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Mar 3, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is a cold windy home lending drawn nights in New Orleans the day before body drop. If you're listening to our show somewhere across the country tonight it's -- -- time in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast. If you are not here. To -- -- draw and if this is -- -- you've never experience I do hope that jubilee plans sometime to experience this really unique and amazing free show. It's free. And it's a show is a free to get here is not free to stay here but the show itself is free. And of course if you have an image of of Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. There's a really good possibility that you would not be disappointed that the image that you hold in your mind of Mardi Gras Bourbon Street in the French Quarter is quite accurate. But it's even more sensational when you're actually here and part of it because your view is not confined to the camera view. Your view is 360. Degrees. Our on Q and it's more than a view it's. And experience. It said that no other city could actually host morning draw. And I think that's really accurate I'm I'm from here but it lived and cities around the country. And I don't think there's another city that could do this like we do it with such organization. But it's not just the police. It's not just the city. It's the people is steadily of people from here but it's the people who come here from elsewhere. Who. Become part of this celebration. And sure there are incidents there are always going to be incidents when you get this many people together and when so many people are. Drinking and enjoying themselves. To excess. But when you think about the incidents. Per capita the incidence relative to the number of people in the streets. There are really only a few incidents. And if you are listening around the country tonight and if you have since this culturally rich in historical celebration. Then this will simply bring back memories for you and into our children I I I hope to give you a sense if you have never experienced this. How how culturally significant. A body properly is and it's really based on eight even -- which started before the Christian calendar -- this this goes this goes way back. It -- mean that's -- before the Christian calendar but it's hard. What -- grub it started before there was significance to. The big blowout before lent which is the very sacrificial a time of more to talk about to all of them on the show tonight here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. How is your Mardi Gras experience been so far this year 2014. Calmer than last year or wilder than last year. And delighted me because I saw -- -- -- on the street over the weekend and I know it has got to be wilder than it was last year unless you have a wild -- draw every year. I give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com the protracted cold drug or should give you an update coming appeared just humans also tonight we're gonna continue to bring you parade progress reports here and Evian you will. Thanks for coming up in just about three minutes if you are along the parade route. And you're listening to our show tonight and you wanna join us with accommodative what you're seeing what you're experiencing right now. If you were an Indian -- or baucus over the weekend or any of the parades Friday night Saturday and Saturday nights Sunday Sunday night if you -- Talk about your Mardi Gras experience the races. And the pet peeves. How how's it been so far is everybody behaving is or something that you would like to say about something that people do that they shouldn't do. During -- -- -- operate you can join our show with your comment tonight 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- tech's number is 8787. It's time for tonight's top eight at eight here at the top eight things we'd like you know effect tonight our top later date on this one to draw -- night. Dedicated to the top eight things you should know about money -- numbering eight. Today is what they -- this is the day before Mardi Gras day. And -- -- wrong. Celebration Rex the king of carnival arrived Spanish applies it to meet king of -- and they toast. And they bring on the official beginning of Mardi -- -- 2014 and actually begins tonight. I was shelter earlier Cowboy Mouth -- tough -- reformed after Cowboy Mouth. It was very cold and very windy on the river and Spanish prizes of god bless all of you who were part of that. Really it is simply that he's become a real tradition you know growing up in New Orleans Lindy gras wasn't a big deal. But it in the last few years it has really become a very very big celebration so if you weren't there this year I hope you make plans to go as a possibility that you're in your -- trying to head home from the when to -- celebration it was chilly out on the river. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. It's what brought days that Tuesday on the Christian calendar it's the final day of debauchery. Before the beginning of the solemn and sacrificial season of -- Mardi Gras day is the culmination of the cardinals' season. Carnival. Comes from the Latin words meaning. Farewell to the flush. And since this is a festive time preparing ourselves for -- And we're saying farewell to the flash. You're gonna see a lot of people shelling their flash. Before -- On Wednesday. Now with this colder weather you might see. No actually you're not gonna see any less flash may be a maybe a little -- -- got because you know what the people who wanna do that. They're gonna do it no matter what the winners of all of the forecast for -- a chilly forecast for tomorrow and I'm sure when you saw -- draw on the calendar. In March you're thinking nice warm spring break -- temperatures. Well it was like that over the weekend really nice