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03-01 12:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 1, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But this is the jambalaya voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And this is the big 87 EW WL and WWL 105 point three FM and WWL 105 point three FM HD one. And WWL dot com. Is that enough. I think so you can probably curious if you -- find you one of those. And it's time now for the food show every Saturday afternoon when there's nothing else going on. At least. Over broadcast the -- nature. But they let me come in here and we talk about food although you know since it's the my -- into Marty grove big time now it just doesn't get any bigger than -- today. Tomorrow will be just as big of course Mardi Gras itself is just as big but I would say these three days there are the peak of Mardi -- country you know that. So while we can work in some thoughts about that one of them is the food of Mardi Gras. And all you can think of is king -- right. I think we -- -- have more. And I I don't have an answer to this. It's something that's been on my mind a long time. But I keep thinking that there ought to be some major food event that goes on. At Mardi Gras time. Because mostly what we eat. On Mardi Gras is the worst food we eat all year long with image that there are people who are exceptional. For example my wife right now. As we speak. Is in the kitchen a movie here at the cool water -- I usually am on Saturday. And she is in the kitchen making -- -- of -- -- For a party she's going to this afternoon and so we we do get the local stuff. But seems to me that we don't lose -- get into it enough. I keep thinking. That might be wonderful to have an organization that puts on a really huge feast. On Mardi Gras may be more to grow evening. When nothing has been going on. And everybody's rested up -- you know by three U clock expire. Anyway we talk about that or about anything else if you wanna talk about just regular recipes -- a regular restaurants I would be happy to do that that's the whole idea -- the program. We talk about food we talk about whine about cocktails but buying food at the store but growing your own food but cooking it. But fixing pitches that didn't work out right. But good restaurants and bad restaurants and all in between. That's with the show was about. I would say that we live we are very lucky to live in the city that can support they show us. Because I can tell you that they're a very very few of them in the rest of the country you might hear one that goes on for an hour or 21 Saturday or Sunday. But this one goes on six days a week. Three hours a day. And we've been doing it for over 25 years so way that's the kind of city you live and that could have that. 2601872601870. Is our number love to hear from you. Anything we have had anything good to even -- the parade routes this is the thing that I didn't. Beating a drum about for a long long time and I think we're making a little bit of progress but not very much you. Passed by the food boots I blunt Roy we have work downtown and so albeit by Colleen Colleen is leaving telling USA something to everybody on WWL. There you go. When one of our visitors my wife's sister's here is hanging out with this. And leaving apparently. Where it was -- yeah well okay well along the streets. It seems to be we ought to have much much better food than we have. What we have for the most part. Are people who have businesses and I I have nothing against this news god bless them for for thinking of us in coming here. These big trucks these things that did that pull up to -- the corners of -- trysts and saint Charles avenue and all ups and Charles avenue in camp then and run delay -- -- canal street in all around the of the -- -- -- really. You have these people who come in the talon. And and self things that they were. It's exactly the same menu that they sold when they were in Houston last week and when they were in Oklahoma City the week before that. And and in Albuquerque the week before the Des Moines, Iowa the week before that and they just go all of the country serving the same things you know funnel cakes and hot dogs and and hamburgers. And polish sausage and all those things that don't really. Aren't really -- -- Owens. The issues. And we have very very few real the world's food and I keep coming back the same one this to me. We don't have fifty stations. Up and down the parade routes. Selling booed and focus. Eddie who doesn't love that and beat and you would tell me something that is more local than that. I don't know where there's a little bit of it but not very much if you spotted such a place. Along the parade route. That is selling. New Orleans or cajun food -- creole or cajun food anything for -- here. Call me and tell me about it tell me where it is tell me what they're serving. And will give them a boost so weakened you know get more of that maybe I would I would love to do. It debut are you telling me that I need to take a break. Oil and we want to take that first date net we have that first on the lot on would you say -- met. I'm -- Matt. First it's an interest in last thing we have their -- first welcome to our show. What about the -- -- that the urban and on on -- I knew the dubious. It was reported that though it was mostly what I'm doing out there and pin code green on prop. Yeah. You would rather have you. I have I I haven't -- the year but I've had that at a few other restaurants around town. It's potatoes and -- huge pleas in the duties on Dewey was there. Yeah -- and I ever -- that was actually Bruce arts thing but it it is popped up here in the area and other restaurants around town. Basically what you do is you make here if if that's what your interest and how to do. Yep absolutely. And he had that I wanna make. Oh yeah it's it's fantastic it really is. Puree. Some bake some sweet -- sports just put him in the oven and bake them until