WWL>Topics>>2-28-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on Connecticut's assault weapon ban

2-28-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on Connecticut's assault weapon ban

Feb 28, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and takes calls on Connecticut's ban on assault weapons.

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-- -- edition of the think tank Limbaugh what a beautiful Friday this is as we head into the Mardi Gras weekend parades all over the place a lot of -- Choose to -- a little bit of outdoor activities and has some great weather this weekend not looking so good for Monday and Tuesday but a warm weather. In May be able get away from some of this frees -- -- aren't out of personally got a day. Went out in the fishing game report yesterday temperatures in the thirties north wind blowing about twenty knots. Chill factor weighed down there and it is gonna bring all the clothes and you know and take them off when you stop and put him back on every time you move your -- -- wet and raw and cold. It's time look important. To the spring season hopefully but he got a fishing game report coming up for yeah very unusual thing happened. -- -- talking with Tommy on yesterday's trip and if you didn't see it. A you can go to my web page in in catches down the outdoors guide dot com. A first time that's ever happened to me -- it was a vision and a table bit later on but it lots of things to talk about this morning. And this afternoon we gonna wrap up the think tank. Friday style with Arthur hardy. On this Friday -- Those of you who know author of -- you do he's the editor and publisher of the very popular Mardi Gras guide. In his honorable Tom is gonna run down all the parades coming up this weekend maybe help you make some plans for which ones. You can make it's a really good at that -- mean they as scheduled at time. To where they can make the maximum of the parades understand can't make them all cause a lot of them on on. A geographically separated on the same time it. Lot of people worked very hard to get as many in as they can. So will be looking at the starting times the routes to themes -- may -- some of the rose. And also don't check out the weather situation with the latest is as you head out but this big Marty grow we and that's -- Arthur hardy. Next hour and 11 o'clock hour. It's our regular saint Tammany parish now with saint Tammany parish president -- -- Get an update to again a lot of you wanna know about the fishing pier will talk about that the Tammany Trace on some Mardi -- activities this weekend and -- Monday that you might wanna get involved in in saint Tammany parish. Also the kid connection playground. The legislative sessions tomorrow wish list items for saint Tammany parish. And also the latest on the big waters act which affects a lot of residents in saint Tammany parish and of course the phone lines in the text board will be open for you. If you wanna talk pat. And ask innocent questions made some comments if you live work complain saint Tammany parish. She'll be here for you at this hour though we talked about some interesting news received last couple of days. What I think could be the beginning of the first -- wrong confiscation. In America. And it might possibly happen in Connecticut. And I'm gonna explain to you in in detail what that's all about there was. Let me just -- them again. Back in 2013. Connecticut. Pass a law there aren't there politicians. Stating that certain assault weapons and assault weapons were to be determined by there. Description. Of 1000 assault weapon laws that they would have to be registered. Along with different types and caliber as of what is called. High capacity magazines again these on the terms. That they use in May define. The registration was to take place by January 1 of this year. Or they would be illegal. That became. Connecticut law. Well recently -- over 200 gun owners. Who owned what Connecticut termed as assault weapons. And they didn't meet the deadline. So they contacted the state. Was an attempt to register late. Well they got a letter from the state. Stating in more detail but basically. Giving him these options for options and no one's number one. They could render of the weapon in the magazines inoperable. Against removing and discarding them apart that would make the wild weapons file of the magazine. Feed properly. And that could be any number of things from completely destroying it to meant getting enough parts of wind -- longer and I guess that would be up to. This state police who was the one that is overseeing all this determine whether it is in -- that's option number one. Option number two they could sell the weapon in the magazines. To a licensed deal. In them for would no longer be in their possession ownership. Option number three. They couldn't take them out of the state of Connecticut. -- Put him in another statement on Connecticut's -- is like if they really believe that these quote. Assault weapons and quote I've capacity magazines. Or sold troublesome. Why would then would then not take consideration on the neighboring states that's just throw the problem extort two and Wednesday. That was option number three. Option -- before you can arrange to relinquish the weapon in the magazines to a police department. Basically. Turned it. No other options that's the only full. Nothing that's as you didn't meet the deadline to register. Similar to you missed the date to renew your driver's license is going to be a penalty. There's going to be defeated do it because it puts this out and you missed today none of that. Those are the only four options. Now what they did with these requests that came in these of gun owners who sent these request -- There in the police files. And it states that if they. Do not comply with these options. -- solemn yet undisclosed time. Our search can be conducted. Confiscation. Of illegal