and spring like over the weekend but it's chilly and windy tonight and it's going to be cool day tomorrow but again that's not gonna. That's second reportedly damper on those who wanna have fun in the French Quarter and then you know for those of you again who have never spirit experienced Mardi Gras it's not just the French Quarter. Mardi -- is also very very family oriented event. In many parts of the city in Metairie on mobile is more family oriented celebration. And book will continue to talk about body grow tonight if you want to. Joining us with your comments about -- grown in the past if you're listening somewhere around the country you have experienced Mardi Gras which are not here this year. What is your recollection and for somebody who doesn't live here what would you -- tell somebody. Who's experiencing Mardi Gras for the very first time are a number locally is 5042601870. And our toll free number is 866889. 0870. We'll continue with our topic today but right now here's -- WWL parade progress report and welcome back to -- show on this -- draw -- its yeah its buried -- eleven other -- progress report -- coming up here just a few moments but. Any view on Internet refers Zeus and many of you along the uptown downtown parade route for Prodi is a timer studio and as I'm just starting to hear some of the bands wrapping up at the end of the -- -- On job to Lewis and and -- or fetus are running so you know a lot lots going on. I remember last year you know -- -- buy apartment overlooks that the French Quarter and I I remember looking down last year I guess they woke up it. I don't know three or 4 in the morning and the number of people who were still. Coming out of urban street the number of -- still waiting for people who were coming -- number I think. These people. Going to be in any condition to enjoy Mardi Gras day. So I hope you keep things in moderation to the point where if you have plans to enjoy Monica and he actually get a chance to enjoy that. All right number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This horrible season officially began January the sixth. -- king's day. Twelve days after Christmas. When the -- and visit the baby Jesus bearing bearing gifts. Now Tiffany is also the traditional season for the beginning of king cakes. Not -- there was some research that I I I did preparing for tonight's show want to do that top eight we do the top needed aid to every night as we begin our show. But I want to do the top eight things that you should know about morning draw there's a possibility that your from the Syrian and like me didn't Noam everything about Monique. This is and everything about Mardi -- but as the top eight things that I connected. I wish I don't know about Monaco. So epiphany is the beginning of the king cake season and legend tells us that the king cakes were made in a circle. To represent the circular journey. Of the -- And -- took a circular journey to to find Jesus. Because they want it to confuse king Herod. Who was planning to kill the Christ child so they went in a circle and that's what the circle thinking take where percents. Originally there was a calling or being. -- was placed in the king cake and whoever got the calling -- the beaned. In their piece of cake it was believed that they would have good luck for the upcoming year that was in Louisiana that the tradition of placing a plastic baby in the king cake was born. And the person who got the baby in the -- was expected to hold the next king cake party I remember growing up as a teenager. Reacting to reports. And -- whoever had the party at their house whoever got the the baby in the king cake. They had the next party and they would call their parent -- sibling it was a Friday or Saturday night. And they were called or perish from the party and say hey I got the baby can we of the king -- party at our house next week. And the parents always said yes. Now if we knew that there were somebody you know or group that had really cool parents. We kind of rigged to where they got the baby because we -- to have the baby at. With would have the -- -- parents' house because her parents were really cool. And so that led to some rather cool parties but that's part of the tradition of the kinky. And by the way the top eight things that you should know about -- draw. It's posted on our website to -- blog. Under the the top stories that are flashing on the front page. Our web site is something that you might wanna. Get yourself -- -- yourself. And share with others share with those you know who wore out of town who have never experienced Mardi Gras. Share with your friends who have experienced Mardi Gras but they're not here this year and maybe this -- some things if you wanna share with them about Mardi Gras with those who live here. Who know morning draw but maybe don't know everything about it and those who have -- -- mean I know some of the specifics number five on tonight's list of top rates. At eight. In the middle of the century the Romans observed a forty day fast period which was followed by a brief period of feasting. And actually it was preceded. It was it was pre -- there with this forty day faster essentially left and that was preceded. By a brief period of fast a feasting not fancy -- is gorging yourself. Wearing costumes. And and general misbehaving. Debauchery what what are my favorite words to describe body -- debauchery. Morning gross spread across Europe from Rome and eventually made it to the colonies of the new world. It is believed that the first American Mardi -- took place in Mobile, Alabama in 1703. And I always grew up believing that the first -- -- was actually in mobile. But in the 1730s New Orleans began to mark the celebration with fancy balls and wild street parties. And you know since the the 1730s. I'd go outside not much is -- really changed that's the interesting thing about this time of year when you. See people going to the balls. There they are people dressed up going to the balls and then you've got people who were just wild in the streets quite. Quite a contrast but -- that's what you see it and hasn't changed much since the 1730. The first parade in New Orleans is believed to have taken place on Fat Tuesday and 1827. But the first official parade was not recognized until about ten years later. