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3-3-14 10:10am Garland: on Jimmy Graham and the Saints

Mar 3, 2014|

Garland gets caught up on the contract negotiations between the Saints and Jimmy Graham with Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic and WWL sports reporter Mark Menard.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back Garland -- that would be in group think Franco in -- blue hey we're gonna have a pretty interest in -- We're gonna talk about what it's like to spend a year in prison -- solution every day every hour every minute 23 hours and he. -- by -- room by yourself for eighteen years and then be declared. -- -- Also were good look at the plug -- insurance -- forge and lot of people here in south Louisiana and all the -- on the Gulf Coast. Very concerned about new flood maps that. Or going to borders or would have forced. The insurance rates to double making you on able to sell your home and lot of cases unable to stay in your own. When -- yourselves is moved and -- would make triple and sure it's in our areas remain affordable -- -- -- It would remove the threat that many Louisiana and board. The question is analyst said the goal long where it goes from here. We'll talk to experts. Also we're gonna talk about to Ukraine at 1130. To me it's been something I've been only happily interest in the incomes quite frankly. I didn't really big then. It could be that big thing we don't seem concerned about surgery wouldn't seem that concerned about issues in. Africa. But apparently the market politicians and business people are concerned trod upon why. This up well we're going to be talking about jury Jimmy Graham. He got the franchise tag. Over the weekend -- -- but it's a non exclusive. There's always turned Kristian -- double of the -- and it's report -- to a double coverage -- -- W Christian. -- -- -- -- -- I made thanks and the only time people. What borders Serbia what does non exclusive. Mean exactly. Yeah there's two types of -- He can apply now where -- essence. Between different -- It prevents -- best player from hitting the open market free agency. More elaborate but there's an exclusive and not exclusive. These schools that is exactly what that without sins nobody else has the discussion rights -- that player not a school's the right the only difference is. Basically. Any team can come in -- Jimmy Graham to offer sheet gives them you know contract offer for years by. It or used by year's average of you know 1112 million dollar a year and a saint would have the right to match that offer that you veteran in the team. It it did decline to match the offer. Others it would be titled the 21 round draft. -- In return for the team that signs in the -- so. You know but it's equally. What -- to -- it speak about it I think each extra support when it. From the state respectively it. It'll out in the -- to -- -- -- -- is it market in China let the markets settle in -- find out. Exactly what his value it is to other teams in the -- like I think what happened. Need to -- and -- some interest from another team. -- -- cutbacks in the wall once -- they -- not on and -- walk out. You were. Two or tropics start awful and awfully happy Christ. Are -- it or talk about quarterback here. And I would say it like to say Aki would be well I don't know. He did this agreement can be won with -- round draft -- -- gonna hold that. Recovered those trapped. -- a team -- part -- those two duke is -- -- to say it would be forced to go with a. Taught me about how much money which you're about ears -- about it. Atlanta particularly coming in the near the site. Did a -- updated. Drive the price. Anywhere about something that a lot staged to me it's like. Which well what he got a patent it too -- -- Green Bay Seattle looked like they're not -- -- are not. Well reasonable but it. Keep that like rebate money. Feel like there one or two players away from going back consumable. You know Judy Graham it might be worth it to -- -- to -- to a and win. A suitable Seattle it's -- the backs of global but. You know so -- drive the price it's you know that you reports are that he wants twelve dollars. On average per year. And this economic and I'd a tight in the year I mean it in Italy. For a year and a half million dollars over -- out money. And he'd become an air and off -- sixteen year fourteen year or that it GMAC that. That you worked round toward be it should the Seattle. Jimmy Graham. Indeed -- a -- treatment received. Interest every team in the league would take a look. At least you know seeing what they caught it. Our littlest big breaker when we come back. A lot of big and calming thing. Madrid -- urban settings over whether he is that tight end or wide receiver. We'll find out for Christian what kind of money debris and said medics and what -- headed to different public. It was called to -- 0187. -- Garrett who's here to answer in -- questions -- in my room or of the saints Jews and 018. Celebrity are told through anywhere in the -- 3866. Added non generally celebrity year old so taxes. -- -- -- -- -- But the good about sanction put. Old. Particular Jimmy Graham. He's been given the frontrunners tag but it's -- non