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Sports Talk 2-28 4:20pm, Bobby Hebert

Feb 28, 2014|

Join Kristian & Bobby as they discuss what's going with Jimmy Graham now that the Saints plan on using the franchise tag on him.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Into the -- chief Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on WW LA anathema dot com welcome back to sports talk Kristian -- into the big chief Deke Bellavia cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and of course Bobby. The big news today Saints will use the franchise tag on tight end Jimmy Graham ahead of Monday's deadline ultimately the right move here. Now wait -- it which franchise tag memory don't know yet okay see that can make a difference in. The bottom line is that's why the franchise tag. Was -- -- you calling -- in a became about with the Clinton why do -- -- -- -- protect games. When you have great players you you wanna keep great players solo. That was really a no brainer the Saints had to do this. Whether Jimmy Graham is with the Saints long term are. They weren't column a some great trade that would been -- and benefit -- bowl the Saints and Jimmy Graham he will get a long term deal done I would be shot. Put it to you this way if he -- cheer 2014. Season he played and their franchise tag. What are getting a long term deal done whether it be with the Saints -- with someone else. On the next step is we expected Jimmy Graham will file a grievance with the league illegally here is case and then they will determine whether. The tag will be applied as a wide receiver or as a tied in so. It is safe to have an opportunity to go back and tag on it right you won't be afraid -- there was a story out there I thought today he might. The only hit -- -- -- tag wrong that's not gonna be the case now ultimately. You feel like a deal will get worked out between the Saints Jimmy Graham long term before training. No I don't know. That's everything that I think it could be like drew resent that every season. He's like just give us -- skip out and hold out you know as I like it -- pull Bobby Hebert in 1990 and is the whole season going as. A lot more common sense in that. I mean no the -- money that he would make it one year is that stupid and you but he could be you know -- and get bitterly to the last. Possible data show up. You know what I heard they might be -- late mid August late August before you start getting fine and I and and all that stuff. But no so they will get worked out now it's the difference of about four and a half million dollars for a five million my and the standing. Between a wide receiver franchise tag vs a tight end. Now my now also my understanding that it is the NFL's gone by now with the Saints thing now would Jimmy Graham and his agent thinks. But there -- a committee are in the NFL. They kind of go by the previous season. Like or where do you play where to have a certain amount of snaps. Now it was -- thirteenth -- his snaps were. Largely there why are you were not a doubt -- so that says definitely benefits a -- down they go by if you line him and his slide. Or if you lined up wide. The -- traditional tight end position you right by the tackle. -- l.'s only a third of the time -- to say it was like 67. And I have percent 60%. But he was in the in the slot a line out wide so that would never deadly working Jimmy's been -- -- as far as more. Money in his pocket with a franchise tag. The cajun cannon -- -- very back into the news of tight end Jimmy Graham being franchised tagged -- will be franchise -- at a Monday's deadline. Here on sports talk WWL and body shifting gears a bit too NFL as a whole. Leagues considering expanding the playoff system from twelve to fourteen teams really the first seed in the east conference would have a first round by you like it or not. Well I like -- of the Saints -- -- a number one seed last yeah a hole like that that that'd be awesome but. This review good expanded. From twelve to fourteen teams. Just face value is like well I have the league makes the playoffs they run the risk of being like. Other sports leagues the NBA. But so you know how you -- bat malice then having the fans Woody said the is as far as being fair. If you gonna go to fourteen teams go by the record. So we do have a seven and nine a playoff team they're not that they're never of playing at home. They got to go be road Warriors -- win on the road for instance like of the Saints where. Eleven of five in that -- a wild card team and as Seattle is seven and nine they went division so what. The -- if you should go by the record then -- you can maybe except. The expanded playoffs all I know is that Roger Goodell once this. And he's really wants to push this. And I think you'll be you'll really have to twist all owners arm you know why there's more money yeah. It's like more television revenue or negative sell -- game yes some of that. Saw I would become almost shocked