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WWL>Topics>>2-28 8:45am Tommy, Bacchus

2-28 8:45am Tommy, Bacchus

Feb 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Brennan with the Krewe of Bacchus

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it tells about this year is bachus is Clark ran and with the crew -- morning Clark. Or. Happy happy Mardi -- do you two. No way to start on this I guess maybe if you're aware of that I know they got some. Restrictions and and you know only a couple years we've had. Napoleon and magazine I guess it was and and everybody has a great time as -- in the other parades go by and and he has kind of settle in and around for -- loses on -- -- guy and the anticipation just builds those beautiful floats. And it beatle baucus parade so to you know if you can still lineup on Napoleon are yelled and lineup -- what's the deal. Yet the -- where it Napoleon. -- shop -- -- to the traditional line up would ignore that weight since the beginning and that's where we will be again this year. We started spot 15 PM. And it is it is true which are talking. Sunset that part of my favorite time of the day yeah it's magical -- Clark. It's -- in really like come out and it is magical and it turned into the night parade. Or -- any excitement there you await an important. -- got the celebrity kid -- bachus is an this year it is. You wore. Doctor Alison. Should -- has been great we got airport yesterday. -- juggle a lot of fun we wave -- -- You know the blasts idol change all of that and it. And it is dispersed prayed that it got to -- and he's he's all excited and just can't wait he loves the war he loves. -- Elegant at the web site here I am looking at some of the signature floats which makes me think of the new ordinance. And we knew all Iranians may we latch on to some crazy things for no apparent reason and icons that king and queen Kong I don't know how it started. But for whatever reason people started throwing beads back at it I guess try to get beads and a mob wanna know but this year you've been idea that he could be in trouble. That tried and it's -- -- the issue are it's just you know we. At all operate people get back yet it -- it causes people get hurt and stitches and. I -- it -- not -- someone time clog up on had been shot it really doesn't hurt. So anyway so with. He whereas we're asking all. Parade goers depleted. Let -- -- -- and had -- in the -- you'd. A plea result of back at the floats. -- when it comes anything new this year with pockets what do we look forward to. We got some great again we've got a page -- this year which is there a limited edition for the ages on the kings sure. That's probably in the listing all of our rose or been related. Visits India Louisiana's sportsman. That are being pockets. It has diluted book literally cool approach that has -- right. Iranian fishermen out or out or not there to get seated you can -- -- -- using this spring and summer. A great reminder of the parade as you finish that's not so great I. And and in terms of bans. A great lineup of bands onions and. We have 36 marching bands this year -- the university of southern. Will be leading operated this year and we have a great on Abu what sticks. Will be I mean entertainment this year. Well thank you Clark the great times starts at 515 is my -- 515 and I got to tell you and trying to encourage more people got there because it's. It's funny crowded. You know if you can with the traffic restrictions that magazine and Napoleon I guess it would be but man when the excitement builds you can feel that electricity in the air on a neutral ground there it's like. Like -- -- lights to the sun goes down the lights come on almost reminds a little bit of nobody bid on an NME album Lebanon Tiger Stadium really does thank you so much Clark and have a great pride.

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