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3-3-14 12:10pm Garland: on the wrongly convicted

Mar 3, 2014|

Garland talks with innocent people who were incarcerated then exonerated, including Shareef Cousin and Damon Thibodeaux, along with Thibodeaux's lawyer Denny LeBoeuf and Rosalyn Park of teh World Coalition Against the Death Penalty.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good thing about something a little bit different this hour. Basically we're gonna to be interviewed him. Second have power former in May don't doubt throw -- and goal. -- number of new reports written about you spent a few years in solitary confinement. And by ten. Sell for fifteen years by himself. 23 hours -- everyday for fifteen years did DNA testing and well sorry urine it's in the island ago. And for breathing correctly this is open to a minimum vote 300 times around the country. And more and more. I don't search on this over the years and more more I think in the -- occurred maybe mass communications is revealing. But more more and seeing law enforcement agencies. That because of DNA testing because Joba. Organizations like some reorganization and talked in the event. That fights to find out of people -- guilty. The funding more more than law enforcement holds back on information that could prove somebody -- suggest somebody's innocent. Who works hard at Papa convicting people because it benefits him when they leave. Law enforcement of believed government to start a business on the -- owner -- another firm. Where there quote. Skins that they put on the wall can earn them a bigger salary. And it's not just here in New Orleans I'm reading about all of this country. And one of the questions of always at. Is no matter how law abiding you wore no homework no matter how would you believe in his country -- true believer in the constitution. If you're shown time and time again. That those. That you have to believe it and ordered to keep order. To have to keep from Al -- came in this country. What happens if you begin. To distrust them. And I just mentioned before wouldn't into the last spring grew gonna do their show. And have to read Texas basically said the criminal ruling the justices. So for those who dude that listen this show and say they were we're going easy on criminals. I don't think that's the case at all what what we're doing is trying to make sure that our constitutional. Laws. Or exercise where they're supposed to be in their network were lied to. And more reliable and tune. We'll keep the trust that we have to have to keep on two ago. Sure of all it's and let's move -- -- -- cousins Europe. Where I'm from a group called Torre whose. Presidency yo big -- and trees and preach human development. Spent eleven years in jail for crimes they didn't commit and is working with young and on the reentry. And prevention it's sure it welcomed the show. Thank you. -- -- -- Via advocate and world coalition against the death penalty Rob -- he welcomed the Chicago. Sure everybody knew you don't have been done before but a lot of our audience is not hurt him people. And don't worry about time an idea award and. The -- tender age of sixteen years ago. Are loose framed for murder. And sentenced to death through here in the world did not commit. At that. The actual murder. I was playing basketball. And enormity recreation department the -- Beecher. The time of the crime. And the game was actually on videotape. And it might try. That this could turn -- actually kidnapped my teammates. And opposing team -- And prevent him from testifying that look on the basketball game. It is the this -- kidnapped. My teammates. And opposing team -- To prevent them compact -- -- there that we will own at the basketball game that night. The homicide detective in my case we later murdered. Actually -- crime stoppers on me. They receive the 101000 dollar anonymous reward. -- omitted key policy. This. Just doesn't seem read. It happened. And at sixteen years old and I became the youngest person. That is in the evening and at the time. There -- -- in America at a time but the youngest person in the world. On death row for crime -- didn't commit. And again this sudden something just claiming you've got all that technicality. This is all proven. It was it was -- crew are dramatic effect marquis. Is only key in the -- and history. Where a prosecutor was disciplined for practical misconduct but we got a supreme quote. Was easy and does. Rip it. Apart but at the moment. For the people that lose the in the week Bjorn extreme case you are. I would submit this extreme accused of them up off. But people. -- and let me just say it bluntly in particular are -- This is happening -- and -- been happening. All over this country. And the prosecutors. Can be prosecuted. There their case. -- -- Washington DC. The Justice Department. Attacked the most for me in this country. -- They got him. Convicted. A got