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The tradition of wearing masks on -- draw is is really interesting I I was not aware of you you may be aware of this. But the tradition of wearing national -- -- began hundreds of years ago. By wearing masks the different social classes could -- intermingle. And that means they can celebrate together without the restrictive separation the class it's. Big separation the clashes but if everybody was wearing a mask nobody knew who was a member of the for classes. So everybody was essentially treated equally. So the mask was an equalizing factor nobody could tell who was part of which class and everybody came together to celebrate on Monica. And so that tradition that started with the masks. Discontinued today though everybody doesn't Wear a mask. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight and eight. A tradition of throwing -- first began during carnival of 1872. And the color of the -- now the official colors of Mardi -- purple gold and green they were selected by the king that here. The purple represents justice this is something that is really commonly known among New Orleans the purple represents justice the gold represents power. And the green represents faith. But here's what I did realize. Originally those who participated in the parade. Would pick out people in the crowd. And throw that colored -- to the person that most represented. What the color was supposed to mean. Now I don't know how you would pick somebody out who -- that person looks like they represent faith without -- green beats all that person looks like there. Representing power. So let's told the the gold -- to them or you know -- I I guess the police officers would represent justice or you might wanna throw them the that the purple of these I thought it was interesting that. Originally the the different colored beads were thrown to people in the crowd who represented what the color of the -- were supposed to -- percent. Also and I remember this as a kid growing up the first speech were made out of glass. And for many years that these are made out of -- Are you think about news the struggle for the -- I remember many many to even more so than today that these were much more fragile. And I don't ever remember getting cut although I guess that was possible throwing glass -- was and to safest thing to do. But I just remember how fragile the beats were when they were coming off the floats. Number two tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Some Christian groups. -- are. Attempting to spread the message of Jesus. To the rowdy drunken party you're suburban street. Don't really seem to be real Christians. And I realized and passing judgment here that I had an experience yesterday. While I was taking a picture -- by -- at this picture of my Twitter account what you wanna join me on Twitter. It's act scoot. Every WL that's due to have a W. I wanna take a picture of some of the the religious protesters. Spreading the message of Christ or what they believe is the message of Christ. 22 of the rowdy crowd and on -- restrict so I I like to take pictures -- that I -- I tweet about. Well I took a picture yesterday of one group of protesters. And you know they have the banners that that warned that everybody's going to hell and one of the members of this Christian group on -- Looked at me. And over his bullhorn a -- to me use me as an -- and addressed to me to the crowd. And said. Are you -- Are you a man or arguing woman do you have a mirror look at the talk enemy. Look at yourself what are you on man -- bullet. And I'm thinking. My count them on Bourbon Street this -- addressing me in in in that way and I just going to take a picture. Of the justice sent out Mona. -- tweet and tweet. And then he proceeded to use. Profanity. In describing. Behavior among gays and lesbians. And he's doing is using profanity is alleged Christian. Using profane I I I. Obviously can't -- on the air. And there -- children president. So I'm wondering what kind of Christians -- peace. Now you can call me and tell me I'm judging them you're damn right I'm judging them. But they judge first. And yeah I'm judging them and I'm -- question their Christian beliefs. These were really. Really ugly vicious people and I couldn't help but think how far. Removed. Their behavior was. To. The crisis that I've read about it in the Bible. I haven't seen it yet but I wanna see this movie I believe it's important the box office this past -- son of god. -- sent a man I forget which is not a man's son of god the son of god son of god I guess it's prince in both the same person son of god it's on demand. I wanna see this movie everything that I no doubt. About Christ. It is is nothing like what these people profess and yet. They're trying to save lives by by spewing out this hate a young woman from England confronted one of the members of this Christian group. And she told me she says this is BS. This would never happen in England. And and I thought that was interesting. But I wanna tell you this. Do not judge all Christians. By the behavior of those Christians who are misguided. By being. Zealot. Haters. And I mean it's a vicious. Just don't judge all Christians. By the behavior. Of some we talk about this on the show tonight. And plus tonight's. Number one yeah. Maryland ranking number one of on tonight's list on the. The most important thing to know about morning draw. Is that this time of year celebrates