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3-3 6:10pm Sports Talk: Jimmy Graham Franchise Tag

Mar 3, 2014|

Kristian Garic talks to WWL listeners about the Jimmy Graham franchise tag.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Separate -- and final hour here of the Islamic audition of the sport stalked here on WWL am FM. And dot com crushing Garrick in four Deke Bellavia indicating -- about -- taken that off. And the Saints using the non exclusive rights franchise tag on tight end Jimmy Graham good move or not that is our party jaguar being able. On line for it to be to be well dot com 82% say too good movement 18% say it's a bad movie -- On line right there at WB well that come more calls at 2601878. -- -- 8668908. So -- -- state 7870. The official the NFL officially. Since the franchise tag salary at seven million dollars for tight end wide receiver twelve point one million dollars and one of my first reactions I got from one of my friends was oh great now -- got to go by another Jersey had just bought it Jimmy Graham Jersey. Asking you. How often do you fighters coming jerseys. You have that are now from saint status last weathered retirement free agency. In todays NFL you can realistically expect the player to be here. Maybe four years. Four years or so. You take a year to the franchise tag and the do you buy. Jerseys. -- your favorite player. On it out by just about any -- year except for Jersey's. 'cause they'll get old at a relief that retired you traded. Assign a pre contract elsewhere. Any team apparel I think is good fun while the team players come ago. Mean look one day Drew Brees will be here either. Though some you might be gasping fare when -- that -- it's not too far off. Mean it's gonna happen eventually can't play forever. 260187. It's all 3866889087. What are the pros of the non exclusive franchise tag for the Saints on Graham. While obviously prevents your best free agent from becoming an unrestricted free agent. On March 11 kinda sort out. Forces Jimmy Graham to drive down the price over a period time. Gives the Saints so much leverage. Who's gonna be will assign him to offer sheet and you up to number one picks. Tied into wide receiver. He was tagged as tight in the majority of the snaps it wide receiver. The NFL. Executive committee will decide that whether he is a wide receiver -- -- once he files. Agreements and and if another team signs him to offer sheet the Saints would receive. 21. Round draft -- He's not a quarterback. He's not a franchise quarterback you remember when the Saints were going through this what just two it's two years ago we've kind of seen this movie before. And buckle and because it's going to be allow. And -- happen again next year a year after. Whether it be in -- -- of somewhere else high profile player will get franchise tag could happen here and the one in the comes in my Cameron Jordan but. Fidelity signs of the pro is. That if the Saints would receive 21 round draft picks. They had a right to match that offer from Graham are from another team for -- Icons. Depending on how league rules. Graham lead of about seven at twelve million dollars of salary cap space until -- until a new deal is worked out. With the franchise tag. That's straight up 71212 million dollar depending at tight end -- wide receiver. And it could cause some ill feelings. On behalf of Graham or the Saints and the way these contract negotiations play out but that those fences can be mended with money. A lot of those relationships can be fixed easily with the right amount of money it will spill in the offseason. Forcing Graham to -- OTAs and offseason workouts. The risk of -- them pretty huge. To a huge deal to another team albeit again he hit 21 round draft picks so to be running through the pros and cons there the pros far outweigh the cons. And it's in the favor of the world Saints. They're gonna win. The franchise. Is gonna get the better deal. The trick is you on both sides -- walk away. Feel like they left something on the table. We've seen it again two years ago deals get done. I think it's I think Graham is back with the Saints he's in the Saints uniform this year. June maybe July to a contract it's worked out. He can weigh in 02601878. -- Fauria 8668890. It's -- -- -- sports talk on WWL IMF and and dot com. That Tuesday tomorrow here on WWL got wall to wall coverage of the greatest free show on earth and all start tomorrow morning at 5:8 AM. With Dave Cohen alive for the -- Orleans in the world famous French Quarter to 8 o'clock Tommy Tucker T about it and myself. Company alive for the best seat at the party Dahlia all with all the sights and sounds of money -- Pete down half that marquee club. And of course much