exclusive tag we're tripping -- the team who did. All on his services. And -- -- Right to refusal and say -- can begin negotiation. -- -- Derrick on the -- governor -- saw violent poor old so close to double coverage on the read WL. Christian the of the debate but I guessed. Graham and his attorney you're gonna have but the saints. As -- other bodies that tight end -- wide receiver Roddy. Yeah it'll all it'll actually won't come down to the city. Necessarily. Haven't. -- haven't made that decision early to determine determine bodily kilogram. -- agreements with the league and the -- all -- a -- decided -- tight end receiver com. And and that ultimately. Alex stand right now you know will he be excited. Are going to be opposite to what he would operate side numbers. Into that number -- and at wide receiver. Are different. A lot different now there's about five million dollars difference between. Seven dollars and type in the when your franchise. Or about twelve million dollars for the what is different and so it's July. It would want. To be technical what you're opposed to tighten -- -- services -- -- -- in which it did. But -- -- ultimately decide. To me grandmother's. Tied in all you're. Drug tell -- how they did decide -- A look to their collective bargaining agreement to it says franchise player. Shelby you're born you're NFL player contract for the average of the five largest fired your cell -- for players. At a position at which the franchise player participated. In the most play news. During the prior league year. I looked out Graham lined up. Two thirds of the dollar and 67%. -- -- Wide receiver. And young 22 pursuit who. Wideout 33%. And supplied him. That doesn't that suggest that you as a wide receiver out of the -- that. Yeah I mean at that pharmacy -- and the collective bargaining agreement that put under -- -- that -- -- Jerry -- a few years ago Tennessee Titans. I had this similar conversations. Are similar deliberately. They attacked him at the tight and he filed a grievance. Any of the wide receiver that you that wide receiver so that. Well what happens and you know you do that -- starting Indian and caught the -- It shall. That was key player one way and played them. As -- -- and another position and you know attack. At the player listed are at the position let that but ultimately you know general manager Mickey Loomis said they view Jimmy Graham site. That number satellites. So -- it should see what the league. Will rule what she filed that agreements. You know all the anti Baghdad in Lebanon the number statement he played Blogosphere. Lived through your blogger that was labeled trading Jimmy Graham may be the saints' best move. Well look at the potential of 21 round for -- -- it's -- it's only pretend you got to find a team that they have higher priced. You reported out. In your blog -- for the long Super Bowl with the aging Jeremy Shockey get right in a -- and hadn't been -- from -- and running game sometimes disappears. In big games meaning great and see you -- -- 2000 portrayed. Graham was targeted six kind -- just one catch. As counter purported one touched on his fourth season with the New Orleans that number could just as easily. Have been -- -- between through four players. In the final in regular games 2013. Rim only surpassed a hundred or receiving Mort wants. In the final five games in the regular season -- failed to reach 100 yard receiving ordered threshold. Played into their playoff games and Jenna worried tell that whopping four receptions for 52 York since he broke touched. It seemed like a pretty good argument to it to give the best we can get. Yeah I mean however that is that you know that you work. Trader -- grants for example. You're getting something in return obviously that'd -- -- getting. Tropics which you don't know. -- draft picks are going to work out in under partial -- ridiculous they haven't exactly it. Cold ones every time with -- tropics we're gonna happen to lecture Albert. You know and Pat Robertson and I think is at least a little bit to be desired or trumpet so. That's the calculations. Don't know which are gonna get in return to taleo. Are you letting go of in exchange for draft -- are letting go of an all pro proven commodity in itself however usually -- some of that money and I think it. -- the -- that money out and instructing your team. Aren't set of -- and be locked up one player in. You ought to have agreed on the on the process account for quite ability to sell Japanese equipment that gets. Enacted this exceed a lot between two players heating up -- -- a salary cap. Wearing -- can spread that out today's NFL is about bargain around. -- players and is strap but supported fourteen is loaded with talent and you know those cookies are bargains compared to possibly better that idea out there if you look at the model of some teams and you know well. They've gone out with a younger cheaper players I ain't got as much. Bank that are bought you well and -- not different than Jimmy Graham but -- really comes down to money ball a lot of ways I think. And I -- I might be an option for the saint you can make the argument. And money's been in the money you receive from outside