WWL>Topics>>2-28-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: with Arthur Hardy on Mardi Gras

2-28-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: with Arthur Hardy on Mardi Gras

Feb 28, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Mardi Gras Guide publisher Arthur Hardy about the parade outlook for the weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's -- -- -- with you on this Friday gras Friday as we lead into the Mardi Gras weekend now folks are gonna have some extra time off a big celebrations going on. -- what does your favorite. Parade of the this is the ready opinion poll question up on our website at -- deal dot com. -- -- choices muses and -- baucus or fears or all of their. And as of right now I'm getting the results as we speak here. And you can cast that vote -- -- on the outcome meant so unscientific poll we got and each and every day for a year ago. In the lead. Not surprising in -- 34%. Bachus -- right behind him with 26%. Tied with other causes a lot of other parades that's also 26%. I'm muses at 9%. And we have all or -- at 6% cast that vote at WW well. Dot com joining us this hour to talk about the big Mardi Gras party that's going on everything leading up to it and post -- -- events. Arthur hardy the editor and publisher of -- drug guy profit thanks for joining us on you got a busy busy weekend. -- -- -- -- yeah artists that extreme pleasure of interviewing were actually picking the cardinals are that it must remain secret till. -- are clear tomorrow but another great -- under the serve a purpose severe would do here it is really tough to keep the secret of. Well mark I thought he did have a great job on the broader drug guide book no that's labor of love and and you work on year in year out. Really great addition I really liked the way delay and I'll -- it day by day where you can you know -- figure out map peace strategy. Or where you wanna go on which days and what you wanna city. Well that's that's supported you know and both sites where they'll -- Internet there if we make mr. Geithner happens -- -- or not to all hope. Sports things change which they can certainly there celebrity's call. Two lineups after the parade to burgers there's a split in the -- doing so -- that aren't like the old style. Having something in your hand you can -- rule -- and you know. I know exactly which remained walk -- let's start off with and I'll tell you what these folks who have very very lucky who going to be parading tonight because this is some beautiful weather. For -- tell us what's on tap when the -- but the -- what the themes might be. Don't warrant doesn't get much better and then tonight in terms of the weather would lose all chance and I do. You go out of one little orange on bills Celine soreness which started. There's -- -- or -- there aren't career. And there's fourteen closely. So Stevie -- search. Engine and an interpreter were that a portion. Of her car in the -- goes on to -- Op and it has to meet its two opinions just -- -- and. And contest source close woman's car that's -- in -- up germs. A triple matter and I mean and corrupt -- since eighty -- should probably. Boarded market experienced it you put them all together and a lot of people around just camping out there -- central. Voltage. It -- you stated -- Tuesday that it -- It's nonstop. Charm or. Seven that or different -- -- the -- the dentist actually -- -- sort of. -- -- -- -- You want straps are you -- aware that -- -- that in a good. Link -- items or impeached. Or more years which is under which was our members. To -- there's cruises through war and it. A lot of up so much items so you know. It at least where you want players that aren't too elsewhere Serbs want typical -- I would talk with Arthur -- the editor and publisher of the Mardi Gras guide. Will be right -- if we can maybe get a bit better connection -- will be scratching them will be right back and listening to the Friday edition of the thank -- Don Dubuque in for Garland Robinette as we head into a big Mardi Gras weekend right here in the big 87 need to TWO. Well what's your favorite parade we give you a choice on property opinion poll question muses that's 88% I'm sorry 8% and mediate. And Jimmy and at 34%. Is the leader -- at 25%. Second place or if he is with seven. And then all the other parades. Of the choices would be 27 cast your vote at WW dot com if you -- Collison talk about it. -- party joins us magazine editor and publisher of the Mardi Gras guide. We also got some text messages in a few get a text as it's 870. 