dedicate that money are coming up. Stick you don't have emerged without traffic. -- straight shot that way and vice. How much easier it hit an ally. And yeah. You get that scenic trip across the river. That strike. And that let him -- on the way you know. It's -- art turner Ambac may be an extra man. And it is it's so nice when the the the view of the west spying really comes into focus for you. I'll make it work it in -- it ever got it -- -- the airport but that order. And got experience. -- Really you've tried it. A lot of what -- Sounds like you know what you're talking about. It at that. I'd say about. It not why any. -- I -- I'm glad you called and their very happy -- draw enjoy your bacon Nader. I hear -- attacks to screw what is -- draw have to be an inconvenience in my city. The City Council lost track of it being. Citizens first. And -- second. Well especially during the week I would think that along. The downtown parade routes. There would be more locals. Then tourist I do understand this idea and and we we talk about this on the show quite often -- -- The city does have a tendency to do more to take care of tourists. And residents. And I think that's wrong. But morning groin has been a longstanding. Inconvenience. -- has always been that way and it always will be that way. And I really don't know what we can do about it I do understand the they didn't this saturation of -- drop -- and here you have Simonyi operates in in Metairie that are canceling and you've got to parades in some parts of the city either canceling. And you've got more downtown. -- uses as one of the Newark a type rates having -- the all female and expiration which ship for the last night I believe that's one of the new corporation as well. And then you've got back to back parades to me I think you're three together with three tonight and I I love it when the crew of chaos is or was it because. If you get -- there's chaos on the streets of downtown New Orleans which again I can say that. Any nights among the year here. It every WL. I hear is a text. About kids on a leash kids on a leash is just ridiculous -- kids are not pets. They are people I always wanna go take the leash from the child and connected to the parent and walk around with them. Sure they would like to well if you put a leash on an adult there's a whole different name for that that's a whole different deal and -- get -- that on the show. Veterinary clinics and hospitals in Colorado are reporting an increase in the number of pets being treated for marijuana poisoning. Because the pats are getting into there. Owners pot laced snacks. That are now available it. Stores since the state is approved the legal use of marijuana for recreational use. So thinking well can you gotta you -- dog that gets into your -- What are the symptoms the dogs on pot misty lies around all day. It's -- that would dogs do and then there's a case of of an iguana. And another case of a turtle. They got into their owners programs pot -- And had -- back into the that's. How do you know a total a turtle is stoned. How to you know the but it is the iguana is still what does he does securities' hot rock. Dude. Chilling. When his book that's what they do a meet again how would. What would what would the what would the iguana doable with the turtle do. That would you make that would make them think that they're they're stoned. Amid the turtle would you know the you know -- some people get very paranoid. When they -- parts of the turtle would be ducking into a shell. A little more offered. Do you have a Mardi Gras parade pet peeve and it's -- ending that. Happens about money drug that you actually. Missed. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And a text number is 877 here's a -- reads exposure self. And infant child you'll get sex -- if if you urinate that's something that can go along with urinating in public. A sex offense. And you know of year charged with the sex offense coach you have to register as a sex offender. I mean you wouldn't want that to happen to he would do the rest of your life because you urinated in public. And again look I understand you know you gotta go you gotta go but. You kind of work on these contingency plans in there are there are report let's that are available everywhere I know a lot of businesses have signs opted. Bathrooms are only for customers and no public bathrooms and I understand it's a problem why I'm a veteran of Mardi Gras. However. Try not to urinate in public. This is this -- show. And we'll be right back -- more WL could trading Jimmy Graham be the best move for the saints Kristian -- says yes he's latest blog is on our web site. It -- and he will not come also there's an interesting debate between Bobby and -- going on about that. That's on our FaceBook page at WWL radio also tomorrow -- -- -- An open mind with Angela but the legendary -- feel from one to four in the afternoon at 2 o'clock it's let's have fun Friday. On the biggest morning grow weekend she'll have a preview of the parades and the big morning Droid fans that are going on including baucus bash. I've been top cats in flow try it and category six are among the Banzer. I've baucus Spanish is a blast it's outside of generations hall downtown. And this is a free event it's open to everybody and the weather is expected to be great Saturday and Sunday that's for and -- and baucus it should be a great weekend for -- A -- two or fewer text here just a moment for Mississippi had Euro and the -- show good evening. They get ready then I'll -- them. I have pictures showing me but I can 1940s. -- What you could call it dog aren't necessarily sure. Because it has basically been active that was -- he'd be good for anybody figured out a name for. And that we -- that are real busy street. -- parade. With a -- let's say the BP years. He is -- Sleep medicine. You do hurdle he -- forget