WWL>Topics>>2-28-14 2:10pm Angela and Ian Hoch: on what to do this weekend

2-28-14 2:10pm Angela and Ian Hoch: on what to do this weekend

Feb 28, 2014|

Angela and WWL local entertainment correspondent Ian Hoch chat about what's going on around the city this weekend. They talk with Leslie Castay about her cabaret show, Jude Borque about what movies to see, and Stan Ripp about the 28th Annual Bacchus Bash.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I really really hope you got to hear the the three shots we just -- on for the last hour I mean. That they just are uplifting and they work hard -- they live beautifully because they. Contribute so much to this community that they make me excited about even the future of the great food world we have. And there again all nominated for the James Beard aboard every one of them should win. But just special people and I appreciated them giving us a whole hour of their time which is very limited and the king cake. And just in the million brought from -- to grocery. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All dressed up. Right off the cover of GQ -- the wire we dressed. Because it's it's Oscar Friday it's and we wanted to have a red carpets sort of day. So we've we've all got kind of dress up and we can put a picture on FaceBook and -- later people wanna see how strikingly handsome we are. Then we can definitely provide debt yes and you know -- and -- -- because we're gonna talk about the Oscars okay that with our beloved yes. Jude Bork who for the first time and I've been here almost six months. Miami and a need to do this is such a thrill and we're gonna -- he's right here in the room and in the next hour ladies and gentlemen we're going to have. An entire hour with Jude and another delightful man who is an authority. On the Oscars and movies and we're going to be talked isn't talking to both of them. It let's start what were they do right now how except if you would be doing this week. Okay. Once I leave here today. I'm going to go back to my house in the by water and a minute try and put together a costume at the last minute for the -- -- ball. And this is one of these kind of smaller crews it's been popping up to lately and they're having a big ball -- healing center on saint Claude and we were they transform the entire space. And some people have kind of balked at this idea this whole wire beginning go to a party the healing incidents like a grocery store and yoga studio like. But date to transform the joint with -- kind of really cool decorations and they have open bars and it's. And it's 25 dollars giving us thirty dollars due to a story in the last couple years that got great DJ's it's a great time. I mean saint Claude avenue just every other is every other block there's a huge party nights we're gonna go to -- -- ball. Saturday. There's a house party that's right on the parade route and -- and -- And I have stayed away from -- mean the last couple years because it's a little too intense for me a little bit claustrophobic out there. But this year I have an opportunity go to a really nice house party. I'm very flattered to have been invited to so I'm looking forward to the infineon experience. Once again Saturday night I'm going to a a fancy private masquerade ball and that's also about that Sunday we are going to go to the baucus parade of course nothing grander than after that. At the high -- -- also on saint Claude avenue Rory danger in the danger dangers. Are gonna play in their a band that always plays Halloween during festivals special events. It's a band -- made up of members of other different bands all headlines by the great a -- and -- So this particular iteration of Aurora and friends is called Rory danger in the danger -- great party band. Our can be at the -- -- late into the night on Sunday Monday. We're -- completely just lay low so that we can save up for Mardi -- -- will go see the crew of saint and rolled about eight or 9 AM might think in the by water. And just blow it out all day man so the next five days are all all programmed out I couldn't be more excited going to be a banner year. I swear you continued to show me how you know how to live you know how to live in hope. I'm flattered lazy handle a whole column not gotten in the possible now it is not what I'm I'm cheering you on. And I know you gonna have a wonderful time but she just looks a very -- thank you very much you don't for those who are maybe not going to go to -- -- over the weekend or even next element with -- all over but some are -- theater. That's what I am trying to say. Continues to explode -- exciting things -- and we are so thrilled to have. One of the truly great talents and our community and your friends -- -- to miss Leisle. Angry and it to your fellow -- -- mr. Ian is doing even better. We'll put the picture and let me tell you we take billboards. Ha ha. Right. Right yeah. Reward. For yet so exciting week -- got a song and to answer to the stars and thousands. And -- -- -- I'll