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2-28-14 3:10pm Angela: on the Oscars

Feb 28, 2014|

Angela talks with movie experts Jude Borque and John DiLeo about this weekend's Academy Awards.

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As we gear up for what promises to be a glorious weekend of parades and fun we can't forget that Sunday night means more than baucus. It is a moment Hollywood and all of -- movie lovers wait all year for. Red carpet addresses the winners the losers and the scoop. We are talking about the Oscars. How many of the nominated movies have you seen. You cheering for who has the inside track to carry out that golden statue. Well lucky us ready for the moment is our own movie expert Jude -- He may be -- lower your by profession that he is simply a movie lover at heart. And we have by phone John -- a nationally recognized film expert. And the author of six books including screen savers forty remarkable movies awaiting re discovery. And -- thought you knew classic movies. Called the smartest movie quiz book I've never seen it. So we have some real experts here and we're gonna throw our own Oscar party for the next hour I hope you'll join us just call 2601 point 78. And if you wanna talk about what who you think should win what movies you loved -- all part of this party. Jude and John -- Cuba I think he thank you. So -- to be here my pleasure John you know you really are a movie historian and I'm just curious how you think this year's nominees. -- On other years. Well you know it looks like a pretty good batch of films particularly this year I think -- strong is the quality the acting nominations. The categories are actually so crowded that so many people we thought would be there aren't there. And I don't even think it was because anybody was particularly snubbed I think it was simply that were too many good you know quality choices and some people couldn't make the list. So I think we look back on this year I'm thinking it is quality the acting that will be the standout. Achievement. I'm just curious who do you think. But if there had been space could've been. While the most obvious one I think all is Tom Hanks for best actor in captain Phillips. The movies up for best picture we know they like did and Hanks has won twice before. He's terrific in captain Phillips is one of the best things he's ever done in my opinion and time I think it would've loved to have you know. Found at six slots they could have included him in for whatever reason he got bonds to ensure it was intentional. Perhaps it is the fact that he does that do Academy Awards already made people think well you know Tom Hanks he's had his moment. But that was the most obvious one there was you Robert Redford was left off for -- lost and Emma Thompson for -- -- banks and the Butler -- shut out completely in every category. But I think tanks was the one that was the most glaring. Either you bring up the Butler and that was a wonderful movie and I am surprised that it was -- -- totally. Yeah I -- -- Especially it looked like Oprah Winfrey was Gannett -- open for best supporting actress. You know open you know again perhaps you know we have the most famous well -- -- in the -- well people think well you know she's got everything else. We don't really have to get an Oscar nomination this time around. And you know maybe it was just a little too early in the season -- came on the fault rather than December when most of the Oscar movies sort of -- Prussia theaters all at once and it's sort of intimidating try to see everything that's for whatever reason that's the one that does sort of fell away. Let me ask you John because you have all these wonderful books in this great. The history of Hollywood in the movies. What do you consider the glory days of Hollywood. Well in my. Books -- primarily write about what we we called the classic film here which is against the thirties forties and fifties. Which is another way it's saying is the studio system as well in the movies were made it that you basically factories in Hollywood opens. Stars were under seven year contracts the studios and did whatever and so kind of thing which certainly yeah of course patted down as well -- -- But that period those great story when it changed to you know and sort of in the in the sixties it was sort of dying a slow death and then by the end of the sixties were in a completely different era. With the ratings system and you know knew permissiveness that has essentially been without ever since the late 1960s. But for me personally I think I'd like to write about in my books particularly when you mentioned screen savers. Is the them great under rated movies from that period so I'm not necessarily good guys write about power supply and it's a wonderful life. -- the guy -- writing about the several other hundreds of films that are terrific from that period that don't get the attention I think they deserve. And so just for fun though -- name a couple of that you think should be. Sent out again. Well a -- fitting screens sabres. It's by genre so I've got five great films from each of them mean genres. So for western -- I would recommend -- -- called doubles doorway with Robert -- native Americans that's a very powerful movie. You know it's forty years before Dances With Wolves and that more powerful in terms of the treatment of the native Americans. Comedies and agree to. The original overs in the pocket full of miracles which you may remember from the sixties and Betty Davis with the earlier version