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1-24-14 3:10pm Angela with Leah Chase

Jan 24, 2014|

Angela profiles Leah Chase.

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Will there just aren't any new ways to describe Leah chase. She's the ground dom of creole cooking. She's a restaurant tour par excellence. She's a legend in her own time both as a business woman and a leader among women and the African American community. But to all -- know her whether the two presidents who have eaten at her famous restaurant a -- chase for the regulars from the neighborhood. Leah chase is just -- special. She's feisty and funny loving and loyal demanding and determined. There isn't an award she hasn't won from the time speaking of loving cup top honors for civil rights organizations. And international women's groups. At 91 she continues to lead a life of purpose. She makes her special gumbo shares her spectacular African American art collection. And makes us New Orleans. Proud to call her our -- And Leah chase you are yet. Don't think -- that -- here I am proud to be in the rule that out to applaud this city. That is that they and we hear about it and as CO PD growing that we see is in Tora. It just makes me so happy. I'd get up in the morning and come to work and across from me they have built in the most beautiful -- -- -- in your life. So I am just so probable that is one. You know I'm reminded after the storm you were nice enough to let me combine. She was a month and a couple months that not too much. Yeah -- place was in just such a sad state of affairs. So desolate and I remember standing outside of your restaurant. And you saying you know I'm going to come. This neighborhood is going to come back and -- and it is and -- In taking down that the housing development they're building something beautiful. Beautiful beautiful you know everybody but we had the people picketed me telling me how good. Good debris field didn't war. But it was time for a change it was really time that this indeed changing what we have. In this -- -- here and they do it wrote down Saint Bernard opinions. It is just beautiful to feed them and detain people who live with the rule. And they've been like people that makes me happy. I wanna go back in time because. I've I've read your story and as I pulled everyone should know because it is. Unlike so beautifully lived and I wonder do you overstating yourself Italy. -- a long way from grown up the medicine. I think that the I was inhabitants of that -- advance. And if you would seem that it's until it's not a matter of some of them -- who have been but he just gorgeous. It is just to see how people grow the most beautiful library. The most beautiful to see him. It is just wonderful in Madison bill but I always wonder how -- it here. You know how -- -- -- you are. You know not to and I hadn't happened -- block it and did that work I tried to do. But how like that it's -- I don't know but I -- certainly grateful to many people in too many people. Who helped me get to this spot in -- We'd be grateful and I will put his immediate -- he would tip that they had died because so many people. -- I thought about this young you were what thirteen years old -- Your -- oldest of eleven was -- I was the boat is that you haven't been in children and we -- haven't -- Until last year. We and -- and that says that and that just blew me away because. My assistant was glad that you did about two years younger than I would human but he needs some Indians in -- probably 75. And that well we never got the death and its people immediately put into it. That it blew it completely off too but hasn't that been going strong in the eighties didn't mean -- going strong. You know I just envision you as this you know thirteen year old girl -- -- onto train in steamer. You can go live with Iran because your parents had saved enough money to send you to a Catholic girls school in early -- that was the first thing that changed your world. If people you know and it's funny when I'm not offensive to stand right here. In that country. People didn't get -- to you know okay. You know the ball is finish that separately grave indictment to war and the girls just made it all -- Fourteen holes within the that they had to do until they were married. But I haven't been placed -- in the black community to get to hide who will be here. So because my mother and what did -- insist is that we get educations that that would be paying them. So you've got that high school diploma and then you went to work for restaurant in the quarter. And yet and that was your first exposure. To fine dining. I was not I had never been in in that -- restaurant in my life. You know it was segregation we didn't have been pleased to go I didn't have any money to begin with to go. And that was the place I'm that this lady talked mean this is for sale -- Sunday best system bail them propaganda. Because she taught me everything in. I really appreciate did that in the people just that's innate in me again Serb people you know that you you just. -- Asia could be -- wages to -- that I've -- it to people. That's there's such a people person. And you know it means all kinds of people. Everybody come jubilee. And that would get. Going to -- university. A couple of years -- to do that job and I took my grandson with these some of them. And everywhere that we wouldn't you know we've been into the chapel. And based on the Chappell -- -- the gap to. I'd cared for and that they -- that they said look at this man then -- that he would. The government of -- make -- that the president -- do you keep this outfit and I said it. As he did and mr. that they get two dollars and god in this clip on the and I said and I bid to head to. She lives in new role in in 1941. You know that rich people do. They would do in chair actually give them these -- too cute guys in Cromwell at that time. So they don't get me and then began outside the home they said to me. Apparently you've blown has said 1923. Yeah. And that they visit chapel was built in 1930. At once said -- when she's older than pictures. I don't I don't. Let me read it it is it is taking it just means. People and they've been in -- from college to go all. -- competitive goal is just. -- -- -- -- And I'll never forget that he's working in the form is definitely true. -- we're gonna have to take a quick rate of Bergen about that we're gonna talk about. That experience. And then you meet -- chase whose parents of the restaurant. And and she's gonna say we're gonna have a different -- -- -- doesn't stay with this for talking