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2-28 Tommy, food trucks at parades?

Feb 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Rachel Billow, the owner of La Cocinita food truck, and Andrew Legrand, an attorney with the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition, about food trucks at parades

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Like talking about food like you -- doesn't think it's and variances in -- and make a point very entertaining as well -- to make a point about money grow food and I've never really realized that if you think about it we have pretty much other than if you buy a places. Sells food and sometimes I tried that on saint Charles went on anything -- in the place. They have these stands setup and got to believe those from out of town and the temperament and serving this terrible. If fried greasy stuff did the did sausage hot dogs are terrible and Tom mentioned that you know we get these great food trucks and town -- Gantlet those lineup along the parade route and -- and it would otherwise be slow time I don't know in LeBron joins us right now attorney for the New Orleans food truck collision. And Rachel -- owner of line casino any time and again. -- -- a food truck. Good morning to both you and happy money. -- according to me about this idea of foods that seem like. A man be a great idea. I mean I. We've patent a couple of years but. You know -- -- -- You know and it's not only for the music that have -- favorite. Our trader and the not to -- -- effort also that your you know through local food trucks. I lining up along. A complication is that there is. My lottery. And you know under 137. Applicant is here her army and 35. And you know intent to -- competent a lot of vendors -- out of towners you know that. That trailer that they aren't. You know I'm OK in the product. And done in units are far outnumbered. Aren't into it up and Richard Young a terrible connections I'm -- deceiving get a better. -- -- understand everywhere would use an Andrew let me let me move this year and hope we get a better connection. But why in the world with a great food trucks that we had here. Would you have a lottery process I would say may be among the food trucks if you don't have enough spots. Below -- even open -- out of towners. Well it goes there -- -- legal assurance ritual kind of mentioned just and and -- that the private of that that are able to achieve their vendors and go to their application process that -- -- that Warner. Marty and that is that permits blotter that the Rick mentioned. And the public. And you might remember I think ritual or myself for on leadership orange about a year ago and -- about food shops and restaurants and one of the big issues in the news food truck legislation should there be up Brazil between restaurants and child. And -- that no -- sure the it is not a place of government. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Favoring one business over another. Competition. Is complete sheer there's there's no rule that the government and not -- law mayors local trucks over come -- It laid. It seems like when it comes as state law they they did pass laws all the time are at least about -- had to buy from within the state -- -- and I trying to argue with him just surprise -- -- so the City Council couldn't get together. And pass an ordinance and say you don't we're gonna keep the business local and we're not gonna open it to outside bidders will -- will make a law that says if you. The if you wanna bid for -- parish. Food concessions at Mardi -- you have to be either Louisiana. President or the business has to be located in Louisiana or isn't a situation where the people -- Come in and set up these out a town. Horrible food stands are actually. Somehow local people get involved in this explain it to me -- Well that -- lots of talks on a whole process about rewriting -- vision and he giving -- annual permit holders. Preference over the -- permit holders who unit and trucks. Iraq with the idea being in the local food truck owners Yemeni into your your time. We let you referenced in the lottery. Over. -- trucks look on Mars in order where there might be. And the council wanted to do that. I think there were ideas there and I think -- -- lead over to challenge. Well I think that -- now and now we're looking at maybe an outside -- coming in. Bring a lawsuit claiming that you're favoring one -- local business. Over -- business. And so they were I get afraid and rightly so I think afraid to put anything in the airport. -- federal courts. Ruled on the answers out of state law. I mean that the constitutional shoot an equal protection issue. Figured out commerce clause that would. Commerce -- it's the -- -- that government can regulate -- -- -- receipt. You know and you can't say it's not say the issue. Iron not a well this year that at all impeached. You know even at its I don't be looking trucks are hot about this. -- girl at the same code inspection that's. So so the government that promote that one local business out of the out of state over the state that. I was illegal turn them and use here that sucks. Are -- I tiger will talked about the only comeback Andrew agree generally gone I pronounce and Andrew. What would grind attorney with the new loans food -- coalition and Rachel -- loans. What can they agree to. Those in need of food truck twelve hours Spanish in human known it's best I can do. But I just think this is terrible I don't. Man. Use -- -- we got a great food trucks in the city. And we got it because of however of them forming process goes of the lottery process goes. We're subject -- is terrible food with the stanza they setup and every county fair guess I know continued conversation with the -- 724. Time. That would go to Terrell Robinson. Tommy Tucker talking about food alone a parade route in and if you've ever gotten. You know and trying to be disrespectful you're just honest anything from one of these. His big stands with the big light stands Agassi column and you do -- -- dollars to nine tried it a couple of times is against uncle on route with nothing and it was terrible. So are targeting Andrew -- gone league Ron's attorney with the new loans food truck coalition and Rachel billow loans like -- seen that. Like casinos like -- like -- need to. Remember like arsonists like those in need to. The -- trying to get a text that says it is for details of process would limits multiple lottery entries at various combinations of truck operators working together. Seven ballot box so to speak but sometimes it happens with the out of town people dozen on Andrew. I think. -- more familiar with the process should been -- throughout two years now and well what happened initially with the processes. True trucks that put them in the pocket on Mexico tax and also. On an application and there are a Poodle so -- one