called -- for a date from nineteen victory is far better and and actually magical movie it holds them beautifully. You know love stories is charmer called -- -- the stranger with Loretta young and Robert Mitchum and William Holden. A really incredibly charming wonderful movie it's a comedy it's a western it's drama it's got everything -- and people don't really know that went very well so it is. Basically that you get the idea. That is what I'd love to sort of under these jams then I -- so many people love them you know there was someone like me just to say. Eight years when you really take take a look at. Before we go over start with what's happening this year this Sunday. I'm just I'm just curious. I always think of with all the incredible talent that is in this country both in Hollywood and other places that are are creating movies is not just Hollywood anymore. All the talent the acting talent writing talent -- there are still a lot of crummy movies -- and I'm always curious. Yeah I guess because a lot of people are against making them for the wrong reasons you're sort of trying to make about getting you look at what made money last year and you get the green light for something that. Isn't even trying to be good it's just trying to capitalize on something else and will be a pale version of something that already been good to begin. Or you're just aiming at the demographics that don't really care it's just -- movie aimed at teenagers whether it's stupid comedies or mindless action movies. Again the bar's set so low with so many even before they start filming. And it seems to be struggles that you see just look at the nominees you know these small movies that did manage to get made and to be nominated for Oscars something like -- -- When Nebraska. I even doubt spires club and her that they got big count behind them. Still was not easy to get them made -- because they're not you know cookie cutter movies and so it's always been struggle. You know it it's. I guess it's a little harder now because would sit in the studio system days it was more factory like in May they were. On the tigers' schedule and they turned them out faster. But. It's sometimes you feel like it's a miracle and he Goodman. We do have some good movies and now we're going to be talking about this year's nominees and Sunday nights everyone stay with us. John DiLeo and -- for joining us will be like. Sunday night the Oscars and we are joined now by John DiLeo who was in nationally recognized. Film expert. And our own June mark this year we love him because he loves movies and keep us abreast of everything. Hey Angela hey John -- ready. Good to talk with you -- And let me tell you we have a lot to talk on the throw this out first of all to -- Should we be looking for Sunday night. I think we start with our own Ellen DeGeneres she's the host with. The hostess with the most it's -- gets it congress really does she has a wonderful sense of human. Humor. Of humanity of herself. And she believes that it's you know you put out what you are going to receive and to I think she's gonna make it a lot of fun. Poke fun and a few little people but not in mean ways. And I'm looking forward to her I'm looking forward of course to close. And I think that in more than one syllable because there's so many varieties. You'd say it it's starts on one of the cable channels almost at noon. And and it just keeps rolling and rolling and rolling. So it it'll be it'll be from the -- you will have all the glitz of it. And then who the winners and that there's going to be touching moment there's always going to be a surprise. And this year there have been some people who have. Industry has lost recently. Philip Hoffman. Being one of them. That I think that they're gonna have a really nice touching. And more yeah so there's a lot to look forward to. Yeah I agree about it -- terrorists I think should be wonderful it's just what they need. Should be just perfect and and again yes in the last few months especially not to -- Seymour Hoffman but Shirley Temple and Peter O'Toole and Joan Fontaine. I mean for awhile it seemed like it won a legend every week was going I mean it was kind of shocking. It's true John yeah. Speaking for the clothes that I can -- under our articles of you know it's good to see -- we all -- -- the arrow where if you're right you know. Comical out but they've really gone very glamorous light and that's a beautiful thing to city. The long dramatic down and the old Hollywood look almost I think is is terrific. You know everyone have a stylist and you know in the old days I mean and -- -- as a kid watching upstairs in the seventies. They often would do you know you have share -- whatever rate cut and somebody would do something and yet you know attacked for it. But I think once we got. Q do you know elected Joan Rivers fashion police and stuff like that everybody started taking -- much more seriously because they knew it was going to be your best and worst and it just do it got so much more attention that. You know you really have to be a fool not to be very aware of what you -- And it's you know you're in Ford which is not what it was like in the old days. Now that that is right but it is incredible to see which you know is a 25000 dollar original -- down. And then oh by the way she has a million dollars worth of jewels around her neck. Right. Yeah and -- some people Angela make a whole career out of just their red carpet appearances in a closed. They have absolutely no singing or acting talents that I