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3-3-14 1:10pm Angela: with the Chase family

Mar 3, 2014|

Angela talks with the second generation and third generation of the Chase family: Leah Chase, Edgar Chase III, and Myla Rese Poree.

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Well if you survive this weekend that's a good beginning because it isn't over yet. Monday brought is as much a part of the carnival celebration as purple green and gold and dressing as a butterfly. But this year another tradition may be starting the rookie chase restaurant will be opened with miss -- cooking and Leah chase junior singing. And no surprise. It's all for very good call it's. Here's talk about it the second and third generations. Of an incredible family who just keeps giving. Leah chase Kamal hardly at junior jazz singer and great entertainer. Enter could Edgar chased the third lord your CPA. Retired vice president of Dillard university and now aspiring author. And Milo Reese or granddaughter to Edgar and Leah chase business woman is a bank. A financial and the financial institution for many years. I'm thrilled to have all three of you here and we're very excited here about what you -- be doing on tonight which is eight a terrific thing for great. A great foundation of the -- -- gonna talk about that but I am I said to myself if I ever have the children of Leon Panetta to chase in this room. I'm gonna pick their friends. Because I want to know what it was like growing up. With parents like that it. Well this is leader here Leo junior. As I as a code -- in -- to -- -- -- a -- -- -- in my name but it's -- I was wonderful we. Outside of the business we just have. Fabulous supportive parents and I think. -- will speak to what that meant for him but for me is a performer I just remember. Always have a great support for whatever again we say my mother always followed me with flowers wherever I would open -- Do and they don't play a show they would be flowers or. Plants and and that just owners appreciated. They supported in these artistic endeavors of mine which. Knows I don't know wasted these. Saved his most secure path for a child to take math on the hits and trepidation. Because he was a musician as well so. -- I was a little worried about pursuing that path but but he still. Of those reports -- Okay. Well for me was all about tied to fund. Gambling community. As a little boy my mother and father used to shot own me with baseball year. And -- -- -- played baseball and we had a little team called the -- chased Dodgers and he won the championship and get it to us and tell you -- -- -- -- and -- yeah I'm not really great athlete but they tried I can't get used to make -- box every Saturday morning to toughen me up he was worried that because I hit three sisters. Then -- not now at the all boys. What what he always wanted to do Hamas loyalists box. -- -- And I was property that. That's dressed -- with myself on on some of these is good and in the baseball skiers that we. Was fun. And you had the sisters who were groupies and all of this. So the family we we have this great picture of as hard as hard part part of a team. Honestly they really tried hard to give this young man and athletic career air. And we don't focus at the state has done a great picture with my with the big hat on and Danny there where we we have all of the puck was fine. To go to and that he gave you really don't hustle hard I try and running around rather well playing breached the coach -- athlete. But I. I did my but they were fun they were family event that part -- like the neighborhood. Are where we do everything from learn to swim and and as far as your boxing's so is that the. Oh yeah ropes. He -- it looks. I'm sure he looked marvelous -- a little they know when your dad is taking into boxing that you're going to be this academic. I wonder just -- even about it. Were they strict. Well they were always religious in that sense they rely on the nuns and priests to keep -- in -- we went to Corpus -- elementary school in the -- segments. -- with the angels flight follow this with their. And if we got out alive they would immediately called my multnomah fault him there and I don't remember everything my sister says I have selective memory can access the there's things that they say idea that would not good to do and I don't -- -- because he was the prince he's got away with a guy. You don't want to talk about that sister who you -- -- I don't -- Well I'll just say no and I and claimed I. Sims and one's glasses were broken by me which I remember. It was the boxing. It must have been. But the bad baseball through other get a better baseball throughout. But neither review. And and certainly mileage to chose not to going to the restaurant business. Well I always wanted to participate at some level and still like the strategic planning a restaurant food industry but my mother and father. Consider me somewhat like a little cookie announced Misch in the middle with my mother pushing on one side my fault on the other so my advice doesn't get hurt too much. -- parents. He knows there is just now what mother is 91 and I've been at the numbers and you'll be 86 march 20 there and they're still working there several days so date this is there life there. There will be in the restaurant in outside of Stanley and so it's hard to get in there with them although we we have well worked -- think. Growing up we always had an apartment of the stint at the restaurant. And then I recently moved when I moved back to New Orleans that was to help -- the restaurants I did worked there from when to move back 1990 into Katrina. And the -- turned into my sister Stella now. Who's now working in the restaurant so we do