870 and now one of votes for it and -- another says I like zillow because every time you think it's overall 123 more full start coming down the street. Another says -- told. Voted best daytime parade by gambit and a question for -- may -- -- can answer this who is the celebrity grand Marshal for -- We lost OK well we getting back we'll see if we can find out who the celebrity grand Marshal for Damian is. And also -- -- no win is he performing. At the concert on Orleans avenue we have some questions. 260187. Or 866889087. And Arthur I don't know if you heard that question but I had a text to wanted to know who is the celebrity grand Marshal for -- this year. We're in Dalian. Yeah you know everybody's. And grabbed my equipment paper check. -- what is usually the Arctic and support minutes -- star Richie is not able to -- she will form. At the and give -- an extra game and such so -- a -- -- a couple of actors who named governor to grant a percent here NC. That are riding. But after -- or get some what like carrier in order I think that's what does the shall not insurgency coming. 181000 seats at the superdome. Because this is a pop -- star let me look to those what's going on on the question of the potential orders -- Eight. Let's see they wanna know. Which parade is the longest -- is -- -- or is it in demand. I think you stow our financial management in Medimmune barker well sort of what you don't know the original law. As long as they used to be. Are more involved or related it was a joke for a nineteen to eight. In depth chart or they bought -- -- most. There are problems fixed but manner most what did you. And now you know we've also got some questions don't come in in the -- why these sort parades and on whole this is just come the ones that we've taken place over. Today in not asking for an all time favorite but this one text that comes in the that says Zulu they as their favorite because every time you think it's over become more flows all these parades that. Disorganized oh where you never know somebody can jump in at the last minute you know they with the trucks Branagh and once it said it said you got to be registered minute ago. No you'd have to be on the official world where you camper age this be a big -- -- normally operate there perhaps. -- disorganization. But it's not that somebody just. -- here for a second sets aren't too. Although it may seem that way -- Macy's yet but you know average rose is usually as a constant care and but sometimes breakdowns occur you know. Also we've seen some parade crews come and go home -- net loss on net game went wrong we on total numbers -- we actually seeing less now -- have been some new. Come is to replace the old. There's almost all wars. And answer your game wow where'd you can't remember them -- On the nineteen -- were lost eighteen origin gains made you rich and so you know we've gone out. Fifty parades in the Mercury in there that may have been up to shift each font nobody. Though. Which you know now we went from 55 to 35 might be concerned. But I harmonies and not something that you've got sent to your optic etched in the campuses you know all audience. -- more. Is this economics the ones that long absolutely. -- Its -- case is that the leadership. But now it's your career and you know we've we've seen that for at what time it was an exodus to -- or Merrill everybody wants for a central. Arthur if you would it seems like every year there's some item that is -- got to have -- the most sought after roses or anything jump and out this year that people look. Going to be craven -- What you don't want erupted one of anything Smartphone like so -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- happy but our our technicians are throw it to be just so neat. Or he has -- perhaps domino. It is an honor -- mark is not a -- he's not forming. But he -- signed posters that are used to it. But it is honor they have put two and a quarter inch do balloon that's made its golden -- -- -- -- record -- groups manage. In a hole in the middle. I've never seen anything like that in the time we know the local beloved celebrity's. In our local record Lugo ministers it gets some reduced levels. I think that you would be an Arctic front had to -- one. Bet that might -- more. Stopped robot cannot start thinking about -- in the party trying to look there's a different a local beat each and our inspections. What sort of get a ball better from region in front floats. That's going to be your child care that are still watches start there there's probably forty of the Roosevelt talked about like to have to. You listened to a familiar voice you hear on radio and TV particularly this time of the year -- party the editor and publisher of Mardi Gras guide. I got a a text in somebody wanted to know is there -- some kind of way to get assessments -- estimates on the value of passmore to draw items like some of the very early Rex to blooms on some of the -- -- throws off. Memorabilia from parades and no longer exist desist someplace