won't name names here but. You know I mean. -- they they make these great great appearances and eventually show on American Idol. This. Like to give those -- if you could do all right guys I think the moment has come on the -- for both of the let's start with best picture let's talk about the nominations and valuable. -- towards jumpin. In terms of what it looks like might happen it's. They're nine nominees this year but it looks like. They're only three it's taken seriously as a possible winner and they are gravity twelve years slave in American consul. And what's interesting about that is that there's so wildly different from each other. That. You just don't know what kind of mood of voters are in or what movies they want to represent this year as they look back upon it. And so he either I really couldn't think of three movies that have less in common with each other. Now right now. It seems to be gravity verses twelve years slaves. And will they do it won best picture won best director. And it looks like gravity is Alfonzo quite alone it's pretty much. A lock for best director that's what it's scenes. And so they go all the way with best picture or split it it's hard to say. To bring gravity favors the fact that one of the directors guild award which. For the last 65 years has been the most reliable indicator which movie is headed to best picture. So that doesn't give it -- -- Against it is the fact that they don't usually pick movies like this you know outer space movies don't win best picture. The only even in fantasy the picture that's ever won in -- 85 years is that that The Lord of the Rings and it took to reach Fries with that again it to get a best picture Oscar. So they didn't pick that was -- as a Star Wars EP. They don't like depicts something that might be considered somewhat frivolous. Not that gravity. It is not a serious story but it didn't get a screenplay nomination which points against it. So twelve uses slave is the most Oscar looking kind of movie in terms of important contents. Historical subject matter. Personally I'm rooting for American hopefuls my favorite of the three I just thought it had more vitality -- any movie I saw last year. You know great acting great dialogue. You know it was a great period to recreate it was funny it was touching it was a sort of gave me everything I could want in. -- a little over two hours. And I totally agree with Harrington it's. A better gravity is an and that it in May sweep it you know it it is day. In movie that's about the car -- in space that's what it is but it. Beautiful and -- his wonderful. And one of the things that may help twelve years it's -- that it's all guessing. But Brad Pitt is the producer chair and he he does bring not only his own celebrity but. He's best friends with. George Clooney and Julia Roberts and a lot of the new generation of -- academy voters here though so that works in the favor. -- things done and Angela that may be shocking this year is some of the best movies make it zero awards and Moore went with nothing to American hustle. It's for all these acting awards but it's not favored here. And it's not David for director it it is truly my favorite also John but it may not win any awards that night. And yet it happened and obviously it's supposed to be like you said you know it is one of it everyone saying oh that's the one that's the important one. But it's knocking get a technical award it won't get a director. And didn't get best picture it may walk away with fuels so and. The once the Golden Globes and observe the precursors to this. Does that really influenced. Boy I'd say it. It -- certainly didn't that and how it does is the fact that you sort of if you start winning at these pre Oscar awards that special of course the televised ones. You sort of get the look of a winner so after Matthew McConaughey hey or Cate Blanchett has been seen winning something two or three times. It makes people feel I guess. You know this sort of -- people would have voted for them in the sense that they get sort of the look of the winners so there years riding the wave they've got the momentum. So when that way it does. Unfortunately what it takes away from my again going back to my childhood usually you get to the Oscars and you haven't seen any of these people except anything until that night. But now if you keep up with this stuff and you know if we expect in the coming here Cate Blanchett wins that they're expected to. You know if you've been paying attention you've already heard them make the real force speeches and it's so hard to. They didn't do for the big ones what happened they that we haven't heard and did they already you know -- -- -- business and you know so in terms of the momentum of the actual excitement about. Seeing these people that has dissipated. While. John -- stay with this we're gonna take another break let's go to the newsroom and John -- We're talking Oscars and were talking with two very special people John DiLeo nationally recognized. Expert and the dancing -- board. And I'm going to think I'm happy I know this is happy hour. I'm in picking your brains guys let's go over the performance by an actor in a supporting role. -- best supporting actor. So I don't -- sure. Well the favorite here is that -- let go in -- spires club and he but he was terrific I think that would be a great choice he's one. Probably most of the pre Oscar awards. It's his to lose but again it could go several different ways. It's not a done deal. You know news of the possible upset could