creator is a great coffee. Before that before you well do you -- doing something very exciting city. I am so thrilled to beat retrieving cabaret shadow it's called wet -- and it's. At mid eighty -- which is located you know in the high -- and company building onto the street -- -- on you know hidden gem. Of the -- and am -- that -- meat kick off their cabaret in March to the wonderful program. And kicking off our weekend marks an eight it caption. Should -- don't have to court okay scale up and cry -- you may not eat meat but I need some musical each. You know. It's really great time. I think -- Billy funny entertaining Cong and out a funny story about growing up and a you know ending up on Broadway toward back again I would hate it its story come Burkle and -- I enjoyed -- so much about. Jacket and turner on piano who is brilliant and wonderful and it in and record a wonderful running. Everything about it can amount to get on it eat or dot com. Or uncheck the box office numbers 850488. One sport that you wrote for tickets the cute like only writing Saturday night. To eat there -- -- I hope I -- to one I love that theater. Too I love cabaret and three I think you're the greatest. Well thank you and I think you're the greatest Q it's mutual admiration by -- to combat action front said we're on -- you're right now on the guard and a command Taliban had a little gal pal launch upstairs in my -- -- am greatly he'd like it may pay an arm and he -- Taylor at -- shall they carry on without me up there at. All I'm sure they don't -- a million excuse me ought to go talked Angelo peer. That is there but really it's cabaret is just a great. Anarchists -- great form of entertainment. Really integrate commentator came and I know. How is that that American Idol but -- It's -- just. About it and it. He really. On the board ball it hit a performer and you really get to get to -- why it all makes. That connection to a -- entertainer or singer or actor. -- you'd really learn a little bit more about. You know department performing and he made into bookseller to Ike are back. -- really -- -- and yet it is not my candidate not a camper -- to come on down and it. But on evening it is and I am and -- having achieved its armed. Well I think it's a great story from Gloucester Broadway. It is -- duty to you know broadly -- Can -- well again continued success have a wonderful time dancing with mr. Ian. I cannot wait I just gonna be so cool and hopefully we will see you on the seventh inning. Thank you -- happy every line has relentlessly to everybody. Like them around. And do it. Start Wednesday. Everywhere I. Thank you lastly everyone stay with this we're gonna come back in the house. Jude Bork are moving right after this. This surely is my favorite day of the week not just because it's Friday but because. Ian this year because we're talking about all the fun things happen in our area. And because -- Bork who was our movie person. -- is with this every Friday that this is the first prize is it really went -- yes he's great he is right here and I'm emotional thing. I really am because I have much admiration he loved listening to your voice you know exactly which -- talking about. And you're such a wonderful guy now right vaccine union. Right back to you and I or my fancy for you you think it's for the Oscars but I really Jude was coming on an interest that you're she told me to she said dudes coming in here you better dressed -- -- Even a. -- -- go look wonderful children and I mean more to grow colors today and I thought that was a pro because it's more of our weekend we love more to grow up absolutely he came in -- able. Which was during meaningful it. That was for you is for you think you know but it's its movies. It's morning grown so how about a little bit of both in fact. It's nonstop Mardi Gras and this weekend is a new movie called nonstop. Yes so there are a lot of people out there. If you're not gonna go to the parade in not following in stalking you and nonstop with -- Neeson is coming out and it's -- it's going to be a fun fun fun popcorn movie. A lot of action he's with Oscar nominee. Julianne Moore. Oscar nominee himself. Oscar nominee from twelve years a slave. The -- and -- long ago. And then from Downton Abbey. -- Michelle Dockery they're all stuck on a plane and the air Marshal get the text saying. If I don't get. Money transfer to a 150 million dollars transfer to the offshore account someone's gonna die until the whole plane -- -- -- line I mean what premise how much fun how much action in -- and -- Grab your popcorn and go see I think it's going to be a wonderful fun fun fun today. And I've seen the trailer on -- and somebody gets killed in that bathroom until it's one down Mina -- lot of Intel. Angela what bathroom and that in any airplane -- -- -- not -- -- right they should put a warning on the door you know you had -- and Michelle Dockery. -- for those who play along now that's lady Mary from down -- who is yeah pretty gorgeous I've been on the