Jimmy -- so all. Lucrative. Contract. He could spend a little bit more on getting your defense. Competitive than it was a year ago which was very good. In the top five passing defense so. If he did you could add. And instructing -- to be sent a lot. Adding a player to offensively in the draft doll on the all but the wind. Drew Brees and Dexter franchise player he was sacked seven times last year. And it got to protect you know -- ambassador who you are protector franchise player so I think -- and I think it's an option. That might be popular. But I you know -- it is the right deal comes along you consider. Think you've already exploiting this on again couple attacks ask him -- -- benefit is for the saints to given the non exclusive tag does that give them. A better idea to to know what his. Dollar. Potential it's. Could be I mean. They don't have a number in mind on what programs. Number is what they -- -- out it's but allows them to go out there currency -- test the waters a bit. And see where the saints. Comment number -- lives and where it's in there overall scheme of you know device to sell out and allows him a bit sent the market if you will eight -- if you think you were thirteen mentality here well out here -- you get it. No maybe they -- match that or maybe next to that too much into what -- and it decline in action. But you know we need when you look at. The way it's structured the unfortunate part about. The franchise tag in general weather's not exclude some more exclusive. Eighty double salary cap space right now at seven -- LL a top state -- because the franchise back. On in -- back to me is the only attraction. Using different. As two books on our cap and -- You know they were right up against the cap and then grew unexpectedly teller but it's set at that. But the autopsy which -- the saints a livable would ruled that it gave initially thought that. So. They denied schools have bill does allow a lot their -- it's. And it -- you know what foreigners. They're working with for a potential deal and they can decide a match an offer from another team if he gets. I had highlighted his slams tycoons have figured. Well most of -- misunderstood. In wonderment for you miss front it is says that. Graham. In his four year and a pro career year -- hole. A two and a half a million. Or about a third of what has since paid opens a -- and Broderick Bunkley the and a two seasons loans that -- Yeah its very -- because he was the rookie. Coming into when he -- was trapped in the third. And you know he was basically playing on his rookie contract. And all. NATO about return for their investment the saints got a told. A return on investment because. That that rookie contract to -- -- -- -- -- Keating because. You were made dollar. The -- but first time in his career but -- used production it's well over. A million dollars for the production Percy. Talk about -- an L standards and by tighten standards. So yeah I mean. That's very -- in it's. -- partly about the production of a product well albeit. Note to positions. You know tied into Qaeda did that to tackle forced CNET. It is going to necessarily affect a lot plays. Directly with a lot of tackles but on doing -- shot not take it up blockers linebacker -- -- Can make -- back to make tackles and a lot -- post tied it. You know it's going to be back into the game plan especially heavily premised on eight and catch that ball game. A touchdown or two here that are that big. Jimmy Graham I think points for the saint ultimately used. In the red. He's just he's just nightmare out there and I huge mismatch problem for -- eclipses. My question is can he get a compliment can make compliment him enough. Talking. Toward in this seat and in the in the playoffs really great -- grant. It has forced guys by more -- than Lance Moore. To beat him in while more schools and pretty good year you know the year that. Typically reaching -- -- call -- is still very very good. But not thinking there will and all the sites say look. Let Marcus -- and it's six catches they could be that big game were very steady really did. Receiver but he's not a guy. It in packaging became our all life -- -- -- -- to get away they ate so much better out there opportunity to -- -- -- -- Predator correct me if I'm wrong Graham was knocked nightmare in the game with Seattle. And and I've heard you say that. Clueless and and coach Payton are extremely good at what they do and they got a -- take a look at Seattle and sending. These people did a little bit differently if they going that direction and a does that have any effect on -- I think so I mean if they are they do decide -- A bit of a ship in a lot in new guy model themselves after you know. The likes the Seattle Seahawks the problem is that the Seahawks are paying also will have about six -- -- we don't -- -- -- They detained Drew Brees. What four times that I think three times that so. It's just too many. They shifted it could affect the Jimmy Graham it'd look something. As admitted that -- it study every successful program at a bits and pieces of of you know whatever program the success or what they liked what they don't like that radically change. There organizational