where he has qualities do whoever. So a lot of the people who have regular kids should think did not give them at being with the people injured and need some kind of blah. But that trouble me and I need to get them for twelve miles an hour to get to -- You know and impact -- maybe looking another site of that I just think. I would I would I would think that there are some people who use those -- just because. It's convenient for them it's not because their child is CDT. And I'd I understand it to go a long time ago nobody knew when he DD was serving night I suffered with a very severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder growing up and nobody knew what there was my parents took me to a psychiatrist twice in the psychiatrists and I've we we don't know what's wrong with him. Well that made me think I was even crazier because it is psychiatrist did know was wrong with me but I knew something was wrong with me. It is -- who said the withdrawal with me but they -- know about the sings along time ago. You don't appreciate Sig apparently used -- a dog harness on you. EL club because so. I would say just I was young and I could -- and I would go to. -- look I go to pictures of me was that rule and it's. It's not. A leash goes around the -- aren't going. Into artists yeah. I referred what is a leash it's technically your child restraint device in it really is more of -- harness it's not only sure around the neck. You know annually. There's there's a whole world and stuff there that needs to be brought out. How we had been cold. When I was secure victory gave me the allergy tests. Sure those allergic to everything that -- So my mother was taking all the bread that was the only thing I need to particularly significant drink water. Tell what the director says forget it give the kids Benadryl and treaty. Which is a quote remember because. And -- undertaken Benadryl or went to school. Now back in -- prescription medicine. And maybe it's different watching vital to count and it definitely is not the thing treaty -- or whatever. OK anyway I just need. I know I appreciate you bring in an update this sounds like you went through a tough time I hope things -- better for you know they certainly are from being. Don't care you know ogle her probably the parent out there trying to. Actually that the kids go to operate without getting under the wheels and -- that kind of kid. Some kind of restraint. I mean you can't great European and we shoulder. What I think good about where you put -- -- on your shoulders until he. You know I I guess they're gonna be some extreme cases where that would be necessary but I I'd still in general have a problem with. You don't know lesion. I appreciate you calling -- show. All right great. Wealth nationalistic here's a -- series if you need your child on a leash to be controlled -- you should not be in places. Where their where kids can run and play without -- we should be places where kids can run and play without a leash. A sorry but it sort of cruel here's a -- -- do we go downtown every year. I'm saying -- hotel from Friday to Tuesday. I have witnessed the police officers totally abusing their power don't get me wrong there are rules that people have to fall. -- -- being so aggressive in abusive is uncalled for. And most of the ones I have seen our young college kids from other states that have no idea it's such a crime to cross the barricades on saint Charles. It's just ridiculous between parades they should allow people to cross the street it's a total abuse of power in my opinion. There are obviously some police officers who do abuse their power that's always been the case and in a very public setting like -- -- -- that's going to be something that will be. And noticed. By at the people it's a shame -- -- police officers do that by two there are police officers who are overworked they still have to maintain. Their composure and not act act out of frustration. Police officers have to act. In accordance with the law and how they're supposed to act and not. Act out of frustration because I don't know a lot of frustrating situations but police officers are are trying to deal with those situations. On. I do agree that -- says there's a general problem with letting people cross the street. And I have seen a lot of people. Who have been very frustrated because they can't cross a street there should be better coordination. With crossing the street during operate. And I know that they do have these checkpoints. But they're few and far between they're not that clearly marked everybody doesn't know where they are. And quite often it's not really coordinated. By law enforcement to the point where you get across the street. And it's really frustrating. Now I have the benefit of credentials. That would allow me to get across the street. But I see people in the area where I was crossing. And they look like they were dressed to go to -- service industry jobs the waiter waitress bartender -- whatever. And they were late for work and they could not get across the street. And I felt so badly for those people because they were neighbor across so. I don't know what the answer is but the year there is an answer and their needs to be. A better coordination with crossing the street. If you were to praise tonight I'll be kept warm and hope you enjoy yourself and operating continues tomorrow lock on WWL 870 AM to -- 53 FM for your parade progress reports. Heading to the parade. And -- we've got to during the parade is well and you can always extremists on line at WWL dot com from Aaron hand Jerome going to be if you will. I don't group good. First our call a long term list are now I'm I'm a truck driver now this was the final. On the war we are delivering -- order that would. Now is your goal -- dropped back or marry into the Orange Bowl. Out at -- -- -- -- check point on not caught