weapons and arrests made at the gun owners residents. No provision in the letter from the state of the owners. As to how -- to prove to the state. It that they complied with the -- To prove any of those options. In other words let's say they said. I'm gonna give this far on in this magazine to mine's son because he lives in the state. With a number of discounts on no longer have. Well how would they know when they came to break down his door and make the arrest and conducting investigation in the whole house search that he had. Don there's no provisions for them. To give information on how any of those options that they complied. So what this amounts do now. These will be self confessed felon unknowns this is by their own and then they took the time. To contact the state through this letter or form saying I miss the deadline Ottawa register my weapon. Now they've got them on record as to who they are where they live what they own. In all of that and really the only is now don't know when this investigation. Confiscation search may take place. This. Is terrifying scary stuff right this could be the first if they try to carry it out and we don't know that they will. But they now has set the ground war in Connecticut where they can. What this being the very first final on confiscation. To take place in American happening in that. -- data from you we think 2601878668890878. Another question is if you the one of those farms -- What would you do would you take one of those options all would you. -- take the risk in choose none of the above again you can rendered in apple make it where it doesn't work and basically be worthless hasn't as of five other than. As a showpiece. I you can sell it to a licensed dealer. And you know longer opponent you can remove it from the state in and out of Connecticut. Or you in turn just Arnold to the police department but they'll do with a who knows. What would you do 2601878668890. A seventy also you can text as a message and I know that's very very popular. But I do wanna remind you -- texting and driving is a legal. We ask that you text responsibly have a designated driver or a designated text and it's simply is 87870. And if it makes the cut will read it on the air also when you hear me you read -- listeners tax. Bear in mind when you if you punch the button and you hear me talk and in a mean mid sentence amid thought it may or may not be in my opinion on that -- -- station is more likely is the opinion of someone who -- so. Just look at jeered in my voice doesn't necessarily you know we have a lot of confusion about. -- wouldn't take a break come back Richard calls and you text on this is what I think is a very extremely important issue will withstand. Federal. Must attest will test must intestinal -- passes that a violation of Second Amendment Rights. How can a state do that something that is much more restrictive and states have done and on -- Ramona shipment that things are not down -- national. Back to talk about it and think about it right here on the Friday edition of the think tank Honda VW well wait seven the area. I'm walking back into the think tank I got a lot of text messages up on our current topic and I'm gonna get to those in the second Brian I'm gonna talk to you. And just the second but I do want to reset the stage is getting text and people sing it too late in the near the whole thing. Wanna know what's gone on with the gun rights in the state of Connecticut and basically in a nutshell. What has happened is Connecticut -- 2013 loss saying that assault weapons. Which they define what an assault weapon was and high capacity magazines they also defined that would have to be registered by January 1. Of this year or they would be illegal is is gone registration. Some 200 plus gun owners did not make the dead I don't know why maybe they had things go -- -- life dating get the message -- no. But what each and every one of them did do was they took the responsibility. To see what it would take to get it registered late. They said there is no such thing as late registration you got four options and make the gun the magazine inoperable -- to a deal. Remove and out of Connecticut. Or make arrangements to give it to a police department. Those -- the only four options as non -- and also believe the letter also states that. As a continue to have begun if they have the -- the state police has directed of them now but basically they've turned themselves -- and said this is what I've got this is well -- this is why am. Now that they've got those records they could go to the owners residents searched the house. Confiscate the weapons and arrest all. And some of the people who were texting as saying this is you don't feel among this is serious stuff you don't think that there's attempts in his country to -- Bill of rights you've got a better wake up smell the coffee and this nothing could be start to a how it's gonna hold up what the dimensional. The outcome is going to be will have to -- and anyway comment on that 260187. Toll free numbers 8668890878. And the text message board is open for you to text responsibly to me at 8787. Lestock Bryant. Was it is in a long -- Brian thanks for the call appreciate it. Morning. The first game and it wasn't mentioned there's an option to sell -- sell to a gun shop. It that you eat -- law we do that because they -- able to make a profit. I'm so that would be one problem for them there can and doing any one genetic. -- What level of the content of the to put on an agreement that -- Are they excel when your beat and it's sufficiently trained at the shop because the old and on. And you get the gun -- percentage. Then I would do I was standing there with them what the the proceeds from such -- -- But he. One of those. 47. Lines of 44 Magnum. And -- Kwame future streak partridge and you know see what they think about that in the markets. A look at what the force sexy pop witch fire force sixty. 