structure Alley believe in Italy championships and out and he got it right and obviously it 11 -- -- -- quarterback and -- And I think they're they're likely not change all that practically but you look at the defense in the later that it be that -- constructed. Out of Seattle. You know late round picks lower cost that's out of football in our production problem and I think a lot wanna. In -- that department in Chinatown. One final question. When when. Look at those who towards from with Graham. And what was his quote. It's. And point -- is only. Gotten two and a half million dollars in his whole career. Imported Saudi led the NFL was sixteen touchdowns last season. These cities and they've declared -- franchise. Player that really important. Unfortunate if that happens it doesn't really matter what I've approved for. In the exemptions in the -- Drew Brees and other people have -- negotiations. Does. Did debate the fight during the negotiations. Affect their play the next year that'll give what they want. -- and something that I think it does. What I worry about it is. Palisades and his you know Jimmy -- missing organized team activities missing time Ortiz. You know teaching guys that. Missed a lot. Organized team activities and offseason conditioning. Become candidates seem to have nagging injuries all year long. Are our satellite just doesn't do well yet -- the production slipping in terms of and a little guy still won it -- -- very driven player. But you know albums that tactic chemistry between Ian drew. They start. Get back on the field omnibus bill into. Training camp or or the -- and a tree program. And Soledad I think that you know that's open to be mindful of and watch very closely though. Net you know necessarily have targeted dozens -- world player might our course of ill will -- organization it like this respect but neighbors say. The state. Kinda sign up for five year deal and Jimmy Graham is Megan eleven an apple a million dollars or -- that time. You'd you know how that worked well we overtime but the news I appreciate you call them very much -- do this again. Christian -- Bill coming right. All right Morgan continues composers from -- to say it's in particular Jimmy Graham. Not too many text just a couple of Texan or calls. So little bring our director -- more men or do while often group who all year -- information and help it's men do it all on the air and all year. Kristian -- -- Very interest in law -- we -- war. Jim Graham was declared the and franchise player book non exclusive. Agree potential. Non exclusive group I think what that means it is. Other teams can come in and bid on him with the say it's still happening and yeah. Right of first refusal. Mark of the pushed into a government view. -- -- chooses. The salary cap is at a 133. Million dollars. And arms -- in the -- because. What's the difference between. In being there wide receive Borough or Adrian it like between seven and twelve million yen that the friend a franchise tag is is the average. Of the top five players at that position. Their salary. You know so he's gonna -- the average of the top five tight ends in the league there average salary averages about seven million dollars. Wide receivers and averaged -- twelve million dollars. So it's -- five -- dollar difference and all of that money. Counts towards issues cap. Whereas if they were a long term deal beacon. Vary the amounts of money that will affect the cap every year signing bonuses don't affect the cap. -- -- A long term agreement were because these guys went to three years average wipes. In -- yeah. -- the contracts are always kind of were rated towards the team. Because they can cut these guys. So that the value in a contract for the NFL. Players is the guaranteed money taken up front for signing the deal -- would signing bonuses it's. You know you say you know a guy like Drew Brees probably got -- -- -- -- dollar signing bonus. Out of his -- mean dollar deals he got an email right up front that was you know that was -- guaranteed money in the deal. And then you can also guarantee a certain amount of money every year in terms base our. But a lot of the -- -- -- contract the big money is. In assignments and get fraud so now they're working off the rest of the deal and the team cut them. -- -- We wouldn't you say the -- you from right. The but doesn't effective salary can. Does that mean that that Benson can decide to do is peel water remote profit. A youth and that too. We applaud or we -- as Monica. Army comes out of -- pocket as Eric comes from its but you know it would -- and he works very closely -- Mickey Loomis to determine what these guys work. You know he leans on -- a lot and respect. Loomis tells -- -- guy he's gonna pay him Meehan and Bentsen used to have this kind of you know. Reputation as a chief skaters on because they've created -- with -- wanna pay that was an -- on pay guys he's gone by when GM says. These guys or at the GM says these guys are worth that much then you know Jim -- was notorious for that. Jim thinks didn't think player's worth that much money I don't know how he would fare in the NFL today because he didn't believe in paying guys a lot of money. That's