much more 10 AMR Mardi Gras mambo continues with Angela hill -- joys of Drew Brees who who Rex Maryland who. And the toast of the kings and queens at 110. Tom Fitzmorris. -- -- for the party. On the polka dot phone. After that arm -- mambo continues its review -- from a two to 6 PM. -- rocketed tradition. The -- WWL. Live from the greatest -- show on earth -- more than thirteen hours of wall to wall. Covered by the 6:30 PM right here on W to a Wilson and army. Think tutored in thanks for weighing in your on WWL Wilson. Well one. I'm at saint and what channel. And there one or two. I'd give it up a particular joy or -- -- As the old saying birdie and it worked well into -- bush beat out. Not early and you don't want you -- any one want them gonna cancel out and they got one. Can look at -- -- start -- number two when you're apt way to. But. You know -- -- -- the rationale. But I can say though makes it different it is for the old CPA. Wilson I would say maybe it's more likely. To better deal. For the team that's. Given those two number ones but. Now without having to pay these. Rookies that haven't played down unit fell. Umpteenth of -- dollars in guaranteed Jack. You don't do that anymore these guys such a bargain price. In that -- I think the other questions which he does it mean this year's draft obviously. -- -- -- -- won this year's draft opposed to now it actually looks like. But -- -- number one this year and it top 64 picks. You know one pick. Mean -- it's now pretty good player. A lot of players in this draft and go out to that and other drafts would have been first round -- maybe up fifteen points. And there's only anymore. Can't miss guys. The network that so many more. Now legitimate bonafide. Number one picks in the top fifteen. Future stars you know like. In his draft and has been in quite some time so I'd be less as it in the what does that do. Was that -- and give the Saints that much more elaborate because they ultimately know. Team's top fifteen. Well one at all unless like you said like me like I've said. In the bottom. You know. There in the draft. Out here in the -- you know in the last report picks you'd be willing to part with that because of the plethora of talent. Had the first round in really beyond this track it's so deep is the net and number positions wide receiver. Off at the line. Some areas where teams -- those positions. Could upgrade their team he thought about one player not to mention. They catch you could -- It's just to me it to me it's awfully costly for players that might affect a handful played that game. I understand what -- -- saying with the money and that's always do it the problem now. I don't know much -- and it's not. But I don't wanna be exactly it's because of the -- and it's not because. One owner doesn't want payers like that because the way that CPAs constructed. They have to spend a certain percentage and can't spend more then then in the -- so they have that there's a there's a basement and as a -- ceiling so. It's not about an owner being cheap now one paid players like that they pretty much have to. It's just everybody some of these under these constraints it in the Dallas Cowboys here. Sixteen million dollars over that salary cap sixteen leaned out over and that's with the recent pop up though 133 million and. There aren't I I'm I'm with you on on. The last couple years -- just. Our net and everything in the draft that we're we're just looking to make it a little bit. Ultimately players and sex. Yeah I think it's every team. I think it's it's not just the Saints. Ortiz. -- -- -- -- With the shank it just the opposite field goal. We. I've just come off a suitable anymore I mean it's the 2009. Our five year. That's what is -- Authentic. Yeah. -- -- -- Hey Wilson do you buy jerseys of your favorite players. Out of 66 and a little ago. And it. -- Like. Like football sports. Parent moderately you know -- fire on all. But if you if you weren't as you say old. And about only sixty sixes is that number and ages and number of callers noble but if you if you were younger if you were younger. -- about one given today's NFL climate where a player might only be around for years. -- now -- yeah but now. You know I don't look at some of the guys and especially quarterbacks -- if all this. Not a drop back there used to getting after it you know they. Well follows. If I was not my Jersey out by. You know franchise quarterbacks Jersey Drew Brees -- fine you know he's going to be here necessarily mean it was going to be here for awhile. 