454 -- well. And top 45 long cold. And does say he won't trust you and everybody thinks that because she could do more damage those Gallup. Well absolutely the whole the whole thing is a farce because you know what -- considering assault weapons -- certainly. What you would say could be and again and -- more dangerous weapons outside of that but I'm wondering and what do you think about this would have he sold it to a license deal -- and bought it back. I mean you'd be taken a loss -- he's not gonna give you what you pay for and he's gonna charge you more than which you sold him for but at least you would have a chance to attempt possibly much about the laws written. To actually get -- gun registered backing your name and -- legally. Well I think if it's -- house. The purchase of new so called assault weapons from dealers and state it while he registered and within. Without appearing to give you would be seven attendees. And then that would probably. That would probably work. -- mile I'm not sure and they may have something to prevent that from being done but. What do you think about this -- will move in general mean this is scary stuff when they start talk in this mean going -- putting him in the law when the state police can come to your home. Conducted investigations search your house -- and wept and -- I'm not part of the tendency north east law enforcement. Is is. They ought to do what they thought. -- that thing about the -- there had been enough equipment to cook. And being one in Delaware and no way. Our nuclear engineer. An African America which is quite possibly the reason why he was a police equipment -- nuclear -- six figure salary. And these highly educated. At the very important job. Now than it used to work at nuclear he lost his job at a nuclear plant why because he had a broad musical -- And he had a tendency. State permit which are supposed to be out in that later. Because he moved to Delaware and -- the -- And according to Delaware law. Is. Concealed. From Tennessee is no longer now and there are four was quietly -- because the income. Well legally in his glove box. And stay the but the district and they decided that they did not want to prosecute. Him. In addition Qatar even said that that's not why we there's no we don't have to use against. In law abiding productive well educated citizen you know that that that. And what they still and the state police from -- ultimate go back and -- my knowledge he still wouldn't still out. Amazing the effort and the steps that they will take the government to do this on in -- and disqualify law abiding citizens from owning in keeping now owns. Whereby you know very little is done -- the bad guys you know they just don't gotten in and hassles and. Well as well yeah yeah -- The -- if somewhat unfortunate bureaucracy we do get some we we -- yet some of this and commitment to complete department. It's of some -- soft targets. Because you -- your career. And your life. You wanna stay safe so they can polished right tickets and get promoted. So -- -- to soft targets like like prostitute saw. People who -- So like that. -- law abiding. Physical not gonna resist you want to comply on percent. So yeah it's safer to do that are soft target if you law enforcement and to go after the real. -- unfortunately not seeing that -- witnessed it several times over the world police department and democracy. You know I. I know the few officers who else. I try to make a career going to real -- it. And very few of them actually make the way most of them get no further than police officer for. Get suspended every now and then. And -- will be. Because -- that way and think they'll lose it and it. Itself. Talk -- a tough job at data systems some pretty upsetting that stuff Brian appreciate you calling got to run -- news thank you so much appreciated. I'm we will continue this discussion as soon as we come back after the news listening to the think tank on the big 870 VW. And -- are talking about what could possibly become the first foreign confiscation order in America is gonna happen in Connecticut as a result of -- 2013 law. Loss says that assault weapons and they would defined as such by the state of Connecticut. As wore high capacity magazine said they had to be registered by January 1 or they would become illegal. No provisions -- registration. -- over the war some over 200 owners of these are Holmes who didn't make the deadline. They contacted the state in an attempt to register late which I'm sure it shows on their part that they are not. Just dogs with our -- attempting some sinister use -- these of people who were concerned and want to comply with the law. They got a letter back from the state instead of telling them how to go about registering in late paying final penalty that they had four options. They can make it inoperable. They can sell to a license deal. They can remove it from the state or they can give it to a police department. The only way that they get keepers of the doesn't work that's the only option cut and dry. Also went so far as to say that. They could at some undisclosed time a gold to that person's residence. They could conduct a search if they find is illegal now it's illegal weapon because it was registered in -- was no provision for registering late. -- confiscated ticket and arrest the person at their residence in now. A lot of people who. Defend the Second Amendment and believe in the the right to bear and keep and bear arms. This has got to be chilling type stuff. And sent a text are coming in setting them via mine and trying to get people excited about this well it's called vigilance. And we'll see how this turns out of Connecticut will be able to withstand federal. Scrutiny on this particular issue anyway let's look at some of the text and remember 87870. Is the text message board. At least next responsibly. And if you hear me reading a text in the incidents that -- imminent -- could be just them. Here's one that says if you are responsible enough to own an assault rifle and again remember assault rifle is -- ambiguous term -- with Connecticut -- it was. You would have registered. Well I think these people who showed through filling out -- sending a letter to the state of Connecticut that they wanted to know how to go about. Registering in -- I think that does show certain. Level of responsibility. -- is this in response to grade school shooting -- that. It's something to do with -- not one particular issue. Is another says I believe this just a matter of time before that law will be repealed or found unconstitutional. And another one says. Based on. And what. Do you state that law abiding gun owners are gone after more than bad guys all the hype and hyperbole maybe on a new station question mark. Well and when they make these laws. This affects a whole lot more people all the law abiding people the bad guys are smaller group. And certainly now think that they do not put enough effort into going after those go. As as much as they do legitimate grounds as the garlic caller said much easier target. -- let's bring in a -- it's calling from blowing he thinks the Connecticut law is a good day. Thanks to Colin at what do you think this is a good thing. Well. I think it's good that. At. -- why. Would be quite. -- -- -- It in a situation where we -- and would like to do with. -- we would go. All I think from a -- Not only being. But that may. But it -- on board and stretch in law. The -- your. Make your idea. That's the way. In the -- -- Always chose. You know just because. It is the disputed -- so it's really -- now. -- we should be. -- like we all the potential for that because you do. Yeah and and and there. I think it's like anything else should our Second Amendment should be changed. To protect the people. Against guys that there will abuses such as animals. Do you believe it's their hands on on -- console will. But one you need. Hopefully. I look at this wind chill on the public. Billions of people would be able to be able yet. And then just some manner. And it's always. On. All. -- -- -- -- My -- would -- say to someone that is his legally owning a weapon that is. Much more dangerous than what they term as an assault rifles are rifles strictly design in the look of it an automatic fire weapon is already banned it's illegal without a very special permit. No one is allowed to own that these guns -- talk about you have to pull the trigger each time to fire around. And they just. For whatever reason turn them. As assault weapons because of so it's a term that inflames the public in the strikes fear into the hearts but when you get down to it and no more dangerous than a thirty out six deer rifle. -- -- But you should -- audible and what is it -- need to do you you know cheap fifty rounds of this thing that they go to. -- -- Well some people may feel that it may be necessary at some point that they would need a weapon that would have that comic caring capacity and -- to tell them no you're not as of freaked out. -- I period. But it but by need to that being in that situation at about muscle when that situation -- need to absorb the wire that -- rounds. There -- need to move. Well you know I look there's no and you could be living right here in the city in New Orleans that are McCain like Katrina com and believe me a lot of people felt that far on that held fifty rounds wasn't enough. If a roving gang comes cruising around and has no police -- known 911. There's no lights does nothing. A lot of people think that may be in the time of -- of some type of a disaster it may be unnecessary and it's up to the individual. Whoa and -- true but we import all of all of those issues in the place to protect the citizens. And and we -- we elections error about and I and I understand what could happen. But we haven't learned from those painful war war. If we have an alert and and all. All all we built on is -- war. The situation -- -- -- called bought an old war of those situations. That the fox. Well I any of those instances one not the weapons in themselves that was the people with them. I got to run thank you and I appreciate you call thankfully stating your opinion will be right back at Brian at home. And a lot of text messages will be back to read and to the right of the on the big gates avenue this is the think tank on WW. Now we're talking about a Connecticut law when he thirteen said that assault weapons -- their term had to be registered along with different types -- caliber is of high capacity magazines by January 1 of this year. -- they would be illegal there was no provision for late registration. Now only to either randomly weapons inoperable ought to forfeit them to a number of ways selling them to a license deal. Remove it out of the state. -- trying to -- to a police department that's the only options now they have a list. Of these people who are requesting late registration and being denied and they also being told that they are subject to search. Seizure. An arrest at their residence because now they have what constitutes an illegal weapon. What do you think about it 2627. ER 8668890878. I've got so many text in -- -- never get a chance to get all these on Moscow the phone lines and first up is going to be Brian and home -- one hey Brian thanks we'll call. I I do and I -- -- -- three thought on this packages. Stopped -- department and without it just wasn't into it five minute radio. Not our concern would be the idea in this inquiry. That an update but then they would is that your clock back in the days and earlier start getting involved in Libya. One day one we're getting it -- than the other -- we're getting humanitarian aid and that they were on Bob if you thing. But they will win when the government that is something or some politicians wanna do something what they do it they kind of put their toe in the water. And