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3-3 9:10am Tommy talks to Rex and his Queen

Mar 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to the King and Queen of Carnival

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I David EC we are surrounded by royalty I certainly do you know with -- tie and jacket and he snuck in on the before you put it all rule so. On the idea got it on you look great now but they've seen West Bank Tommy is a problem I now but the jacket on and you know proceed -- and their terrible looking very dapper well how -- they shot. How did they now we got the the official. You know Rex civil civilian suit I guess in the little pin and and we and the lovely prom queen here did did they give users medallions when you when years. Needs. And obviously his voice you know at least asks. If she studied hard she could be doing what we thought we'd do odd joke I don't think there ever been any up former exes. -- not yet. On -- radio and it's probably reason migrants has such a prestigious organization. I can we keep. It you know like it. Let's talk to Jacqueline ward who is his majesty -- and Jack I think you've got -- interesting history in terms of your day and it. And where you came from and you guys became business people and so -- I'm very lucky very lucky as dead as. Parties all the had great careers offshore drilling here and crew boat turned in the Tidewater marine retired from that. Did go to board work in and found -- Gulf Island Fabrication in homer Louisiana where we. Employ a couple thousand of hard working southern Louisiana people and give them awfully good jobs well we've -- stuff for the energy. And my education -- an engineer Jessica civil engineering degree from doing block was on football scholarship there and -- -- which you play. -- anything anybody got hurt our second string everything. Lady you've gotten some gains and -- and biscuit we actually I was great. Very proud to have been a member of the 1970 Liberty Bowl team. Really where it was two -- first bowl game in thirty years -- -- there was an anti when there yet he was -- just hang around Dallas out there and did you guys. The challenges -- and -- we didn't veto issue became we became a close. And we we say that the market library in the keys to a younger than us so -- positions did you get an out and play quarterback. Did you started started running back and quarterback back then you could do a couple things and you're specialized innate thing -- two -- you specialize in whatever they needed it so it's too bad that Rex can throw. Because I would think you'd be pretty good. If you saw some game film you better get an area that is they memo if you catch my -- -- you -- -- the rights organization Yasser you remember a few years and he can't. Got -- who have been involved it's a wonderful friends that got him involved and it went really has staying. But. A kind of caught the bug and started volunteered for things it's been a great organization great group of men and be with. I think one of the best. The best stories of modern -- what you're 98 year old dad had to say when you're told him that you'd been named. The king of carnival so -- give us setting here you lie issue you'll find out and you call him ego. Well wait and allow he's he's 98 years old and didn't know how far to trusted with information that. He delighted so right away thought in my grand am a mother who said -- here have been proud and shoot prior believed all the nice things and say about you. He -- Lil while and said. You know I'm sixty mile and I don't know why don't look we could largely keep me alive and to deeply religious man and in return means says -- being -- not yet. -- We turn attic Carol Irene -- man. And would refer you do as an easy Connie Carroll but. You would you be your majesty your -- -- matches you messed up based. On economic peril but if you want to. For the next two days combing your matches tell me how you found out that you'd be clean car. -- my mother Catherine waters government was -- back in 92. And she found out when she isn't pretty damn thing out Emma on Easter break with her family is she going to do the same thing. So I flew from Columbia writer's school he has some flight troubled and I did I missed my -- hit. On the way home. I've been Alina yes but finally made it and they sat me down the next morning in the -- we need to talk economic. And in some trouble for misstatements by the turnout in early Easter gift and they gave me a photo of my mom and she is -- with my face. Paces on top and thome is my turn and everyone cried and has champagne and. And then you had a big gum. A big fancy Rex asked. Neal did you not regular -- over. Yes Barry cancer you -- to pirate's code and burgers for pirates cove and burgers and Fries -- is what I think I was telling you all is softy and I mean it sincerely tell Lotta people. I'm just the West Bank I went to -- to a lot of us when we see guys who hasn't by an afloat at the Boston club and so forth we think. These these are different people these are not like there's been any at a quarterback here and what the two -- work and oilfield you got. Lady and I mean as with all due respect your majesty. That might have delayed the notice because she stayed out a little late and I'm guessing. You aren't working on on any homework or anything he says analyst an annual blood leg is what was going on mr. Biden and goes to eat burgers. To celebrate tell me com. EG and ask -- this tell me something about the Rex organization. While I'm mentioning -- that may be most people don't realize. Is that the real key of the Max organization is a members you know realizing this and that -- you realize that the members of the Rex organization. -- leadership in the civic and commercial. Medical. Philanthropic. -- you know -- this city to great it's great group to spend time with they do things individually. And do things collectively it's like the pro Bono program -- foundation where we kind of financially support the public school system it needs it in this town we're very very happy to get together and do one thing together. I'm gonna be to do bid directly beneath you and Gary hall of -- working -- there anyway during the toast. And maybe give me shout out some you know it's like him. And so mr. mayor and and -- does it make you count as well -- it's Pollyanna I hate running anyway could you do -- and now cause I got do we take it. Yes post stated. And Carol tell me something about the Rex organization because. Your majesty you've been around a long time in terms of your mother being in the the queen a carnival would it will it's like grown up and all that and and what did you learn about Rex is. Matured to -- now. Well I think you know really it's a family affair and a lot of ways Rex organization and sort of it's been great having my my alongside me and my dad gets are -- now is gonna see him ride and it's not just about. Getting on a -- and drinking a lot and throwing beads of people it's really. Sort of a family -- in the kids always come to the Dan and their cost send us this a lot of fine. And very spirited group of people. Is getting on a slow drinking a lot and throwing things -- people discouraged in the organization. For the most for the most part where we -- but it is we we have. Or imprecise have fun whatever that means everything not everything in excess. And I'll -- majesty is and your film major. Did you see the films that were nominated this year and meeting get a chance to watch the awards last night -- -- went to think about who won in the films that. Might have been snubbed or any -- Actually think they made the perfect choice for best picture. But obviously -- was. Far away at -- at the air just this and and photography acting interacting everything is on going. I know some people might think -- gravity got snubbed but. I mean obviously is visually amazing but to be honest the screenplay it was not the best stuff. And on some valuation quickly before relate to go king -- older traditional -- traditional traditional elite out. Thank you so much for coming in and they are there any words that you would like to. -- can you do that now I guess it's later when you have the official proclamation. And just dive right comic the weather is might be iffy but bundle up bring the kids and and surely enjoy your day into one of the city we go live in. And you majesty compare how fun you know young had a great time thank you so much for coming and I hope we get to see. Not play into that next -- to even know yet I don't think there's ever been a repeat king is there good idea yet -- run pre election -- -- thank you both for coming --

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