expressway. Just do it. Are the heart expressway it is a color slowing you down on the expressway. Common problem lawless Aaron. On the all tired of -- -- Well. Trailer. They got bull live call did not want to weigh in order all the way to get in and out of the city -- used to understand that -- -- So he's the network. Is the DW I checkpoint is that when you get off the -- expressways according. -- aren't we. Were on now so when you're right at him. Our beat out. I actually you know Malek -- -- Data and -- all it is. Our it's our. Is your role that would not raised in history but she'll order. Credit where -- ball on odd albeit. In the Buick police state delight. Column that's actually. A deliberate about what we award whom you know is. A lot of. I don't know if they sit around and -- -- to mess up your your your world and -- pilot hey let's -- we can -- done to mess up those does delivery drivers tonight available DW -- checkpoint right here or oh I don't know we know when you're affected by something on a regular -- it seems like you know they're after me they're they're they're -- to do this to me. I don't I understand that but he is a good spot I guess to catch people who are more. Don't realize that are in -- you know like. Not to express what a good -- How much -- the order extra. Traffic so jacked up earlier but it is bureau. Mr. opting out. I'm glad you express your opinion and you know maybe there will be some thought put into that and maybe is a better way to to do not ours and they are so I can't pass judgment on that but you know you may bring -- a very valid point about put it put it somewhere else. All right Jerome and I'm glad you called in thanks ballistic here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight have you gotten more or less excited about Monica. It's been very very lopsided with only a few people saying they get more excited about Monica. I give us your opinion by going to our web site -- fueled comedy -- on -- coming -- here. In just a few minutes if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And it takes a -- 770. Here's a Texan reads if it's true. About the police. Being very hard on college kids my son was once -- it is true that the police are very hard on college kids. My son was once one of those kids. He was punched in the face by a policeman during a parade. He was. Very hurt for crossing barricades. To get to his friends. Well again their needs to be more coordination. Crossing the street. Those parades toward free very very long time and I have found myself very frustrated in situations because it is difficult. -- to get across the streets -- usually. I can do because I'm on my way either to or from work but there have been times when I haven't had credentials -- on me and I never take that to take advantage of that. But he has been very frustrating to to try to get across the street and since there are parades that go back to back Darren did the city needs to be more sensitive to. -- people I needed to get across the street. And if I just can't see why that would be such a tremendous problem. Here is a texted -- -- answered the polls saying I am less excited about Mardi -- of the this year is an exception. Because my anniversary falls on Mardi Gras day it's also a week closer to march 11. Which is. 311 day you should check out 311 day. Pre party scoots. March 10. And -- zoo and swamp good people good vibes hope to see you there bro. Don you're on WWL. -- -- Eight it would -- I'm good. Now that you're -- gut talking about you know drug delivery in their dignity it's set -- the need to act checkpoint they added nobody. On on people -- a -- down. And it's now about money he got sick it's India trying to rank in Nicole. So you think it's more about money that it is about safe. -- is it's about money you don't look out they'd be most people response. And indigo and it he would you know I mean but it does not bought it out. -- we can't what is you know. Well it is nobody should drink and drive and it is true that during -- draw a lot of people go overboard with the drinking and they do get behind the wheel of a card that's not good for anybody. I think now that yeah a little while ago that they weren't being act but yet. But -- -- -- -- I don't know out. He had wanted to break tonight. Well luckily had a great on the Atlanta and had no problem Danny people don't like that where -- -- -- not read and it look at that -- done about. There and we had a caller earlier who lives on saint Charles avenue and he was complaining about this so many parades and so many parades on the news that the typical uptown route -- and had another caller. A call it and she lives uptown and she said -- -- -- -- razor back to back on the same night in your beer -- held hostage for it. You know it for those of you who lives in those areas and -- downtown so to some degree. I mean convenience I accepted it's it's not always convenient to get around downtown during parades if that's the area where you -- I mean I'm not going downtown. To have fun I'm going downtown because that's where I I live and -- and go to grocery store and and things like that. So it is an inconvenience but that's that's part of living in New Orleans and it's a it's a part of living in New Orleans that a lot of people around the country would certainly. Deal with the inconvenience to live here especially at a time like this. Yeah -- -- debated those people that went -- John glad to call placed a listing in a drive carefully heading home here's a text parking tickets in neighborhoods where do we park. When they gift tickets during this time it feels like they're just trying to make money. It is a shame. That. Cities. And states. Depend on people breaking the law. In order to generate revenue. Cities. Depend what if what if everybody. Parked legally. What -- everybody for a month. Put the exact amount