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2-28-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: with Pat Brister on St. Tammany

Feb 28, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and gets his monthly update on St. Tammany with Parish President Pat Brister.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And on -- days it's the its Friday edition of the think tank that made Don -- column will be back with you again next weekend oblong -- into a Friday -- beautiful gorgeous days might be the best day of the year so far. As far as side air temperatures lots of sunshine. And this will continue at least for awhile to the weekend hopefully extend into the callable. Holidays on Monday and Tuesday -- and that would we're gonna talk to you about what's happening in saint Tammany parish -- Marty grow wise. This is the week where we have saint Tammany parish president that is to come on we talk about everything in saint Tammany parish we ask you to call in or texting and with your questions or comments for pat. And she's -- with us here this morning thanks for joining us -- we appreciated. -- Same deal we're gonna talk about some -- are going on in saint Tammany but before we do that. That's gonna finish up on some unfinished business you came along with his earlier win the decision by saint Tammany not to pursue an inspector general. Came up and it was to the disappointment of a couple of organizations who are interested in in in good and better government and saint Tammany parish and kind of surprise a lot of people if you would -- update is what's the latest on inspector general for saint -- Sure. As we talked about after the that was taken. That three options. Which was say Jefferson Parish model. Our pain. Currency -- home I'm home. Caught it. All our way constitutional amendment that would include all of taxing bodies within our parish -- all agencies. The one that would take home by the committee. Was the current iPod it. Mandated by means would be mandated by days that's it barker and which separate audit company would be picked. To audit certain areas of each of these agencies determined by legislative body to which parts of our government needed to be. By other audited. So that was when there was a report is Britain and adopted I believe Monday of this week. That report. To the legislature. As directed from them. And we are in communication whether -- senator Croat and it had started as. For the next steps. To either. -- places. In. A built to be taken up by. -- legislatures by understanding what happened. All right so we'll track that through the legislative session. -- before he gets sidetracked -- -- not drag lot of important things to talk about but this is Mardi -- week cancel us talk about some of the things that he would go on and saint Tammany parish. A notable people that questioning its holiday. Will certain facilities be open up primary a lot of people talking about the fishing pier and of course our wonderful saint Tammany Trace which connects. One into the parish with the of what's gone -- of those of facilities. They will all be open on migrant and again they're people that. Don't necessarily want to and actually Mardi Gras are getting into the crowds are looking for other ways to celebrate the holiday age. That fishing -- Will be open from 6 AM. At 6 PM. And a little extra there'll -- neighbor one comes out. In real and big ones we have our little ones have a Langer and Smart RB given to them as a potential. Home yet. Says it will have little extra activities going on there and that will be open from 6 AM to 6 PM. The traits. As well it will open from sunrise to sunset. And hopefully it'll be not an orchestra on we have today and people can come -- get. Some more exit Margaret back. I also think it's connection playground could -- -- home or. Villagers haven't been updated so fantastic plague or how much and it well used to it will be open from 8 AM to 5 PM. So all those activity out facilities that just talked about will be man. There will be people on site so I'm just a few alternatives for Mark Gardner. -- and knuckle drive for those not the Mayweather is located where the passion ministry of complexes at the intersection. Of I twelve and highway 59 and not a great place to bring the kids. As far as parades taking place in the parish we've got the lions club or in Hampshire and Covington. And in this some small Owens may be -- look coal mine anything -- slide. I don't know I think photo. The -- and tomorrow I believe they have their class ones tomorrow they. Have won there. And and that will be the end of the rates in -- campaign debate. And that then everybody ships to the big parades and and they launched. I would talk with saint Tammany parish president at Bristol if you got a question -- comment we invite you to call it 260187. -- free from saint Tammany parish is 8668890878. And you part of prefer to send me a text that -- responsibly please at 8787. It's called the saint Tammany parish update our will be right back after the stomach. And welcome back into the think tank Friday edition this is the saint Tammany parish update was saint Tammany parish president -- -- if you got a question something you wanna talk about give us call at 260. 