show she looks great but then also just regular publicity photos and should residents. As a good looking lady so I'm salt I'll be there and anything else is immaterial to see the movie right though. So -- -- our nonstop great fun there's also moving our son of god which is if you saw the miniseries -- -- with hallmark one of the dubbed later on cable channel T they took. The Bible mini series. They edited down and took just the stories about the -- -- about Jesus and they put into movies they repackaged -- that's coming out for. Dublin season that's also denied her for something a little different also in case you went through that. I haven't seen the the producers and the woman who plays Mary Mary to the producer. Everywhere on television promoting it because there's nothing more religious than re marketing a movie and make -- more money -- -- If but speaking of Mardi Gras. I thought that we just make a little list and the invite our listeners to think of what movies had -- -- and it. What movie. India and come to your final. James Bond film IAE -- Is live and let die yes they have Johnson has had to -- live and let die at a Marty crossing into it. What I like all the jazz funeral seed -- fifth. He's standing spotted standing on the street and the jazz funeral comes by and -- very -- leans over and says the sky. Whose funeral is in the guy stabs and he says it's your funeral and James Bond collapses. In front of this jazz funeral and they scoop him up in the casket. And then they start the second line and everybody's. -- and they can down the street. That's classic Mardi Gras -- right there exactly well you know there with action movie called Big Easy with Dennis Quaid Ellen Barkin. Hot steamy sex in that movie. Neville Brothers music in the background. And so people haven't seen it think it's that but accidents who are -- horrible. Dennis Quaid with him and he said. That your your luck is about to change. -- but to say Shaq but it came out share. It was like you know it is mispronouncing the -- the name. Hi. Local. Language person well this is the eighties so you know. Come -- and the way it happened in the 60s1969. Easy writer a lot of people forget that -- the road -- them motorcycle biker movie. They were coming to wall in the morning girl and so if people walked a little more to grow in their movies at home pick up easy rider. There's one Angela you might remember with Clint Eastwood. Tight rope tight rope. It was about a serial killer he was the detective and ENR. The lady here annually in the movie you isn't it okay I haven't seen Cairo honestly haven't but I got to know and. Hello where you are sometimes you -- news anchors who -- played themselves in the movie -- breed and -- I was playing a reporter. Among a team of reporters running up the steps of the courthouse. Clint Eastwood comes out and I asked are there any clues to the murder. That he answers he kept messing up. Selected and it was so long his Entwistle was too. And so I was sucking air about the fifteenth time running -- years and I'm very politely said -- would you like me to ask another. When and -- to break up the answer he was so polite. I look back on that now. How in the world did you -- half a -- Eastwood can give me some act well -- -- -- I don't know but earned nods yeah outlets were well non breathing down. Yeah. Not your professional and they are the professional help but anyway he was very pleasant but yes that had a great run and well and -- -- -- for people who haven't -- they can stream it for today is eighty the quintessential most recent new -- and love story even though the story itself may not be loading. It really does. Grabbed the spirit of the city. And another all of a little older movie the pelican brief. Home which had nothing to do with Mardi Gras but they threw monogram parade in the middle of the French Quarter that Julia Roberts could escape from the bad guy. So there's a lot of opportunities that you can't come down for morning grow and see yourself here. Or you're not some Morales from. You wrath or church points or rouge or Lafayette. And pick -- the movie and it's Mardi -- in the -- Absolutely and you will see I think that's just such an identifying. Mark for New Orleans that even -- -- October. Put in a for a triple that put in the characters and let the people. The characters run in and now. Absolutely -- we love them both we do love -- and I you know I will say again I love to Bork and you know line. Because this man came in today not only to be with us. On this program and our next hour we're going to have a man who is. A movie Oscar historian and expert. We're gonna spend the whole hour and I said we need -- Bork because he knows as much as dismantled they'll be able to sort of challenge each other. But it'll be fascinating our willingness we're gonna talk about glitz -- we're gonna talk about. History of Oscar and then what's happening who who. Everybody thinks is gonna win this year. So thank you -- coming in and he's going to be