of money in the meter. Never let the meter expire. Always had the ticket on the dashboard that -- -- which updated. -- you legally parking there. What does everybody parked illegally -- -- -- that would do it or city's budget mean I don't know with the sect members would be but it would affect your city's budget. And isn't it interesting that a city. And -- state. Need the money these generators for people breaking the law but it -- there's just something philosophically. The wrong with that. They need. People to break the law in order to help generate revenue. What is everybody Obey the law. When our city be even broker than it is now. So what's the incentive for people to really. Not break the law again I I I find that I just find it interesting that if we kind of sad. That the cities and in states. Depend on people to break the law and order to generate revenue from New Orleans Abdul you're under the WL. Our equipment to set period you know. That is enormous -- back. And let's separate moments of the rest of awards -- You don't knock it into it would do here by the traditional bulb that so. You know there's a -- with regard to supplement that you. -- and it and it's not always easy to deal with but it's something it doesn't it doesn't just pop up I mean we know when it's coming. Exactly they got into a big -- you know opera already look you know check -- out of bed and black you're basically what you got -- Yeah and if you know if you know what is coming in you're gonna be. Stuck at home just go to the store before and -- on our show. They'll collapse looked great all book to. There are -- Thanks for listening and -- ledger was renewed drive and camera New Orleans. And if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a -- Amber's age 77. If you wanna join me on their Twitter it's act scoot Debbie WL and I'll tried to some pictures during a ceremony for a season and to -- those down I was -- interesting things to take pictures. Here's a Texan -- California Highway Patrol is 100% funded by traffic violations. Yeah imagine that. The city the state they need you to break the law in order to generate revenue. That stuff right. This is the -- show and we'll be right back into the -- by tomorrow night we're gonna head into Mardi Gras weekend. Right after LSU baseball also will probably of the on the air with a scope show about two at 930 years so depending on when the game ends and you know baseball you know it's gonna and it will be on right after. Alicia baseball here at WB early and then I believe at 930 years says that tip -- time the Republicans are in Phoenix against the -- so that will be on. When a 53 FM -- will be -- Monday night. Here is attacks that reads a great show as usual -- have a great weekend sir and more importantly having happy Mardi -- thank you very much for that I indeed plan on that. Here is attacks may be a perk for living on a parade route. I should be that you get an excuse week off of work Wednesday to Wednesday then you can stay home. For a week and party -- everyone else and be happy that you're taking part in an unbelievable tradition nothing like -- baby. Well a lot of people can't do that because they've they've they've they have to work and not everybody and take that week off. Here's a text that -- scoot you're letting that you're letting folks bad mouth people who just want to suggest new ways to enjoy Mardi -- around their homes. They know they have been around them. And it's only know what they have around them and they accepted but what's wrong with my neighborhood my rules. I have suggested that -- bring up ways to make it better. But I don't know what's gonna change. And if you live on on saint Charles avenue. If you lived on canal street if you live on the -- in route. No it's not your neighborhood your rules because at that point it's it's everybody's neighborhood. Now you don't have to live there and if it's so inconvenient than you do have a choice of of of leaving. This idea of my neighborhood my rule -- you also have to consider. The impact of this city and I I remember having this discussion over talking about the new -- stadium. It was being built into football is that they were people -- town that didn't want. Because -- -- their neighborhood to change. And their -- people of talent a lot of influence. However that stadium would do so much to benefit the community and the university. That I think that's a case where. Just because you don't want it. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be there. YouTube -- neighborhood to change which again I I understand that. But when it comes to the good of of many sometimes things are gonna change and if you live on saint Charles there's there's no. There's no surprise about Mardi Gras parades being a saint Charles avenue a for Picayune Wayne you're on this -- show. -- -- -- -- Yeah last year when I do that he will pay a drop -- if you go to jail to borrow. In the city you know active outdoor Wednesday. At the fact Jack. Really. You can chip volume will clean up the city or -- that were posted -- night and went that. You not get out. It because because of the money -- schedule. Exactly yeah you get arrested spot tomorrow you will not get out who went they may be there. Candidate did not let me I mean it's not -- -- -- uploaded an avalanche but I have people had apparently the president. On -- and there's about it. Wanted -- -- -- boy is that it. Morrow well La -- that's you know it's it's always good advice -- not get arrested but if you're gonna get arrested this is not the time to get arrested. Absolutely not what do you not to post bail and went deep or. Now we're learning thanks a lot and that's if anybody was checked it if it was was tempted to go -- -- get arrested him or you might wanna reconsider that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Parking tickets and yeah it