they're soft all the way through and then. You know who -- all also once you when you do that they're very easy peel you know it is the stuff comes out. The ultimate gizmo. For for doing the next step. Is what is called food -- which is an extremely. Useful tool that very few people have. And it's made in several different ways if you were to go to restaurant supply store like that here restaurant supply which is open to the public anybody and asking for a food -- Don't know exactly what you thought it. -- MI LL. And the -- take the potatoes gonna chop them up in the chunks you won a nice and soft to begin with pretty much fully cooked and maybe even a little beyond that. You put into the food -- term global crank that's on it. And what comes out the you have to shoots. When one version of it anyway. One is pure day with absolutely nothing in you won't find this grapples and you want any funny little hard piece is there any of that. He'll be perfectly smooth. And all the junk comes out the other issue. And and you start with that and then use the chicken stock. And just or any other kind of stock I would think you know use of -- stock he could use of pork stop thinking chicken stock. You can also do a vegetable stock but you know how to make a stock. OK well -- -- OK so you have your chicken stock. You on you had the sweet potatoes to this you'd take the -- credited to discs I would microwave that's where you could do within the pan. On but microwave it is another way in paper towels to soak up some excess fat until we typically has a lot of fat in it now I think some of it needs to be cooked out -- -- can have a very greasy soup. And then you put it in there the on do we alone will give you all the pepper you need. Your you might need a little bit. All of us salt in the air but I would do that very gingerly could you get some of that out of the unto me as well. And then -- it's just a matter of adjusting it with. You know you pulled Tabasco and there you could -- At some point early -- the in the process. A little bit of cognac brandy would be good little taste of that. And and that and then -- just you know put heavy whipping cream just poured in and whisking together. And they are you or I mean it's it. Enough stock to give the super consistency it's it's pretty simple. Yeah. But. It would be you know it. The hard part is the hard part is the stock you know that's that's the hardest part of everything else. Okay great -- around with a until it has the flavor you won New York. Oh. -- too hard or. You were listening to the food -- On the big 87 EW WWW. 105 point three FM we will return with more of the adjustable. Up. But hello there it's the food show on the big 870 WWL. WW a little five point three FMI like Mardi Gras season for a lot of reasons but one of -- funny reasons. Is that I get to work with the guys that I have been working with for a long long time but don't anymore and now Bob frost you there. -- you and I go back about as far as one another I think man -- -- not -- anybody either eat in a long time you know that time and you still there and again I got -- trivia question for certain. -- top parading right now. Yeah right what that what does that stand for. What does -- do you know. I've heard it but it slipped my mind it's New Orleans slump then yes. New Orleans most talked of club very it's. You know and done that were ready for many many years and never yeah yeah. Yeah I mean I remember when they first started parading. They were they started real small and and people used to make jokes about them that like decode these guys who worried that I can go anywhere but it turns out what is it 42 years and a long time and a matter of fact I think I had the 44. 44 -- 44 years voted for years. Yeah that's parade that Cadillac scanners they are all over the neighborhood you know it might go this way and the other when you know they do that in college used to be you know I'm glad there's a few of that still can get away with that yeah. -- Nice talking a lot of great here anyway and -- loan will be with you later in the show while same thing there is about Bob frost. Ladies and gentlemen to six so. 1872601870. We talk about food here we talk about really anything having to do with that if you wanna talk about Mardi Gras will be happy to do that -- you know why. I'm the perfect guy to talk to because. Personable I know things like -- -- means new orleans' most -- -- club. And also put more important at least to me. I was born and Marty I really once it was delivered by jazz musician. I'm very proud of that I'm hoping I lived until Mardi Gras falls on my birthday again when I'm 84. But I'm not sure. Idea you know what I get to do on. Mardi Gras itself. They -- yeah I wish my father was still alive this would make him so proud indeed still be scratching his head wondering why don't get a real job like working in -- bankers something. But my father would've been just amazed by this. I -- co anchoring Mardi Gras day from gal your hall with. Angela hill. Now very ago my career has finally gotten off the ground. To a 60. 