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3-3 5:45pm Sports Talk: NBA Pelicans Basketball

Mar 3, 2014|

Kristian talks to Voice of the Pelicans Sean Kelly to talk about the Pelicans upcoming game against the Sacramento Kings and the Pelicans loosing streak.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kensing kings tonight at 9 PM on Shawn -- the voice of the pelicans. Here on WQ relative of 105 point three and junk trees you'll have a call in a pelicans looking to get back on the winning side of things that tonight of course. Sean if you could just what's been the issue for the pelicans there in this losing skid. So are you probably water and had to -- and Rocco yeah it helped a lot of life in. You know what electric fire power have been up against you know the Clippers twice in that stretch and caught in the extreme and well -- now seem all that and there but. Can't give up and popping game -- -- and they're -- very. Began shooting night you know. The strained side you know make -- starting -- -- -- in by its prime example of that but. -- just been great chemistry right now that this. I don't know -- eccentric operative it has been taught well at least I do think -- Yeah and made it sound cliche I think that maybe they -- it on Saturday and the Clippers. He came out on some of the Al. And just good collected improbable well the little experience. The other they're -- have some I guess more realistic ultra where they are right now coming up over the next five games sort of mental right. -- one bright spot that sorry you started the last game. The river well and make him a little in the game you know what I wanna game in the first committee to get the old school. That's encouraging but management job and it they would but I doubt that the water would I get along the tree it. -- money winds brought him and he was. Thought of as a defense of guys that's -- his expertise. Them. Was -- it is well why haven't they been able to get it done on the defensive side of the years -- ball this year Owens you know on that side of it. How come they haven't played as good defense. Well I think they're a couple of little engine out the human detritus and try had trouble putting the game plan. In the place -- I have the privilege of going to shoot around seeing them all the game went -- the day and I thought I was going to quite match would be guys do on or that's -- -- on the got a little bit. And -- when you take away on holiday. Over the top of your future and how much better under Brian -- personal and Brian. I had a lot to do you know people getting in your trade in -- picking it up and -- truly Jason Schmidt -- a guy who probably understood money. I'm sure more than anybody you know and will be him for the rest your didn't help either so I think all we've we've factor in the papers that were put it out. Tyreke Evans and -- and I mean you moved house but I'm. At the small forward position our strongest players in the world it's. Apply and excuse the certainly did better on that on that way but you know you while all those things and that's why this team maybe it. But not there's potential there's a lot to a -- Visit with Shaun Kelly the voice of in the world pelicans they're national night. Against Sacramento Kings 9 PM tip off on WW OF them 105 point three and that he could -- about Tyreke Evans of what he's meant to this team just in his starts and all that stuff you know getting back on the court but. How much that we made we make it too much of the injury factor this team has been decimated by them. I'll probably can make much of -- a B you know maybe a little too much. Because of that is that injuries to these injuries and just come through McCurry very he's -- struck the pelicans. L Europe are leading. Coaching is going or wins or losses -- else you have to. You know what each other all the tired after I turned back the pieces I've been missing out for quite some time and and they're not coming back to the other to thank you are always -- readers -- -- -- of -- year Anderson out indefinitely so when you wind up final six weeks of the season. I'm not sure he's able to come back to be productive the team's eight and on and watching since. Anderson left the lineup so. There are significant differences Henderson's absence. But the fact that -- -- greatly respect it's very greatly when it was a part of the checking unit we -- to talk about the defense are problems that have occurred because you haven't had strip and all of it and certainly. When you take -- what qualities production was possessed per game and all that. You know all those things boy here and now our other games and maybe they probably should've won even with the injuries certainly I think that's where I mean that's where you know. Across the board in the league. But you'll see teams that have significant injuries that are around 500 or ball 500. I'm just seems not so you can't you can't paint over that fact -- -- though that when you look at the schedule the next spot coming up -- -- games and barge. Being kind of even back out and we're talking about the pelicans eagle and all the injuries. Being around 500. And kind of being written felt more respectable against all the early but it. Sean thanks so much and it's our appreciate having a call tonight pelicans and kings 9 PM on 105 point three to be -- offense thanks much -- appreciate it. No no problem. Is all that pressure -- and yeah we will want to back excellence on a lot of law.

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