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Sports Talk 2-28 6:10pm, Jeff Palermo

Feb 28, 2014|

Join Kristian & Jeff Palermo (WWL.com columnist & LN Sports Director) as they discuss what's going with LSU Baseball this week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do it well don't write sports talk here sever five. Kristian -- into the big chief Deke Bellavia on WW well I am FM and dot com Tony moments -- things off to LSU Sports Radio network hellish baseball. Take on Yale. Gave one of the three game set with the bulldogs 7 o'clock first -- pregame coverage starts again at 630. He heard there in the sports flash from mark Menard. Tight end Jimmy Graham franchise tag today by the New Orleans Saints. Could move. 2601878. -- 03866889087. In. Text me 8787. Body in the Ninth Ward you're on WB well. -- -- Hey I'll. -- -- Be that. Are. What -- say. Equally. Great all. Day. But. That would. -- don't you know. -- it looked like it here. It out and it -- I think coming into my ability to actually you know there are certain. But it really gave -- retain their a game like we always. Possible although I don't. -- -- I disagree I think it's I think it's great negotiations. It's just such a power move. In such a powerful trump card to play. Because of the way this franchise tag is is is laid out for the organizations. It's so powerful because eventually. Jimmy Graham is gonna start the more you start thinking about it I'd get a deal done so as not to come off his demands -- awaited drive the price down. I -- it in the neighborhood. Come in the right ball park Jimmy Graham and that's that's basically with the Saints. Well what would it allows the Saints at -- come play in right ballpark you're in the twelve million dollar neighborhood were in the nine and have ten million dollar neighborhood. Let's meet these deals don't get done until until deadlines and in the Saints are not. I ignored as Jimmy Graham on any kind of a deadline right now they saw what we we've seen this movie play out. A couple of times. Especially we saw just a couple years ago. Two Summers ago we Drew Brees doesn't concern me I think gonna end up getting a deal done honestly. Before too long. Would be July I will be June will be August I think you deal gets done. I don't believe is right there look at it that we I mean like. -- that contributed. They'll not only because they really easy double -- -- that. Me seeing. Him that it really. Great idea that we want to live there. -- -- -- -- And it did and it -- -- -- all. -- -- -- -- Hitting. It he's been here. I'd definitely. Been coming in there for me. I just need to be always on the play of that he. Yeah you Watson and closely enough then because -- think -- fumble around I think it's great negotiations Jeff Palermo. RWL dot com columnist joining us now toggle LSU baseball real quick. They're back in action in midweek loss to -- back in action this weekend against Yale. Two weeks away from conference play against Vanderbilt -- so ultimately still some tinkering in that lineup and and that put their pitching staff. Yeah well -- the -- -- to watch this weekend. Especially one. Cody -- and -- Boldin. Start their respective games. Saturday -- and it worked still trying to figure out. And -- ball and they're trying to figure out who's the weak rotation beyond a clear goal in the year starter on Friday and at the battle between Al -- -- glad. And give up but it -- George culture has been in the other kid is he. Ballot for that. Spotted well in it today we're gonna beat. Are they were atmosphere and all but then tomorrow can make -- ball phonetic article on Sunday. -- -- You'd get about you know to ride but -- to start -- you can make the argument that in his two starts in its. May be faced the Cuban team that Ellis -- It's against the or great against this year's southeastern Louisiana. In any also -- the court the raging cajun. That stat. So you get a McCants who -- -- -- that we get in. We'll see how that how that works out form and it. And then of course. Position battle goes well it's still being played out. And Kramer Robert lockdown the second great position he will coach Bob -- figure out a way to get -- really back out on the field. He had a three run homer last week and so. So a lot of figure out what Estonia a few more games left -- You know it gets weak it is -- -- -- -- the three game series against Yale. Ellis he should be able to take care of business the next week they got five game. It's a five game week we can -- to. The conference opener a couple of weeks Roberto. A lot of tinkering pulmonary cryptic around the the battle for that we can rotation it's a big thing. Jeff -- lets you back here Friday night pretty quickly here but what do you like. In dislike maybe two things you like and dislike about this baseball team in nearly going to maybe is not to things that you dislike it's kind of hard at this point. Well I think what you like is the pitching the pitching has been pretty impressive. That for the most part again it other -- about it and haven't been and it is great but. He got picked it pitching wise this team seems to be pretty solid you know what was the shame about that extra inning game that we never got beat. You know some of these guys and that in the bullpen but Kirk -- the marker board. Give them an opportunity to go against a pretty good opposite team and agent to agent because that game got shut out. In the sixth inning because of light and so it would have been a good cap for the back into that bowl -- against the pretty good hitting team but. Well count right now it that the good pitching held opposite. I think offensively. -- -- -- Obviously there is there a bit of a lack of power -- -- going to be hit really all I'm not -- I think. That will be a bit of the concern as the season goes and now -- -- probably leave. Too many runners on base as it is now on -- Albert -- I think that that's there to bounce or that guy who's gonna hit Alex right that's going to be. So -- because forty. The season double what it is -- asking -- -- -- -- a reliable number four hitter. Then you know. Other -- just gonna walk out Sprecher could probably do whatever you gotta find somebody at Indy. Reliable hit behind a pregnant is pictured he's he's good pitcher. WWL dot com columnist Jeff Palermo went thanks a bunch for give us some insight on LSU and of course conference play opening for the tires two weeks from tonight against Vanderbilt on the road. Thanks a bunch of time we appreciate it. Our locker and I -- in mid city you're on the WB well Jeff. But. It that would -- a unanimous into the zone it's all good no matter -- you're you're in the Big Easy in New Orleans. This is real quick I just want to comment -- mean if we don't. Sure offensive line it doesn't matter who's going to be -- and hopped the ball from Brees I could have come much that's all the little stuff that happened that. -- seven sacks a year ago. Yeah yeah and it's we -- -- -- I. The -- go and -- and -- -- go let him go -- and I go and get -- -- recently let them go with no nothing in return. Well or you would get in my pocket money Williams got we'll wait and so just let them go -- free at the money. So wait let me -- back up for saying it does make sure I'm here -- -- right so and I'm not a very Smart man I -- on -- on -- -- So just let him walk. Well you get money would be you'd look and they'll let him walk -- nothing in return. It or not -- -- other -- enough times -- a cut enough and dizziness and let him go. Then I mean now I'm I'm pretty I'm pretty moron for suggesting that they trade him but now be even more mama Rockford is let him walk. Don't know. I mean you know first round draft choice. We maybe we can get a good up and -- think that really is the most important thing is essential to get a good offense as long. Because their big guys got ready at that age well. You could tell in the last you know part of the season. That -- would really have trouble blocking and you know keeping people off four birdies. I mean. Can't disagree or they certainly could use a couple of offensive linemen and -- line in 2000 -- -- those two big guards and Carl Nicks and Jahri Evans Jahri Evans -- here. But me and those guys. -- in the pocket. Allowed Drew Brees the club and -- pocket launch the ball down the -- Big time powerful 5000 yards passing. Three straight years. And ranks. Sports talk on WW well.