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WWL>Topics>>2-28 6:45am Tommy, driving slow in the left lane

2-28 6:45am Tommy, driving slow in the left lane

Feb 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Melissa Matey, PIO for Louisiana State Troop B, about people driving slow in the left lane

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mexican citizens god -- Karen and -- are they seem like good folks and they really -- Melissa and eighty another good folk. Joins us right now public information officer for the Louisiana state police good morning Melissa. -- -- very very well thank you understand it when it comes to your family there might be a little camping out in the only needs as well. Mentally that you need you can't it's -- youth and we can't not for Perino. Actually sorry -- you know what you're referring to people yet. Yeah right my father was one that I really like to keep after getting -- however he's not doing this year all out on do you rate. Are you work. I am working and I are working on weekends through our entry cheap -- -- light -- my favorite time of the year. But but you don't want to Denver and everybody kind of goes -- to go back to normal and I'm a little bit I'm happier. Woods is strongest person you've ever seen it yet to -- were they do on. Actually mean Italian Mardi Gras brings actually strange things and of course alcohol does affect people's judgment. And down. I asked a lot of a lot of interesting. Funny question -- And that most times people behave themselves and you know we don't have to take an extra step. -- -- is collection you've ever financed. Our. -- -- don't want that art ye think I'm onto that and trying to catch you flat footed you came on to talk about this Georgia law. The trying to pass that would. It gives may get a sense ticket people if they came up on somebody but the person it's gotten a ticket is a personable move over to let him past. What is a lot Louisiana say about that. Here illegally you know we -- -- -- -- and direct or is that you should not the intellectual and moral content lecture -- thing. Unless -- congestion on the -- war much are preparing to make elect turn the turn. Orchid -- getting into that turn opt for whatever reason other than you shouldn't be in Iraq right. And that's really designed to keep track like looting as you see -- many times -- -- opted. -- somebody and lastly somebody in the right lane and nobody going anywhere because they're running back side. And and that what the law it specifically designed for however. We need is achieved weren't mature area into the battery. Where there a lot of congestion. Says you are. Actually in port that it quite get a call because as long that you got congestion and that locked up and coming up. I don't know yards of caught you flat footed enough today because I'm just in a mood to goof around and I don't mean to but. Com is in the I don't know if you can even express an opinion on this but from what you've seen in traffic and you're not dictating legal policy hear anything. But from what you've seen as a state troopers in with that makes sense to muted ticket the person that was old enough traffic in the last line. -- -- apparently acting bit there are there there aren't simply does for that patient. Am -- -- in January area I aperture the least hectic it is not written very often. But there are other troops in the sticky day -- Target that particular violations. And it because they want to keep -- living. Because they think to -- -- we need somebody in the last keenly at lower speed. It probably more dangerous and -- -- more congestion and caught crashes. And that apple again what. What a lot critically torque so that it would. She got a lot in the -- the area because that traffic congestion. But other troops. Do you specifically target our relations. And in some text here from people. And the tone of it is they have the right to drive -- need to get on my way what what's the that the threshold between you know take inning on a jail when -- speeding. You know -- that different for each parish arm and it all that different if somebody repeated that -- expectations. Other than. I didn't really rational we can we can right occasion. But against certain things that are dictate. What actually goes to jail or whether they can receive a citation. But a lot of people don't realize that even if your hat and somebody in the right -- he's still have an obligation to try to -- Left an -- nation has an art. Yeah it's great I know it's clearly an arsenal or are you need to eat and you tied and I just appreciate you time and thank you for all yelled due to keep everybody safe that Monica.

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