1872601870. Where is everybody do me a call -- stock to six. 187. There is. A lot of stuff in terms of restaurants going gone. This year that there -- of a change in recent year news. A ball that takes place on. Monday. And then Mardi Gras day itself it used to be Mardi Gras day. Was in -- I think actually it's still it's the worst day of the year to go to a restaurant if you go to a rest on on Mardi Gras. Be prepared. To have. Less good food that you usually do less good service it just isn't there it's and and there's good reason for it -- Because everybody's a party including although of the good waiters and all the good cooks and all the good restaurant managers very few of them are on the job. And that's why things are are the way that they are. And the few restaurants that we have. That used to be great on Mardi Gras a lot of them or even generating more like one great losses Britons in the last year Bruins on royal street. They have always been open on Mardi Gras this is the first Mardi -- when they haven't been open in a long time. I can't even think of a time when -- worked it was a really fun to go there. But taking their place I guess in a way another place that's always been open on Mardi -- in case you're looking for an actual real honest to goodness. Full fledged restaurant on Mardi Gras day two -- since 1856. They have always been open on Marty and fun place to go real the World Cup which. All right I think we have the stop that takes on my news from Madani -- -- about to step up and that probably has nothing about Mardi Gras today at all and probably I mean after all. This. Done. To get just pick yourself up dust yourself off start all over again oh hello there it's the food show. On the big 870 WWL WWO 105 point three at the acknowledge all etc. it's. But hey you know was on hold I don't believe there's. Angela -- You -- -- the -- called the Mardi Gras. My father would have been out of his mind with this belief that I could possibly do. -- I -- -- But I'm looking forward to acting and a lot of fun and onion on your moment. All in all no no it's quite the opposite I remember is hoping that the bloody and on yours but you know I I don't know if you got the word on this this might have gotten out on the rumor mill. But I had an idea for my costume. Or an hour ago -- -- -- and I was gonna go with you. I like. I like that a lot yeah. You have you have you have such a distinctive wardrobe. That's I've I've put my wife to work on it but she doesn't think it's all that great an idea it's. Well I thought you weren't very predictable and -- you're actually. I I usually do and I'd a probably will. Yeah I have -- I have another goofy idea Justin in terms of the news that spirit of the season that I've wanna maybe do. Well I think it's going to be a lot of fun conflict -- the beautiful day. Look cool yeah that's OK and now we got to bring -- on -- We certainly do that's a great spot to be it's just close enough that you see all the details and all the wrinkles and all the faces of the old guys on the flow. But you also. Are far enough away that you won't get hit by flying beats. What had happened you know the old you are. What they agree job. Outlet across the street from that annual radio. TV and it is like missile. It will -- in the. Yeah could be bluntly you're a lot closer than here. No we will be a lot of fun and I I really appreciate it. You know he thought about that and now you're one of the buyout. Offer calling -- -- got all dressed up on here. -- I I don't know why I wouldn't be their -- that's for sure. Well really it's it's great to talk with you and I look forward to it Tuesday morning if you dove world and gala a Dolly Gallagher hall eleven until one. And Abdullah then I'm heading out to have my a my life last steak before. The beginning of lent is that it's a tradition a bunch of listeners join me for that at the Crescent City steak house. Helen and any children that your prediction I thought that it shall let you know we've been doing that for almost thirty years. And so as a -- for forty days after the match. Nice guy -- off that while I think it's a good idea actually I don't do it for religious reasons but it's a good idea in other ways. Yeah that's right. Well my dad is is looking upon this now and he he will he will turn over in his grave -- when it. We'll probably do well at a grade of Rio. What was -- I there she goes that's Angela -- folks she and I are doing. The Rex and Zulu parades. From your hall on Mardi Gras have been in years years Arthur welcome. -- -- you there. Yes I can come on it. Particularly. Great here. Well -- that that the court would come out in the probable I'm and we don't -- somebody. Their whole local can't quite get it. Moon. You know that is a hard thing to find. I I only know of two places but both of them are pretty far out of town. I'll tell you what they are anyway. Mid endorse out there in on the other end of the week in on the way to punch tool they have they have all the time. And the place. Is in the other on in the other direction just off of law interstate. 59. On in Mississippi highway 43. You would be if you're heading out that we would take a write off there. And go up the road it's about a mile and a half two miles. Has placed. For well know from just the intersection you're you're on. Interstate 59. It's the Picayune exit but there are several pick you and exits this -- -- high Mississippi 43. Highway and you would be sort of taking the right off the interstate and you just stay on 43 and keep on going. The name of the places Cuevas CU EVA. Ask. See you. VUS Cuevas fish house and that's all they have is -- catfish they they they do cut the handle. But everything else is in one piece -- that it's all you can eat and the best hush puppies I have ever head. That's a great place but it's a trip. -- -- Dorset B it's -- probably close to. That -- we will return with more of the food -- the moment but first if you will it's about that he -- hello hello it's the food show. The big 87 WWL and WWO five point three. FM and who assists over here see Gina Gina welcome to the food show. Icon. And here he made me laugh why do and I looked on -- this thing gang while we work. Yeah actually six and I guess he won. The did you know their young women and I have always thought about that when you that the gear it back advocate tackle rampant it we get to be what I. 85 and I thought we did it again when when 95 I get you again -- At a 137. It comes again. That idea that quite yet so I'm I'm I'm looking forward to you know. -- -- And now. Let me. I'd still at my I'm blessed that still have my folks there right well good will that. Get up yet that the good not good baby on her. Victory well. Sure to save those good genes so you'll have some good to where. I'll bet you -- Didn't think anybody I didn't