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03-01 1:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 1, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870 -- cycles medium wave. Fifty quadrillion. -- watts of power shooting out across the sky across most of North America. And out to -- And two ships and to move people with the radio is who. Whose hobby it is to track down signals from very far away. Is as far away is like Australia and New Zealand we get reports we really do. From. WWL. New Orleans first radio station and WWL. FM 105 point three New Orleans first FM frequency. This is -- -- Morris with the second course of the food show it's our program about eating and drinking and restaurants and all of that. And it is New Orleans longest running talk. And happiness -- 260. 187 is our telephone number 260187. Euro. Here is a non exclusive question. I am looking so far no one has given me a single thing. I'm looking for food. On the parade routes. That is and that is not. From somewhere else another -- -- -- to put in a more positive way that is distinctly. Louisiana in its flavors in its ingredients. It seems to me. That we don't have some right I mean do we have a lot of good finger food around here. One that comes to mind immediately booted I don't know why there aren't fifty stand selling Buddha up and down. The parade routes but those are -- no there aren't any I don't know if you know one call me tell me about it. And anything else that is a lovely distinctly local nature. Called me and tell me and let's get the word out and will help police guys in May be in the distant future. We can go to a parade in instead of eating cotton candy and popcorn. And while funnel cakes and shoo fly pie in all of these things from other parts of the country know that there's anything wrong with that. When you go to those parts of the country certainly you would eat their food but you come here. I think especially us locals we want to eat our work. Unique and fantastically good cuisine and I don't know why it's there. So if you've seen anything call 260. 1878. We got a call also let end of last -- a guy wanted to know where define. Poll fried catfish. And so one call that I find this hard to believe but it might be true you never can tell. The the golden -- is that it. And Williams boulevard is it's still Golden Corral. Okay the Golden Corral which is a chain. And a steak house at that. Allegedly. Has hole fried catfish. That's when I was still. I don't know if that's true haven't been there but I just put it up there for your lose sedation to 60. 63 notes Ozarks are caught up to 60187. 2601870. And we don't who have taught you about eating and drinking and by the way if you listen to the regular show -- you just can't call. On -- Monday through Friday. But you wanna get a child number the requirement for giving a child number is calling me on the here and asking you were telling me something interest that's all. I finally have the thing rigged up I've been saying we can't do it on Saturday because there was a little technical thing but I seem to have overcome it only by the hardest I must say. And so we can give -- -- child number today. At least that 260187. Me. He just called in just now is Charlie Charlie welcome. It's good I'm trying to optical. The issue of some local -- mine episode I I'm attrition and a I can't seem to find anywhere any value except they'll portal for an appetizer. -- That is it shouldn't be too hard to find and -- -- that -- if you ask for it in some restaurants they would make it especially. -- one that comes to mind right away is Faust knows. It I'm pretty sure he would do it and all and -- is will do it. I thought for sure I know that for a fact because I've -- and I wrote a cookbook together and it's in the cookbook. That's a that's a Roman dish that comes from from from Rome it's made with the among other things one -- witches. -- -- gels and if you didn't know that you would say this debate in this good. Pace exactly like -- -- -- it was but I hit it then that's why. That look for the missing two games. Well that's some good Republicans. I think -- much let me know your way. Prospect allow much Shana -- it. They LA ME TR ICI DNA -- attempt spell its own Roman to a potential Colin thank you about it. Anybody know. Another place that does that you need kind of a northern Italian rest won't come that the -- Rome is not exactly north. But that's that's a very good -- 260. 