get in there it's a matter of -- is a business I'd like to see some cause and effect. And sometimes the effect can be so -- -- slow and steady wins the race they're just strong people who love their business and who have a hard time I think letting go and let me get involved. That being said I do think they appreciate our input and you have to. Keep putting India and and and you see these little managers of a change happenings have yet to be like -- it slow and steady wins the race. But they're they're probably outlive all of us so well -- put that up. -- this and they hope that is the case yeah they are remarkable they are remark were you aware when you were growing up. Of the history that was being made at that restaurant and during the civil rights movement was that really before I was. Very much aware of that and I very much appreciated the history of civil rights on this -- castle. Who was the -- Matron at the time daughter Aretha castle Haley was the mover and shaker in the freedom rides along -- -- Lombardi and many others -- Juarez. And I'm not gonna name all the rest but they would come and also Dutch morial would come. Dutch morial was running from the air in at that time. You know part of the legal movement with a -- to grow and all those people would come for lunch so we had a diversity of people coming. And he made you feel part of the movements I think the chase them -- always been a part of what caused the movement. Something connected to progress in the African American community particularly and we still see ourselves this morning to move -- forward. -- I agree with ticket I I think. When these things were happening maybe wasn't as a 100% aware of them as it was. Younger but that much impact saying but. I I think. Because the business has the only place that African Americans could go to at one point. For a dining experience that my mother tried to make a fine dining experience which she married into the business. She sort of started the progression to where it is now. It was a sandwich shop for righted neighborhood sandwich shop and she worked in the quarter and -- -- these -- the types of restaurants to -- that for the black community. So it's always been a catalyst for the community in that way it literally was the only place you can go after problem. And you know. Doing -- segregation and well that's about the places -- -- -- a business on the Louisiana avenue in portions restaurant -- -- -- -- -- thoughts as we went there to remember. This chicken have bad forces that's true but I think when I hear people talk about that -- I guess and speaking to the memories that they tell me. Is that it was a place they would go after problem and it was one of the few places but there were missed so I think we've always been involved in. In. This you know. Tried to to make things better. Yes. And you continue and we come back we're going to continue. To talk about what they're doing now with the Family Foundation to stay with -- I'm Angela under the that you well. We have honestly the entire but wonderful people from the chase and Malia and that he changed ambling. Leah chase junior Leah chase come on Edgar chased a third and myelin -- pouring who was the granddaughter. And one of how many grand sixteen -- sixteen grandchildren and 24 great and now she's so beautiful. You did a wonderful thing all of you only at turn nine -- And you created a foundation -- Family Foundation. The Edgar story and and report looked at -- on the mine is an. That it could get him. -- it worries and it's the report. Is expected to report is listening to Colin he is a wonderful guy that were talking Edgar chase and Utley chased down. They should and do something really means tonight is a fund raiser for so kind of sense. But thank you Angela for him in -- year. We will kick off our first landing griped and that's a fund raiser for the -- and Leah chase Stanley Foundation which we did start last year farm my grandmother's ninetieth first birthday. We're very excited about this program tonight is happy hour from five to seven. It's forty dollars per person -- -- actually to an auction as well far. Our holy Thursday event where individuals be able to did for a deaths of twelve individuals. Suit actually have dinner with my grandmother in the chase. -- on holy Thursday so the bidding starts at 600 dollars and will be doing that tonight as well. That is. More than a bargain but you'll get more than 600 dollars yet so we'll have entertainment by Leah chase junior as well as -- come on its alliances. My stage with -- and also gonna have all of that money drop in entrees -- red beans and rice jambalaya chick and a lot of posts of things that my grandma helped or to pull boys what pieces -- Thought out and -- well as my I stated earlier my uncle is the prints and so my grandmother as she called me two days ago it's that kind of talk about the menu she's in while -- conclude Turkey is that we should have oysters. And of course we're going to hand oysters that because the differences we need this crisis. So we'll have that as well but it's gonna be family find a great time as an enemy at the restaurant which we call our home on a lot of our fans will be there and a lot of their friends and an entertaining as well. So it's forty dollars per person all inclusive. Then you're gonna have the option. But the important thing is is what you raising money for. Exactly so we're raising money for the foundation which our mission is really to cultivate and support organizations that engage in activities that support cultural arts. Education and social justice. And that's really at a big part of who we are. It's my aunt and uncle talked about earlier that their memories. Their parents and -- my