him kicked out of his job that he built on thirty plus years never had a problem. In an FBI agent -- -- supplies that it was guilty of all these things. Went to the judge and said with -- most of -- went home and shot himself in the the judge gave the -- prosecutors. Unpaid leave a couple of weeks for -- -- similar to what -- if you Google. Like I do every day. And that's all over the country. -- and and how you. He would have been lost frost puree. So will -- me. I don't think. Arcane. Because chronic -- did -- I do have -- -- are are not. I understand that. This happened all across America. To a lot of people particularly black men. And I look at it. The that system. It definitely. -- I look at it where. When the week like this happen. And it happened and sit in the been -- and as a problem. And is not on individual. The systematic failure. So you know isn't that what happened to me. Will happen. To other people have to meet. And it happened to -- before me. Can understand it doesn't -- the company's role. -- would it do we see fit them in these. NC wigand's Eric Brinker. Or for people listening to -- you're you're black and right. There there's a prejudice in this country in the world. What they say -- you know -- black and you'd cradle. In -- probably -- weddings are instances. -- it and running liberal children born. What I submit it take away you'll -- Right in substitute who wouldn't. The white populace that and populist the light yellow -- is whatever it is. That doesn't experienced -- to determine that blog says. We start seeing this and reading about it experiencing. Wins or losing rushed along with a few. And that means the system breach that. That's why this is always more that should have been picked. Along time ago here it is it's brought it -- road. It's going up for whites and brown and black united. And good. Control -- here it -- not everybody that corsets and a good people. Did you roofs -- it. You don't say I'm not gonna start fixing the broke because it's a big lead. And direct a lot of that but that's what our legal chances and come right back -- -- bill brigades but he 153. With a little better Joseph says to me in particular people that. Been kept in prison for years -- to be guilty -- from leave a bit of relief with the whole bag of stall. -- compensation. Richard Reeve cousins where those who was presidents CO beacon industry and try and help young men and women that ring and -- and trying to prevent that from happening and used for eleven years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. While -- home park with the help of controlled world coalition against the death penalty. Rosalind is -- -- the definitely. And our book at this guy and abolition of the death penalty we focus spoke to the United States and around the world. All right do that this week called -- think tank so everything. I believe in a challenge and I challenge our listeners and experts. To shore girl now Vincent -- eligible itself on its -- luxury. Arts that I didn't believe in the death. Okay. Went to war did some kind of hard things. And the people that threaten me. We're gonna kill me and I didn't have pretty chores but given. The -- to Brian owners of distance he taught. I might have changed -- Don't we all. Believe in the death penalty wind were wouldn't were -- would -- killed or hurt. But only don't believe -- and then when distant in time is compute -- while. Well I hope that we all still believing that only because some of that -- -- foundation I think back to even the United States has been pundit on the basic that the production rights and justice. Interfax and -- all week at that time. And crosses over all boundaries for example I know that we -- even the right to equal protection. No matter what stage or what time we're talking about and we all believe in the right to freedom for racial discrimination. Regardless of the -- at this stage and don't think that some of these very fundamental underpinnings. Transformed and stated their moment in time and should really aren't -- the backdrop foundation. Bush appeared human rights and justice system. Lou -- -- bluntly. God forbid. Remember your family. Threatened would you bear killing raping whatever it may be somebody use your gun do you believe in the death. He died fortunately I have never -- clicked and that is that. Yeah people and I think buying it starts for that. And I can only point two a very great organization that we were acquitted of broad coalition against the death penalty called murder victims. Family for human rights. And these members having suffered a tragic lot have come in different ways and times. To the understanding that the death penalty does not necessarily help them heal and it's not the -- procedure that. Sport picked -- and so I think that the position that this organization has taken on. I've spoken out in in that regard and there perspectives. On an indication