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3-3 4:20pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Mar 3, 2014|

Kristian Garic talks to LSU Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri about the LSU baseball season so far and to come.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to sports talk Kristian -- and for the big chief Deke Bellavia. This Lundy draw addition of sports talk speedy -- Tony can sit tight -- talked Jimmy Graham and the Saints. A few moments we welcome in now. Culture baseball coach called an area here on WWL Tigers taking two of three from Yale over the weekend and coach. Having Monica. Thank. Debuted there it. And coach if you could right now we got Purdue for three games this weekend at the box. And in. The following weekend on the fourteenth you get in the conference play. On the road at Vanderbilt but -- -- -- gauge where the progression of your team right now a week or so week plus oh away from conference play. But yeah a couple of games before we get at Northwestern State more of a bigger part in being linked that it -- -- but they. -- got a couple of big gate before Purdue. The bunkers yeah it you know we yeah. We -- they really really well it ain't it -- they are well pitched game we added eleven. Now. You know it's disturbing it's that. At the edge of the where the -- you know sometimes it. You know we made the game that the team in those -- -- we don't yet. Get to -- that that I'd get out you know that it antiquated. Act in a negative way in. But that probably the topic yesterday but overall I think we what it -- -- -- -- -- -- did you get it. Purple and been put right in it but the year. Repeat that but they do that out the inning her are hitting it only can say is that that -- -- key aspect of the game that you expect to be in the so. I think we're pretty started. In I think Q more good pre concert date it will be ready. Hellish baseball coach called an area here on W to do well and coach it is it too early to maybe start thinking about what the identity -- the have a feel for what the identity of your team is this year. I think it just try to describe it I think we're gonna get -- to play good defense we don't have an overpowering. Pitching staff after. Goalie you know you guys because they -- and -- football -- get what you -- that. We I'll -- that we are going to be -- outwardly team. You know virtually no -- are more college -- so. We get to be seen that but it. There had been that bad a bit and hit guys and eight and execute fundamentals. And the states as well and come to a much hit the there at the end of the day it is going to be here compatible and be able although lead at the end of the game and it. If they're successful doing that we have the Goodyear they're not we're not that have it year. Coach are -- every Friday night you out there you -- -- all out there and he gives you 678 strong innings and you know. Very few base runners what is it that that makes that young man so successful. As it is preparation how he prepares you know going it starts in between starts if he -- talk about that is why he's so efficient. Well a lot of ability that they. Did he you don't hard worker part of working good pitchers that they occur add. Decorate always but it but it really comes down to the challenge that this kid has to throw ninety mile an hour. And pinpoint control -- -- never had a player that through. Attention on the part -- he does with the company and -- he has and then it's. Curveball and change -- are really outstanding pitches as well they've developed into plus pitches so. They're in the eighties early and complete package -- -- -- -- any pitchers are finding College Baseball didn't get an -- this year and trees start to. You know he's he's bound have determined this year that should still be safe healthy and and continued its pretty. Coach so far through the early policies you've had some position battles. Had a number of places on your roster in your batting orders that are. What are you looking for next handful of games you know which position they -- be monitoring closely before we get in SEC play you really start a settling in on a roster whether -- a lineup or a lot of in the field. I think we we come close the the settling in -- -- the other person that figure out justice should have put the ball and good -- to -- into the turner who they're right. Let's -- -- were you ever been any person about that. And there you know what Robert did at second base and they're really like it and I think -- an everyday player. So. They don't look that permit me to see you know first proper and spectacle that there aren't that he'll be -- -- -- more burst. I think our DH. Situation and it. Batters around a little bit what we do with the catching position that. I really like to lately should Victor coming on he threw a guy I'll get there with a tremendous growth is that -- receiving skills really improved. He's been a tap out or stop anybody so. Depending on whether the Victor should -- catch would expect. The DH position. That the Tyler Moore he's -- big kid or so you know I think we got a couple of positions you're a little bit and blocked but you know a bit this bit that it. Candidature period limited so. I like where we're at our lineup but I think that it's going to be good at it. As -- like a silly question coach but -- you had a chance taken any parades. -- Alicia not this year because the victory Victor. After our season has begun on the pick and a party drop like we just -- into our own lives were days. I think she paraded out that she'd been did -- and -- is sitting. -- -- -- -- You know like myself and it's funny -- this week and she's been watching and I tell -- bought the dog in. And taken in the grade in advocate that my other -- that that the tour. LSU baseball coach Paul area good luck this week and certainly this weekend. In your series hosting Purdue at the -- thing to watch -- -- the we appreciate the time that tomorrow once again. --