that you can get that information. There's had to blow -- pars which is true as well Kristi you -- on what source -- crossword bars so it will reach. In the -- part due to some of the ordinary. And different things. Operators and sure there are others -- has to do well. Worker -- -- sorry I have -- things. You know partly in order of protection or were in our current hole. So 02 -- Well not because I don't like them but I'm one of these cars are called. Credit humanistic approach a complete -- want to start supplement that mall and that's big ego won't go to -- that was not -- and so -- I don't I don't -- you know I'll I'll get some -- but are. Most of the stroke is not a lot of Grand Prix marks. To lose our ears so deeply disappointed. You know little late today you know war -- -- This surprising. Our thing you know in in reading the guide and looking at some of the history and backgrounds of some of these crews I think it is it's often overshadowed. Some of the community. Benefits that they provide the work that they do the contributions that they make in particular told you know what they do. The Children's Hospital but I think people don't realize that this is it's a lot of fun and parting for the people in it. But they also duo -- provided great service to the community many of them have dedicated. Charities that they donate -- -- they do it in your music to reverend all the -- the -- so you're. Works as a problem -- uses to. Cheer. -- street years -- there are social and -- socially important what Europe they do it shook so. Aren't so cute Christmas Bernstein. You know that he got remembers that that is not the purpose of the market corporate purposes that have. And -- tour. This so -- extra so it's your crew doesn't get involved. Doesn't make you -- it story you know I've maybe it'll -- maybe that's direction. But Illinois and some people sir it would just wrong way monitoring drinking beer -- -- community. Just the opposite. Will get a free show a lot of George Brett put many of these strange viewpoints are on to a lot of charitable war. And they don't give much credit for national board do they do courses just aren't sweet and do. Absolutely. That's accounted John and I conversation with -- -- audience to 60187866889087. He would take text instantaneously right -- in a text message board. At 87870. That we do ask you to please text responsibly. Aussie you mentioned Carrie Underwood she's gonna get a hot item this weekend are Lori is gonna rain as the king of -- is and I may be. Asking you to come up with something very difficult but he he can't think of the one that impressed you the most the celebrity over the years maybe you a few other dogs that came into -- is truly impressed. And is on the loose and -- agrees. To Milwaukee entered leaders. Use some. Parents aren't I have to admit I'm -- -- of those guys. -- War going to be. Be riding. And are going back in the history and -- merely people -- -- it would. Bob Hope our respect and certainly Korea seven -- war. And aren't there to be -- -- it was for what was in the article does but was actually injured in the span contest as. Longer term. -- it's difficult where -- server wreckage if you are -- illusion and fears. I'm just trying to pick the people that there are coming in -- with tea. Stronger it was all hope it a lot of people are put food absorption has Parker's it was more than one of the most agreeable. Just nice cars. And despondency to the American -- -- and that kept a Children's Hospital. And there's another group. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know one that stands on my mind and I think a lot of people loved him in -- fit in so perfectly with New Orleans was Ed McMahon. Oh yeah yeah and I are at that -- -- at all. And the currency and absolutely certain -- Irked her terrific from represent. Europe and you are are seeing some -- conventions have come from a global. But in did not get into your guard troops are us more on what she was tomorrow or fears. But everybody says -- well -- -- spent you know mostly use this celebrity's. Personal ignored it would -- potential interest would become them here. But most of the celebrity's are dealt with had been fabulous. Some of their people some of the agency and there's not so much. And and that's always good -- delicate fingers that they are jobless protect celebrity's. Yen and will accomplish are aware that think they should. But most celeb resort are more everything's cool what's that's good. All right I'd like to hear from you all out there tell us who is your favorite all time Mardi Gras celebrity coming to visit us. And celebrate Monaco bus in the city new loans to 601870. RE 66889. 