that kind of like with a bit. And it might be ignited a good idea to some people. Restrict the use of the salt and I concede that. But you know let this -- You know we're we're talking about who reinforced that -- likely I would imagine that Justice Department. Now is there are real familiar with the idea or India or what was called operation. On the and a long -- whatever -- the -- of the Mexican drug dealer at an airport sent. How much faster you aren't yet so -- a little ironic. But the exact same agency. Would be getting the power to enforce the law of the Ari is one that's already shown extremely. There report discretion. And I mean we're not talking about it but the weapons walking down the embarrassment I think might actually October those went -- did so that being that. Is it that something that should people. I don't know that our -- that our parties right now -- the capacity of the moral fortitude. To properly informed that. You know I mean so is it we didn't follow up and be illegal -- immediately. You know we we know that that all the time when these kind of things on the surface. It doesn't mean it stopped just means they say it rather mean repeatedly you could be shot. By Mexican drug gang that got done with your tax dollars and again -- yourself with any kind of been a weapon. They have they've seen an appropriate. Brian what is said about this is just the tip of the iceberg on the next step could be could Connecticut passed along wanna fourteen. When naked come up with a list of -- firearms they deem is dangerous and need to be registered and put in the same type of thing now uncle got -- that could include 22 as you know -- -- pellet rifles and then all of those guns would be illegal and subject to search confiscation and rest. -- this this this is scary stuff from really surprised when -- hear more about this from the Second Amendment foundation the national rifle sales. You know I think UN I think back to the standing up -- -- -- -- -- -- illegal that accuses sandy -- Yeah sure. It's you know you know the answer to that you know it's it's the people and you're never gonna stop all of that and denied the people the right to defend themselves against those people. Is what this issue was all about Brian I got to run thank you for the call. -- Tommy and grand -- to be up next we come back right after this timeout on the think tank on the big 870 Davida BO. I welcome back into the think tank we're talking about what could become the first -- confiscation and America house to house there on now to over 200 Donald is in the state of Connecticut who. Didn't meet a deadline in registering what a new Connecticut law. Determined as assault weapons had to be registered therefore they are now illegal along with some high. Capacity magazines is no provision for late registration the only options or to random inoperable. While to get rid of them by one of three methods either sell it to a licensed dealer removed from the state or make arrangements to turn it into a police department. Is this the beginning of firearms confiscation in America. As the sentiment really needs to be a closely watched in though what would you do if you wore a gun owner. In in Connecticut new face with these options let's go to Tommy and grand out the line three Tommy thanks for calling you on the -- Don thanks for being great ambassador for sport grows but it will be more people like -- -- I would I would just like to start out box related you know the ability. Second Amendment -- right keep and bear arms in the the government of the equal but equal and your -- our college early early. -- me. It's people like that -- the government's gonna protect you government's got to. But still well. You know you know Tommy I had a a follow up text to that call. I said that he would be the first one knocking on his door to protect him and his family in times of chaos in the streets like following -- Katrina. The unit which he would go next door to his neighbor who might have a quote unquote assault weapon with a high capacity magazine to defend his life and out of his family but. Wouldn't want that person haven't at this point. People -- -- just don't think these things. -- Unit and collector and Mike Johnson Mitch does and but he beat commitment. Restoration whether her and her Democrat you know Margaret York politics on that but it. -- people registered aren't certain it would be in churches. But by about one thing. Somebody out there on -- not -- collection. And you are registered under the culture in the future -- on the due to let the doctors that are within and whatever it just requires you mentally incompetent. Options are gone and cannot choose what you all our. So -- can circumvent that calm she. Well there's a lot of second banning that is attempts at a going on another one that is just starting to break I don't know if you got word that -- rent Rand Paul is actually putting -- hold. On not president Obama's election to replace the surgeon general's office because the person and he's recommending. Is an avowed anti gun person and they are suspecting that he may say that firearms are. Same is as cigarettes in our health hazard to your health and therefore need to be done away with a further restricted so he's old -- the appointment on that. There's a lot of ways to try to get around -- in I think it gun owners and people who believe in. The Second Amendment need to stay ever vigilant to address these things and -- command. -- -- -- Iceland so so why in a box -- -- on the injured when we're coming out. You opt out now and out now by fifty interpret whether there's 1213 dollars. And they've -- out of the people who provide. For people like me who handler error and shells. So that being said the main manufactured not expect -- got a business. This year -- That protects what they resort now. Comic got to go will be back with the saint Tammany parish update after the news.