here for the whole park thanks Jude. Can act somebody just treated in real quick there's an animated film that we've neglected to mention -- -- Mardi Gras scene in which is all dogs go to heaven. If not no I didn't either I'm gonna have to go back and check that out there must have been ninety whoever it is -- -- thank you thank you very much like bush watched a movie can. Everyone stay with us we'll be right back let's go to the newsroom and Don -- Well we are back and we're talking everything money -- Oscars you've got it. On an end. A bunch of people accidents in which with films Marty crossings and on to impart to a double jeopardy with what's your face the actress. That was a good one. Actually he's confident that's it. Think we're what's her face actress king creole Elvis reprint this sort of -- PetSmart somebody says there's three stooges from the -- about Dracula 2000. Candy man. And this is really making me curious -- -- to Texas prison back concede there's a movie about being used and the superdome here it's a lot and that's like a horror flick yes it is horrific it was -- in the superdome is that. It's a please hippies in the suit that sounds great the library and -- -- -- of -- child's point of no return now you've seen me along came a spider. And and -- anymore. Let me tell you though that says. Mr. money Graf who makes the float is probably been in more movies -- how I'm sure then yeah I'm sure that -- right but good for these people to say this is part of our culture and. We should be identified and probably brought a lot of people into real quick savage beast as the TV movie from 1970s. On believable. Is there used to be this big fear about communities and so somebody of course with -- -- -- just. On tonight. You know what again in our our theme of there's beyond things going on beyond just the terrain differently but clearly. Not part of Mardi Gras is a great. Event called the baucus bash. And it is 28 annual and stand for is the organizer of Anthony's with this -- thank you very much for joining -- stand. Hey how are you at I don't know Pataki and Jordan a big trip perk my entire life. Oh my god thank you. Well 28 years of great funnier creating. Well -- it is a good it is a good time and drop for the parade. Yeah it couldn't rule -- it comes down. You go and have a great comet are Greenspan. Who was wearing. We've got a lot music. And free block party. And you know it -- -- response has been overwhelming. -- we had me. It originated at current -- today. And three years ago we moved it over correction -- It -- -- and you know we're just excited to be part of it and just happy that you know we're. Continuing the -- -- Don't you love when I hear things like that you know it started -- cafe which I remember. And evolved and now you're -- generations colony. Next it'll be the down. The their. I hope so but I -- -- it -- a couple of them. But it's again it's free to the public and I mean you pay for during some things like that but it is an open party. It is an open book or anybody can contract and we can calm. We have stayed. Corrected in the middle of the street we have three and -- cat category six and we'll try. People hang out of the downed tree. General election poll taken over as well so people are in the court dark area and by all we have to grant him in the street we also have. On the balcony area there are people that can assert that the yeah yeah area -- People wanna get out of the ground they have credit restrooms prayer they have a private or. It's open bar and food if you could be out or if he gets what shall I am wondering can listen to walk -- somewhere else to stop and say hello I mean it's it. -- -- There -- thousands of people are. Now -- so it's a wonder if I could did you come up with the idea. No actually started that aren't FSA and we were fortunate enough. Once it really -- that area. Councilmen and I. Our started speaking about the move and 23 actually. For years ago at this point. We decided to make that move book and we needed more space. The overwhelming. Support from the New Orleans -- just immense. And we needed more space for more people so that's what -- You know with the excesses as we know how to do it right and we like to -- what else we are. Aware that. He's. And and it's also a lot of work I'm sure you've been working a lot hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the art. It is a lot of work out the right thing to worry. And I'd probably get home until the next day so it's a long day but it. You know it. When you haven't fault you know work and. Now you're absolutely all right well good luck with that again this is this Sunday it is from what time to what time. We start at noon and roll and we are okay and generations tall animals of the things outside and lots of great music and food and you got bathrooms. Absolutely a lot it's a beautiful thing. Thank you stand very very much thank you I stand there will be right back the system VW well. Bullets a wonderful Friday before Mardi