20062007. He bought a Drew Brees jerseys don't pretty good in that by new one. -- -- Syria does they were the only -- tonight. Eagle on any parade tonight. -- -- -- So what do you. Call one more active in week out. So you'll golf nonsense is they would shoot. People are pretty much didn't need to get out and so all of our. The you don't all on the scorecard these in all right. But forget about today so. I. Can take a double all. Origin. And so. Up on this one Q Ol should and. A nice -- with the Wilson. I'd take care Wilson army having money you know he say you're too old to go up -- parades and he never tools to operate. But go to wanna hear about 7 o'clock below Watson. Down here on saint Charles avenue up down. In India. Night race. Courses rolling in Metairie 7 o'clock as well 2601870. Told 3866. 8890878. -- shifted just a little bit at WL dot com the Saints using the non exclusive rights franchise tag on. Pettit Jimmy grant you move or not 83% say it's a good move 17%. Say it's a bad move. Tell me why it's a bad move. Mean ultimately. Because it might be disrespectful. As the ones and treated me earlier days disrespectful. Where's the loyalty for the Saints. To Jimmy Graham will be produced or four seasons. But if you use the loyalty argument. I don't I don't believe in a lot of loyalty victims of these franchises. In these players and likewise for the players that he franchises. Because when they're done one player -- can't contribute anymore. They get room they cut them that care about. The cash which needed. Two or three years prior that matter Jeremy Shockey help them noticeable cut him. Happens all time. Well the Red Bryant from the Seattle Seahawks. Helped him a simple. See you later. Michael Bennett -- Seahawks was doable. But it test free agency. But the loyalty. That. To factor. That's a lot of folks -- me on on on Twitter. What about how disrespectful is it for the Saints it's a part of business hurt Jimmy Graham say it always players say it all time if it's so much part of business. And it shouldn't be any kind of hurt feelings to 60187803866889. 087 news time with Donnie hey carneval lovers. Keep your radio locked on WWL litigate 7 AM or 105 point three to be real well FM and we've got your morning brought traffic reports every twenty minutes accrued WWL will tell you where. The crews are rolling in what they're throwing every twenty minutes. He use the parade and or other. Destinations on time and if you -- horrible traffic tip call RW to -- well traffic center 260. Info that's 2604636. Johnny Lafayette welcome back to sports talk here on WW well. Packers -- -- -- gonna call Letitia figured Barry fair. You do you really both sides. While it's a broken record but and it -- immigrant the wrong use one of the best audience out there that don't want it news. The -- signed you know. Are so large that they can't afford -- to protect true. Are the right people veterans or keep the right people -- that they -- true Jimmy your over the middle. On -- a price I didn't go to the middle and Drew Brees owners back. Does essential goods. And just yeah just play. Where exactly. And you know have a sense that. I mean Drew Brees really made Jimmy Graham and Graham goes just. Cleveland he you don't hear much about. Who will be half the player he -- it would drew it would -- year quarterback like Peru. So. You think about that. What do I think about Jimmy Graham not being. Much of a player without Drew Brees. I think that he's better. With Drew Brees I still think he's a dynamic player. I mean but I could you make that argument about a lot of players that you in the hall of famers that have existed today having you know is it fair to ask. Would Jerry Rice have been as good means a great player but. Was he -- with the have been as good come in as he wasn't Joseph Montana and Ron Amadon has made the. He would have -- and -- Played we. I don't know -- average quarterback is that Steve -- on okay. Name another average quarterback above average quarterback. During that time I mean I've I've never really liked honestly. John and never really liked that argument. Sometimes it's applicable. Right and there are times in this case it's not Alex I think Jimmy Graham can play he's that he's a dynamic player he's a unique. Skill skill set you know -- deposition. This team -- Drew Brees make him better yes. But. Is he could be now put up similar numbers. I think he still could. But again. Across the NFL. I think it's so much about fit more so than ever army even look at Drew Brees for -- to an extent how much to see how much that he grow. Or because of Sean Payton because of our Peyton and the -- here at New Orleans. I think a lot of it. Number one picks with all the talent in the world. Go to places did it -- and it just didn't work. It's we lost Graham what are -- at that or whatever -- -- -- Matt. What -- -- -- would be available. At 27. I think. Listen up