187 ER 8668890870. Arsonists -- 87870. And that one about text is -- I -- this in my on hardy's -- drug -- -- those last parade is tonight at seven but I it's called crew of Celine. It is and I in outrage in I can remember remember it. I'd much that we think there but it's totally and then in Covington -- current day they -- going to be China shop -- -- There's told. And on that selena's the last one in. I think six clarity is accurate to the text says seven but the new -- ago a guy it's -- 630 so. That -- that said let's move on and get our first caller and bills calling and he's listening to listen to be this brings online one bill thank you for calling your -- with the Irish president at Bristol. -- -- Hi how are you. I don't care -- you spoke to you and twenties and it in the mountain peace settlement 2013. About -- street and austerity filed. I'll tell you that we can go out -- -- -- turn left onslaught that a -- chance in the market and wrote that so bored out. And then -- dog there and dangers that are coming in and night time. And you said -- was in this Siobhan do something about it that particular time. And right now is still look signed an order in the Balkans in the middle of the street and out when you're out there right now. And his level levels street look great you got out. And eternal capital inflows to. Turn it. I don't regret that our troops there right there and then what you're going down the street on now on mature and left you're going to what they're up there are. -- -- I'd well I'm writing damage you know check and see what what. Is going on in -- Picture on the. Well -- vote in the -- that you looked up and just really not done about it. So you know again sometimes it -- -- so -- to get it done be. You know Alec -- Is that state highways which it that it can connect to we have to get it but we can get it. How can see why it not done well what while I appreciate it if they jumped on about it before it was serious accident there. And I will. With that in a section and despondent now over the years there have been testament hospitality isn't happening and will be -- but thank you for the call bill they approach it. You to ask your fiscal two line to we have Linda colony has got an instinct question now think this ones of have been -- Linda go ahead you know with -- -- I'm. Glad that. A lot. Well where on children gambling distinction how many people and yet the extent it I don't that it should get in ridiculous. -- You know obviously I'm not an expert back and find out and put it on the web site but I definitely a bad. If anything that would interfere with traffic would be. Against the law in their maybe one and its ethnic. Two. Panhandling has to call. But we can you know after he can find out that the -- opposite the lunch -- content -- the -- and mentioned that kitty blood -- would have their own. Laws in their own police department Welch. We -- them but we can -- in a dictionary information. That would be great I mean we have groups that. Student archery is one. That it that it. Hit it to -- It's it's it's ridiculous. -- It'll do reloaded and then if you wouldn't mind. Go on the web site. Don't ask pat and and me just so compared -- -- what about and will go out actually what it's about -- Great thank you. Reminded do you have the address of the website. But you given up -- nurtured www. FTP. GOP. Dot org. That we indicated as much information as you -- on on that web site. And as a lot of information there and also they asked pat is easy to find if you wanna shoot her a question if we don't add to it today. Let's talk the might be scholar from the walls he's got a question about saint Tammany Trace Micah thanks for calling your own with Sampras. At their request -- -- Dmitri -- the rule upon Nokia a buyer. Cumulative violate state preemption on. You know I did not realize that there would. Preempt any state law. That we certain remedies will. Go to NC should I like that idea the idea my. Your question for the state police around -- reinforced the carrying of firearms and and I know that -- businesses and entities as long as it's posted. It is illegal to carry firearms in those areas it would -- property and so it's a tropic roster it's a tricky question in. But -- you know it if that is the case you know we will check with the justice done just mentioned that state police and actually. What we're doing it it complies -- does not what we need to do to try to. Folk opera nine point got some good questions this morning out there and happening. When I got there. What do you can't be prepared for everything. But again the wonders of the website is certainly the waiting to get those in information -- people. I got some -- takes a lot of people wanna know about Nazi traffic situations is always first off. What's the update on the whereabouts and lonesome road and shop road where they intersect with fifteen now. Still a working with the state on property acquisition. To get get that done. It you know we we're. And design. That we still have some property acquisition issues that we are working actors said that pitched a long process. Go through that I don't. Again in admiration and have everything right here -- gonna me on stage apparently unscheduled but. There again we can send it out to remember -- they just wanna check whether it's on the on the on the Internet. Web sites we'll get specific dates that we happen. And that's probably nobody more anxious to see those come in the union snapped it right down the road from. Break out as they have got to deal with -- traffic backups and it is. -- we've worked on them every day that's what we do every day. Drainage and and up traffic and infrastructure that's just our bread and butter -- -- day in and all the additional things that we do our own public. I questioned the bad press that 260187866889087. In our shoot me a text that 87870. I here's one that just came in any future or additional lanes added to highways 1085 and 1077. And those are getting to be more problematic too as a parish grows and people move in and build homes and subdivisions. You know we got to do some work on the infrastructure about any plans for those two particular. Yes actually