that that ankle. That on the subject. And I am -- here were saying but I would submit only gotten there. When the distance in time and was allowed in implemented. I've just always been curious about that. Because I had to tell myself your full of at -- and behavior you've bitten. In the other situation and who did not say I don't believe that definitely. There are four. I won't do it and the other side. I could afford to get your thoughts because such eloquence opened that in declared I was wrong. -- that I wasn't sitting -- let me ask you this. Do you Bureau of Prisons director was quoted as saying. Their talent in this was talking about a solution. When -- solutions needed to protect correctional officers fellow inmates that specifically applies to dangerous gang leaders. If they see -- we're gonna lower standards we will not hold individuals accountable. Puts herself to Bruce puts on the prisoners interest. We're gonna numbers shows about how expensive prisoners prisons or about how the burial for the grown by corporations -- -- About how they are often. Storage unit for profit for the corporation for young black men and women. All of those things included. But by the same token there are some people that are dishes and in -- reversible. He is what what's colander to to pin them up in an isolated. Rooting for 2030 years or to relieve them of. Well I think that we take a very strong stance on avalanche against the death penalty we fundamentally believe that the taking out a life is wrong and it. Violates the number of human rights so I can't say that I can actually support to be leading life. At the same time when he talked about solitary confinement can. I know that you can hear -- more about that issue and just how degrading and harmful conditions could be -- could move into this notion of generally prison conditions and whether or not they violate. Our constitute cruel inhumanity creating. Punishment. And there is he -- out there in the international program that looks act. Different kinds of factors including extreme conditions of detention. And constant and mounting English regarding an impending execution style can constitute. Cruel inhuman degrading punishment or treatment. Well I think that -- -- either of those choices. Neither of those choices are going to either -- a life or putting them in solitary confinement for 23 hours today. Where they don't have any interaction with other human. Our cerebral -- -- -- forward Britain Newton or you can stay with me about a more adequate question. One of our callers brought up a good -- and he's he said he didn't believe your story because we couldn't understand. Of the DNA could kidnap a basketball team they get explained to. Well. There are so much for were going to lunch at 12 o'clock. And India would -- quote you witnessed. You can sitting in the courtroom after it and all the change your name called by the band. So we broke for lunch and we came excellence. It was -- friendships. Historical. -- -- And so. All of my teammates were there since early this morning. All of look cute 1450 UQ sixty UQ. And so what did you they would call you first witness. We begin the call my teammates the ban goes all the way back. He's not there we call every. One of them in -- call. And we found is that being. Updated at nine -- in my investigated winter and -- he Cherokee. What we do in every Tuesday. We were due to leaked into the night. We stated these off in Q 11 o'clock -- night and you know again we all were brought. All. It would it would record in that mattered fact it does return to go on the stand. And testified today. If Hewitt I mean where where I would have told you -- Amal. -- -- thank you so much or broadly thank you for joining Shareef hopefully you can stay with that. Welcome back we'll talk to a game and to -- Liberal and a -- and -- prison fifteen years solitary confinement. The and he is not guilty and doubled up. Don't show but we don't very many -- for a little bit different twists to would we have. Couple people one who's spent eleven years in Israel for a crime he didn't commit -- over once spent fifteen years in solitary confinement for a crime you didn't commit. And and what one of the points that. I think I've discovered probably use of the show. Is that we do these shows and and we talk about Justice Department law enforcement the legal industry and the media included. That continued to do of these things that violate the constitution the ball well people. And and violate our rights in the getaway with -- that they don't get punished. And it's not just here it's not just -- it's happening all over the states if you automatically group lived every day. You'll probably feel like I do once or twice a week. And my whole point it. When the legally free media says some ball it. It then it's not everybody's. Of course certain. But what those -- more. Or doing something that's very dangerous I think