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Sports Talk 2-28 4:20pm, T-Bob

Feb 28, 2014|

Join Kristian & T-Bob as they discuss what's going with Jimmy Graham now that the Saints plan on using the franchise tag on him.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The NFL players association confirmed 12014 salary cap set and a 133. Million. Dallas. Gary Ricky Gary Joseph Joseph Hank shot Luke and Dustin sit tight I got to bring in. Michael -- each and every -- double covered 69 AM. On freedom well thirteen fifty and three of to a thirteenth at that down well. T -- it's official the franchise tag officially on my name's Ingram not surprised by the move is that a good move. Yeah I mean obviously figured he would do. I think. There's no way you're Edgar free agency. It's not like we talked about this morning. A double coverage. When you stack Graham statistically. Against -- top receivers definitely. -- out forms all. All three yards over the last two so yeah obviously not one. Way. The NFL considering expand in the playoffs twelve of the fourteen teams. From twelve to fourteen teams number one -- the operative by you like it or not watered down competition -- of the league. A look at it on the waters down the competition not that you make it more I -- Everybody looked all right -- it was a ball everybody. I've been hard -- -- -- -- ball and nobody it'd be the -- -- about. Another playoff game to rejoice and -- -- I think about the excitement of getting the number one -- -- on you know it raises the bar they -- -- can get their precious why can't figure help the rest. To do all the things you need to do to prepare. For those last three weeks in the season. -- about this is quick and easy meant you can program. About you out. -- and -- and have a good weekend and enjoy yourself what's that. You were partners Yemen. Pillar at that -- Steve I'll -- Monday morning right now. If there are I Peabody -- I back to the -- ago Gary and punted to. You on W good Gary. Yeah. -- lot and we got there yet. Good leg the Brewers note. There's probably. Allegiances. I think we ought to use -- ran. -- you know as much -- and -- But that means the draft picks and players. That we need all liars you know we got there yet we sure are you glad it's. But it all players. It would not put in a long run which. While I'm out in on kind of short on words on the Kansas -- -- stuff in the trade possibilities. And that you know I didn't put my my opinion out there at all actually. No and are kidding I'm kidding it's on line Fauria at WWL dot com. -- His value -- higher and I thought of this yesterday. His value is higher now to the Saints did it ever would be. So. It's worth my concern athletes -- legitimate one. If you're paying. A tight end. 1213 million dollars a year on average. Where does the rest of the -- suffer. Where does the rest of the team suffer when you Marty got a quarterback making and rightfully so a franchise quarterbacks that that that's the market. That's the going rate. And and he's a player that affects. Your offense each and every polite. And you know he's so so. If you paying those two guys that in -- net that much space salary cap space. What suffers any team now. You can get value for me it also. Free up money. So I mean I kind of here we go on Gary I don't just get it. -- know exactly where you're going. The problem is. In my argument. 12015 at the TV contracts kick in the CBS. So it goes up. The salary cap goes up how much of of a percentage. Will those two players there's a lead up then. -- about an hour talking about this morning at one -- he's he's gonna happen and I agree with -- is now the quarterback to -- and -- up even more money because it's good news anymore money out there. So it's still gonna create. Some room. But it's also gonna create opportunities. For the quarterbacks. But. The value is what's attractive to me. In Jimmy Graham. His value to what he can potentially bring you. In return and also. The money and we can -- spend that money. Dustin and bush you're on WW. Know how many -- the Arab League I'm not saying. It wants. I believe we. Cannot believe. There. It is just channel. Both the top and then today and ago. Got a little operator who battled to a good start in the future. I don't know if everybody -- exhibit when you know. Stop in this. He stopped play and half of the season. You'd get all the game and what not ridiculous. That -- at all. But I'm not saying pretty well you know. But we beat them up properly regular -- and say well. Are you better with them are you better with them. Absolutely they are not are they but. Could. You get better without him. With money. And four players. -- would you -- You're that. Far and I'm sure in what maybe -- where it -- So I mean it's gonna have to. Have your question you get your game that would yes. Yes and no ego. And I'm not I want to be clear on declare. I'm not saying -- he shouldn't get paid he should he earn that money. I just questioned whether it should be who want the Saints being -- doing the paying. Like I I thought they got it we ought to do you get a purified. And Saturday -- You validate my point for yeah for me. Thanks doesn't look in the world on your on WW well. And on and think and I think that Richard. Untried and -- the right there because. It it freed up some more time pressed to get -- Give them but you know the contract he wants and something OT. You know mutual interest for those -- sanction him. Yeah I'm in a perfect world that's what's gonna happen. Right and here are gonna be beneficial to be beneficial to the Saints and Jimmy Graham and listen. You know. What's unfortunate about it is. Is going to be all this attention focused on contract talks. We -- organized team activities win. The team comes in her spring conditioning in the draft in. All that stuff it's gonna be the common question last. -- any progress on Jimmy Graham what's the latest when he may have -- -- -- asked about it. And and at some point at some point. And it's gonna get to be where. It I think it Drew Brees contract negotiations. Were a distraction. Here now. -- issue was a bigger distraction. -- out there -- I mean that that locker. And a hole that victory. Gave a second. Cheater while he got -- wouldn't classify that as a holdout. Clean it and the contract talks just took too long ago. I mean and -- out Al Turk on honesty as we are -- Thank. I think that -- Ingram are very hot and dale and -- think that changed my. Release more this season just to get any time you've been injured last season had. He you know -- producer -- our -- -- some excitement in him. And so I mean that would -- -- first. Free agent cornerback -- do you like. It may be -- for Brent Grimes or. Dominique Marty. And. I -- they just don't know this the franchise tags because seven million dollar drop the top. -- -- -- Which. Increase. -- increased cap for the next couple years. I can't think bookstore is much better programs. Early -- -- Cameron Jordan. There aren't garden and then L com the mean every team goes through it everything it's it's. -- -- Partly it's just part of it and the games partly. A pay players yeah Luke thanks for the ballclub -- -- 260187. Neitzel 3866 and 89. 087 me Ricky saint Darius. -- Clark is a Clark Kent. The -- -- and you dig it. Bobby on a -- It's sports talk on WW well.