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WWL>Topics>>03-01 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

03-01 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 1, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the third courts of the food show here on the big 87 EW WL. And WWO 105 point three FM. This is found that Morris a yet. Pretending to be cultured person. And every afternoon. Monday through Saturday. They come in and we talk about eating your way around the city. This being Mardi Gras more to -- takes over everything so we talk about that a bit too. Or numbers 2601872601870. If you call right now you get right and we have and a half hour it's a slightly for short didn't show but not too much. And no we cover the whole thing in my question at the beginning of the show and I'm still asking and I'm still coming up with nothing. As somebody said barbecue ribs but barbecue ribs are not really in New Orleans that it's only lately that we've had anybody do reasonably good job with that. Although it would be better to find that the whole bunch of -- there what I what I say is that. At the parade routes with all the people all those trucks and everything selling. Food. Why is it that virtually none of it. Has a New Orleans or Louisiana accent to a -- I just think that something wrong with that. Will you do to. And especially if you know of -- food booths somewhere along the use of Mardi Gras parade routes that has something actually good. Call me and tell me about it. Tell me where it is what it is and will let everybody know about it so that these people can succeed in May be multiplied you get more of -- 260. What -- 72601870. However -- it doesn't work around here that whatever topic you hear from me or from anybody else's the only thing we talk about. In -- everything is wide open all the time no matter what is on your mind I'd be happy to talk about it it's about you know eating drinking and stuff of course that's. Our specialty and that's what we do and here is Rodney. Rodney welcome. Thank you and don't show. Yeah and perhaps the pick could be a regulatory type of vote. Function where people that went to get permits does them as soon street it can be church and I suggest that there. It TDs so booty calls some New Orleans. -- problems spots and a M populated entice some deeply involved and yet -- -- that people -- -- and can. And -- well I I think. There are a lot of people who go from festival festival festival and they do this all over the place and players on the police almost wherever they go. I don't know I don't know if they could get away with that though I mean -- -- for the jazz festival would do it because that's really a private. Non governmental. An organization but for this. Before I'd vote for. That there are some sort certain place that is not who who gets to set up where. Well and. There there definitely is and its it's high eight ticket YouTube to get that permits to its people who do that -- spending real money. I mean I'm with you on and went out on streets don't want somebody consultant -- veteran and you know you're there. That would be nice yeah. When -- work but thank you all try -- -- Starr doing some good work I'll keep it up to 60. 1870. By the way on Mardi Gras day itself for the I don't know how many -- year I totally lost track of I will be on the steps -- Gallagher called giving you'll blow by blow account of Le Zulu. And Rex and all the walking clubs that come in between them. And maybe even the first few. Of the truck parades and with me as. I don't know if she's. She's not the -- she definitely is the big star it was missing my co host but really she's the host then I'm just squirrel. Angela hill. And I will be doing it that's the first time. 2601870. And -- here Bob welcome. Hello top. Now I'm up in Tennessee now been a lot since have been -- and -- right I keep in touch through through the computer. If you did that a long time since. Since you and I and Chris synthetic Christopher word that you went out. All yeah that's that is a long time ago. -- As that goes way back up but they all of the food do that at Mardi Gras their defeat the terrorists. Giving them all of the food that they want. Well those those of us lucky enough to have grown up and appreciate good food. Have plenty of places to go get it. Well that's true but. -- -- -- -- I don't know if it's if it's really true that most of those people are tourists -- although if you refer to my one of my pet theories in the while in New Orleans incest and in fact. I believe the only 500 people living here in for -- big crowd event they bring in outsiders and ringers. Well let's get. I left -- -- for the navy and in this Lebanese and traveled around and it may be brought me back to India in the late nineties. And going down to market operates changed significantly since I was a child when we would go out with families and then. In Lafayette square across from go to hell before they started putting up stands to block the -- And then it would just. When we went back in and Chinese. It was people from Jersey and New York in Minnesota and everywhere else and news -- we we couldn't. Bring children down there because it was just not a place to bring kids. -- moment I don't think it's quite as bad as your training and out to be in a mirror every -- so it's an area. It it it looked pretty wholesome at least by Gallagher haul that's for sure. Well -- -- the figure in your -- was spot well the well the stands. -- that and it did where where all of the people are but we. My traveling for years you know get a place there it farther down saint Charles between. Between -- circle in Panama Canal street and finally had to give it up just because it is. It got to the point where we're it was not a place suitable for children. I don't think it's as bad as you're saying. Probably that's. Guys -- I guess maybe just maybe. Looking back with childhood memories