187. Let's see -- by the way we're moving right through them today you you won't have to wait on hold very long everybody's parades. Let's. Use the camp we can make -- witnesses. Something can. Happen and can a you can. Ken welcome to our show. Thank you wanted value allotment on in my -- and or thirty years to get her own back at it is the best other. On the menu it's called back -- HZ which stands for all you can eat you can you can get any calls are actors. Okay are you know every time we were on on the lookout for something like this all we get and in fact I gave two of them myself. Our restaurants that are a good hour and half two hours drive away. No longer on that they do not want the aid they did not come back after the hurricane and it's now Gallic -- steak house. OK well thank you and my action okay. Well -- -- you call him reverend battery. I wish Mike Anderson's were still open years I thought they did a pretty darn good job. At him you know what thank you anyway. See the food show nick is here. That come on him. -- -- -- You and I'm don't agree upon the ground in some ought be restricted data to make some off workers. And my question to you was wrong. -- -- Course grounded or or public should apply in front that should background it's quite -- and. All I'd I'd probably go twice on that. Brisket is in -- usual cut of beef to make in two hamburgers. Because because of the way it's built that just the you have small. Fibers. With. Of fibers of muscle -- -- By this Colin. Never get this word out collagen based. Sort of miniature. Connective tissue in there and as a result. If you were to chop coarsely I think you would find yourself people eating it would find a little closer -- That EO of so much chewy because it would be breaking apart but he would be left with a mouthful of these little pieces that don't go any farther than that. So I think I definitely would go twice that. Okay Armitage are you. Are you Greg -- off flat and appoint. -- yeah that -- -- they the point part of the but in this it's also known. I would do a pretty good trimming job on that before you get to work on grinding because there's a tremendous about that over there. And but that's a good part of -- caught up because. That's hard to cook for relate. Barbecue or or boiled beef brisket because of the big grain is constantly changing direction but it doesn't -- -- -- it. Or -- So if I had a choice that's the point I would use -- use the flat in for something else. Yes well over three W members did today it has everybody that was in Baton Rouge last week to forget the name and Iraq are. And case that was. About burglary -- had an admiral wanted to and the guys said it was brisket and not a tip. That's interesting. The it it is not. Unheard of but it's uncommon to use brisket for ground beef but I have -- had some that was very good on that way. And I wonder what they mean by the state -- of one of the talking but try to. -- that would be good ground. Obama ago or so well it does -- you know smoking -- -- great -- -- or Mike McCann. All yeah I think it could I it's this body. -- locally. Who uses brisket for their hamburgers I can't remember who it is but it's -- -- I do know it's a good burger. Well don't let me know look we know how it comes out. Thank populated by it's the food we will pause here will get a traffic report to a you know the parades moving around a few other things and more the food show after that on the big 87 WW by the don't ask me. Oh pence -- them with you well hello there it's the food show with thirteen fifty. Three WL oh and sorry it's the big 87 EW WWW. 105 point three. -- seed Dan is -- and over here on the blue phone hello Dan welcome. Very -- are that good. Question from -- -- terrible -- -- big. Or urged to chart. Hit poorly today. Do you have a lot of stuff. Yeah I got a call what you can -- -- in oil. That's not a homemade stock if you usable on. You know -- are. All okay that's all right so odd yeah well you know if you've got that. You. -- funded the biggest problem that most people have with making jumble idea is that it's either too wet. Or it's too dry and you have to hit it right in the middle. And that the easiest way to do this is the cook it fairly slowly I wouldn't have a real high fire going out there for the other recent. That you might burn the rice and that's no good I mean you get that that slavery there. But. Really that's about it you know you this it's just something you use your common sense with the new you have a little extra. Stock right there in case you see that it starts to dry up in the news is that it's more. Pop and a lot of course let's meet lots seasonings to. It's really pretty simple -- debate. It yeah I do do the rice first. And will only came to a first few route they're doing you know outside I usually wind up doing 21 with a rice and one with the with the beat everything. You could do it all together. Just I just have an extra stock in news just in case. On the all right -- Thank you see the food show. Continues over here on the red phone -- this is -- or is this kind of darkest. Reddish brown it's a reddish brown Lee welcome. -- either leaked when a push despite our leader you there sorry that was me. Hello. Hi -- Challenge number two number one in -- -- good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fury says -- fried -- Monday through Thursday and Friday want to know. -- yeah I'll just pulled me up on on Internet. The government is still ultra. -- all the time it that's become hard to get maybe he's going catfish instead. It is that's great gay added a few months ago on apple knows it. I'm not a whole kept whole fish eater but. I notice and on. Think you were. Okay and know that the also. Think I'm gonna change my moniker to the army sponsored. The gourmet buzzard -- you -- Jefferson City buzzard. But yeah -- did you get that -- on motherhood. Well I'll be there and I am always on the year when you guys' pants -- -- -- -- While that they go back to the 18789. 