on. I don't have every. Year pay. But I think -- a kid at bronze from North Carolina. Would be suitable replacement -- -- find. Jimmy Graham necessarily in a recreated this draft. And you know it -- Well -- what they've. Made it right. What what position. Is their first round pick in the B. You're asking me. I think if you ask -- based on need. It's one receiver. -- Yeah I think so in a compliment Jim -- mean solid down the stretch so many teams -- take a way of Jimmy Graham. Because they they were will let Marcus Colston give -- six catches for -- for. 889000. Yards or does he wasn't gonna drastically change the game for. As an opposing defense they don't know what I don't receiver right now -- with the top awful awful defense really threaten a defense down field. Oh. I don't think it's as big of a -- honestly. And I have an idea I know we we you're saying there and here's why. First off. You try to get a deal that was actually the right tackle maybe -- -- -- they have a hole but it -- -- as the kind of guy. -- be penciled in if they don't -- -- dealt with it back and maybe Tivoli Ito might be as good of a player. You know might be is on the same level at trial until Wednesday and is and it certainly cost less than the Saints have a history of not -- The center position talent in the left via free agency Jeff Faine left via free agency this so the Saints don't typically. -- -- overpay for senators that just don't there are a lot of a lot of teams have different philosophies on that. Arm but the Saints adding they're there it pretty clear just by history. Now on her shopping needs like two centers go in free agency. And him they probably feel like I think this is true across the State's office. Every position every player except for Drew Brees might be interchangeable. Counts he could maybe argue that. Feel like decisive as the old -- as a whole always. Got no main players developed into a name and then lost. Aren't I think that's still I think I think that shields Saints honest error and you look at. If you look at. Sean Payton and -- losses they've been here they've been really the bat. Keeping players that that that they value and -- a good players and in getting rid of them. The eighty. Maybe at. A year Earl earlier than they should of but almost almost. Perfectly Happy Gilmore. Certainly average on and he would hear from again. Roman Harper and I think it's not they they have a knack for knowing exactly when it's time when they've gotten maximum out of a player and -- on the part ways and there really aren't that -- in I think that's the old saint fuel. Topic to have great scouts also have to pick up people like COLT and in their -- and it was on the ground and people that no one knows. That's a tribute to their there's got to. No doubt know what about it and I don't think critical element. Up they'd done -- time I bottom batteries that. Wanna talk to you you weigh in as well to six point seven Neitzel three. 866889087. This is sports talk -- listening to WWL IMF women dot com -- just about it between 100 block. Saint Charles avenue. Well RB taken in incorporate tonight or for days after produces at 7 o'clock in -- it -- Welcome back to sports talk. Bob a Metairie Iran WWL about. I'm good -- how's life treating it good. Fantastic. Just. Wake of the court. About it but you know radio. Yeah where you where are you waiting in the Brooks. Matt park and lot like -- -- -- them. Oh lightly you know I -- least tonight. You. Were. I don't know how to better -- I can come tomorrow party the guys. It's a great move with great on the way different. And but not that. Good movement wise that. Well. At that level offers. Are pretty they know what -- think he's -- and our courts that are open and you know they're not the value. They don't know anybody open notes as weaknesses. From -- the -- and you know and it may be bought off nation that would have made that -- I didn't. In league history. Money -- -- didn't want you know he didn't accept that he -- twelve million mark for so it might be out ordering. Will be somebody else off until. They're not me you know that maybe they'll getting. You know wanted to put you off those. Pop. -- know Michael and I think it's a close of that but I think it's gonna closer to what they originally offered a maybe. You know little bit more. I don't think he gets twelve million dollars a year I outlook that could be wrong Jimmy sexton is a great agent -- one of the best. In a business I just think that you know Mickey Loomis. You said it is ability to instantly paying. Someone's value as what is what may has made him such a strong general manager. He knows he can look at a player. All coach Payton and say look this is where this is where