gear and Marty -- I mean were -- expect people apart. When you try this thing solved the pull. Out the parade began its problem. But I mean he -- -- and blocks away. You can impart into. Well you know you can't be too close to the -- I I I really do think it's a shame that. It seems as if the city. Takes advantage of the opportunity did you. And you're trying to ball -- the. I mean if you're gonna pay you gonna pay for parking via a ticket that you might as well pay for park and at another place I'd even be cheaper. Yeah but I -- an honest man and you're gonna pay. That forty dollars regardless. Of whether. You know I mean. While there are legal places to Parti distinctive to find -- -- he can't take advantage of it and and and I'll support the city when it comes to this you know he's he you know what's legal and what is in for the most part sometimes there -- some surprises. But for the most part people know what's legal what is in India and he you have to find a legal place to park and and if you don't the city does have a right to give you a ticket. We understand. And Asia now. Jerry alleged cult show man have a happy morning guard specialist into WW Illinois. Here's a -- -- potential hall parish did. The latest publicized no refusal checkpoint. On the night of the Hammond -- gras parade. Was that more about safety or was it. Was it more about. Generating revenue. They'll always be that question and the argument will be hey look we may be generating money. Over getting drunks off the street. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back on Demi WL 13 of all bullet meals that's the generation debts of between eighteen and 34 -- say that they have left their church or their religion. Over the churches or religions condemnation of same sex marriage. And out and maybe to some degree that's kind of a natural aides to a push religion and push the church society changes to 34. But did you ever leave your church or burger or religion over something like that it is true that younger Americans relate those I think really there. The demographics -- like a 45 and and and under. I haven't totally different opinion of those same sex and marriage then. Other Americans and it's going to be interesting to see how all this plays value we've been talking about this because this has been a big story for a long time and recently the news with. The legislation Arizona that was vetoed yesterday by a Republican Arizona governor Jan Brewer. The the idea that you could usually just freedom to discriminate against homosexuals. Wizard you completely denounced. By many people in America and many Republicans as well. And it's it's interesting to note that this this time of year's win state legislatures. I've get together and start talking about some of the laws that they want to propose and most of the laws are. Are just ridiculous and then it's and in many of them are fun to talk about so it was a talk show host this is a good time a year because the legislature will start appear Louisiana soon we'll have those. Those said the proposed laws to talk about. And then you have around the country have legislatures. Coming up with -- their -- You know quite often these laws are not gonna stand up. In court because of the constitution. And I think go lawmakers should. Instead of just trying to to pass laws to make their constituents think that they've done something I think they should really. Consider whether or not the laws that they're trying to pass. Defy the constitution. And a classic example is. But the sodomy law. That's not gonna hold up in court. And and I've I've heard the tears as some talk of of bringing back the sodomy law putting sodomy law back on the books in the state of Louisiana. I mean Supreme Court ruled on that 2003 Lawrence vs the state of Texas. Sodomy is protected by the constitution. You don't have to participate. As that's a big picture forced to do but if somebody wants to do that in the privacy of their own home they can't. And you shouldn't be able to stop -- again this is so any law like that would be that would be. Just totally. A waste of time and yet there -- those older and I think that really interesting thing about this this the case of sodomy. -- -- up to the Supreme Court. It got to the Supreme Court because. A neighbor. Did not like his gay neighbors. And when he knew they were they -- together at the house. He looked in the window. He saw them. Having intimate relations. He called the police on a false weapons charge. To get the police to show while the police showed up. Caught them in the act. And they were arrested. In Texas had a sodomy law on the books. So that went all the way to the Supreme Court and Supreme Court said that. A ban on sodomy is unconstitutional. But 828 it's not something that happened in public a guy looked in their window in the privacy of their home. And then called police on a false weapons charge to get the cops out there in the first place that's my understanding of what happened. And. That is a total. Invasion of privacy. Here's a final update on our debate of you a pretty general opinion poll I knew what I knew as soon as the parade was over people were losing leaving the parade did that this poll would change now the last time we checked it. The the poll is are you getting more or less excited about -- Less electric 5% said more excited 95% say less excited. Well now the more people -- home for the parade 14% say they're more excited 86% say they're less excited. One thing John -- studio producer -- thank you for participating in our conversation. On our FaceBook page about the astute blog about. The president of the Catholic league Bill Donohue saying that love. Is not to part of marriage and ridiculous. All right thanks for participating thanks for the calls thanks for the text thanks for listening we're back tomorrow night love -- New Orleans.