1898. -- -- And test. Well good for them. All right we have -- witnesses like the fifth generation herself. Let's say yeah we of one -- it's in the seventies. Sort of walking in and nineteen in in 1940. Wonderful. At it but -- still going strong quality love that that's probably because he's out there walking all the time. You know what thank you nice hearing from the OC on Tuesday all right. All right Barry -- that's the official -- four. Phone calls to our program to six so I figured it would. -- 60. 187 here is George George welcome. They're they're -- there. I think a trip two coming to amend the -- area tomorrow and you know that a lot of places to have lunch. This curious about couple recommendations. OK on a Sunday not as many as you might imagine there's. Our I would say the best place to go is lot of arts. In almost a look home but it's really not that far from the end of the causeway it's eleven miles so I think that's again. But it's you know it's a nice little drive anyway that they do. -- special menu that starts of being kind of grungy and as the afternoon wears on they just stay open all the way through the afternoon into the evening. They put more and more dinner kind of stuff on the prices right. You can get a meal they -- for 2850. Complete dinner. Saw only the other place I'm real hot on is an adult plantation in Covington. That's a genuine real plantations since 1855. I think is when they built it it's. Yet the look for the signs directing you to it it's right before you get to that little bridge over the -- fly a river. I have to take a left before you get to that and then build from that point on this signs that we'll take you straight there but it's sub. It it's not far after just a few blocks but that that it's a beautiful place great food. Yeah I heard talking about -- about which you know anything about any restaurant called something like Rick. It's not great but it sounds like -- in that area. Now. That doesn't read the bill. -- -- -- that that that doesn't mean anything to me. Well maybe we keep listening somebody might know what you're talking about and have a more imperative mine and I do. Thank you so like it right there are now force of more some -- and some more traffic info. Coming to us from the WWL. DD DDD hello hello hello it's the food show on the Bill Gates WWW. Island WWL one of five point three FM. The crew of crisis Obama. Anybody know where the nicest theater used to being. Got a good story about that if anybody knows where the crisis theater used to be we used to the theater movie theater and probably a vaudeville theater before that. And nowhere was anybody know here's David David welcome to the food should. Almond joy. In their super. Will now be split up. In particular oil's rise. Up. What -- -- virtually. Along users. -- yeah you know images as well. Well. Well -- oh sure. But ultimately. Outrage and but -- -- special where. -- Suggestion on where like much of a special. Or are you coming into town you out there and. Will come permanent. We hand and got into it. -- Well I tell me what Windiz what's the date again. -- -- -- -- like the march 22 -- public that we. Or so. I'm just trying to avoid you know morning and obviously. At that -- Rest. -- more important that you that your wife. As we enjoyed in the past. It's an idea. Are you know are they were associates and south Louisiana. Paula and so we like geared towards. You know it's normal ones -- -- -- body experience of that would be it's. All right I think I would do. Is I would go to -- one of the following restaurants and get ships Hastings. Or something along those lines you could with a few one. The restaurants that come to mind. -- commander's palace. On or knows. The Republican club. Says no one more. The look for Ray -- a full or ET. That's a fairly new restaurant that well for years and often do but it's a really good place in the CBD -- -- and you. And it's it has. More of the old service style where they really care view it's not a noisy noisy I don't know. And so that that's X one I would like but I think those would. We do with four. It's certainly would. And our -- I just think it's a great place and it took a group of people who were in town. Over the year but the three weeks ago and they were just blown away we have greedy. All of you don't you definitely want to and tell them it's -- 25 anniversary. And although again when you arrive. And -- Omar. Thornton hill. That