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3-3 5:20pm Sports Talk: NFL Jimmy Graham Franchise Tag

Mar 3, 2014|

Kristian Garic talks toWWL NFL Analyst Mike Detillier about Jimmy Graham.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- and for the big chief Deke Bellavia Melvin and Okaloosa. You on W development of a conversation on Jimmy Graham -- up. Yeah -- it's a great models on that they've made me give Bonderman. Is that. We didn't get that -- -- years and takes there's -- were. And we you know -- now want to ignore that I need some that are. Then what to look into. It is Gatti numbers thank you could be as an. -- -- Number one overall. First off first off on the Houston Texans at on the Houston Texans. I don't view of that number one -- not this draft. New way they don't give up. What's that. Yeah right exactly it's not that's why don't give up you get a big time player I think number one -- it to be able. Help us a break that down a little further NFL annals of college football expert. Mike it is that the join us here a few moments and he's here right now actually Mike. First double get to that question posed by Melvin in a minute but the Saints using the non exclusive. Franchise tag. On Jimmy Graham first -- you're not surprise us Obama. No no -- I think basically everyone thought that would be be the issue here. Christian -- bubble -- I've written this incident now for the last month and half took a ball out to contract year. Robin how he got nine million basically a year I mean that's what kind of breakdown -- The fact offering into -- Ball Jimmy sexton and Ingram more twelfth. That that's gotta -- compromise this year somewhere in there in between -- hitting that well. So it's just going to be one of these contract -- back and look back and we're back in what. Not to track in getting those -- -- -- it's important because one reason to. CPA in play. First round pick on warm today -- -- -- three years ago the commissioner Gary -- All that money totals -- from picks. -- -- -- Right at you -- it can piece together a huge deal to secure so one able multiple pick and let the quarterback. Secondly but the thing that have the right. Because you know in the future. And Jordan Hakeem Nicks team regular. Who knows would pick it. So with -- being mine. That is what is the surprise. And it just kind of guy we want another. That an amicable -- him yet there. Would be hit and no track of world. To do it. Are knee are gonna do it and so that's why it is certainly intriguing. On that report written it written that you people who do you have a huge amount of salary cap -- To do -- and secondly you're up would be viewed differently than most the front and the Patriots were unique. That means offensively. We. Look at the Patriots -- around Tom Brady. Logan Mankins or Rob Gronkowski. -- -- -- -- -- Job and should direct. Most teams. If that tackle. It's a quarterback. Why he wouldn't. They take in at the height and is gonna get paid more than. Actually -- -- -- today even though it's changed. So war in which you look at -- on -- using them. So -- you look at the street is not been applied. And trying to become a long term deal -- with Graham -- -- We've all of this I'll forward Drew Brees. And the same sort of thing it happened again. He -- management council Mike. Obviously was tagged as tight indeed that burst that. And make double wide receiver. I'll be honest with you that is dependent arbitrator. Looking at it from the outside and and it vomit all treated well -- the look at every time hiding Constance. You are operating at the receiver or blocker or receiver or tight end. So accurate that you -- an arbitrator will look at. -- -- thing from a football standpoint. It makes all the in the world that he is gonna be tagged as a tight end because that basically in his position. But it can -- and probably want to increase each pointing what she opened the creation. Every because now every tight angle that you know what I was receiver 61% of that -- people over seven. Would you you put them in spots wants one Auburn treatable. Way. And I can't tell you what that one person would do in that spot. Agreement that side and in -- that way. And -- L annals of college football expert Mike it's -- here on sports talk might. So you really think it for two number ones it's awfully costly for a team right I mean. You'll see how that happened on. Only wait Christian what happened would be -- -- your team with huge cap rule and also wanting to structure. They're all -- around the tight and now we look at it meaning it seems like it would have been. It's so miserable today. The amount of money that you are not standing on commercial optics. That deals for non quarterback. With multiple draft choices are well pick. I'm going to be fewer and far between you might we will proceed bargain. Happened last year. But she was looking at that at the final piece of the poll. Ironically. What 1010. And work at it like you wanna be a bit of everything spot -- record that's Super Bowl victory. But. I -- think it's a long shot. That's something that piece that together everybody partnering woods should be regulated on draft -- all on the road in 2005. It that way in late in the tank would have made them -- You have gotten. With the second overall pick in the draft in the following year -- C championship game. You can't regularly -- that -- goals because there's so much he would be in the National Football League so I think it's a long shot. A real long shot that it can could piece together human difference would not match. And in effect you get 21 round pick back in exchange just because. Of those first round -- to wait. We -- new collective bargaining