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3-3 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Mar 3, 2014|

Dave talks about Lundi Gras, parades, and weather forecasts

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the third of march 2014. Heads Lundy or. Happy that Monday to you and yours and mr. we'll take us. -- Yes the sun has not yet come up and that means the party here in the French Quarter is still raging on time coming -- line from the -- or leans hotel. Yet again our Mardi Gras headquarters. For this. 2014. Carnival celebration as we head toward Fat Tuesday am watching one after another. Revelers still walking through the front doors here at the corner of -- and or laying off as this well they they have no idea. That for the rest of the world it's it's about to be breakfast time and time to get up and maybe go to work depending on where you are what you got to do -- them now it's still partying from the weekend loyal and water weekend it was though whether -- spectacular. Yeah I wanna talk to -- a little bit about that went there because it was just. Perfect I mean every day over the long weekend I mean going back to Thursday and Wednesday night -- and that you know then after we got through that trouble you know Wednesday we had -- with some rough weather but then Thursday Friday Saturday. Sunday. And then now so far the weather's just great right. Well it's or it's holding up but it's gonna change unfortunately. He had -- so there's the front it's coming this way. When does the temperature. Get. Cooler and when does the -- here well his florist on Yale Morrison -- telling us and of course we're looking right now -- -- where it has its right now just already edging in. Hammond has already dropping down not out of the sixties. And you go back to Baton Rouge it's already down -- the mid forties. So are 62 is not gonna hang. Where this very long focus of this is that this is is is this is as warm as we get you've got the temperature is going to be dropping from here on out and how cool get -- -- but time folks -- you know watching. Bat Monday become Fat Tuesday down -- stock and about upper forties right around in that range and and tomorrow again unfortunately. Forties. With this scattered showers so we're gonna have to deal with some cold and some wet. Apparently we got our -- weekend and has had and now we're gonna have to deal some elements. -- would do we do we get the rain. And we do we get the day in with out the rain. Can we get through some of the festivities tomorrow morning. That's yeah we're talking about -- during actual rain horses may be about noon. You know so you know by noon we've we've usually gotten racks and Zulu pretty much in the bag. Okay well I can deal with that out as well the minute I chilly breezy morning. But the rain will now movement until lunchtime. So okay this or from making my plans their full steam ahead there go for it. Just start Fat Tuesday early so by the time the rain gets here operated just gonna go and -- in his sleep it off for -- device placed. Belly up to a borrower. Take the family back to the house and and have some indoor activities for Tuesday afternoon now and -- -- pitted early and it hard. The you know that -- that that's probably did not advise it needs to be given good advice that was -- -- It is early and hit it hard you know boy wise words from David like well I've been hitting is hard all weekend long. From Thursday night when I stayed -- until what midnight. With abuses and all the fun on Thursday night. Then and I'm trying to remember everything -- now put the pieces back together Friday night Hermes I actually I got you ride in -- My son was driving a truck for a dance teams so I was ride along in the back of the truck. In Hermes and Saturday I wrote on afloat in stocks that was. Saturday okay yeah that was good Saturday night went to the -- extravaganza. Man. You talk about the -- You guys and in -- mean once they get in that superdome what they threw on the streets with amazing what they throw in that dome out cool. Man flashy and slinky things everywhere crowd just all lit up. With flashy and pointy things and with other things do. If they Carrie Underwood with a huge hit. Lots of Carrie Underwood fans in the superdome Saturday night. Then yesterday my daughter's marching band -- in pockets. So I spent my day walking from up town to downtown. With the crew pockets and then into the convention senator. And here we are Monday morning Galveston I don't think you missed the thing. Yeah okay well they got out of the conventions that are around midnight last night was when they finished when the marching band finished going through we got the buses loaded up -- Communist all that. So I got a couple hours asleep and here it was you know a year ago. So have you in regard to UN yours thank you David. We're talking about fifteen minutes of more first news here on WWL. AM FM and a -- I'm Dave Taylor thank you for joining us here on the early edition line from the Bergen Orleans hotel. Right here in the French Quarter got -- and to my right and I got Saint Louis cathedral to my left so as they say here. Yet heaven and hell and we're right in the middle of it you figure out which one is wedge. It says -- like this a year at the permanently dealt with legally your forecast in sports with Steve Geller coming up next happy Monday. 