Gras and we are -- to enjoy this entire weekend we had a fun thing with Jude -- about. Movies that had to Mardi Gras and it isn't and we get a call from David in Metairie David. There are here I go under ID. Let me. It was -- alleyway. -- is. Governor thank -- say it's ever hysterical Smart. Think I have heard about this what happens and heaven can still go to Mars. Basically we -- Pitches every seller working at this rockets -- the extent and my accidentally. Archer themselves to Iraq in May first slammed down outside New Orleans and -- -- recorded their senior major step in costume and that tanker and another planet and ads and realize. So grandly say about them really realize afterwards -- they were in Orleans and it was Margaret torn right now. On this they figured out in the end. I -- somebody else alert you to act after they get. -- by the way it's that one of the best movies ever made senator making fifty. I'll candidates into one and yet you are wonderful to call with it and we appreciate you listening in this is how we learn. So much David ideals. Bernie Cyrus to one of the nicest people I think I've ever known great music. I can't believe that Colin burning. No why should arguably I think there's gonna congratulate you on -- -- -- goings are happening with you how are you. I don't want. The denigrate yeah immigrant -- -- the step in and it's it's an aggregate I want to outlook that it would change beta at a very very well -- -- And it goes Politico and Margaret -- up -- and Oprah but I'm not really sure that -- what you know about my own police. But the late girls are it's what colonel Don Johnson Sunday to try -- -- -- at the little -- so. All a little bit upstairs door or downstairs or. I don't know to they have music programming youngsters. Yeah they say out -- -- that will be on the main stage at the -- and a permit. Oh. And I look forward to do you know how it's too moderate pro what Santa is the Christmas. You bet your life a home that's poetic I haven't thought about it like that they can Bernie. No Bernie that. Well I just believe Lebanon on every year I get a chance but it would -- done a wonderful time monies. He's really announcements always think they -- -- one around is such a -- And a book that is from the wallets. A couple of bit Louise jukebox calls but are we do all the wallets music that we don't grow and -- ordinary Kato. Out prefer -- which are real -- yeah we do to show well. A global effort and -- it and can't -- it. So you can deal so what are. I wanna see you at the -- -- -- because they're desperate to put it in the edit that it can't wait for sure if. You gonna call me in a semi copping an immigrant talk. I'll Bernie this is great and again mrs. bucket Sunday and it's going to be at Littlejohn saloon. -- 7 o'clock the the partial birth -- -- -- -- timeouts that show looked like a lot down the parade. That's correct. Thank -- awesome thank you thank you for calling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Canterbury and congratulations on being a grandfather again so you know many many people know what wonderful -- sellers it is so good for him and good for. Now carnival time yeah. This gets around me and he goes all kind of events and stuff like that some on television and trying to -- and content in the last couple of days. Which it was terrific he now I think people really very much and spared. You out rates less that was just packed it was really -- you know we were reminiscing about it if I feel like -- was and always has packed. As it is now I think. I don't really know exactly what the rules are what what parameter what threshold you have to cross signal from being crude to a super crew. It's -- technical element that is the size of the floats the number of writers I think that maybe it ally. Mentally to add music -- of -- it feels like a super group ever existed people are. I don't know what it is -- there I mean there's all kind of cool new stuff this you know they had to claim bald female labels that -- went well that we -- it was in the kind of day they had a little bit of a blow up some people were upset on the Internet about. These issues of cultural appropriation things that they handled it with poll plume and the they had the original men planned vote troop -- first in line as a way of kind of showing. It's deference to their that are you know century long tradition of doing that so. Unclaimed ball real well rolling L -- looked great all the floats were incredible everybody do shoes everywhere. And it was a great time -- huge parade and it feels like a super -- enemy and it just feels like the crowds have grown and grown and grown over the years you know what's the weather was really good last night it was pretty economies -- rough. Yes -- hold this thing we're gonna double up here I yeah I think that may have been -- that -- contributing factor last lot of people didn't go out the rates on Wednesday night so they knew they really wanted to get in there NC Thursday. I don't know