to the great -- -- an Angel on W. Our very special guest today Leah chase. Needs no introduction. What is. Listening to her life and I. When I heard that you had come over young woman from medicine bill finished your high school started working in a restaurant and as you -- never been in the rest ever -- And then you meet this some months. -- -- -- -- -- I've no doubt about -- but it's -- ask you. With the mutation that was the idea that going for me. I didn't understand musician. You know I was born in two people who. Typically. Being installed like boxers slide. App that lead said that kind of thing. And here I've met them mutation. That the people let me. But really fate when you think about it with his parents who had the sandwich shop yet. And it was good to Obama than I was extremely good to me cheaper and and -- -- under the from and then. I brought to a diet and in the French Quarter back to this area. Where they opened -- to making changes to the restaurant. Well at place you know indeed bring on some think she couldn't understand here in the well it was -- 1945. Weren't making display. And that that time people were making money. You know he had that -- cushion going into what 1929. To 1940. Everything was built it 45 they begin to make money after the watchdog -- one. So she would make -- money and here I am good Mikhail. How the but this isn't cheap but keep it and then we made the changes. They -- cooperative in -- In the machine -- just good to me. Team with a good businesswoman they get at Oakland and there will be vacation -- -- great money manager that I don't do too. Well I know -- that many people know that Doug Dickey chased became. I'm really a venue during the civil rights movement bright for some of the legends -- -- and you met them he met Martin Luther King. Met -- detained at big kitty kitty kitty Obama. James Baldwin. All of those people they're good morning local people. Did you understand while they were having dinner while they were meeting. That this is changing life. No I did and you know many people many blacks live in each didn't. We didn't understand. What. This is all about quote we never wanted to go to jail because they you know. That was terrible to think about even they -- about going to jail you know but he has these young people war. And they -- willing to take and we have to do that and really people my age well -- blameless. Not the opinion where we should have dipped in May be in give. Just given them some of that would think he'd do. But we keep -- intact we did complete just let it -- with him but they had to do. And eighteen is that we should be in the that they believe now don't -- fiscal year and it's killed. But it was felt like that was sales. Until we didn't do that but I'd never believed to. That really when I realized it in this restaurant. In some ways we changed the course from America. And anybody can do some things did change. Things did they just tried. But that -- experience for all of they. Body. Where do you see them. -- where do you see. The progress. Today. Well why can't I think people like but these young people legal options and -- the fatigued. After the chino went a little fatigued -- -- These guys that you could get a good job. To get this week is that you -- now. That -- so please mean I think it. And try to -- and tried to everybody can -- because he died we need to do that. He -- for you to do it definitely is the you to get equal opportunities. And -- Is that people give up their life that -- and I go on as the big thing. You'd have to really work on the planet can -- these young people today. You got to try to do that because many people gave that they had to use them -- women in -- -- that. Rivalries. Wonder how they needed now solely respect and that was program that -- But -- it was and that is why. And Asia is through with Malcolm make it -- not -- -- in -- -- the guy. They died trying to make a difference died in the -- -- in the -- -- and you know what I call you think about because. I wish I had this trip. They didn't get angry people. They didn't get parole. On you know Egypt's women that they do in the period -- region eight children. And hit me in the way -- with the people late night. I would get so frustrated -- mainly. I don't know what that would do with these women did not do that Egypt ago. And I always think about. How big advantage for him to do that. -- -- -- them I don't know if I could do that. I think you have your own kind of strength and I always that would mean. People down inevitably somebody is -- little did I would be posturing didn't get that would be in jail right now but they didn't they work. They would just they just went down. I want you to stay with this we're gonna continue this conversation with -- chase. And we're gonna talk about her thoughts on some of the issues we face today so please stay with this now let's go to the newsroom and on names. Our guest today of course Leah chase. Just such a superb human being in talks so many different things -- great restaurant tour. A wonderful -- a wonderful moment. An who has lived an incredible history and I think that's what we want to talk and yet -- you. You care so much about this community and I know in your heart you have great concern about. But we are all concerned and that is young men killing young men in black community just. Before our eyes and it's in it's painful and I just. I know you have wanted and probably helped a great many people and I just love to know your thoughts on. It can be done. If painful. While we have to do. I think there will we -- trying to get into -- lead to. -- all -- like if you could get mom and if you could get -- young to understand in what DD years. To bring it to to understand -- -- -- The second place -- to make that as well be a good we've been. Beat but somebody. On -- -- and that's way these guys can comment did years ago. Two just -- you know. You look at that these children but he can you -- and continued trying to help them. What to do I think he -- the that we do which can do with. He's got to get to the number in the have a child. You have to understand. That you know responsibility. Is to make me you know woman that this little piece of play issues here. And that is that the job -- talked to two young. Ladies the nobody in the equal to the -- -- -- -- -- one had a child when -- -- war. And that killed -- that you know what you have to do. She can -- -- that would win on the ball that it coal mine comic enemy command and that is that -- And by the need -- job. It's stupid to think about that. -- -- in