it does doesn't passing go for twelve -- fourteen teams. Maybe eighteen game regular season schedule until about with the sporting team playoff run is this is are you concerned about. -- watering down. Competition. Into the level of play. Know that well as far as that no matter really if if you wanna do it's fair like I said goal by the racket. I mean if you gonna go expanded to fourteen teams. And only. You know you -- and -- and that's a great reward eight you won a first round by beating number one seed. So instead of having 41 round -- as you'd only have two. And a below we'd love to watch more full ball they're better. But I still think to me it is that. -- goal by the record because you don't just play within one -- to a one division. You know like we gonna play the AFC north bench area eulogized play. NFC Sal teams so that's why I think you have to go. If you got the better record and figure all the tiebreaker you're putting your holes the game at home. And not having Daniel ball -- Not that extreme but let's say even a tennis sixteen having to go. To a team is and and and travel that team it's eighty Nate. You know make them travel and develop -- record. -- in baseball back actually died a three game series start and with -- tonight at the box 7 o'clock first pitch right here on WWL 630. Pregame the Smart guys coming in -- To face the LSU Tigers in -- as their first series of the year because of the Ivy League rules the -- so all of that it's a good it's a good. It's a good policy measuring stick but. Two weeks from today they opened conference play against Vanderbilt so you can see the conference scheduled start opened up for the old tires and they play well even though come off -- be lost. Well yeah and I think. When you look at it as a coach and an area. Has really respected Ivy League and given them -- bone and you know playing different universities where you truly have the student athlete. And in this is like to be the highlight. Of their career can imagine you're Yale baseball -- you get to play and Alex box stadium. One and agreed this you know venues of if if you look support and nobody gets better than LSU I -- year in year out. These that's about the final but it is it's unbelievable. When you look at L he had to have and have not to L issue. Is in -- league by themselves as far as attendance and Yale players to be nighttime balusters on the you'll never experienced in College Baseball so. -- you wanna get back on a winning note obviously a charting game losing to Louisiana Lafayette. But you want to be clicking on all cylinders so come congress plane is just around the corner. Body Avant had his talking about the pelicans riding a five game losing streak I haven't had the time to pick your brain on it. And is a team has been devastated and decimated by injuries. You can't look past this year because of that. Well. Yes and no the -- look -- Anthony Davis. You know how serious his injury when he's coming back. And you look at. The rule war is -- -- to become and trying. A break that losing streak. But -- in his professional sports having you -- in the past. I think anytime you on the 500 that's -- And and this season the way the west that -- how tough it is you can have a reckoned better have 500 instill the idea a playoff team. But. I don't build their big moves until still taking a wait and see approach. As far as -- -- dense enough money Williams. I would think. And then Mickey Loomis in the Saints and as the -- and I'll probably. With ten maybe. To lean more Dell Demps there were going to be changes and maybe changed -- coach. But who knows it might Jim Mulligan in and have another year but if if if it ends like we think is gonna end and doesn't look too promising them. And you look going today cheer him how really they'd be no expectations. Assembly based on what you did the previous year. You look up Anthony Davis said the best and the brightest young spot in the league right now. Then nothing you have to win then you know it's over I'm gonna get something done but. I don't know that I've ever seen about swat team whose team the Saints and you know they'll also running backs that one year. But looking at the pelicans right now but they've been snake bit in. I just don't see it happening you know two years in a row so they might give them all again and given -- season. Happy anniversary UN Joan have fun tonight and have. Fun this weekend enjoy the -- money operates you do anything special night. I just kind of movie. And nice meal in in -- you know path that. Well you know obviously not an easy way of a funny thing KG can anybody there thanks so much enjoy your weekend this is sports talk on WW -- anathema -- And after the news headlines we'll take your phone calls -- Joey. And you to a 260187. Neitzel -- 86688908. So he -- text me at 87870. As you heard in. Accomplishment Bobby -- good move by the Saints the franchise tag tight end Jimmy Graham here's CBS news of the.