if you saw the piece that channel forges on. On the women who were gonna do this plan does plan to this game -- they actually were practicing for months. And and they would Wear backpacks. And have to carry they were carrying brooms equally weighted down and it's because they knew that this is going to be happy yeah heavy stuff. The long route to be doing well I saw them at about Jackson which I guess it's just a maybe a little bit short halfway down and they still. They were rock and pumped they did not look tired or fatigued or closed fazed in the least -- -- having great time we chief tradition but we move forward as well I think that's the thing you have to do with tradition if it stays exactly the same forever never then I'd you know -- treat me run the risk of becoming -- latest -- for all traditions. Acting Mardi Gras allows that allows us to kind of mix and match in and in proven polishing change in the -- and do we need to do beautifully says we're gonna take another break but stay with this for talking about what's happening. Well we're talking about all the fun things happening this weekend and as we know eight million parades in the baucus and bash which counts -- on on on. And all the wonderful things that you know along the side -- -- whole universe of things out there and we are both block that you'd Bork here who says yes there actually new movies out. One of them. Which I'm going to go sit on death once it. DeLeon is you know he was constantly minutes. I thought -- is. I just broke my heart yeah. Promote America's his wife had died and a in the skiing accident terrible and it was really made it well and ego for an -- and that that. He is just an amazing and I love the fact that he still gets tribute to her into her memory and her love and to moving forward raising their children. Yes but he feels her. Yeah I was very very touched and he is a great actor and he's doing these great action things and he's not 25. Which is nice yeah it's always nice to see somebody doing -- action stuff after they got out of the prime you know -- years. And it takes a lot of work and he's very handsome and he's very very that was the voice talent in Newman. Diane -- runs the show over a year and a bit of real radio. And Sheen she also loves music. Movies and it is because of her. The Judas in lines thank goodness I know every day I wish people could see -- Agassi is purple green gold all over. We have a couple of other -- that -- so I must mention because. Sport who's starting -- ballistic because it's next next weekend. Over TI for a week and you've got to go over there some -- you know it's hard on both the view but not -- it is like precious little theater. And it's on sale avenue in west we now have been there that they do a great job. And and to start the production perfect winning. And this is put on my objection performing arts. And it's gonna start to marched up and that the 23 so we think -- -- head and also for our Jewish community this is very very big. It's the -- third biannual. -- fast and it's gonna go on from all next weekend and it it's open to everyone. And it's it's really an incredible cultural experience in its. Not just for people who of the Jewish faith people who want to learn about learn about it and it's art culture. Practiced beliefs philosophy and it's going to be all over it's going to be at east synagogue it's also going to be two line temples in science central avenue. And governments and -- university. And it just sounds like a wonderful event and -- the Fed interest yes. It again Friday Saturday Sunday and we are lucky to have Jewish community that we. And apparently all of the -- dogs are joining together. And doing -- again and just hearing Al Green and thirty so again we are focused on this week and we always like. Took a look ahead. Yeah it's it's heart -- It's a hard time to think -- next Tuesday you know I don't remember last Monday I know McCain and we were sitting -- -- -- commercial -- we talked -- last ten years -- absolutely but the important thing is our next -- There are excited about the ambulance that we have not only our beloved. And wait. To hear. It. Eats drinks. The movies but really studies and I'm very very impressed by that but we're also going to have a man John to -- who has written six books on the Oscars to movies. And he's gonna call in and were gonna have. Complete one of the conversation with -- excellent well we can make sure that when we do that we got to -- on paper Jude has we're gonna hold you to task about your predictions next Friday. You got no pro okay century not going to be here in just your favorite. My favorite picture I gotta go with American council. Okay yeah I heard -- here yes absolutely. Not next and -- starts Friday you and I will compare notes that great look forward to wonderful thing. Everyone please stay with that says Jude and John DiLeo will be here have a great Mardi -- Angela thank you utility soon. You two okay. John -- is just waiting with bated breath.