5:19 good morning I'm -- going committee alive from the -- Orleans hotel. How why you on this one guy happy that Monday to you and yours. The weather obviously a huge concern as we watched that front head this way let's head over to the -- -- news forecasts that are in check out the latest from meteorologist Laura -- fell. Rain chances will be. Rain chances going down and temperatures also going down dropping into the forties and fifties by later today so make sure you have a jacket. Then for -- Cassini Temps will be in the forties pretty chilly the rain should not be an issue but right now it is looking like some rain around -- Fat Tuesday we start off tomorrow cloudy. Rain chances begin to increase by mid day and especially into the app -- and -- Venus 60% chance late on Fat Tuesday. With highs in the forties and Wednesday. Closely cut skies clearing and Temps in the low sixties. From the Eyewitness News forecast sent her a meteorologist products out. -- we get sixties across greater New Orleans right now 62 with the airport in -- 65. At the National Weather Service office. In -- but your partners say the temperatures are going to be dropping. Throughout the day that text messages at 877 he wanted it drizzling on -- ten in -- right now and others as heavy rain. And -- twelve in -- So there you go folks we have rain it here and there on both sides of the way sports time now on WW wealth. -- while he's not here at the Bernard Orleans hotel on the French Quarter with me where all the what is happening here is Steve Geller and he's in the studio with WWL sports democracy. Go Marty in how he -- to drop happy when the drug you and yours not so much though for LSU baseball not celebrating much right now are that. No was it tough loss in the third game this series to Yale and I was surprised to see them cough up such a big lead. You have an overall good weekend but what they blew a six to nothing lead. He had David here we go -- fell into a big hole early on against LSU baseball. And the bulldogs chipped away at the tigers' lead they'll rally all the way back for an eight to seven victory players -- want to -- it. While ball -- I feel bad it is caught and that is it and Yale has come from down six nothing and has. Beaten the number one ranked LSU fighting tigers. Parker bug was charged with a loss for LSU after going one and 23 innings allowing a hit and a cost -- unearned run. He threw wide of first base allowing the go ahead score in the game winning run as well coach Paul and -- hopes the games a good lesson for his young tiger squad. There we have to learn to. You know play a team three days in a row now has this was our first time you do it you know undefeated teams who handle these we did Friday night you probably have the natural tennis he's let down a little bit. -- you'll look to bounce back tomorrow in the accusation against Northwestern State. Two they won game two of their series against sacred heart six to five with a walk off RBI single in the bottom of the tenth inning from outfielder Richard Park there. The green wave looks to take the series against the pioneers today. First pitch and -- stadium is that 1 o'clock. Well the pelicans will try to avoid matching their longest losing streak of the season tonight when they take on the Sacramento Kings. New Orleans has dropped their last seven games tip off while 1053 WWL left -- that nine. Kevin Harvick won the second Sprint Cup race of 2014. At Phoenix international raceway edging Daytona 500 winner Dale Earnhardt junior. Harvick started thirteenth and pulled away on a series of late restart to win his second race with Stewart Haas racing. Pole sitter Brad Kozlowski was third followed by Joey look Gado and Jeff Gordon. And Russell Henley when the PGA's on the Honda classic after finishing regulation in a four way tie for the lead. The -- this second on the PGA tour Tiger Woods withdrew from the final round after playing just thirteen holes. Would said he was suffering from back spasms. Today -- four on sports talk do you trust the saints model for building a championship team do you think the Seahawks are changing the game. Then at seven talk LSU basketball on the Johnny Jones show. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. Point three minutes after 5 AM early edition of WWL first news Dave Conan Steve Geller with you on your radio Steve's in the studios -- -- history I'm here at our. Mardi Gras headquarters suburban or leans hotel where I'm still watching revelers just on -- night coming on in and decide they may as well get a little sleep. As they get ready for Monday -- Steve. This is not a good data do that because we have fallen on on the riverfront today and too many people sleep through it because they don't know what's going on. Get -- out there either in -- on the riverfront order here down in the French Quarter on the riverfront with stage after stage of music and Jazz Fest style. Food. Going on and a whole lot of fun and and of course the meeting of the courts coming up at and that the courts but of via their royalty. Rex and Zulu will meet each other tonight. At Spanish plaza with all the hoopla that goes on. Around that what's gonna happen LSU in the rankings they lost to you well Lafayette now they lose this our record Yale what's what do you think they look like. Going -- they were the top ranked team a week ago -- definitely after that you will laugh via -- they were going to be the top spot and certainly. After this loss to -- they're gonna plummet as well. They had the -- be yelled over the weekend it was 22 nothing. Basically in the first two games of the Ceres and then. That the Bockwoldt last yesterday afternoon. I I would imagine them keeping quite a bit but I don't think they'll be out of the top ten. So they still won the series against Yale but losing that one game does. Hurt them in in trying to remain a time that top ranked team. You'll Lafayette of course though there's still a top ten team and as a whole lot of baseball still to play right at -- I mean it's still way too relative you know. Come you know I think the tigers are out of contention for anything. There's still going to be a Omaha team in my in my mind and they just have to. If you allow a few bumps along the way for this one rates as early in the season it yet early in the season be courtesy in the go to the college World Series I -- I think they have what it takes it with these young team to just burning a few hard lessons along the way. Thank you see we'll talk to you and -- five -- more sports here on WW well we'll take a look at tonight's parades at your forecast right after this. Seven good morning I'm Dave Cohen thank you for joining us in the early edition of WWL first news on the suburban Orleans hotel let's check in with our publisher of the Mardi Gras guide our authority to see what's on the parade lineup tonight. It's wounded or with a beautiful double letter uptown one of the seasons -- -- is also one of the oldest and smallest. The 230 member of Prodi is so led by the captain nor scratch and followed by thirty running lieutenants -- thirty forum vote. At 1 o'clock procession approaching 110. He's entitled ancient elements of welcoming. Subjects such as a reformer on the philosophy is no real straight -- constructed a closer cherishes that -- from the 1880s. Is going to be the general. The phrase produces never removable publicly check out his magnificent sea shells were frozen -- to always be tried in -- and priceless. The -- also -- -- seahorse as far as drugs as well those aluminum from wounds which -- -- Roberts. Or -- -- enchanted world it was a -- reported fourteen procession of the crew that Harry Connick junior helped organize 41 years ago. Quentin Tarantino Rochus -- -- tomorrow. There's crew of 12150 male female members drive thirty to float. Legendary among them or the trojans are boulevard and Collie Collie and the ever -- knowing -- smoky very close. It's no shortage derby runners to charges of war -- -- -- you're here along with sixty your original Colombo this year's most -- We'll grow or -- can marry these and that's. And the two and a half inch gold records to lose because salute honorary grand Marshal Fats Domino. The parade ends in son memorial convergence. In Metairie recruit Zeus Jefferson Parish is over spreading organization. Celebrates its 57 anniversary this year choose to not probe last year but makes a big comeback with its name. Gentlemen you have -- heading toward WWL radio and monitor our guys are embarked -- morning. Thank you Arthur -- all right -- plenty of funds denied assuming the weather cooperates and it looks like it will we hear from Laura but now. In the Eyewitness News forecast that. On this one. Prayed this evening in the forties pretty chilly and breezy too bad the bad news for Fat Tuesday we'll start off just with some clouds it looks like rain increasing especially by noon and into the apnea and he -- up to a 60% chance tomorrow. With temperatures in the forties all day then Wednesday skies clear out and make it's a little bit warmer highs of 62. From the eyewitness c.'s forecast center and meteorologist rob Alcatel. All right so a sixty Q right now with the airport in -- 65 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell and some rain around drizzle on the I ten and -- someone Texas -- 7870. And rain on the -- twelve in the columns that you will find some showers this morning. As we see that