we have quite a few plans are. Intersection at Kennedy -- amnesia and -- -- to do that we will be doing around out. We are in the final stages of all acquisition of property. Of that round about now. We are hoping part did date. In April -- may. Going out. Let that make problematic true -- getting -- having that. At all. Going for -- -- going forward but for people to see. Actual -- taken place there will be we're doing some additional turn money. All told -- and since 77. To relate some of the heaviest traffic pulse center. And those which we should be in this is that in the next year. Not say -- traffic is very hot topic in saint Tammany parish in as a part of the growing pains and here's another question coming in. From Mike in look home on line one hi Mike thanks for calling your at Princeton. -- -- Well art to it but -- a little cold no real short but it. Yeah a -- richer and brought -- Google now for probably tricks in her own. Error reportedly. I'll put the blacked out or ball wrote. Cannot complete but it took -- too low register wrote. It was important that sloppy. I don't regret it can. Compete on. -- -- -- -- thought about what will now. It's like its biggest drag the world wants action it just doesn't sing like an odd couple. Rock action does look like -- well. It probably. In and we don't release as a contract you know we contract that obviously we we don't have. The equipment or personnel to do all -- black topping our our overlay of approach. And we do contract that out about bid and that we won't release it until it's done correctly. At home on the list to check -- our inspectors got there -- -- if it's not -- they come back and redo. Well thank you to look at our right. All right thanks for the call like and -- well we still got more traffic and roadway infamy and let me skip relevant to this -- is a text. That wants to know why there is only one ambulance service in saint Tammany that -- been given a license. Is that in fact true that there's only one service sound. Well yeah -- -- well let me back up a little bit. We have a bomb. To fire districts to have their own ambulance service. District four in Mindanao and happily do I think it's district to let them. I'm not sure but it's it's another district they have their own ambulance there are such that it. The rest of the church is -- I hate him. That is. My beard. And it rarely. Have people question it but it really isn't there a way to do it is having such a one service to do every every hole. -- Because while it's very easy -- ambulances on standby in. More populated areas but up in the rural areas which is. If we don't. One company that we can say you must have an ambulance in the rural areas in which can cut reply to -- get to -- And I need to within a certain amount time. -- we have. Different. Excellent services follow -- we can't. Required. The and service which contract within that is part touch the bid process when they've done on -- -- Won't serve as they have to guarantee. Again. Ten minutes. He -- so wherever it is and the players that not being there. And that amount of time so it's it's bit complicated that is a bid process and a public that process. And other than credit -- districts that have their home. Pat does the bid process also insure a low rate normally the competition would you know keep the rates -- -- cuts in place to keep the rate low for the residence. When you've only got one service. That is all of that is done through the bid process. 22. On rates. So any and it's pretty much and determined. By. A column that rates that. Are reimbursable. By insurance companies -- about Medicare whatever church itself in the process that we get through during the bidding process. Understood that they -- that we got a news break coming up on a lot more text also log when in Covington will be up first and I think she's going to be talking about the same thing and got about six or seven text with will be back. With saint Tammany parish president at Bristol this is the saint Tammany parish update. You're listening to it on the think tank on the big 870 WW well. And welcome back -- to the think tank come down to -- filling in for Garland Robinette you'd tune to the saint Tammany parish update. If you live work play traveled through saint Tammany parish visit. And you've got a question or comment saint Tammany parish president -- -- Makes itself available once a month for an hour to talk things with us about saint Tammany parish and that's what -- -- -- give us a call. At 260187. ER 8668890870. If you get a shot to text it's 87870%. I'm sorry about that didn't mean to interrupt you -- My wonderful staff who is backing up -- in in saint Tammany. Texted me information on 59 in all implement it in on and sharp. They were they're listening to us I'm glad to hear that. But its debt that is -- about art in that. And India cutie is scheduled to -- in July 20 to gain so. That's where the schedule is like now and based on. Who are process as I mentioned before acquiring the property and that is that design. Well talk our talk about a staff looking out for you yeah I got to back grade. This get gland in Covington on I believe -- question is gonna satisfy probably about eight or nine Texan got here. She wants Sonoma bottlenecks on 190 bridge of course 19 -- saint Tammany enters the parish. On the west and end and exits on the east so it could be anywhere between them and I'm thinking. You're talking about the one and coming and land that's the one moment of Obama fly river it. And yes yes sir how bad bet that we have done and we start with. Environmental studies which. We have to do. It is now in the next stage and it is on what it's. Going through the regional. -- Commission. That