be from -- -- up being captain Phillips. It's always you know quite attention getting when someone who's never acted before makes his first movie tickets and nomination for an Oscar. And that that that would be quite a moment -- and it's happened in the past with. Harold Russell and the best years of our lives and hang answer nor in the killing fields so it wouldn't be the first time. But I think he it would be quite a surprise if -- let it didn't take it. Yeah yeah -- low he had that his role was he did a wonderful job with that. The rule also had just such heart to it yeah I bet you there's so many moments that. Your heart just broke for this. That this person and he really had just a a wonderful full care there yeah wonderful and what about Bradley Cooper. I don't it was wonderful in this he really showed some. Sort of I mean it's in the good way it's sort of sort of ugliness that is his usual night Boise you know manner. Meaning that was the guy who was kind of charming and not stupid but it. You riven by an ambitious in that blinded him to what was right in front of him it was a very uninteresting character witness. This fatal flaw of his ambitions. Allowed him to be duped by those around him but he is terrific job. Nobody's talking about him as a possible winner. -- pushing it up for best actor Lester for silver linings playbook. You know maybe you'll get another shot down maligned but I don't think it's this year. What about let's go on to my best actress supporting actress. Sure this is and -- probably the one category that if there's going to be an upset it'll be in this category. There's two people that people have been talking about and have been winning the awards or Jennifer Lawrence in American -- Who won last year for super linings playbook. And the one that -- people are saying is going to ensue when the Screen Actors Guild award. Is the key. Non go from twelve years of slave. It's her first major role she she did a great job in advertising that you went to the Yale school of acting -- she does he knew. Announce to all the kind of voters by the way I got my chops. But supporting actress is the category that always has. One of somebody from left field that comes out. And surprises everybody. This category this year you have Sally Hawkins in -- jasmine. June's we have. A member of the AARP along with me in Nebraska. That Julia Roberts who gave an amazing performance in August Osage county no one's talking about her. And who knows she might pull an upset. I agree with you about this if any category historically is the one where the upsets happen this is the one. And I I think actually he is there is an upset June Squibb is the one most likely to be that upset her because she's gonna get a lot of sort of affection from the older academy members to seeing -- as a woman who's been in the business her whole life she's 84. She's never had this kind of attention that is obviously an incredible moment for her and it would make quite -- Academy Award moment. For the show and it's unlikely that Nebraska will get anything else it's that looks like this could very well be that moment. Giving it to -- -- I agree she -- really good job in this movie. But she really is and should be in the best actress category because I guess they didn't like compete against each other meaning you know what Merrill Streep who plays a mother. But it's anything Julia Roberts has the bigger role even. So it just seems like it's not really right she should be up in the best actress category. Let's talk about best actress then there's Meryl Streep then in Judi Dench was great -- I'm Sandra Bullock. And then Kate everybody's talking -- Clinton. Well you know -- -- John you had mentioned that she is the overwhelming favorite and it's because of the role and she knocked it out of the park. It's. An amazing performance. Like somebody and we talked about this on the show couple weeks ago. It's as if they had taken and streetcar named desire and wants to law and -- in current days instead of the wall and hatter in San Francisco with her blue collar sister living there after falling from grace. He eats it's a wonderful performance. Yeah I think she's kind of unstoppable -- probably the closest thing to wish you win that there will be on Sunday night. If she doesn't win and they will you'll hear people gasping. Although like you said and I'd love. -- dense and so -- that you extraordinary and I love to see her. If there's an upset there I'd -- -- to come from her. But it seems incredibly unlikely at this point. That but that's how upsets happen don't they John yeah ultimately I think you know before and everybody's like. Oh so and so is gonna win even though I personally would love to see so yeah so. And when you hear -- matter Angela out there. Judy -- and -- mean everyone's talking about her so she may be someone that if you're gonna put the money on the side doors. In my view and. OK I want everyone to stay with us we'll take another break and come back best actor and best song vote yes we'll be right back. We're talking movie is the very best of the best with John DiLeo and -- -- Oscars Sunday night let's talk about best performance by an actor. One I think right now Matt McConaughey is out front as the favorite to win it and -- that makes me very happy because he's my choice -- thought he was sensational in doubt spires club. He's definitely my choice of violent voting I'd vote very enthusiastically for him. It is a competitive race the only one among the five who I'd say it doesn't stand