front move on and I'm Dave Cohen thank you for joining us on the early edition of WWL prisoners live from the -- Orleans hotel where. What are these people do when they're checking out they're leaving you can check out how the folks barely begun. Well tourists will back -- 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners it's march it's the third it's 2014. Yeah it's one -- Yeah as happy fat Monday to you and yours as we celebrate with you from suburban Orleans hotel here at the corner of Bergen and Orleans aptly. If you aren't aren't worth the government. Yeah and I thought the revelers just keep coming although I just awesome -- and leaving the hotel with their suitcases get into a cabinet to the airport -- Do they not know that the party is just really cranking up now obviously they don't. Who does that I don't know -- out on Monday morning we took what negro on Mardi -- maybe there's not enough. -- Maybe there's too much some even took your advice to too much to argue that the advice for Fat Tuesday is pitted early and hit it hard yes. Those were your exact words. OK because the rain coming around lunchtime I don't referred. Today that it -- early do you told us about candor and all the fun going on over there river town of course right here to -- away from where I am on the riverfront. They've got the Lindy gras celebration with you -- all day three stages of music Jazz -- style food going on and it. 5 o'clock tonight over at Spanish plaza river walk brings us the meeting Zulu in racks and declaration of Fat Tuesday of Mardi -- on and then -- ceremonial handing over the city directs or 24 hours of revelry. And you'll have firework season may be -- all kinds of stuff right there so a lot of fun to be had today don't leave. Now don't -- this is a wonderful day and you know I wish those wonderful things that they always cook. Out of -- and -- today you can smells or just out of this world. I just wish Sharkey get my hands and -- kind of food all the time. Yeah you know like. What parent they're Jazz Fest style booths somewhere in New Orleans every day of the year I've got to wouldn't that be when the happy with. Meanwhile the something revisionist at that outline maybe I shouldn't. -- Are -- right well coming up Chris Miller join us live from the the smell filled riverfront with the wafting orders fantastic food. Getting ready for a few people to come on over there speaking of saying it out loud you out loud that you thought the Lego movie -- every third week at number one yeah out at the box office and well nonstop with Lee Anthony's and actually had enough power to break and thirty million bucks and become number one. The son of god Jesus biopic 26 point five -- movie was number three and of course we thought twelve years a slave shot right here in New Orleans. Take home the Academy Award for best picture congratulations. I can't remember. A New Orleans shot movie winning best picture before I think that's -- first and yeah and then look at best actor and best supporting actor. Going in to you know the gang from Dallas buyers club. Also shot right here exactly so so we have more about. Will we hear more about what happened at the Oscars when we get you back with one team in twenty minutes more personally thank you David. We'll talk to you then we'll be back with meteorologist Laura Bucks -- -- more detailed specifics on. When the rain gets here with the temperatures in the -- right after this. 5:41 good morning I'm Dave Cohen committee alive from the -- and Orleans hotel we got the Mardi -- music don't we get this meteorologist Laura -- at all. -- -- -- -- I am doing very well myself. Too far from you and you're right on the head to the French Quarter -- right in the heart of it yeah a suburban Orleans hotels. It was. Weather was just. Perfect all weekend long had a rain -- off the gas sunshine yesterday sunshine Saturday Friday was good. But right now getting text messages that it's raining and I 55 between up much -- on the plot raining and I twelve in the column drizzling on I ten in Metairie. Drizzle on highway ninety in heaven -- so we do have some rain out there already. These are showers that are moving through with a cold front that kind of a brief batch of rain this morning it's not gonna last all day. But temperatures dropping quickly this morning it's already in the forties back around Baton Rouge and Lafayette. OK so we can see you just that the temperatures. That it is dropping like a rock if you go just to our north and west. Here we're still on the sixties when how long does that last. We'll be in this 60s this morning but then temperatures dropping during the day. OK it's all day long he gets cooler and cooler for tonight's parade how cool would be I would say bring -- jacket to the -- with temperatures in the forties. All right and then when does the real rain yet -- account try to make Arafat Tuesday plans. You know we will see some showers on Fat Tuesday we're talking temperatures in the forties all day I would say bring -- poncho. As you head out to the rates tomorrow. Came right QB get the bulk of their early parading in before the before the real rain gets here having -- can we have some fun in the morning before we get doused. I think probably those showers and start the entire day so there maybe some time in the morning where it's cloudy. But definitely has the brink here for later on day tomorrow. Right folks now you know -- -- -- more -- -- -- given us the very specific forecast you know what to bring with you to the parades and you know what to expect. Weather wise I didn't expect this and neither did a guy from Massachusetts -- meteorologist -- Got a speeding ticket. 