what the hold out obviously it was all of the so. You know back then he had -- tell him. These I think work that much money you don't have to pay and then puts money. And now Mickey Loomis is a little bit more liberal and and he knows how to play the game in the NFL these days in terms of signing contracts and especially when it comes to the salary cap music. Room at that. Didn't. Via. Arjuna reduce incorrectly duke a -- -- -- -- troubled quarterback does need to get paid a million years last year. A -- million dollar. He's still on his rookie deal is what it is. You know of a rookie deal for a player that distracted last about three years for three to four years. And he was drafted. Not in the first round he was drafted a second or third round so he didn't get that much money on his rookie deal he still played -- so he's gonna have a big payday coming up. What his deal is up and then they'll have to decide where the whether they wanna keep them and pay him you know like a big money quarterback or they're gonna let him test his. -- testers look elsewhere to school -- Bargaining agreement. Well the main thing that the new collective bargaining agreement did was -- lower rookie contracts. It put a rookie salary cap in place and really -- guys to where. You don't have these long holdout -- more used to be you the number one guy getting huge contract and you know it was always bigger than the year before. And when they. When he instituted the -- CBA. They raised a lot of salary for a veterans. And the lower -- -- for -- kind of takes a little bit of the burden off of these teams have and a work out. You know how much about this guy I've never seen play before in the NFL. All these unproven commodities and that's what Jimmy Graham is playing he still has rookie contracts that he hasn't. Made the money that he's probably worth yet because these. Far outplayed his deal. He's in his second year thirty years has completed -- thirty year so collective bargaining agreement has changed its own way of Bradbury averaging. Through four years for a career and it takes you. Three years four years to get where you get paid big money. That's what has changed and. It's yes definitely it's limited of the amount that a draft bust can hurt your team because. In the before this new CBA if you missed out on your first round pick in the guy didn't turn out the way you thought it was. It could almost cripple your team because -- paying all this money to a guy who was not perform. You know or even a guy that's -- you -- a team anymore in some cases and so. It's it's really kind of changed the game -- that aspect and and I think for the better I think. You know you need to produce up before year in the big books and and in in my opinion Jimmy Graham is definitely proved themselves. What -- gray. Him and his agent are going to be debating the for the bodies -- some positives of tight end wide here we -- in Texas says. Jimmy Graham was named all pro or tied in the group used rewards suits he thinks. He used a wide receiver Troy didn't. But a look at the collective bargaining agreement and it's as. These players rated at two position -- bores the franchise player participated. And the most plays during the prior league year in Graham was almost two thirds of the plays to wide receiver. Yeah 67% of the snaps came at wide receiver. And you know to to the person who texted him. Let me just say that if he was listed as a wide receiver he likely still would have been an all pro he was that good he was leading the league. In touchdowns this year among all players not just tight ends. And you know he had you know but of. An amazing first half of the season the warriors foot with the plant our -- guys. And you know if you think that's not a big deal challenge anybody to run on a broken full name is that it if not has not easy -- actually broken is less thing. Well that's true -- let it and appreciate as the Kimberly stabilized. Right you have to just kind of wait -- to heal and he didn't miss any games he played through it you know people think you might disappeared during games but. You know that the got glories tough as sole. I don't see you know penalized and a guy because his production fell off after her. Hugged Seattle leopard Christian Bobby and oak tree -- -- talk about this long. The Seattle had a different formula for winning ride -- woods is smaller and -- what will observe their change in direct. Well that was mainly on defense com smaller faster definitely. And but a big part of Seattle's success is that they have hit a lot of draft picks and all these young guys are playing well and they don't have to I am a whole lot. You know Seattle's. Policy reckoning but -- me -- almost the best way to put it -- reckoning is on the way. When all these guys' contracts come up and estimate the -- hard decisions on -- to keep. And -- pay. And that team go look a lot different. In the next couple years. Because you know guys like Russell Wilson an -- are gonna get paid. And maybe -- Seattle but they're gonna get paid by somebody and it's gonna change the makeup of their team if these guys start moving on to greener pastures -- more money. Everything original patent