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3-3 6:15am Tommy, Saints and Jimmy Graham

Mar 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL & college football analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints using the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jimmy Graham

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This Jimmy Graham thing and tell you what Christian wrote a blog that says the plot thickens Indians find -- a -- WL and might retaliate joins us right now at WW those NFL and college football analyst. On my caddie -- to grow. -- -- -- set about a costume if you plan on showing a lot of skin you might wanna get a body suit okay. Big applause can walk -- it's not because they couldn't find the bodies of big enough problem and we thought let's let's talk about. Jimmy Graham first off what technically. This means it and you know legally according to rules of the NFL and so forth. And then maybe politically what it might mean in the negotiating sense in what the saints are saying and here. Well basically protecting yourself on this and and that. You oh right of first refusal if someone would you object via contract. And secondly. If you can make the offer will wait to lecture and get our trial -- in exchange for. All the -- We really don't second Mike if who thinks it's too much. It -- think he needs to but ineptitude it's -- call. No matter what Tommy at the ball was still sort of in the -- squad and here. Because that right tactic should put all of him. He's got the opportunity. Two bit on that team would say you know what I think it's worth it wouldn't see parking -- with a money back right. The strength of the right of first refusal to match settle for. Well I guess and I did that and in terms of if it's too much. What organization in their right mind wouldn't say that's too much you mean too much relative to what the saints are willing to pay. Right -- And so you talking about you know one of the leaders in his game. And probably look at it is. About money under the to make that work Ford Jimmy. At that tight end position. It and the ball is deals sort of speak in that quarter of the sang here. In negotiations why I'm a bit. Blah and talked and everything else. Lot Gradkowski that the people are at nine million dollars two years ago he's basically getting nine. Year. It's paying double for Graham again. Jimmy sexton. Needles. What well. And for those who don't know that's Jimmy Graham's agent. Right so -- you've got a and so someone -- you -- that's -- well in the group here and he wants to well. If they're the team that's out there that would be willing to pay that well. And make certain that all -- you have that right to refuse to either take that -- and accurate in -- Graham. Far. Not match it and get to -- tropics and exchanged. The -- team that is coming. In double doubles teams that or all of the really good side. Salary cap wise don't have enough quality. Salary cap wise to be so. Mike let me let me stop here for the traffic -- -- can we come back -- ask -- about a team. And I think the first part of the criteria would apply to second part I don't know and I guess the question ultimately is. Omelets are more valued Jimmy Graham and eleven million given the saints -- troubles or. 21 round picks and how that would affect the team going forward. In terms of win now Drew Brees and and you wind up four years from now with big cap troubles with the two number one. Draft picks Mike it's AM guesses Anderson stuff I think it. It eight got a lot more interesting with that what's her name again the Jimmy Graham got away. Exclusive. Not exclusive franchise. So. I will -- I will answer all it would come back Mike thanks for hanging around six when he three on Monday gras. Text comes and Tommy weather here is beautiful and Disney World and half of them who dat nation. Is a year well thanks listening Orlando's morning six when he three here's a look at traffic. I Tommy Tucker Jimmy Graham slept with a non exclusive franchise tag which means seeing they'll find his own value I guess and saints in the immaculate and don't get to first round draft picks. Mike in terms of offers up I guess let's look at the worse case scenario in my opinion Tony Gonzalez retiring in Atlanta. Atlanta on. Maybe a player or two away our coach depending on your opinion from making a real run. -- how likely is it that Jimmy Graham would wind up playing saints twice a year in an Atlanta uniform. Live in the on the Atlanta's problems or that I didn't -- Patrick felt the need help colonial and so long. And right now they're not. Dean day and piece something together financially. It come up with that. It'll sort of be that it -- the guillotine that. Graham would be the final piece of -- everybody wants to would proceed more. But the reason Seattle need to work last year. For first in the Third World as -- they'll proceed with the final piece with a possible. Strange thing about that is the only way to couple games. Are they wanted to know about. But I can't as the way Atlantic and in that funny actually their -- strapped right now and absorb India global -- Lot of people well you know they just one literal way in and -- extra. You know what you