that police think about it or call -- You have to give every beauty -- and it's my teacher came in to make this calendar days. What he has to do in and that way -- -- falling -- is we need to educate the -- And and to do that they had to do what is now get here. I think we would do but he needs a couple of jobs bring him actual county killing people where is the mother. Where you can have so I think the -- that's it for actual job today. That -- just intellect and I'd talk to children album. Throughout the public is she could mean that. But that's natural problem. That's kind of problem -- you haven't. Is -- now. And you have to give them to keep. My only is she blood -- world that you have to respected. But some tentative deal to him. -- I just think give of those young. And try to make them under and import India's. To bring this child should be in good plates and -- Think about doing things than being in the community. They didn't feel that way that the big. And that is and that is the bottom line that in -- it is to say I had a future I have. Do but unless that -- military's responsibility. -- -- -- gonna win that battle and let people get. All around in -- the child goes to deal -- Sometimes the level of -- so frustrated you know -- -- -- -- me while I'm happy that my plan is big deal because then they'll wait is. My god oh my god what he's saying. You'd get challenges to go to jail again in no way he would. It should be enough of a parent to know that this child. -- -- -- it -- have to have literally parenting classes. In in school let me from the time the child goes to school there aren't going to be a parent do when it happens and no that's far fetched. Lee you've got a whole gang of people who have called -- I'd like to take calls. Tim you've been holding on OK hold on him yet. Yes you've had something for -- quite. Absolutely. I'm or -- faculty member from nickel state university. Days and years ago -- straight gracefully. Let's say prisoner for the Fletcher -- -- benefit. And she kind of sidestep. And other potential commitment which he possibly -- in Washington DC for. -- she is the pressure. To the region as well as the Crescent City. I'm holding a copy of the that he -- cookbook right here. And I have it that it was signed by mr. Well I think -- and you have been immensely able to. And and vote. Civil rights leader and as a restaurant to a -- So long thank you let him. -- and -- who -- -- but because it does so much of this week. And we have to get people to understand now -- in the -- now. What you can keep people and keep -- -- -- what sort. Of you make it work and -- and corrupting influence. You make it more what you and I think we can do without thinking so. And thank you lot and -- at least with this we're gonna continue our conversation. Right after that Leah chase our special guest and you know we have some more -- and I wanna take that. I've got to ask you about. You have seen also the major change in the restaurant world I mean from. -- coming shots like superstars. In the networks on on restaurants and food senator. And not just your thoughts on that. Oh you know I'm so proud of this industry and because it's in the industry. That young people can get in the -- and things and make money at. Learn and make money that is important. I have seen these restaurants still in -- counties essentially India's -- we have the tiny ship. What makes it's so wonderful is that -- to get. Is is not like the competition. Is not competing with so until -- like -- to death by. And one -- helped me when I I think people will work you know while a page out. Don't bash as it is -- agent is is outrageous. I just would just like -- kids get on the ones that did keep chases which I think it's wonderful. And I think now go do things world. I'll boot and getting the job on people coming didn't think it -- When -- -- -- -- in this city in this industry. And an equal weight saying. We don't have any industry in the wall and how did they do it. We have one of the 550 industries that means we have to read them. Nothing that and then people. We have food we have people and nothing makes people happy had been beaten them this. That is right which is like two presidents would come to -- luncheon room yes sir Clinton let's go to you you've had a -- A comment for Leah chase. If your -- it and you apparently not not all community. And people are all. -- -- Why didn't you always -- only Alter the outcome on. I want all the market that he and all that because well. LB people need -- But I don't eat meat we. All integrity. And how income while. It was 88 people like you -- there. And I know it -- the -- -- all decked out in every day that you know Angela. -- Would you like to meet you know about it. Wow. That. White care act equipment it yet. But it. Why it it be why you were not able I don't -- elderly people like it but they're like it. Maybe it -- you go to jail in he killed if I let it eat you. Clinton thirty year -- Thank you to. Keep. Absolutely Darlene. -- The next ten and I didn't have that Apache you. -- -- -- thirty years. That he didn't. That you. Old. Our sister. It was -- but that won't look so yes. I have but Don Imus and the two on in -- people -- their children -- and and I am pretty violent that. But I don't live mainly. Into the singing -- -- again. -- -- -- And that these are not welcome at. Well. My old. In 1976. -- -- -- -- -- She's able and she and she. Knows. The job is try to look at that and I'm like wow. -- You. Look at it and the with a cute culture and like I am. A chase the -- back. I didn't think about it now because she get one in the war. But one of them to have. -- local teachers. In this state. And she is that play well and to get. Out of that night TP people he has really students said the well you would definitely use him to -- you weren't that analysts must now and it is. So completely out of public opinion and opinion is. Now thank you very much startling calling in and I know you have such talented -- I just take quick break we'll take with me and one more stick with that -- -- I cannot think -- chase enough for spending a whole hour of your day went after that. It you are and you are treasure and that is the bottom line and I know you have recently had a birthday we're gonna look forward to your next one and your next one and you next one. I hope so and I will be brought and until. That last day I know you will I enjoy it and think it into the -- all you do thank you so much. Thank you -- -- hope everybody has a good weekend stay warm now let's join the newsroom and Don names.