boom was heard. The best videos of what they do. And they've been as successful. In perch for him in optics as they have been. In the middle rounds -- or. Jim Graham what number six. He was a third round third. He was a third round pick and it really kind of took a chance on him because he only played one year college football he is -- college basketball player as has been noted. Many times in the media to -- what do they do better the first round of middle or accommodation booked. Well I'll I'll say this they're definitely. Better than average on the late round picks they've hit on a lot of late round picks that generally part. Kind of iffy you know a lot of times. Those fourth through seventh routers are not locks to make the team Regis -- authentic -- bodies and you -- they've managed to an awful lot of starters out of the out of the late rounds Jahri Evans Marcus Colston. A lot of guys like that. As far as first rounder is go I'd say they're probably about the league average they're probably you know. -- -- of the first routers that they have on the teams still in a camp Jordan marking room of people some people would say Ingram is. Not what they expected but it. He really kind of turned -- last year -- Jordan has been out of this world. Yeah people bring up Patrick Robinson good. He was also. Very nearly a section -- that was the year they won the Super Bowl for the -- the last pick of the first round. So he was number 32 overall as opposed to being a top ten. -- board Albert Texas -- -- -- So they both -- spread over the life of the contract does count against the cap bonuses can be spread the news guarantee. And don't count against the -- that slips through those. A little it's -- there were bright when it comes to restricted free agents does that make a big difference as to what they can yet. -- yet restricted free agents are different animal because. If a team wants them they have to give something. And its -- generally. If it lets say the -- freedom -- the saints somebody wants to sign them away the saints will have to work got to deal with whoever does that wants them. And they will they'll usually be tagged as like first or second rounder but it doesn't always come to that sometimes they work -- something different words a couple of thirds or something like that. You know whatever they feel the value. Is is best in the in the draft. Put yet an unrestricted free agent means the guy can walk. No questions -- you. Probably of this rule but they colored Villa. Streets welcoming schedule was eat the easiest in the league and -- is the number wrong that's that's correct but I mean that's always kind of a nebulous thing in the offseason and you don't know what teams are gonna look like once the season starts. That's based on last year's records so based on last year's records. The saints have the the eighth easiest schedule in the league but. I mean I'm sure you've you've noticed the head. Things don't always go according to plan once the season gets rolling there's always teams that come out of nowhere that you don't -- it can be good that in that make in the playoffs there's playoff teams that falloff. You look at the falcons last year they were number one seed the NFC the year before last year they didn't make the playoffs they were terrible. So. That's always kind of you know a misnomer when people say that -- Only need you for the technical break so we wouldn't do the commercial wouldn't go to news and holding my hand through sports. It's a good thing you've got big double rugby. Our it was still think it in the last couple of minutes about Jim agreement includes go to Maryland Maryland Euro and over a veto -- troop call. Thank you go on technical I appreciate you. Up -- -- -- -- have been watching. Afraid my husband and I used to go to regain. When they're going to bank stadium. -- -- -- -- And -- -- that you -- thing I don't know what's this exclusive tag on. Jimmy Graham mechanic grade is one of my favorite player he's been through so much as a child and he's overcome -- he's got such great spirit. And he's young and he's good. And -- and they currently don't break my heart if he's completely new law of let's say deterrent. I don't Obama lots and if they if they get rid of him. You know I hear what you're saying good. You know there is it is a game. I understand that there but he had been. No I don't understand that no I totally agree with the I think it's great player to. But -- -- remembered Deuce McAllister. You get the same call -- saying that would be personally or he wouldn't go to games anymore. Bill to take -- better than he did. And these these guys are professional horses you know when they're running great -- Think we -- and I am not against draperies at all but we play -- -- 36 years old I had money but. What you constantly to wait seven years now. Got a lot of years. I understand that the general probably not. Totally totally totally agree. Marilyn and I appreciated -- much coming up next yeah we're going to be talking about something. Important to you. The flood maps and with a -- you can report stay in your home appearance on the museum or sell your home. Governor -- -- celebrity gave -- 53 at.