in that's the way and seeing how it was and and the end but I had down there as a child. I don't remember all that stuff. The whiz you'd be wistful memory effect. Takes over because it's known them longer it's been since some golden age in your life better that age seems to have been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here is Trish. Welcome. Thank you. I don't have any personal knowledge of the way easy. Permit further vendors -- works but yet today in the -- in the have a very long article. On how you get permeate into the auction and you have to put up deposits. And these trucks that are here permanently. They have to apply. For a number of permanent put out like. A thousand dollars deposit and all of that. And -- there are 33. Local truck or truck is that you're you're right down but got burned yet. But if they don't get a -- it is you have to state two blocks away from the politely. So these temporary people to get in a phone and he locations. And what they do is put up their permanent. Seat they go hand and say it's an auction. And they've been on. Now well it seems fair enough. So it. But -- discriminate against you around drop. What -- you around trucks can't be part of the auction. Well -- ethnic and that well but there column in -- this thing you know it's like if it is a long article. But they are right they lose their regular customers and irregular location and -- now what to do about what they flatly don't apply. Well but there's no question about it if you're gonna set up a a major food operation on the streets from where that is a very expensive undertaking and plus oh you do what you have to pay the city to do it and that's is is as it should be but I just. Oh that must feel. A way that somebody could come along. Like at the jazz festival for example there -- people at the jazz festival quite a few of them in fact who only do food. That timing here what are -- they're not even in the food business and so you know something like that could be done well. As he -- remembered that it did people attractive players they can't bring they can't bring anything to drink that's you know. How the -- you know you can carry as much food and drink can is. That is is possible to pick up. You know. So well I don't know but like at said that it was a long article anybody is interested in planning you know what's going on it -- yesterday Dickey in the living -- Well thanks a lot of speculators which moving along quickly because we're running time -- welcome. Okay. I admit my own. Felt that. I find that out about it Stew pot. And it meant that -- -- evicted. Use our -- between native and I don't know what wrote to me. Well what -- -- what -- -- but we do is use. Kind of and a little under ripe tomatoes. And put them on hand usually or sometimes they'll they'll -- with with a kitchen fork and literally hold it over a burner until all. -- the the outside of the tomato gets a little brown little little smoky you can also do it right under the broiler it's probably. I had about one of those special. All drawn you know being on carry out right. In fact I I would tell you what we make our own -- here all the time. And at home my daughter has taken over that process and she just doesn't killers also and we don't do that you don't need to do. Okay that's on the other questions all of you gonna have a bit. I want to know what you think of the -- Buddha is a vegetarian. Restaurant. The wandering Buddha -- thought it thought where is it got the bill. I don't at least in this arena and -- It is this the place that briefly was a pie and sausage company -- news. I I -- apply. I think that was there before them. But it is now a new restaurant called wandering Buddha and it's basically a vegetarian. Restaurant. That we we have very few of those are now I I have nothing against vegetarianism. Oftentimes they'll get a vegetarian dish in a rest and just as it sounds good. You club and -- -- I'm I'm I'm not a vegetarian but every once in awhile I've heard that a bit scared restaurants good. And I like it got to -- you know -- -- So well it if this is the place I'm thinking of then -- the place that was there before really had a short run. It was only a few months but I know nothing about it it's brand new. Okay thank you see my I don't have anything against vegetarian restaurants. 26063. -- -- 260187. Is our telephone number. We will have a couple minutes here for the year show comes to an end what do I have to tell you. On Tuesday Mardi Gras day. I will be a -- your -- on the steps. And usually a raid I have decided what my morning growth outfit will be. And it's gonna be little -- here. And with me will be Angela hill she and I will be doing this together what an honor and going till. Still -- the animal until 2 o'clock and then after that I -- high tail it. For the Crescent City steak house on broad street since 1934. They've been around. And -- once again for the I don't know how many of the year it's at least thirty. I'm gonna have my last statement for the beginning of lent because that's what Mardi Gras was all about anyway farewell to meet -- with portable means. And so I figure I can't. Not do that. Especially being a natural born -- grow my own self. So I'll see they -- maybe I get a table of about eight people and whoever shows up and wants to sit with you you can. And a crossed the voice of bitch whose husband opened the rest on the long time ago. So who's still there. She usually makes and traipse through forests. And boy is that good I'm not hitting it really is good. Scioscia there may be oral CU had you know your -- LC on the streets and where have a good morning grow weekend where you. And be careful though the stupid stuff and that's always a good idea. Well we ever and LSU baseball game coming up next that's basketball. What's the difference to him or bigger ball yeah okay. Shia in July.

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