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3-3 8:15am Tommy, Saints & Jimmy Graham

Mar 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Andrew Brandt, an NFL business analyst for ESPN & former Vice President of the Packers, about the Saints using the franchise tag on Jimmy Graham

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Andrew Brandt joins us right now a new friend of -- -- comes back on NFL business analyst for ESPN contributor. For Sports Illustrated talk about Jimmy Graham good morning Andrew -- -- area. -- area really as you know we called it tagged the -- today because. It seems like it today it was there are things happen but it happened over the weekend for people outages waking up could you explain to them Andrew. What the Yankee mess in this title up non exclusive franchise to -- means. Well you know when I fingerprints that that's what I think of the non exclusive tag it's basically take your player off the the market you put it a number on them that set by the NFL and the only way you can lose them. It's another team a offers in the contract that you can't match or don't -- match short so outlandish that you won't match. And you get to number one -- back. And for Jimmy Graham or any players that talk I have to. The exclusive tag which breeze that is the only guy in memory I can think of that actually got it actually takes them off the market completely. He can't even get back to number ones -- toll of the market for that if the higher -- on. But again not exclusive tag is the 99.9. Percent of all -- are like that. And although tagged as a tight end it's interesting because. He did does it matter now does a wide receivers salaries matter when we figure this in because stored does Graham go to arbitration are -- is appealing idea does all this work. And I understand it -- opposite when I was doing this for the Packers for ten years but as I understand it. It will be up to the NFL management council to decide which. Tendered number's going to be on Jimmy Graham could be the wide receiver number could be attacked and number. Five cents to beat the titans number because they -- as a tight end but and as I'm sure you've talked about there's CPA language which talks about the number of additional maps and what's more. And he can make a strong case that he has more snaps. Split now. -- and inside. And therefore he's a wide receiver ultimately. This is sort of the unintended consequence of this discussion is what is that tight -- -- As teams want to use their tight -- like Jimmy Graham they want to split them out if they're good enough. And they want to have -- be taller and quieter. Wide receivers. So I think what really kinda wanders in 2014. Which Sean Payton or with a lot of other teams. What is it tied it. Because if he can be classified -- money purposes that the wide receiver I think this whole thing is. A little bit circular I mean where -- we going with this because. Yes he's split out alive but that's what titans do -- and my answers. There may be agreements. And if there is that that argument I just -- is going to be used by the NFL and by the saints. And Jimmy -- people will use these strict language that says -- ms. Morse snapped outside but -- more snaps outside mean. He's not a tight end. And Andrew Young did did he shift gears irrelevant but we sure do what were your duties of the Packers. I was vice president. And I -- know what happened contracts in -- does society organizations. So for people that. Don't. Know the inside workings of an NFL team I guess and I'm trying to ask in my own clumsy way. You know handling all of this keep an -- is straight keeping track of who makes one in deferred payments and restructured contracts do what are some of the things that. We as fans don't get that people like you are dealing with on a year earlier median monthly base. Well before I was team executive and agent many years and when your agent. It's really like being fantasy football owner has to get guys all the different teams. And you don't really care about the team's problems or issues with the cap for all the other players -- Your only concern about -- -- and that's your primary focus maximizing income of your guy. On this team and that -- maybe have three guys on one team two guys on another team. When it which of the team's side it's much more challenging from any negotiation point of view because everything relates to everything else. Likened it to stuffing an octopus in a box is always something anything else so. Everything action has a reaction so putting -- seven million dollar number on Jimmy Graham will have one action reaction and it has to be a twelve million dollars number engine program that may be more actions we've already seen the pre planning from the saints which is deletions which is. A nice way of saying guys are told to go. Roman Harper. Jonathan Vilma -- So these are the kind of things that teams do in preparation for the additions so they deleted now will be adding. And also I would consider restructuring to get their capital. And you know it's it is summoning much use a phrase nailing jello dual wall enemy not have been in this context that's what it's like you trying to do because. Before you can realize. Are really. Comprehend plan on who you gonna get rid of unite you got to realize who's gonna take their place. Who's likely one other team is likely to. To drop somebody that you could pick up and even then I guess depends on what kind of room you got under the cap sellers there computer programs manager Alan this is it's doubting how in the world -- you keep track of this. Well I had you know each team has the war room we know about the draft I would type weights -- those kind of things I had a war room for the financial -- so ahead. Each player in the league their cap number their cash numbers salary they're pro rated bonus there each and their age their expiring contract. And you just sort of manageable and you know you're most concerned about your team and you have a board it says -- -- your guys -- -- contract and study it and figure out how to approach it. What guys you go too early. You know on my day like the saints are always had a quarterback Brett well making more than ten million dollars so. You're always -- situation we've got to balance that as well and that makes a big difference and look at teams like. Seattle San Francisco. Philadelphia that have quarterbacks on. Deal making about a million dollars it gives teams so much flexibility to do other things. Especially in this camp restrict its system. Accurate Andruw before we let you go to say it's kind of like a chess game with 32 people playing simultaneously. Yeah I mean you've got to look out for the whole roster and I think one thing that the best teams do. Is it to things -- ten days ago in other words they don't pile up large operation costs that portion of the future. They're paying guys ten million dollars they have a cap number ten dollars so down the road they don't build up the sexist -- The other thing is they draft well so they've got a good portion their roster on rookie contracts. Which are cheap. That balance out what they gotta pay the stars the breweries -- of the world. If you do that you can have -- he can make it work but it requires contracting. And recreation -- time I really do I think sometimes a process can be more fascinating than that. The individual -- contract again we're talking -- become on again what does. You've got them tweeting all the time about it too -- we'll present it. And eight deeper and take DP are indeed thank user to announce a monogram next year.

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