bridge. -- -- Our state and federal dollars through. To get -- -- waste -- state and federal -- And regional planning commission. The next step. It is to start looking at ad design and so we're we are moving forward as it's been -- Believing I don't know crouch. What about make it is that we are are moving. Toward that so it will be a couple of years. That we have made the first step and that's in our panel clear in the environmental effects. It. Okay well until letdown and for everyone else listening if you pull out of saint Tammany parish map there aren't any easy -- passes to avoid that bottleneck at that point some depending which way you go on. If you going towards a veto may be going to a Madison -- there are some ways to avoid using net. If you know some of the back roads in the house against people take a look at the map and maybe they use those. Pat before we get to -- next call as well I get so much information you on text and calls about. Traffic what is that it the parishes traffic. Department do we have a department of roads and bridges is there a particular office that works strictly on traffic because. I don't know if it's daft enough for enough people but it's like with -- as much attention is is drawing. And as many people that are interested in and complain about traffic maybe we need to heighten the the focus in and concentrated on on putting more. Effort in getting this state to cooperate with -- more cadets are on prime example of what slows things now. It is it is about our biggest department. Their key departments as specifically. I'll work on on that and it's our public works. Department and -- -- -- largest. Also our engineering department that would work directly with the state on arms Cambridge and our local grid search. And obviously funding -- We have a two cent sales tax that is restricted. And can only be used on. Grated -- image. True we use every dollar we can handle that it is such -- a matter. I don't think we can hire enough. People can get it out pastor just because of the process we -- -- church and and you know again and I found one thing you know means is that. And leader we. Operate under so many regulatory. Issues. Just as I mentioned before that bridge. It has taken two years to get environmental. Assessment. So before we can do anything. That it is now. Court portion done. It's just that regulatory. Processes very -- slope. And then that is what would you start designing. Or drainage. You -- gender and -- usually go together as you can imagine. It has to be -- -- and a ballistic. Way because when you rhetoric here with drainage how it's going to -- But the next piece of property error are the -- piece of property so as -- -- saying that there weren't here so that we do that such and then in addition to that. We have to spend quite a bit of money because we have some equipment. In saint Tammany parish that should not be in my opinion that's meg and other regulatory each issue. And we have to mitigate that we happened our credit brought to build our -- -- So it it's just stay buried. Arduous process. And I know people are tired of hearing me talk about it but it is just the way it is and that we got at her -- departments and in. I don't think we could grow -- -- -- get enough people out there working on war. Street you know oftentimes when you have. Three -- -- streets or roads that you're working on it just jammed with traffic up so much you have to kind of space. Which road you're working on one time and totally block someone from being able to get from eight and he also. Right I think they darn good job of demonstrating that when they did do the winding of 190 between twelve in May and they'll do a lot of nighttime work and I think it did a good job to keep the traffic Roland. While -- really large construction job was being done. They did they did an excellent job and so we know it can be done. And certainly cost more money to do it at night but but it also saying. Shape our citizens so much time and and and -- And inconveniences a big difference in saint -- traffic after dark is doing the data is no doubt about -- that's they would knew we come back Chris in man to -- wants to talk about the -- bill performing arts and a Julian McComb about a sign on for 34 and deteriorating property in saint Tammany from -- And now we're also got some text to talk with saint Tammany parish president at Bristol. Will be right back after this time. And were in the middle of the saint Tammany parish. Update parish president had Brewster -- with a she joins us once a month let's go to line one -- in -- wants to talk with you that Rory thanks for call. How -- I street the wall. He properties. Lot Colmes mainly. On right now. -- -- I've been here it's ankle. Being cold. Arctic cat for a drop -- -- or each item property where. Likely it is common room. I would wonder is that there I can't think camera. At the -- that. It. That China. -- Animals brought it to. Every time every you know -- essentially what you write to it shouldn't -- -- You -- Even though it's -- Protection in the early -- -- it all policy is right. Here if you wanna give me your -- over the while this line or do you want to give it to me to ask pat and we can send them an -- look at it and keep re arm what's going on. -- a -- or whether it is well I'll take it over the and I find it. Eckstein -- and -- street. I got it right and I think it very -- that somebody out protect you. Thanks -- we appreciate it let's move on to look home for a -- on line three doing your -- with pat current parish president pat prestook. Yeah I am not -- and called on late growth. By well best of being -- yet. And all eighteen those are common in Tarawa obstacle to big bridge on the PlayStation