a chance as Christian Bale in American consul. But the other four guys you know anything could happen although it does look like -- -- fairly safe. I do have to say that one movie in the among the main contenders that I did -- with a passion is the wolf Wall Street. So I would love to see that gets -- -- everywhere. -- John we have not met. I. -- telling it looks aren't everything in and I feel like you're my -- living in different city I totally agree with you put in my department the wolf of Wall Street and I would say you know I really want to see in movies that have a lot of the obscenity had somebody. Snorting Coke off a problem in three year. I mean that's with the early hours without. I'm not that bi curious okay. So yeah it's Leo it was I think in general Leo was a very good actor for -- and waited for this would really make me throw something in the televisions so. Yeah I'm rooting for a -- country. The John what has made you throat. Something at the TV in the U you've been watching like I have since the seventies that we have. What has made you throw something at the -- I think that most angry moment I've ever had at the Academy Awards was one crash beat Brokeback Mountain you -- -- -- That was the worst moment. In academy history and will go down as one of the great embarrassment as time goes on. And it took a couple years -- and watch the Oscars -- to me a couple of years to. -- get over that one. At that and to what happened that year to background is Brooke -- mountain won everything every week everything. And it was the overwhelming favorite. Roger Ebert however decided campaign against it and so did Oprah. And for whatever reasons and the homophobic. Voters at that time said well. We're gonna get an out and crash it was their out. And yeah it was in -- Jude who you -- -- for best actor without McConaughey also real for noted that performance is also in true detective Arlen. Super I an agent with talk about it later on -- -- Brilliant on that too I agree -- she's wonderful. But you know I'm just a regular viewer and I'm not certainly is entrenched as you all are I think he is just doing a wonderful thing with his career he is to -- a very. Great roles that are away from not on a cute handsome guy that's you know can be light -- he's doing some serious stuff. It's true it's been one after the other he's just been -- -- good currently as you said on true detective on HBO he's phenomenal on this this drama. But it's been the last two or three years each thing has been a little different from the last one and he's suddenly that's really interesting character actor actor just being. Kind of you know goofy attractive guy who could -- -- -- off that seems like that's all over. And now in his forties he's decided you know I'm pretty good -- this so why don't I actually stretch my talent. You got shirt off and stretch in the same partner. So and hey John screenplay who are you picks adapted. Adapted. I think. In this is the one I'm gonna go with film Mena I think they're gonna pixel -- Even though I guess twelve years of -- would be the favorite because of the best picture proximity. You know that that the favorite there but I am thinking since student is unlikely to win since the academy have loved this movie that's what everyone says they're loving it. Screenplay would be a great place on her. To spill it out org original. -- -- think I'm Marie from the console you know I liked her and her it seems to be a race between her and American consul. I'm really hoping is not looking good for American council and so many categories that at least let them get screenplay. Stay with this were not finished this is Angela into the W well. All right our last two minutes. In our Oscar show John -- thank you for everything you have done -- Gorky worked yet you know that and together you are incredible. We have have we have not talked about this song so let's do. OK that is going to be the most competitive three move -- three songs that are up there you know yet to ordinary love to -- that you two had really heard it. Letting go has over a 110 million hits -- go from frozen lovely song. But as your. Then leading into happy from despicable me too is the most catchy song ever -- so I think that's going to be on everyone's. -- to welcome there. And -- as the number one song in the country it is yes. I'm John. Well I mean that. I'm definitely not up on the song I have to admit but I I get from just when I'm hearing about that let it go with those sort of animated power -- always seem to do look like a charm so I was thinking that might be the winner but that's what you just -- now which. The influence of -- and watch for a the best costume. If twelve years of -- wins that cost him earlier in the night I think it can be an indication yet picture. It did get the -- -- Beth costume for period piece. So it will just enough from each of how do you watch the Academy Awards. I prefer to watch them with a few people as possible and so he can hear the show. It's it's it's counsel and have an Oscar party and to you know get together in and it's usually you realize after ten minutes it was a mistake and you should be watching it and silence that you could enjoy -- And this year it's gonna be with the baucus separate battle it. Oh let me tell you that to -- -- dynamite I thank you still very much I kept. Tabs on what you're saying yeah they -- -- call back some time but thank you enjoy your Oscars enjoy your Monte dropped. And everybody have a wonderful wonderful weekend now the news.