agreement. Is much more today they were years ago because -- much. With a player that it doesn't work out you can't get rid of -- and execute your own game on draft day. All of those. You've got Welker that time out you're really good flights I can put things stand. Christian -- brought out a lot is because. It's been back to back if you haven't had second round picks you -- script from the audience because of about the issue and and so. Now -- trying to we will chipped it -- done a great job. Hitting agents to come to this being old veteran and non crap between agents. But I think you. All of everything you're bound issue. That one lingering effects. -- gonna beat that football in awhile but that's in second round pick stripped from. Back when the -- players that you could have had for quite some time at a good -- Mike. All all well how does it work with. A team like that Cleveland Browns or St. Louis Rams and have 21 round picks would they have if they were. The ones going in and doing this and I'm just -- hypothetical here. Which Jimmy Graham was there with the Saints get. Those first round picks this year to date. Stipulate that the terms of the first round picks how'd that work. What did not think that particular one it would be their own first round. It would be there all the picks old Bible Cleveland and Saint Louis themselves not tricks that you acquired from Indianapolis. And the ball Washington you would receive there. And you know I wouldn't be a multiple takes it would be that role in back to back years on that particular thing so that's. It would be your home. First round picks that you would have to give up not picture you acquire and I'll take that. You could say it will Ottawa -- -- give up the second pick LB -- that eleven of twelve. It's your own picks that you got to get. In -- -- -- -- got a couple of minutes to sit tight I got a few more fire action heated and on through the news Donnie. I'm Mike today NFL analyst. Here on WW well as new title at times Kristian -- in for the building here on sports talk to be that well and Matt Clement dot com. Visiting our NFL analyst -- today and -- -- with the -- using the non exclusive rights franchise tag on tight end Jimmy Graham over the weekend. Who gains the most leverage in this is it still be determined. Well if you get an awkward. The leverages and Jimmy Graham -- If not it's always been hitting and in that sort of because you know the ones that franchise that. You basically can keep Jimmy Grammy in two years using that franchise. It's a tool you'll. And -- Christian. You collective bargaining agreement was agreed a one and one of the things I've brought up with that that. Franchise tag was still in -- that you could lose it it's a great tool. And -- made all of these where. Does get them signing bonus. That you really came out on that it -- that -- but could not praying the last toward younger talent that you can keep a while longer. So it is right now is -- the court in the sites because of the fact that shouldn't really gotten away at this point. On the team that would be willing to do that it it's. You've got one that's willing to pay -- more. Often at this point. Now if you get -- -- but it certainly in Ingram scored but right now the ball in the court despite an amendment and basically. Watch the franchise tag was out. Because it's cool that he can you use it to the best ball player in points while you try to work got a long term agreement with the. Micah other Saints done with cuts you think. No I figured there you know they could be done Christian down the line -- -- that the -- So I think that you won't back -- -- he's got more -- more as we get closer to march 11. And and get that date and time to get under the cap and everything written rule you can you restructuring. -- -- No doubt about it because they're completely in the football you want to -- -- and I'm no doubt they wanna try to get a view of what. They wanna get a deal done we'll wrap feel bullish and what you want. Don't gotten quite. You can you may be -- you records were some restructuring process here or extensions. Like we've already heard the rumors certainly about Pierre Thomas Robert locally now obvious humongous. Equally you know -- also one way or another. And is -- interesting is that -- -- -- the game. That this is how you win championships of which should do it and actually. In the off season not only personnel wise and how you handle you money. Seattle a great example they've won -- -- And about Red Bryant small incident rights. With a disappointment goal. They couldn't protect it Michael Bennett who really played well and for the -- and Ed director also inside. Playing at tackle spot if we can. In typical bit. What was but it the one who supported the game that is so important in managing. The personnel. Trying to keep it. But also you're probably you've got. Get in form with -- so it's it's a major part of it that's why the off season it's more important. Like Christian that I would grab a couple weeks and are you in -- 67 years. I'll be working that don't do that and you know people options accordion so it will be constantly play. Basically from mid July all the way through almost the first couple and to do. That's why it's so such a popular game here that's -- pitcher Micah. My captain up folks get get their hands on your -- draft report. Are -- goal line -- my opinion dot com also -- report but -- who haven't out first week of April that little bit of time working on it. Create Null set and then in the near future. That will -- -- pretty much done but the world will wiggle out will be out in the first week of April. NFL -- might say thanks a -- has always. Lot of fun talking the things --