arm around Cutler -- I think it's milking this like. And there you comply and over that bridge and I'm I'm -- -- fatality. Would greatly merely trying to turn around and blackened up the road and wait -- already contacted. Parish. About what beta industrial parks small. Folder at the moment as it's currently eighteen wheelers. Noted the industrial -- north of interstate got to calm down or toll road sure. Well we can do a couple things making an error trapping people out there to look at it -- -- you know. Eighteen Wheeler -- and whatever. But it on the like record -- -- around -- That you're finally right or character and election Fisher. I can't. Let that -- describe look at and see if it's. He has something and it was terrible we need to cook on me -- we -- to -- -- -- an us against them on early and stay with. And just what is only -- and really gotta do. Yeah look at well look at it you know. But it's quite it happens quite often as saying they all all. All -- and I -- I think that I'm doing that's something that could really be simply panel may be a contact in the businesses there it is to help direct those eighteen wheels in the right direction and. Well it's residential and damn about well so that she knows where that is cherry. There is ought to cancel and baking out -- don't have assignment -- industrial -- you get off to a call me. Right they'd they'd they'd turn. I'm the head to head toward a late start going right finally understand. And in and it. Okay do it thank you for the column thanks looking out for us we appreciate that good suggestions and is one of the purposes program. Now we're gonna take one last break we'll come back in the -- do a lot of time left we'll wrap it up with talking Tammany parish update with parish president. That pressed her on a Friday gras head into the weekend we'll be right that. And we're wrapping up our conversation with saint Tammany parish president had -- on this oh lead in to Mardi Gras weekend. That while we talked in saint -- just got a package in from a Denise -- in his -- who is the coordinator of the Marty pause parade that -- and develop. And our dog Gracie was a grand Marshal a few years ago what that was -- apologized to him this year classy way -- someone -- a lot of people realize he's Huffington of the vampire diaries. Is going to be the that -- the celebrity monarch for the issues mystic group Marty pars. Twenty years they've been doing in this and is scheduled next weekend on March in the right. Righted that it's great it's great for our community and I'm thrilled at the end it's going to be to be involved. As a whole lot of fun and we'll talk more about that next week. That I got a couple of text he has a lot of them and actually get to but I wanna try to pick some of these out this one here that wants to know is there a contact number. For a saint Tammany parish FEMA representatives some woman knows saint Tammany in might be -- answer some questions though with regard to. -- in saint Tammany. -- we have -- -- on. Yet we do in and you really need to go through that through us to get to -- -- can call. -- Campo. And are all -- 8982700. And shaking it needed information that you need. RR EE mail our -- Italy wanna do it Machida won that would constituent information depending what. -- what the question is and what are you need you need contacts from. Very good will will pat you Manson an awful lot of questions a wide variety of -- -- from traffic the signs that. But is that something a message you wanna -- to saint Tammany parish residents before we ended. -- -- Just I wish everyone a happy Saint Martin or are we had some great parade in saint Tammany parish many people I'm -- people got out of state -- that was there. And appreciate it this way today. -- Handled themselves are these parades -- managed just enjoyed India and immigrants that are really enjoy themselves and and live parade activities that are going on whichever one of -- -- beach. -- -- -- -- One thing I forgot to get to you because we probably won't have time to do this before the legislative session starts any shortlist of saint Tammany parish who wishes for legislation this year what will be boom gone forward with -- asking Miramar legislator. Well Ali as a full funding part or different projects in well yeah -- listed. How -- work obviously. We need more money and a couple others there. Geographic. Imaging system. Bill that widgets. Combined -- the -- Entities around the -- this year cancer. Hours just like at districts that we -- could share. Information and issues well one large -- I asked district as opposed to each about having our own. It would be an efficiency. In in that regard. -- Name. Let me district creating our industry. Instead of being part of the south eastern. I'll plant protection. We are on paper we're just gonna reactivate that -- small this this portion of the southern part of the -- urged. So we don't have those three bills that we can't. -- will will be able to attract those on my next visit mount -- is alleged Croatia will have been in session we'll find out how those that normal pat thanks as always for joining us if you would maybe give out your personal. Address on the website if someone has a question they wanna get -- Sure that it. At TP GOP. Pork. All right thank you very much enjoy your -- -- weekend and Anke. -- I coming up next how are the man Arthur hardy we're gonna talk all about Mardi Gras this weekend. Start times to -- which ones of them the routes -- -- that throws. Everything you need -- Obama -- -- growing economic policy at 260187. ER 8668890878. Also -- cast your vote or not ready opinion poll what's parade is your favorite go to WWL dot com. -- have the results and after the news.