when millions -- pin and they're losing a work trucks. Of these it detects that I've got -- I would submit -- did that show eight years ago I would have. Had all taxi and that was a liberal. Big billion putting people entry. -- -- crumbled roaming the justice system. This country a lot of people for corporate profit. What a country. Corrections Corp. of America or you probably -- America. A conservative on the bridge this -- a mile bridge prosecutor. All we get to one suspended sent incidentally that happens all over the country. Can't prosecute prosecute. Here we go -- where the greatest country in the world. How much. Can the US do before we are not who we think we. How much can the rich and the powerful -- opened -- anyone they want before that date maybe the rest of the world is right about opts. You rarely. Find this happening to white man. That goes to show you it's still -- world for an. If it is or all text. That I didn't share Jessica Alba. That timidity. Is evident -- at least. Memorable to -- talk about we have we're we're running the risk of loss of trust. A welcome Dave and to grow. And a deadly LaBeouf and news director is COU John Adams project and David two motives attorney Danny welcome to show. Thank you. And Damon welcomed view. I've been I've been reading about that you wrote to supply and brook dissent right. -- -- Jordan's body area. It was covenant sword. A Bartlett's take a little bit early break and we'll come right back when we get Damon. -- what -- dubbed a BO again it's a 53. Apologies were very late getting to remain guests -- -- -- jones' statement welcomed -- You've spent fifteen years and it's voluntary compliance and -- buy it and cell on death row for. Fifteen years 23 hours today. Ever. They found at the ridiculous you were and it's -- -- WB and among of the. Quote veterans. Statements. More like that that India. Remote. But it's been. Proven. You know that the crime. The -- unit. And did you get a chance to test viable for the -- -- governor apology for good group and Ted Cruz told to watchers say. I did spank him. You know and I express my hope that. You thanked them. -- water. We usually think they'll be we can -- with. No but -- you know. You're not let -- organize. Yet the right thing to do you know when when Pollack Europe. You know. How great. You know. I think I -- -- I. Noticed something here. I wonder sometimes that. You know would -- lotteries sides now. If I would have been great sand. Inner self that that Damon Asia and in getting past bitterness and anger. I don't advocate I don't have to were under about that I know what. You're. You're Bittermann that are. Rotella tell us about. In particular sensual and as the old what's it like Kuhn and isolation and solitary confinement. Twenty did real words that day. It is it is a drain on your life you know he yeah yeah I guess it -- wouldn't probably. Half my life. And so. I was 23 -- convicted. Was spared so that 38. That's almost half my life. And I watched. It's. My -- wrote a lot from distance. And the members passed. My mother got married. You know my nephews were warned. You know. You'd you'd use the cell and you want to pass by -- Your your -- -- and be part of it you know. So what what. What I it was found things to do you know you you you are -- aren't -- -- -- best you can do you know yet. You can't. Allowed yourself to be locked up mentally because -- locked -- you know also you -- Sheen and stick it. So on that age is harder than others -- don't. You know. -- -- -- we have skewed the wind when -- -- out to we've we incarcerate. More people. And feel the pleas from world when you go to you -- to Minnesota. And got a job in got an apartment the project for pride in living. Not but not here. Were the words would deter it. -- -- -- Louisiana doesn't have. The infrastructure to help these arteries. You know there are all these programs out there and help. People who -- who would have been to roll it served their time. And they've got now which is good -- it helps prevent present but. These programs do not allow operate properties should participate. I don't qualifier for that because I'm not a royalty and I had to insert -- car. And no compensation. For reports that fifty years your life. Well that. That remains to be seen it aren't going -- -- discussed that. But are we we've we've seen how long things like that you know -- I needed in our cigarette aren't waiting for something like that on off your -- it might happen. You know and after -- are -- -- a detention and devoting myself to. You know and didn't really all -- -- anger. I've been able to deal -- To a point where. You know it. It serves. The purpose now. You know actually it actually it. And no amount of money or judgment or. Reparations has got to replace the gaping hole. OK that's just not. Your year to be admired -- -- -- will also have through reef codes and -- He went through eleven years injured