application one on the truck. But I believe what happens -- you get a lot about it counters you'll. Paid multiple deposits and a -- multiple applications. So that will own one truck but one Tommy hello Rachel oh. Always do at that one truck one -- get it in order. Are the problem is you've got multiple people applying for multiple trucks iron just create an advantage or. The people who were able afloat there's multiple pockets and put that down. And continued talk about this next half hour we'll take your phone calls quality 601 -- and needle -- -- -- -- -- Rachel -- owner of La -- need to food truck thank you anyway -- -- thank you and Angelina grounded turning the new loans through drug coalition. In I know it's legal is not always right and what's right is not always legal but it would seem to me along the parade route to him all these great. Food trucks that we Evans any. -- include for the people out of there I don't see where that's not a win win situation especially the trucks are based in Orleans parish and and Andrew told was that the law public. Again it's Sox coming back under the W right now time for -- W offers news just one I thought it was safe to buy a new pair of hands they open a Dunkin' Donuts it's open 24 hours seven days a week in listening -- that all boy. And just them into thinking as we talk about parade food and food trucks and some of the text ends and I hate the united in cotton candy basket put years of pushers. Much rather a local food truck local food that food vendor notices candy apple. Who leads -- crap much better to eat -- I think people heated by default because there's nothing else avail while that's an end and what you're saying just to me. Makes perfect Lance while we're talking Andrew wood or LeBron attorney with the new loans food truck collision and Rachel bill -- who owns line. This in the -- food truck and you know does this whole thing in common went to jump in here urges house me first off the amount of spots are limited because of safety concerns there or just to limit the supply slowed the price goes up -- extranet. -- -- -- -- You know you've been. The spot they're concentrated downtown. And I don't know what to do it you know some. Restaurants on the -- sound like that. I think. They're. We are. Let -- only. -- tracks like uptown from. Louisiana. And you know we we want to be that tired. That's where. In our our following is -- And -- -- -- at a spot downtown. You know with a lot of terrorist then you know that kind of attack and -- -- the Catholic army packet and everything in and equipment that -- like I need to respect that you get optic. You know it that's that's an interesting consideration Rachel because I now isn't it maybe out in tatters and on saint Charles just seems like that's a long stretch a route. And obesity she can't park there but it would seem like you get Barca. A food truck left lane of the saint Charles right next to the curb and there'd still be plenty of room for emergency vehicles to pass -- -- yet. And if you've tasted toward the curb people lined up on a neutral ground and if knowing Andrew seems to me like a more trucks you have the easier it is to control a crowd because spaced out. Yeah I mean at this point Syria is seen on the local trucks so that hurt the trucks their annual permits. That are here all the time they can't go with it. Two blocks of the parade. I'll wallets while one dollar and she served freedom around. They can go up there on the good they just can't go and two blocks the -- and I think it -- kind of touched on I think that's just -- control of -- they've restricted the other side and Charles. I think they've taken part of the equation there in the closing at the church you of that war. In the regular visit Saturday suggested just. You know they -- well I'll lose annual permit holders apart over there and then we'll continue to go well. We know that's that's another point if you already have a permit you to do business zero time but he already licensed to do business why should that be taken allayed. -- Mardi -- aren't and I understand the safety concerns that the rounds of with Chris in Metairie tanks are calling on -- WL. I have got to. You ought I would order the -- he president law. A lottery like a lottery. -- sort of weighted lottery. They. Are actually operate it actually you're actually open. -- -- -- Which side top -- certainly are due to assert that there. Will never ever been oral. Of an anchor ever got a contract. Pollack just a couple of some sort extremes and it. I know that never happened the package peak -- I know Chris I think you drift a little sarcasm in your cells don't like an awful -- they just let let me let me get to our two guests about that I would imagine if in yeah you're trying to get influence really knew you waitress I'll ask you first I don't think it was always out of ten in town companies again at the preferential treatment -- Clock I -- two years ago there were caught airport where they were. Keep drinkers got up. Well -- it happens all the time I guess my only question uses it more likely if you're in town around town either way if if an administration as corrupt and we're not saying this one is that -- you're saying prison as happened in the past. Hot or be it people who have. Year -- per year could. Go out by. Local or -- should operate. So round ought to draw. You know and -- -- score political. Are those local actors. I -- -- -- rather. Again or not that is ever happened. God forbid it should. Well Chris I like -- thank you colony for taking the time popular open yet agree money grind just. You know when you go back to what Andrew and Rachel will wrap this up -- to what he said it would seem like you know if you have a permit and you -- -- -- ready right -- -- you know way. Being pushed back to give somebody else preferential treatment and who urges bids on answers about making money with a permit explained to him. I think it's an opportunity said that the city to make additional -- My dollars. Come permits that it doesn't get -- -- dollars. There's also one. Deposits are now back. Part of it that the thing you know basically tired you know they're making that money. Protect their dollars -- That were put back into the you know we. We make money around there and let you know continually. Put those guys back in the community you know -- visitors this year. So you know -- would be to ignore that rabbit then you know these. It got trailers coming in and just think capitalizing on our local. You know sensitivity. So the money stays -- he -- people that are here all year chance to make some more money just like retailers' Christmas. And the public gets a better product you know the government we get no way a mess and -- thank you both -- have a nice money. I think about it Lycos and -- -- Coast and -- the night it.

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