087 in you can also text that choice and an 87870. Back with Arthur hardy publisher and editor of the Mardi Gras guide right after the news and you're going to be hearing a lot of that music coming up over the next few days because WWL is your Mardi -- information station you can hear exclusive. Arthur hardy parade previews every morning of the parades at 630 and 830. And then when you drive home at 530 also tell you which crews -- rolling what at throwing. And if there aren't any last minute changes radio's the best way to get that info. You can also check out the podcasts of -- previews on line and are -- digest with your best connection. To the greatest free show on earth right here right WWL off the party is alive with a on the air Kenneth -- join in the conversation a phone lines are open at 60. 187 or 866889087. And the favorite celebrity mom talks are rolling in Drew Brees. Phil Harris yet he was really all in two when he came. Danny today and let's see Milton in Gulfport was afloat Paula and he wants to talk about some of his favorites off the let's bring me -- after they Melton. -- -- -- Great. On -- -- to achieve. Well -- kill -- and this year you know -- gone out to operate apple and that -- market. You got the apple bought out war. Political drama do a great he. Really enjoyed it. I have great examples but still. On organs. Do -- company's seven. Yet when you when you couple that. Only. -- -- go out -- -- would outlaw group. -- well. I don't see is zany as she used to be you know on TV. -- in and that ultimately globe poll out there. You she's good at the vote to all twenty. Upload -- all right. -- I quote you know. And I can't -- -- don't know who wrote it is. -- -- -- the Village People better -- here are. The people that are quote. Yeah. Auckland and you get dirt in an area and -- went through. That you are -- you know what now. I double. Won't ask you this both of you first few Milton which one was the most disagreeable Mobil one that was the most arrogant one you least. Like -- Well the -- pulled to go. Double. A year on the U redeemed itself. You. -- get rid of the public. And later it. But that they. To get out. There -- want -- And -- that. Thanks so much for the memories Milton you got a unique prospective and in a great job are also looking you'd call that the city just. Didn't really except that. Actually are not armed with and so that -- recently deceased actor who was I don't -- Richardson what are that. Battle between much racked -- a world order particularly -- lesions somewhere. Our member that I do you know and he just it was like it was -- wannabes. And here it's in the -- I am probably writing now for the belongs to advocate at Rutgers or come within the next order of torture which shares are. On the economy celebrity's that appeared in in not -- super. -- And it -- -- long as a practical mind to a reading. But there's some of these reporters still there's a big group -- -- Houston and Jerusalem as its. Autry and case are -- still truly heroes calculate Crosby congress -- means of majors costs. Spanky McFarland -- the original arrest Grotrian. But most people can be able America in nineteen. Seven. Red buttons were older entrepreneur she certainly 6 -- -- and a bill to -- Mr. shoulders and never hear it and I'll tell -- a policy test yet -- according students in them and our management and ordered. Sent the engine -- or not. There have been a lot of -- -- they'll want to on every great there have celeb. And it's gone on to look back at some of these -- gotten parades and about resources. And is amazing Hollywood's got nothing on some of those names you reeled off them pretty impressive. So when does that story coming out and having I don't wanna make. You know arm accurate -- be the next four days. And so and that that they're gonna do. It's speaking of them or just gotten out something that they can't -- that pitched terrific market collectors know what caught -- Opel to enjoy these weapons of from Beijing 74 and 1941 just what every rate published. They're called broad charge but to repeat -- four feet which it depicted every float in the parade editor of the -- it was a description. You know letting you know that slow meant. Well that traditions mean back in choppy -- advocates dopey old double Rachel Roberts. Tomorrow museum -- surrounded Parker's. On Monday or fears and probably as a squabble Wilson's in on Tuesday to the wrecked Soviet. You get them what are you -- which you policies in particular were reduced income commemorated memorial are not really ticket street. It is I'd stay with the off that we come back Chris will be up first these online one. Also -- got a question about Clinton to team. Will be -- -- And when we come back Arthur hardy publisher and editor of the Mardi Gras guide get you ready. -- big Mardi Gras celebration right here on the big 870 WW. We're talking Mardi Gras