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2-28 8:15am Tommy, Captain of Endymion

Feb 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ed Muniz, the Captain of Endymion

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Johnny Tucker -- when he got WL pleased and honored to have a gentleman that. I think is one of the nicest and fairest and most just PP eleven wanna meet the pleasure were born. And the it has Kampman and -- inhale and didian. There weren't. How you do on and tell me about the parade this year announced to be different. Well and -- -- rest of it -- thought it was straight the most popular. Local you know -- You party at Mardi Gras now that never announced a great. Example in which you -- them. Yeah. We had a quality. That Kevin Kelly can't move and actually chosen. It was baseball purgatory Google Talk and so -- -- force one but -- Is going to be probably in the doses of the up to simulate citizens that the best in demand for. We would seem as news that evening at the opera. Of course when you're watching it -- superdome on that it will be much for both of us -- -- simply beautiful slopes. Away yeah. And if you did that they'll win -- for the extravaganza. They beat us but Arabic group resettlement and Carrie Underwood to go. But -- -- -- the big deal Monday. Respect and over 181000 it was picture up again which is -- -- -- And with the -- all the proceeds. On this. We have already. Three relay call flow from our night this should change in my opinion. The late night Torre or would be delighted the futures solvable. Modern technology to diabetes. And all kind of you know atmosphere because frankly dominant technology especially a but I can tell you tomorrow night but the little lights will light. It is as close to awaited program to be looked at night. I'd even before the break kicks off you started this a big Sunday gras celebration what time does that start and then we got plan. They can -- do more than we have topped Katzen the but almost those. And we had a group. But it conflicted with them. Reversal of the superdome and corporations don't moan about it. And enough -- -- -- this component to their victory and -- didn't. Cause absolutely. And it is able to kick -- at 4 o'clock. And the that audiences -- -- -- Who knows that when -- -- one -- some civic slow and and this is going to be a big night and as well perfect exposed the and in this these smaller. That would just so excited that the default or. But today you know having helped you with -- you let me be there every -- look at it -- sound they grow when you stand on that stage and look out. And see this not a -- but an ocean of people are neutral ground packed both sides Orleans avenue -- that's got to meet you feel. Pretty proud parade that you've developed from a small one -- crew. -- you missed back in 196867. That went on disable. And -- sitting -- and so on it elsewhere and so you know -- don't go. And is just -- Sit up close and so. We're trying to ordinary because the wonderful kids which is very -- Whether the and its celebrities to the sluggish. And will vote on a a lot of people but it might -- -- big -- too much for it all along to them. So we're almost -- -- time tell me how you go from that small parade on to say to what it is now. How does that happen. Well. I think it's Saturday and it keeps up with the with the technology it -- -- the Trenton. Endeavor it was ago. And as long as we're around we keep that a worry too low is trotted. Involvement on the people wouldn't it you know one -- number light is that it -- give me an extravagant. The upgrade cute kids love the thought it was so all Wallace taught them one night. That Carrie Underwood so and so and it took people earlier this morning. And she's the real short one. Locations source of loads of -- superdome morning. Well you know we had a forty audible or agreements. Cover -- simply don't trust -- using an area the New York. To their name is audio on the moment there but by the on the computer look -- thought inaudible that come. Absolutely the best -- you know and it would not stop you on the 30. -- that it -- What we're out of time I got to tell you know I was that trumps party in very good. -- -- Like you like a second father to me you know that -- appreciate you coming on hope you have a great money out of those bubbles. And you -- at a better time. I accomplished exactly statement everybody.

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