was don't forget about that because you know restaurants like that would do something special. Oh. Yeah I. Commander's palace is the best restaurant in town in in my opinion but -- Their menu is really cutting edge. And they do have a you know some traditional creole items on it but really this is a restaurant that is in reinventing the wheel every day with first class ingredients the best seller in town beautiful place lots history you know. It it has everything covered but. If you're very traditional in your -- I think you might like or knows a little bit better. Just because it's such a beautiful old New Orleans kind of -- place. Is just the unity of turtle soup and they have. Couple elbows and they have these wonderful baked oysters and lots more. It's a real -- laboratory place. Now and then the violence the pelican club is a sleeper sort. Five star restaurant would be. It's it's a tremendous and you if you would be I would ask to have a table in the bar. Because the rest of the -- and his nice looking but sometimes it gets busy it's a little noisy -- far they haven't liked playing the piano on the soft side he's he does -- -- -- -- -- And -- it I love eating in that that room and their food is fantastic he's got him beautiful crab -- beautiful fish he has hole. Whole floundered this is something very few restaurants do anymore. Great steaks -- 280 jambalaya. New Orleans style but in the grandest imaginable way with big big shrimp big big crabmeat lobster. It's a good place I love the club. Well. What you thought about definitely to the coast. -- coastal additionally -- -- -- -- you -- -- sure is and we get on you know how little we the people that property here at condos here. You know -- coming along you know a lot of. Well yeah. There's no doubt that it eats up because it never would look you know we can't -- -- one. And I do it every now and then she likes going over -- logistically to do like and he club it's something it's almost impossible. But. But yeah I mean it's it's certainly on my radar. But -- only one of -- and as of a few days ago we now have 14100. Restaurants and Wallace. So yeah we had 809 before Katrina mentioned that. Bloated -- well open Gulf Shores of it and you're so excited and a lot of people equipment it was well so that I was. Trying to explain to what it was all about and they've been -- -- -- an open for five days here and the people going nuts around the world is called -- -- -- Listen thank you very good. -- we will continue with more of our little broadcaster Rooney in just a moment after first please Newton. Though liaison units that buzz about it. Is numbers -- day. Where one it's the -- show it's a big 870 WWL. WW 105 point three FM. And though I go to next here Dave physicists. And it's it's a lot. Just the second is that what you said. The second one go to the second when. Oh or justice in OK I will hang on and OK now now we're ready. Looks like -- I'm hoping Gary Gary welcome to the food show. They get what women and I must've missed my winners here. Gary -- I got you that was that was me goofing up you. -- -- -- -- Note the -- oriented game. Core missions. Is to me. Yeah. If proper penalty smoke -- -- alone -- would typically do I need to look at it and what encrypted throughout. It without them -- -- Yeah I would I would go you can probably get away with somewhere in the neighborhood of an hour and a half to two hours. At about 250. Degrees. And that would probably get a whole -- cooked into check and make sure I would stick the meat thermometer into the buy -- make sure it's in the meat -- poke in into the middle of the cavity. And you wanted to -- It just right into the leg into the thought oh and you and you you want a temperature of about 175180. Thereabouts. And and that's I think by years. It's a two hours somewhere between an hour and a half than two hours she'll get that. All -- Me. 1752180. And have the -- going at about 250 maybe you know 25250. To 75 some like that you get a nice small office that. In that amount of time. And those -- smoke really nicely to I look at what we've done them oftentimes before -- I remember once. I was doing a big dinner where we were serving that as one of the courses. And my daughter came into the kitchen she was little and had an ice chest full of these Cornish hens and child she saw me forward with a -- she said. These these are so cute baby Turkey's. It I've got this in -- And smoke that they adapt to read in the app -- are at war and it's and one that's one to applicable. Well you put him at the one at the top the one the water pain and is down below to keep the humidity high which is a good thing -- and and if you do it with one of those you might wanna let it go a little bit longer like. Maybe like two and a half hours but again check the temperature and when it hits that you know 175180. Did get a -- their because otherwise against largest Ryan -- point. -- put it yet they couldn't beat him -- -- -- and