parade exit routes themes. Celebrity monarch with Arthur hardy the publisher and editor of the -- -- guy let's bring increases the conversation thanks -- -- nations issue -- on. -- they -- other known guys that are. I just. -- -- there are opening. Might my dad was the original photographer for the -- -- And now. But -- any photography and now he has done. But that he had done. The pictures -- Phyllis Diller and Barbara Eden. And I remember went with -- was outlook get a little -- and odd that they expect with the what do real like lady. That's arms it is. In between and so mr. strong Arabic sports on -- as well look so secure they're going some people aren't there sure it was -- Meredith I mean I just have a lot of ignorant people decided. To get arms what great position just on you have a local. You know change that option. It's of course this year it got celeb to sort rob -- I think -- area. Think there are here so if you're sure crumpled or organs but. Still maintain the origin so good. You know celeb sites indicate that detachment or if he checked you know people column. The most ought to see. The parade and not just one personal -- It would. Ladies night Wednesday brings some more of those kind of celebrity's -- And I don't know why they go you know -- go back to the well especially on yes I'd like Aubrey there. While I think those -- -- see them Aubrey pilgrim you know gotten the ladies and eight. You know you -- -- -- -- -- back at it you know. I'm sure there was commitment schools and a development and mines with the biography though worse -- Shoot a picture. Yeah you could -- before and after and see who changed the most up better -- you. That are. Barbara and exam I found the -- thank you Chris we appreciated. Off DeSagana texted here's somebody wanted to know about the run out of and -- and this in traffic construction on canal. Wanna know of his goals by on the side of the east and I wish you should know about Younis in the alumnus. Is there any changes because of that and construction. Not to my knowledge are there aren't Merrill treaty at the crews -- Iran prepare for years you much in a coarsely. Ever use somebody says. No there that's anywhere. They belong -- that wannabe. -- also got a text in asking about any streetcar. Changes or at least circle. With the parades and -- I must confess are being you know that's an art to your question under that during their best keep separate groups working as best you can but you know obviously when you have -- Barbecue grows in terms of course -- the Internet to get. -- knew exactly. Well let's talk about Quentin Tarantino movie produced he's USA is going to be in office. Yes indeed and and -- -- -- -- appropriate it's a very theatrical groups of co captain and co-founder. -- more who years currently drama department just order the nationally. According. Ronald program our school and then we director want to cheat so technical -- -- connection. Bitter. And so are accused in a literally have a good time and from what comptroller's another one of those were organized to you know they get here. They're just bowled over while welcoming orgasms in between what chest injury get here and get the middle of the -- while. -- got another Texan here's someone wanted to know about what's the deal with the flam ball carries maybe give us a little bit of the background history in. While this still slam bulls and have they Chan are got a wow football jacket from my high school. With a with a burn mark on and that's where they want to flam ball's. Oil out of a branch of -- begins. They want me restored in the old days the source breaking a seven -- network street. It'll Puerto bloom and incorporate. Was with these torture is basically. Now that simply ceremony something tradition each Lotta competition -- -- compares them. There's just not pharmacy group -- they're due to traditional Lambeau. But put some of the new crews have these heart chat -- -- and of course source -- and the overall. Gmail -- or combo called the court Rambo. And there are didn't change chance for change. What the Lambeau. So are practical question -- sugar receive traditional wearable -- which rating will be Monday night in a pro users. I used to -- that new ones. Actually charters are very. In our -- immunity and bachus in -- and Austria as strong as. No -- forum -- are we should probably put this together with the beautiful. So you -- posters around and actually -- -- -- topic and we give the tonight. -- from insurers or. Aren't so -- -- you know bears that are not -- -- used to be but there's over. Now I don't know what that stuff was that used to -- -- -- -- drip all over the streets I don't know whether it was a -- stuck on a stick. It's a little dangerous and -- know -- care. But the article -- care law which -- down and fortunately junior's children and answers I don't know. Well you know they used to throw money coins to the flam ball -- kind of his tips -- -- -- bend down to pick it up a lot of times it in pay attention a winner. -- -- -- Yeah and and they still do that now but I assume most of what Andy and something much end our announced paper money and of course it's -- Somebody's saying you -- in the Baltimore. Our average student problem I was pander to their sixty. Oh and I'm and still have foreign members of the school -- Our graduate Maurice in 1960 on our air more border so there. Out to be associate with literature or art or problems. When you have been direct it was an -- -- zone must have been another front on switch from our corners are murdered in 1917 and our heart mere seven victory. It took them to weigh in on your group. Always said it took two schools to equal one Rommel. Anyway. I was still there we got one last break come back and I got more questions at a being text in. Will do that right after this time you're listening to our mark McGraw addition -- Friday audition of the think tank on WWL late seventy area. I will wrapping up our conversation with awesome -- in the editor and publisher of the morning drug guys in. I got -- clarification on that does text to -- said the to a student that brother mark and I miss read actually eased the way road he says. Crime mr. hardy was a student at problem are dictated but the way I am reading it's like -- -- was art and other -- So. Much more importantly we have -- minorities in we got a lot of famous musicians abilities and Pete fountain and one of them at UB rotting on teachers expect which. It's shelter in the Rubin producing is going to be there. But would pretty much had orders didn't graduate in a courtroom or -- or seven. Reduce on this desolate -- Graham -- what polls this Sunday until Sunday. Are these can be running with the bandwidth Susan performance of first time. They've ever had so what a remarkable lieutenant junior and it's going to be nice see him out there. Very good -- now won't thrown in by the wanna get out there and give him away even a shout out also it says what happened to dump pot -- to blow. Well our I don't know it was a marketing decision what -- it was always illegal to throw those lanes of the Jefferson. And our international and started working in artist promote that it spurs started off. I another question comes in where will the 610 stoppers. Of GR on him all forms and sort of -- yeah. -- certain network and uses last -- but argues just that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well we've got a lot of those guys have listened to us maybe they are yours Meehan now -- will still here and. You are wonderful group the summoning. Meet new marching group. It's submerged car also wonderful you know all the elevation changes every day. And I got another text they wanted to -- rundown again in the lineup of celebrities that will be in the -- and that Carrie Underwood we talked about parallels. And I got one here and just it's called the armada drug guidebook you ought to get one -- realized it says. That. Is. -- what was so. I think reasonably pacers' -- have sent him. Are you watch much television so some of it is very important as much is so I'm sure does. Other people here and -- you know market. Well -- -- party on the moon. Groovy M and entertainment the wise guys the Bogeyman and LA spice. Yeah and then also the queen is Alexander -- from new unit. Should be one of them. -- -- as the -- of our operations and television program. And that dot org chart that you know which are remember double over. And on real real. Well tell me what is Arthur -- going to be doing a month ago today you gonna become a TV aren't doing -- Chad Brown's line a long long day. But -- look forward -- and its owners once -- start Berkshire. Now that that's that's the way it goes well will be looking forward to senior north I gotta tell you have become. Part of the fabric of monogram. But I mean you know use this is shoot 38 edition of the print publication and I think what people think of Marta -- they associate you with the whole thing. -- means a lot to enjoy -- governor really do its job. Which is under. Super blessed studio apartment you know hot to argue not on bottom. At that Ryan angelenos coming up next is he said the you know. That. Says she loves you. Oh we can't blame her for you being on TV now we've got the about it. I thought that. As always always applies -- Angela hill is coming up next I'll be back tomorrow morning we -- -- dark and only the outdoor show we started 5 AM till seven. All the fishing and -- information you need unit right here in the -- gates seventy WW all enjoy this great weather in enjoy you Mardi -- holiday so Unix.