grandparents. We've heard those stories you want to bring that back in to leave their legacy by creating this foundation for them because. As they have instilled in us -- values mania that's art in education. On non profits on social justice. Activities that we that we want to bring that back home until. Leave that legacy for them. Now you've already given out some monies from the foundation yes this last year and when he thirteen we did -- pretend grants to individuals in the region. One actually Saint Catherine Drexel. Thais who formally known as the -- John -- -- culinary. Institute volunteers of America and daily university. Two running food and brain that is exactly. Girl that you youth foremost is that yeah main university initiative. The Silverbacks society. On stairs stopping adventure and reading. The beautiful foundation -- jazz orchestra. The musical arts -- -- society and volunteers of America. Say that's fantastic it's you know it's giving back -- its full circle yes and you know I I see it in your mother all the time analyses -- In all of you not and if it does it starts with parents and it just keeps spreading from there and this is a wonderful creative idea. It hopefully will be forever never the idea that you could bid on twelve people having dinner with Leah chase by itself. I mean that's special that is for holy Thursday eggs and that menu. All my gut tells you -- idea that you all used to it except that it's such a treat for the rest you know world. And my mother loves to eat she loves to go out to eat at restaurants that she loves to eat with. Just people everyday people she loves the notion of sitting at the dinner table and sharing thoughts and memories and in community life so -- Amish she's looking forward to it very very much. This is art you know -- marvelous art yes artist that creative. People and things and culinary arts that's art and so she actually loves. To feed people and to watch them. And to which he does so that's I think it's special treatment you get to. Sit with Aaron and you know she she does talk like -- -- -- do. So you may get these wonderful stories from our -- and as we retired commander earlier. You learn a new story every time you sit down you know and so it's it's really an interest to do so. I hope people. -- I hope people will come to think about it you know I'm reminded after the storm I went to over there and it was it was so. Baron. And there was the restaurant. Push their in the trailer mine and so very sad and did an interview with -- And it was remarkable. When I left help uplift -- I wise. Because she and her determination. It was so profound. Of we're opening the -- is gonna leave this neighborhood to reopen. I mean it was step one step two step three and you could just see interface and I remember driving back to the news -- saying I feel better. I really feel that. Yeah she's a fighter. He had one time did manage. Professional boxer. And I think that must've been steal this I will never lose a fight I'll put up you know might I might lose but I'm gonna get. -- the put in a few good punches. So. My dad's very much the same way and what we have -- it was that this Family Foundation is threatening culture. Through food and music. And promote a young guy at age sixteen he had his sticky chase orchestra that traveled Florida Mississippi Texas. And Alabama to play music so he was very much to risk taker and very much sun itself as engaged community like his father was so. We wanna give back this generation -- issues of of our -- just get involved one generation to the next. To pass on without grandparents and parents have instilled in us. Now it's it's wonderful what you're doing and you're really sharing it with all of us we you know to give us an opportunity to. To hang around I could listen to your mother for effort I had not heard that she was a boxer. Managing all of you does not surprising that this these are learning as they can go to very many slip these past he'd do a lot like. Oh really. Yes -- you know she talked about when she was working in the quarter before she married. -- father. And and that eye opening experience you know from the country girl who came to the city. The white linen and that the whole thing and it just so it doesn't surprise me that when she married your father and and their sandwich shop all of a sudden became slowly but surely. Yes it. Well there's one thing that I don't think she made known that. As as well as little girl and Maris and they'll she used to walk this street is called the dummy line wrote to pick strawberries now. I could -- no I would call it the dummy line. But it was where the strawberries were left forms war and she would get up early in the morning with power systems to go and pick strawberries. And we civil mother why you pick strawberries well how else will we got to earn some money to get some food on the table that's put -- -- Nan -- which they've they both came from hard working. Backgrounds have been you know -- these editors aliens after the storm. One expression Chile says you pick yourself up by your bootstraps about that they came from our. Her father -- paw. So I don't know ancient -- just became so far been moved to move forge -- which he does he's really strong women really. All and many things have seen over. The course of my life with her that I think would -- -- -- the people for a loop she's pretty tenacious as well let's not that they really. Of we're very proud of them with they've been able to accomplish. In their lives and their talent and ability and -- this year. Grit and will. Our that your father ice that was that was great musician or match at sixteen he had his own orchestra yes -- -- sister saying oh my aren't ourselves