gonna do you do now Patrick -- you couldn't protect that well it. That's not the type team I would worry it would be achieved that awkward here. Sort. That would have enough money or a lot doubles I mean. England with their hands in the air. The one thing that is obvious would this is how important. In -- bag for round pick that day. We've we've -- BA BA complaints. Where I'll pick guys don't get that big guarantee money in the future contracts they want beard. Now it's a -- issues so those first world elections today. Tumble. Today. Thank you David Mike to tell you a nice enough to spend some time -- and before we get back to -- we haven't. Blue coat things -- today so this what you're listening for a little bitty bit. That's the sound that you need to listen -- when you hear it. We're missing you and your family or friends the 59 annual on the wall and home and Garden -- at the Mercedes-Benz superdome. That is the big -- presented by and do you know home builders association of greater new long ones march 14 through sixteenth. She'll features cooking demonstrations energy efficiency expert the latest in home improvement. And home technologies plus landscaping and gardening tips we have a bunch of things giveaway today. Including Steve Miller Band tickets. And then we'll take a break tomorrow and and resume it when we come back on Ash Wednesday so your chance to win those home and Garden Show tickets. Is coming up before 7 o'clock Mike detail yet. Talking to us about Jimmy Graham being a an unrestricted free agent which under started franchise tag which means. He can now on the go gators Bastille on the saints and either choose to match it org had 21 round draft picks. From the other team but you know -- this isn't a trade I'm just thinking here because. While the rams and browns each have 21 round picks this year their situation may not lend itself to Jimmy Graham correct. -- Again -- the that the anger on the screen and here. It is the sat back. Also a lot of the of the scene the -- and the patriots are probably had -- been so -- that we've been Mo. All heard -- they've spent their money only quarterback. And the playing and the patriots basically it has been their money on. The patriots that is -- Gradkowski. That -- admitted that same sort of thing would go. Teams of the most teams of Bill Weir yeah. They'd want that big time quarterback vote -- -- -- wide receiver where the money's good so. For a team to a certain change now you know. I'm gonna give me what I'd put a year like we went back to your football team. It was the pieces in place. Secondly what's more important. Is that you must be right. For the team to. Because of what to looking at in the future and outrage at last on the talked about this in the next couple years yet can't enjoy it. And the key objects in Google. And it could well you play what you what you don't know yet in. Some of your contract. You gotta look at that too as a franchise now. -- that apply everything -- -- -- an awkward and well as well. Why. -- -- that range beat the ago. It would be simply that that's pretty close to what most view all your -- -- what what you want it getting laughs. What is gonna come down to it again in the aisles yeah that's right. But he won't it is well -- and now that simple you know if you don't. -- those -- goals there's going to be a lot of Roland -- -- millionaire you know -- and it. -- -- something -- Sydney might get your point. -- Mean all that call in the moderate meaning same. Bottom line is gonna come of this you can they come to a deal that's good for the king and good for Jimmy. And what it would be Smart if you could just split the difference I mean seemed to be that difficult to don't. -- picture contract the split the difference between ten and twelve. But the other important apathetic about. It is what's down the law and we have some star player sort of speak on the -- to outside of football. And that's where you've been I think maybe you will. Toward another Super Bowl. Situation. With people like Jordan and hicks and -- and possibly Butler. Knowing that -- contracts -- burying her in particular that financially also. One thing that popped and in my mind when a New England gronkowski was third. Twice this year right -- by two games and -- two or three and get hurt again yeah is he healthy enough bill when New England have any interest in Jim Ingraham. We don't know what they're not gonna double contract -- hiding in a big gable. No I mean in terms of his health he's definitely come and -- We come back on that -- that deal is pretty. Pretty tight with him as depicted that have been seen. That has went out and grabbed. Create incident played -- lot money for bill that would most teams are. And again that the other point. Up to date because of the new collective bargaining agreement. Those first round and second round pick or more valuable to -- Because you're getting them at a cheap price and for a longer period of. Mike the formula GI getting -- when he answers serious question that is king cake traditional or field. All I'm like oh Julia what kind of fill. Strawberry OK and I got a good tradition but we disagree often thank you Mike. --

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