his values and they're really good at it. I think in the end when a deal is done now that you think you deal gets done. It's gonna be -- they were about ten and a half million dollars a lot. Don't. Offer. -- -- what. He knows what the -- offered. Other nation it. Butler and -- you know with agents. Well that. -- heard. About it and that was. I did but they lied to but you know. I think I need. -- worked well known. I don't think you go out and work. Out there. And let's -- it. Yeah. I know it's hard for having guys like united. Talk about supplies worth you know excellent plays football for -- And goes and how -- they ate half the year twelfth you know while mean dollars a year but. As somebody does so I think that that's that's the gallery you know I know it's hard to grasp that kind of money right his. You know -- try to -- me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. But finally gains of the regular season he only went over and yards one time. Well -- -- chip there on a bomb you know when you know in a month ago -- often thought about when he was. He got hurt. It's not get better and it's. While. As a mystery here's a list of any start that's for sure thing for a phone call bubbly at that. Traffic right here on WLA -- -- Welcome back to my best catch so far. Modern era point fourteen text asked me at 87870. Caught red. Am. A red pinstripes Fedora yesterday. Vega. Big catch for -- -- that I'm not much. 14. For Taurus but enough money -- it's a it's a throw. Had elbow few folks to get it to. Just -- I've thrown affairs square. The rent for door -- I was one we kept a purple one now. Have a -- anything. We -- beater the light of these that. Of course little more difficult -- those. So in the writers. Much more partial to the females on the parade routes. Tweet beat. A feature back at Kristian -- one follow us on Twitter as well at WLA MFM. -- -- Lola. Give you the latest on Twitter breaking news traffic updates and much much more. At Kristian -- -- at WWL AM -- -- our final results here the Johnny Jones show coming up at 7 o'clock or final results. On the up ready to -- or people on line for it at WWL dot com 84%. Of those voting. Say it's a good move for the Saints. To officially used the non exclusive franchise tag on tight end Jimmy Graham. 60% say it's a bad move. In a franchise tag at tight end the point fourteenth seven million dollars. Wide receiver. Twelve point one made dollars. The difference of well who caught 55. Million dollars. Aren't so. If you Jimmy sexton. Which -- chart what -- what he charged with giving your lawyer the maximum return of money. So it's expected -- -- -- agreements so here are the NFL will hear it from the executive committee. And decide whether. He'll be a tight end or wide receiver. And then just clues of today is pretty simple. The only difference between a non exclusive any exclusive. You're about the -- from and it. That's not that's not different at all top five salaries at his position. -- 120% increase from the previous year. But the non exclusive allows another team. To come in sign Jimmy Graham to offer sheet. The Saints -- have the opportunity. To match that offer if they did not match that offer. The Saints would be entitled to receive two. 21 round draft choices. Awful lot so stiff stiff price the money saved. Thirteen 1415 million dollars a year over five years plus 21 round draft picks. Found another team. I don't know that -- so will. Give that up when I get rookies. At such a bargain basement price. On this collective bargaining agreement. Is that we'll do it. The leverage clearly in favor of the oral Saints. In this deal get done ultimately. It's gonna be wallow. Again you guys have been here before. He sees a culture at this point somewhere you are over the whole Jimmy Graham conversation. Will it be a tight -- -- wide receiver Willie get a deal done how much will be. This year couple years ago with with a quarterback that's -- this a little bit different though. But Saints were willing to make Graham the highest paid tight end. In the NFL ahead of Rob Gronkowski of the -- Patriots. His deal average couple years ago nine and a half -- dollars a clueless. It's all about the guaranteed money -- which got it it's two more than. Facility average salary of the overall overall cost of the deal and how much -- they spread that out. Over the first year are two of the contract when he TV contracts take place next year's salary cap. Balloons. That Johnny Jones show coming up next. Here on WWL. Think Alison ransom a master control Steven Geller problems produce -- show. Today. Big thanks to us. Deke Bellavia as well let me fill in and fill in for him a crushing -- simplify come -- happy about it -- folks.