over crime -- did commit and then boom of the legal industry set him. And likes over the instances all over the country. Those that set these guys. Don't get anything you can prosecute prosecute. -- -- maybe a couple weeks off with no pay or they can't censure whatever I have trouble funding -- that been disbarred. -- border what are your thoughts about. This state helping somebody who's been put in prison. All the wrong read and well when their routers. -- well want -- That we've did not have a compensation you know and I was at least 2005. I have to go to you used to for a full compensation. But the competency and that was focused read about it -- some days it was real discrepancy. The first time that they offered every artery 151000. User. What banks more opinions. So what. Do rhetorically in that seven dollars and 21 cents an hour. So you could tell he'd and in the artery. Could spin and -- he's seeking is currently in combat in many cases some guys being thirtieth and -- To say that utilizes only work seven and one cent an hour or less than minimum wage. The -- -- Lawyer predicament abroad and under or you. Can't say much but he because of boat legal and it ends at that point. But it got reports from -- On. Where very conservatives. And you hear it all the time. Alignment damn money go under the government. I don't pay more taxes Amir and ripped off as it is that'll give me this services that -- pay pork. But one of the most expensive things we do -- put everybody in sight in prison in particular they're black. -- and isolation. Which Damon who happened to be white went through. Isolation. This solitary confinement. Is three times more expensive than regular prisons. To say to people when you see that that disconnect. You know -- I think that the good news is that there it is are real growing recognition that. Crop these -- Divide -- you know why I recognized by people wanna break things down until liberal and conservative. Republican and Democrat are now. These these. Traditional structures that we look policy issues but I think really in the last couple of years. We seen a real recognition across the board of people saying. This is not -- me more -- on to continue to put people in solitary confinement when we know that it exacerbates that. We know it doesn't -- legitimate. Geological. Concerns we know that actually and that making people. You know sicker and more. Incapable. Of handling themselves when they get out of prison stay in 97%. Of people that are presently. It did that. But so -- Why do you think that there are people sort of starting to take a look at this insane instead of paying pennies on the front man for the better. Schooling their programs and more educational opportunities. Were paying. Millions. On the back can attribute most inefficient. Thing and in the process we are over incarcerating on the basis of race where all of our incarcerating on the basis of poverty. Where over incarcerating. People in it and sorted. You know scared of crime kindness. Position and it isn't Smart about crime and who believe we want to be safe from Iowa has good. Policies that helped keep -- -- it. It doesn't make it safe to block people out. Who didn't fit the crime that doesn't make it safe to put people in the most restrictive. Kind. -- -- And make them more mentally you know and more dangerous and more. Disturbed and to treat people that way in the air. When there in fact. -- that we we have a growing recognition thanks to the end and other kinds. For a ticket and it's one of the American Civil Liberties Union and do it to work solitary and and then at the project has been teaching at that that percentage of these folks. Unfortunately will have about thirty seconds. Anything you want to say that I have not -- Well I'd you know. Before. We continued to. Operator and put a spotlight on other countries who have. -- who are committing human rights violations we need to look at arsenal's first. Because we're doing the same thing here. And the only differences were better. You know we got Britain that are about -- -- our door. You know so. We it is turner get straight in the NCAA. You're doing is wrong we don't do and where. Trying to be better as a nation. We get what you. Newman I think we're all -- sure marks little one of the signature or re cousins and a new book thank you for joining have agreed to. Governor bill bigger celebrity more than five -- Are covered up Angela -- of good times can be nothing but music and follow in the open Mike with the chase family. 2 -- only -- and my daughter are of little improvement. -- -- in the call the next beat down and he has to Laughlin. I don't know of an older members would -- Laughlin. It was a camera operator or. -- directors. -- -- -- -- -- We use the bathroom by our show hot -- I use a child victims -- maybe he was wonderful -- fabulous musician. Angela shores of break went on a goal weight coming up.