want to let you know that I speak at a camp Tony Angelos a couple of weeks ago yeah absolutely delicious. It's always fun goes there. Are practical yet did you get did did -- -- Tony feature that it. And he did this it's only give you a hug. You know -- -- county it was it was really really crowded. It seemed that the county literally and in doing so parents. Yeah he just turned ninety. It's talent. -- there. I know bunch of people in the restaurant business who were in their duties and still active. -- We chased most notably. But -- Goffredo he shows up every now and he's he's over ninety. Both those. The dawn of Rich's wife. -- is is over ninety and she still it. And over it shortly steak house. Gosh -- can't remember her name she's one of my favorite people it's because I'm trying. -- I know accuse the waitress there for a long long time. And she is 95. I don't think she wanted anymore but she's last time laughter that was told she was the bull. And school volunteering at two world. Around 95 years. -- that flopped but added that really yet and congratulations. -- -- -- -- And yeah I feel like well that's wonderful that -- added I'm happy fortieth. And I have a term number -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I I have to put -- hole. Eight because I I don't have the of the machine running. Just yet hang on this. What you -- hold. And we -- You -- I -- what we will come back though so don't go away we'll be back with more the food show in a moment but first please this legally do to to -- beauty. But I about hello hello hello it's the food show. On the big 870 WWL -- WW one of five point three FM heading into Mardi Gras this weekend and having as much fun as possible. My question of you and if you have something else in your mind please don't hesitate for even a moment to call as we don't make you stay on any topic around here. It's just generally about food. But I -- on the lookout. For anything good and local. On the parade routes to eat. Because as you know mostly what we find out there are hot dogs hamburgers would be sort of -- high end of this. Things like. A polish sausage and funnel cakes and all that stuff that comes from the rest of America. But very very little of our own food and I've always wondered why that should be. So if you have phoned. Any of that you know in your parade going -- colon and tell me about it. And let's publicize those guys who are doing -- job with that one a nice place to look I have found. Is adjacent to some of the schools along the route. There are several of them particularly along saint Charles avenue. Where. This school fund -- -- no secret heart was doing it for a while there -- couple others. But let's give them some publicity if you know bottom umi call until 260. 6368260. I'm sorry I did it it took me almost an hour to do it though I'm getting better. 260187. You see the reason that. For a number just came out is that that's the number -- we shall I do from noon to three every week day and then come over here to sing that. A million times over and over and over again and it kind of like -- in the front of my brain. 260187. Call right now you get right in that it would be nice talk if you buy this and that and everything else. And ones as a nice day going today they have their lunch specials -- I'm quite sure but in addition to that. There is an a relatively new part of and ones. That is right around the corner from the main restaurant it's on royal street. And it's very close to where there wine cellar terminates. Its funny to see just coming out of nowhere. The other end of the winds upward and one's actually pokes all the way over to. Over to royal street but anyway. They have a little place there. Called and once panics and in the air they have coffee and have pastries and ice cream and they have little -- which is it's sort of this action. In a way. And they are making king cakes there and serving it by the slice in case you have people with you. Who haven't been subjected to a king cake yet well here's here's their chance. Quite I've been a wasting all this time just so I could get the child number machine going -- I've been asked to give one to -- And I've been all along. -- -- then we couldn't do it on the Saturday show because it's. Just team technical complications but I think we have solved it although -- only only by the hardest. And Jeanne you're still there it's -- -- Jeanne. -- -- there or -- idea I am pleased to offer you as your child number 452. For -- eight Q. 452. And write down forget them. Spectacular -- meet for five or eight now know that with that was tipped the net. Now that I'm not kidding that's who who has that's who has -- if you're too. Replied I -- -- and you have a lot we ought to prompt you to thank you don't like -- the. Jeanne just told me that. She and I share a birthday not just the same. Calendar days we were actually born on the same -- already in 1951 here's John John welcome. John Turkey re out on please. You radioed I've. Archer RC. Can you recommend an. -- John eternal -- listen to -- listen to -- turn your radio down. Okay it's off. John can you hear me -- yeah. Okay all right C your question again. Can you recommend it and these -- -- might stop that restaurant. That oak brook which so much player. Okay all of them all you have to do is ask. I'll answer if you go -- if you go to any first class restaurant and you say OK I'd like to try. The -- the grilled fish here with the with the potatoes. But please when you cook it don't put any Connie and pepper on it and all they will do -- And simple -- that. John if if if if you if that's not working for you you're not doing it right I'm telling you there is no first class restaurant in this town that would not do that. WWL radio New Orleans WWL. FM -- New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from the CBS the Columbia broadcasting system at 1 o'clock -- -- thank you.

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