Estella. That is she is releasing and really really well. Known orchestra for those at the time and if I wrote the book that included it's an educational book -- -- -- his name is a member. But he's included in that what their photos is that the -- -- -- -- -- movement the archives there. And we've got this fabulous -- they were sharply dressed they would the bandstand. And everything very well known. -- a lot throughout the southeast region. And well respected many musicians in that man went on to -- bigger career so. And he was -- any talks about. Traveling this circuit. And play this music and and the money they made at the time when you went home that way to make whatever won like 25 dollars and traffic to. But you know with the love of the music so and he kept going we. One of them lending dried tie -- for us is how when we grew up my father played. At the restaurant every Mardi -- his topic he'd have abandoned it was a great thing. And these fancy censors -- advocate so did you know that no she was great you know also they're like sisters are great so it's yes and that and every cut we costumed every -- we had every. Merom Berkshire landed him on my mother made it was just fabulous so she's to do that we we were one of those families remember back when you -- As a family my best custom with the matador we will all mattered little like I just love that image. The bullfighter. I'm gonna keep that image if you anchor yes Diane and little -- I want everyone to stay with -- we're gonna continue our top with chase family. But now let's go to the newsroom and Chris Miller. And we are back with a beautiful -- chase family I'm I'm feeling like I'm learning more and more. With every passing minute about the incredible people you come from but also how incredible Umar and the first time I've ever heard you -- Malia. Actually was up one of the free so pennies in the park. I went oh my word what a voice oh my word and let it take. And now know of course that you had this great talent and and well trained -- -- educated voice and then moved to California. Yes why didn't do that well it was -- calling up about. Experience it was young it leaves you open. And it's funny in my brother sitting here because I think the first. Time -- became aware of singing or that. -- went on hand voice we've both at school -- Corpus Christi and -- he is an acquired human he hit this high level you know -- riding. -- -- -- -- And I was like you it's like the -- -- -- -- so there was -- this disparity between indicates again that are in my voice and I think somewhere alone. -- in first grade you know. We went to Corpus Christi school Leo was to these plays -- year so -- -- -- Christmas show where -- addressed an awful let's attack meant non habit that's they would vote. Over an area on -- as saying -- horrible company Emmanuel. And I think that's the first time. Bad so -- said to me or that people says that there's this thing that you do. The next in the altered for others during his sermon mention this little girl with the big boys. And I'm saying that tape and I think that's what shape the back of the -- a bad ones on. Because. People say identifying me then as the singer singer and from there I just went with that you know through high school. Just sang in chorus and it was when I got to deal. And major music after talking to my father a long time who said don't need to follow back career like business. Which which may mission -- back on that amount of practice of -- it -- law and analyzes every contract with a five to call it. And -- maybe we'll go back to Moscow -- take your career nobody race and that's where the music plan and them. I've enjoyed the life. The class of music -- which was. All of there was at that time -- -- -- -- with playlist is and Rachel it appears direction. So there was always an -- Four others typed in these two sides Klesko then did some post graduate work goes like kidnapped in except that you which was really. You know an accomplishment here but that was -- the music that spoke to me at the time -- life -- -- since leaving that world. I'm going. -- you're seeing this you know but that's an elective locally assembled Tillman -- -- why he's leaving ju plus Google music. She says well Marvin Hamlisch did finish. Off Somalia I don't think your market. He's a right now as that I should have stated. Now I think you know. It's sad they they record that you have to do to make you happy and I love -- music and asked -- you -- teams that values he does. Bad I think it was and where I've had the most comfort and where I felt musically. I lived and I love jazz all of that freedom that you get to. Create you know you respect it was written before you learn it -- and then you get to play around with it and I like storytelling and. In in music. Like edges or any form of music racing closely speech and I'm speaking in English to use. You couldn't -- my story so I light and I think I think. Amish person and -- that personality of Brazilians she always love these billions. I'd do well. I do like this. Presenting music but you know -- -- that's about the only. Language group practicing in this Portuguese and the things like that it's ugly it's. Just lovely feeling -- -- verdict so hey if you could go on the road it. It. -- -- -- so that's why am I -- -- and I just. Love the this storytelling art -- it. The creativity in it and that and you're teaching them alive you know and it's really come and it's it's come in handy act. As you get older things start happening to you and have developed is just tremendous analogies so singing and sometimes that these seasons used to be. Some mornings I wake up like Barry White and avoiding them Julian just in heyday but I've been teaching -- -- you know -- students that to me as well and lots of other jazz and Heritage Foundation is fabulous. School program for young. -- jazz musicians right now -- Saturdays eventually. The avenue building that there's an -- rampart and so -- that James and heritage school of music and the Ellis Marsalis center a -- there there's a joke around town. Some resistance Leah chase is everywhere teaching. I do Baptist group program with Ellis Marsalis and that's wonderful people should look into all of these. You know organizations and talking about the great programs for kids to learn -- against adult dancers just the basic music. You know it's -- also can't leave them at Philadelphia Marcellus and he and his wife treatment -- at a town. -- Gator and I do work with them with young people and it. Is also performed in place. -- at that no casino which were those plays were amazing and sometimes that mute the rose when musical rules sometimes they were just acting world. So you were the whole package. Acting singing as me as well and now you're daughter yes that's she's yeah she's an actor singer dancer says she's more of that. Well some people would say not so much to bits but she does stand silent hill and I think she's great. And says she's more of a triple threat but yeah we grew up in -- minority leader absolute high -- they. That's where I got my own start in enacting and essentially is there you know that's another little. Family organization that that they too Lee counties were united that's based in just -- dog -- yet on -- -- hours Villa and -- But what -- -- through north but anyways so those experiences are lit up to who eventually became. And I tell you one thing about the allergies though as it's been more difficult to -- You do who appreciate what you have -- -- you don't have it anymore what you had. So my goal is to to really start performing more I think of getting a handle on allergies. Because there's only so much time left on so many songs to -- And so I really wanna get that that again. Say I can see your mother's face when you said that. And only so many times so let's do they go and you will do it wouldn't take a break and we're gonna talk to Edgar about two -- calling him to keep that Edgar. About going from CPA a lawyer to -- right after this. We're talking with the chase family about. Not many things getting to know them but also. About the foundation of Family Foundation named for their parents Edgar and Leah chase and tonight -- gras a new tradition. At the restaurant from five to seven. Happy our wonderful money grow food and holding an auction for in this outlawed. Dinner for twelve with -- On -- Thursday as only you know she can do it. And it's all for a wonderful cause because what the foundation does. Is it spreads the gifts that they had and that's their helping both in the cultural sense and in -- Education education yes absolutely. Speaking of education and spent so many years Dillard. But -- not when I read your bio and I think my god this man CPI a lawyer. You were marina. Sacrifice sub par five and a -- went into. Vice president -- How's that worked and that business. My president Taylor University. Doctor Hughes -- to come back to restore the campus so she's from California she gave you speak title. Vice president for a master facilities plan and -- My wife says and she just -- the constructions on. That's right like the Russians that things that I like Tolstoy in the island war and peace kind of been an epic epic novel. Well you were prints so young you know just went from there yet but. But you've had such a varied life and I you know -- is it because all those things interest to -- Why -- So I -- I like Tennessee Williams like these writing like so many. Riders from the south and central part of the company put together words and so creative in their minds and and putting in multi seventeen site I wanted to try that myself. And I wanted to explore because my on Stella who my sister Stella is named after when I was a little boy I think those -- -- -- eight -- on Stella. Well who is my great great grandfather she says -- they beat the termites that your family tree I wanted to know well where did I can't -- so. I started to investigate in the that this lady from the vice president of Ancestry.Com. Helped us out did a book about my mother's. Ancestry but I still don't know about the chase lining ancestry so. It gives me an opportunity to create many characters. If fictional characters about the chase side so they can't get in trouble. So those that headed titled. Well I did it's it has something to do my granddaughter says they did in the economy began to feel like Tennessee Williams. They fit well why did you call it running on rain -- -- that the ranking. 60% of the audience walker. Felt a -- I have Ben Franklin I've meaning to me in the things -- that they come from England. So of -- up from England who goes with the hurricanes to the less that the Caribbean and come up the Atlantic shoreline and back to England and -- all over the place as rain. So the first wonder first the book is. Like -- of -- so I'm wondering about the world allow. When we -- saying one time and -- -- this book about this Magi wandering in a maintenance only thing. Wandering through on Jews and and one wonders outlined a -- endurance. Yes I love testing days -- that's -- kind of identity in this kind of medicine to. America I didn't americanize -- team with forming we revolving cycle back to. Fourteenth century and Charles Darwin and Samuel Johnson and English brilliantly future. Person and we've been too bad and in the foundation of the America with a declaration of independence than John -- intently listening okay enough but that's no that's -- it's