that's going to be. That that's on you -- your meat thermometer that goes in the -- the temperature inside. Most of those -- have a have a thermometer in the cover in the cap or don't I. Idea what you want is like kind of in the OK okay yeah. They do these champions ought to be on the top -- -- that you have the heat of the fire at the bottom of the water pan on top of that in the in the hands Europe at the top. All right thank you nice talking to you the food show rolls right on. He Dennis years seems to know where the is is theater ones. Yeah I got to get. On between two two streak of Mormon but Bert bear is going to be dry it. Yes yeah. Magazine. And a raw. And you know hollered it. Was wondering tonight if it was on the corner -- on the and Ebert and the only reason I know that is that this still the sign in the concrete. Saying the crisis theater. And it it used to be in addition to being a movie theater it was a jazz club for a while and a lot of the musicians called at the is news. Yes I asked is it. Yeah that's you take the seals and streetcar to the a the right guy. While I'm full of stuff like that I keep thinking these days it might be fun to do at -- history Chicago. Maybe even as a regular thing Chris do you want to hear the phone yet -- there are little broadcast. Pretty. Call if you back. You were speaking about smoking -- using certain. -- -- I don't -- my year. But let's hear it all. I actually grows a lot of the varieties -- still UK that he's been sore back in the day. And you don't need that. That's that's expensive and hard for them to to -- you don't you don't need that more regular in. Different. You know what I'm saying is for the for your guide -- area AD if -- growing the kind. There's a name for that I can't remember what it is so -- that but it's the kind you actually we'll see in stores and you you use it to to actually eat just to chew on. But it's hard for them the raise that it's more expensive for them the race -- you don't need it just the regular sugar cane that they take out to the refinery to make sugar with. Is that which you won and it helps to have a friend. I was in the business yet. It's credible. Somewhat port groups -- smoke. Arafat -- and also a rhetorical fire. Actually try to -- Apple -- all share. You are credible. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I guess smoking is wonderful -- is no end to the -- can be very creative with smoking. When I saw you. It see you later -- it's the food -- Break we will take a break we'll come back with more in just a moment after first please this -- do do do do welcome back to the food show it's. The big 87 EW WL and WWL 105 point three FM. Gregory welcome to the food show. Happy in my article. Thank you thank you we haven't finally are you out there are also sounds like you are. We we are just great if you -- and actually at that time of the year. Is that the spotlight on child 020. -- between Europe area general. Picture perfect. And that we hated that he is. When I got all on picture but at a record but they've gotten totally cured now. Let me -- was recorded an income of madness going on. Everett -- impeccable and battle them and what should be you know. What. Yeah that that's so that really is a beautiful restaurant I always like that myself. -- cook at all is it recordable. -- like yeah well a home. 00. On the court camera is toward an. Ethical treatment for public domain and and that -- you know at this time at the -- a week. After a while doubled since the you know -- -- -- so -- -- There are different so equitable. And that certainly on that region of we have Joseph on -- yeah yeah well I love. John -- -- when you. Are up against an industry like. I'm. -- and clocked -- only in all right. It's light it's always right America -- I used to live across the street from it and you could really. Well. -- my god we'll let you know that -- you know that I have only scant time before I have to go to the news. So what I thought oh Ali you're. There goes that Gregory he he sells one over -- next year is Tomas. -- -- -- yeah this is old snippets from the world. Snappy -- you have all of thirty seconds before the. Well. Well. I almost wrote will want to talk a little bit about. Huge error news you know. Now. Well that's a big topic in I don't think we have time to get into it but. But you got one in particular you can tell us about -- now with fifteen seconds. Willard there -- second harvest is carrying the couple specials. In April. The -- look I was also mentioned -- conceal and traction. Notice a lot of things going on there in the -- tourists have been supporting them really tremendously well and that's that. All right well -- -- I'm glad you called but do we have run out of time for this hour here on. There on the big 870 WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM. -- New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia. Broadcasting system. At 2 o'clock stay -- we have another half hour.