22 year old Scott -- Williams pulled over for speeding. And when the -- walked up to the car and estimates -- wire used to beating apparently had a pretty good excuse he said he had just won the lottery. So it's okay speed after a lot of -- gas I don't know the now let him go when he showed him a scratch off ticket this steady at 150. Thousand dollars -- that he was so nervous he was shaking. And apparently unable to control his foot. That kept hitting the defense. -- further and further but it was his lucky day in more ways than one not only did he went fifty grand in a scratch up but the -- let him go with just a verbal warning. He said he was on his way to the lottery office to confirm the ticket and collect his winnings. He said he tried to slow down as he went there but when he got there they did indeed confirmed that he had won the lottery. And they gave miss 50000 dollars so you know maybe a couple hundred bucks and it's -- think it would have been the end of the world for this guy but -- from the cup I don't know is that a good excuse for speeding you you're happy to use speed. Well here's what I'm thinking. I'm wondering at the -- he couldn't prove it to the cop so which was teaches taking his word for. Well he showed on the scratch off ticket and I guess the cops believed it. -- given escorts and lottery office or anything but. According to the AP it we actually was true it was the missed a Massachusetts. State lottery scratch off ticket. And it actually won 50000 dollars to I can't think of all things I can be really happy about that would make me speed and a Metallica on sorry I was just so happy. But I couldn't control my speed. You know who. But I'm speaking giving birth is about the only thing that you know that there really didn't let off on. You know yeah pregnant and the car that then it's OK maybe the travel fast. But other than that no good excuse. Well I don't know I mean you know not the -- -- lottery. -- -- Thank you Laura. Laura -- belt line and right from the Eyewitness News for cancer center sports with Steve Geller an activist. 549 -- going company alive from suburban Orleans hotel on the French Quarter and live from our studios on -- street is Steve Geller with all of your. Monday mornings more tasty happy when he dropped. Thanks David good morning everyone happy -- -- the LSU baseball team built a six nothing lead against Yale. Only watch it disappears the bulldogs came back to win eight to savage. Trouble started in the fifth inning as -- -- -- for Rawlins Parker -- takes the loss for LSU after giving up a run in the eighth inning with the score tied 77. Adams stepped back to the -- sophomore. There's a bit. Grounded back to the mound but we'll have to make the play himself when he does that he threw it away at first base. And yield pixelated. Following the tough defeat skipper pulmonary says that's just the way things go in baseball sometimes -- been on the wrong side of too many of these types of games -- you could start to see the other team game and confidence in gaining momentum the next thing you know you know you your smoke involved in the right at people. LSU is -- nine and two on the year and next play tomorrow vs Northwestern State. Tulane baseball got a game winning RBI single in the bottom of the tenth inning to take down sacred heart six to five. The green wave look to take this series today in church in first pitch is at one. The pelicans road trip continues in Sacramento tonight. Rollins is out to snap a seven game losing skid tip off a 1053 WWL left -- that nine. Kevin Harvick led 244. Of 312 laps. In winning the second spring -- race of the 2014 season at Phoenix International Speedway he edged down at Daytona 500 winner Dale Earnhardt junior. And Russell Henley when the PGA's Honda classic in a four way playoff with Ryan Palmer Russell knocks him Rory McIlroy. And the two putted from about forty feet for birdie on the extra hole to earn his second PGA victory. Tiger Woods played thirteen holes before withdrawing. Saying he was suffering from back spasms. Today a four on sports talk you trust the saints model for building a championship team what do you think this Seahawks are changing the game. Then at seven talk LSU basketball on the Johnny Jones show. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning sports. And I'm Dave Cohen committee alive from the -- and Orleans hotel here in the heart of the French Quarter and Steve I gotta go back and ask you about this Jimmy Graham thing in the New Orleans Saints honestly it was it Friday or Saturday I don't remember that all runs together that it's so much. On thing so many fun things this weekend but. Someone in there rag learned from my WWL -- saint -- reporter Kristian garic. But the saints it's slap to the non exclusive. Franchise tag on Jimmy Graham what does that mean in what does that tell you. Well the non exclusive tag means that other teams can come in and negotiate with Jimmy Graham and actually offered him a deal but the saints can. Have the right to match that if they don't match it then in turn the saints would get back to first round graphics. OK so worst case scenario. Is the saints lose Jimmy Graham because they can't or won't match an offer another team -- to them. But they get 21 round draft picks from that team not necessarily this year the team doesn't have cute right right exactly would be. This year's draft pick and and then the following news traffic. Okay now that's what it means what does that tell you why would the saints do that. I think they're really letting -- you know other teams if they're interested. Potentially set the market for Jimmy Graham to see how much maybe he really is worth. It's going to be interest in the -- we're still waiting to see if the he files a grievance but you know -- -- -- tagged him as a tight end. And him wanting to be tagged as a wide receiver that's a difference in five million dollars of money right there so that's that's a pretty big deal as well. Okay interesting to this answer is the saints think Jimmy Graham is worth -- Jimmy Graham's agent and he thinks it. He's worth wise they're saying OK let's see what other teams think you're worth and maybe that's a negotiating tactic by the saints did try to really find out just what -- worth on the open market thank you Steve you're worth a lot to us but. We got to let you go right now we'll talk to get in fifteen minutes of more sports here on WWL another look at your -- ground Mardi -- forecast right after this. To some guy does want a -- handed me a few gifts I'll tell you about the -- coming up after we give you the gift of the forecast with -- meteorologist Laura but now. For your -- across some rain around as a front moves through this morning but that will quickly move out of here in fact temperatures dropping during the day fifties and then down to the forties so have a jacket around. Especially nice for parades as -- temperature dropping into the forties. And just to 20% chance for a light shower. Then for a Fat Tuesday we start off with some clouds and Temps stay in the forties all day but buying new and some showers begin to move anywhere up to a 60% chance for the afternoon and evening hours on Fat Tuesday. Before skies start to clear on Ash Wednesday temperatures back up to the lower sixties. From the eyewitness -- forecast center and meteorologist product itself. I've he wants a warm weather today go outside right now 62 at the airport in -- 65 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell but the front come on the temperature will be dropping -- -- just texted me -- 87870. Says. It's done writing in Baton Rouge and the temperature is 43 degrees so there you go vote a twenty degree jobs dropped just an hour away. And that we do have rain right now scattered on both sides of the river and both sides of the -- back with more promote bourbon Orleans hotel. In the heart of the French Quarter right after this. Dave -- comedy alive I'm now standing out on Orleans avenue in front of the -- Orleans hotel where we do you have a little bit of away and and a little bit of -- misty drizzle now that is falling here in the French Quarter and that's convincing some revelers to call it and night finally. We're seeing some people come and on and off of Bourbon Street. And I guess get ready to get some shot guy which is a shame that -- go to sleep now because and a prime -- the bulk of the fun out of the riverfront Zulu put -- and a heck of a joke. Come on out bring your jackets bring your lawn -- bring your umbrellas just in case. But give -- three stages of music out there on the riverfront. And then of course at 5 o'clock it's Spanish plaza Rex arrives -- There we and a fireworks and all that deal Nazi got that to look forward to ladies and gentlemen. I'm Dave Cohen thank you for so much for joining us on the early edition of WWL. First news of the watch and more people checking out of the hotel. Some -- mean I guess they get it these people down that. Fat -- is not a national holidays I guess if you go back to work go back to school go back to wherever that go back to you but they're gonna miss all the fun.