ended because there's an identity with America there's something about America that. No matter which colorized them in Europe and necessities. You aren't American that's something distinct about being an American and I was searching for them like a person searching for the father. And my -- that termite treatment trees are trying to reconstruct it. So you woke up Monday because you had loved reading and you said and loved authors and how anyone right any tax book about trust doors State's law. Such and so and so that internal revenue code or be any kind of thing with expert witness and be anything like that those that know let's let's try to -- Well rounded. But you are continuing to write the same book you're just going into him just filing to a stop at volume three of them volume two and I'm trying to edit and also looking for. Because the end attest to do with your own sense of perfection and things self mastery -- speak for me. And then I'll turn over to someone's -- -- -- self mastery it's not nearly good enough to let me really edit this. But then I'll fight to keep an -- in the in the have you talked publishers. Not yet and my mother has these books with the pelican publishing company that really would like to stick with them and I haven't talked to them about it. In really the is not for -- capital markets on speaking terms of capitalism and making money. It's for the sense of identity that can be passed -- -- here it's. And out cousins so they'll know where we came from Phil Mike I'm starlet who's now deceased. Can't stand by her own words that the termites ate our family tree. So you know this is fiction or it is not on its historical fiction semifinal a lot of historical facts in the so. Are you using real names IE by -- doesn't want me to use real names but I would like to use real names. I would like but if I can't you Israel named I'm going to. My wife is going to be Jillian and I'm going to -- -- and all of my sister Stella will be April for April in Paris. And -- forgot what it was going to be. September something like that come September. What are what are your parents and it at the early in the -- -- in Turkey Israel built. Well they only that the look at the -- is wonderful and I really can't wait to read to him -- that that little excerpt here in the and it's really really very treated at. But the only names he changed at one point where he and his wife's name like Walt Whitman -- don't leave me embarrassed ourselves. So we we kind of change that's how -- September. -- be September yes but it's wonderful that at every stage of your life you just keep going. Oh it's fun yeah it's really fun is so creative. It's a -- but it's sometimes sitting down from the computer to -- whenever -- -- thing we have to get up 3 in the morning where no one's around in your mind to focus again. That you write from like three to six when life gets up that fixed coffee and that's what happens. -- out will remember this so when it's all publish he'll come back and we'll do an entire show on the three volumes of yes it's that the fun of raindrops running on rain -- in the first out of announced the title so that's what it is it happened here. -- here at age seventy and a bit of -- I'm very very honored open I loved that because you retired from all of your various various careers. Well I get a little work with Delgado Goldman Sachs program and whenever I want to ask you because I do believe in entrepreneurial growth and I know that's where my -- involved in that. We have to grow and create entrepreneur who is seeking -- growth varsity the growth of America's entrepreneur realism of of America. That's always been in the United States and it's been beating. Think that the United States that creates jobs and all of the -- gets the influence of America all over the world offensive resourcefulness and resilience and give it up and get it going and get moving it's a mother with -- Pick yourself up by your -- to. Stay with us everyone will be right back. I have loved every minute talking to Leah chase come on -- and to add -- change the third and -- -- foray. Who in the commercial is sort of casually saying. I thought when we said -- -- financial that it wasn't bank but I love what you're doing -- -- short term source of true. I'm financially as a nonprofit financial institutions we target businesses that are on an underserved communities those individuals that are not -- who received. Capital from traditional banking institutions. So we -- wraparound financial and technical assistance now only loans were able to sit down with those businesses. And really go through and assess the business and see how we can help them get to the next level. And in most cases you can. Yes we have the very very many success stories we actually working with this. What we call our construction mobilization alone. Allow the banks are not keen on loan mean. Contractors money and so we have this program that we work with those businesses. On to do the small or the short term lending aspect but also make sure there. Definitely ready to know aren't -- beating correctly. Estimating and project management so we coupled not only that loan lending -- but the technical assistance to make sure there ready for that next -- but to change some lines we have nonsense. A true fire and open their offices here in -- and in 2006. We've helped over 12100 individuals businesses and area. What you're listening out there and you're saying this is exactly what I mean it's called -- fund it financials I can't thank you'll enough good luck tonight. Think wonderful new tradition your fabulous family game a lot to your folks. Everyone stay with this will be right back but now let's go to the newsroom and crystal.