the breaking down of social economic ethnic and all the barriers that seemed to separate us. On a daily basis. Reaction to the news emphasizes the things that that appear to separate us as groups and as individuals. And I hear every night. Doing a show -- my feeling during the day I hear what might actually during that listed the topics that we talk about the top stories in the news. Seem to accentuate. What separates us. As I mentioned earlier that the top later date -- the origin of wearing the masks on Mardi -- was to prevent distinguishing one class from another. So everybody could come together as one. And that's really what we should recognize most about -- -- it's a special time when we remember that we can share a fun time together. And maintain a cultural tradition. Regardless of our place in society. And yes I guess the the hierarchy on the floats to some degree of throwing out to the balloons and trinkets to the masses I I guess they. They re percent the hierarchy of society neighbor percent royalty in society. And and the people on the street I guess are more reminiscent of of the peasants so while there's this basic out clash. Dan. This basic clash among classes. It kind of accentuated to some degree. On I don't think there's any any reason for us to not recognize that this is a really special time. What we all come together. The top eight things that we think you should know about -- -- is supposed to. Web -- front page at WW dot com you can read it and share with others. -- -- Happy Mardi -- And we'll be back on every WL -- about to discuss show on this day before Mardi -- it's a bloody draw an idea it's it's cold it's it's windy but that doesn't stop the party they are of people lining the streets right now. In Metairie and also downtown for the parades rolling tonight. We're talking about the eight things that we'd like you to know about -- analysts have posted on our website at WW real dot com you can read it and share with others. I thought that's an interesting things that even though I was born here from here it's a couple of things that I didn't really know. About -- draw some of the some of the traditions we've got that we're talking about it tonight. Some of the year Christian groups and I had had an encounter with a group yesterday one of the Christian group suburban street. I'm very I'm very vocal group with very very -- signs. Very arrogance they don't act at all like. That she says that I've read about. And yet they stand there representing Jesus. They're hateful zealots and it's very very. Judgment. Here's a -- -- says -- they act that way because they're the only ones with a megaphone. If someone goes to urban street with a megaphone people will have an -- poised to combat those zealots. Here's a Texas or Jesus was on Bourbon Street during -- draw. He would be doing he would what would he be doing. He wouldn't be doing with these people directly tell you that. You could disagree with me if you like you can call the show you can send me text if you want to. But if you take the people. That these people are railing against. And put them in the context of the Bible of the time these would be the -- These would be the sinners these would be the people that Christ in the race. And yet these are hateful hateful experiencing yesterday and if you've never experienced. This kind of hate and Oprah -- you half and don't think all Christians are good Christians because they're not. And I'm here as a Christian to tell you firsthand they are not now some on Bourbon Street. They're not like others. But its failure to call some what they are more hateful zealots who do not. A percent to Christ that most of us now. Now when you hear about these people when you've experienced these people downtown. Do you find their their pro testing do you find it enlightening or do you find it offensive. If you wanna join ushered -- with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601872. -- 386688. Nines early seventy. In a text Amber's late seventies and I love this tax so we Jesus was -- retreat during -- draw what would he be doing. If you have to have an answer to that question. That you don't know a damn thing about the Bible. From Tennessee -- -- every WL. Hello -- at my progress CPU. Our right or did others ships are -- -- -- -- I'll begin to see it repeats -- odd experience. I I will you know when they got Beulah how wanted to comment on that -- group this year Coleman. There trying to say one thing -- there. There protest treatment of something else from them out of their attitude goes back to their attitude. And that violate one they comfortable tenants. Our place. The waiter acting were supposed to love our neighbor as we love ours -- It looks like in great commandment that -- Davis is very well written throughout the question mark and John you know that. And where the way they were acting was certainly are on that candid update I -- do that horrible. And here I am I'm I'm taking a picture -- -- their out there because he -- attention on taking a picture descended down on my Twitter accounts and is a single me out among all those on on Bourbon Street. To. Your question my gender because of the way I look. And I and I would suggest me I wasn't dressed in any particular way other than the way I dress and I can't help the way guide. Think -- god made me I might Wear earrings and I I don't know I I don't know what -- about me that would cause anybody to question. My gender but -- the these people were really hateful yesterday and and they were hateful to to a lot of people and even using profanity with little area and Christian. I would probably quite the way I'd like to because I Wear my -- and brave because -- American mix. Turkey -- in our top and they were out there with a sense something of horrible like that to me about it I wouldn't that my ground. -- might have to pray for them because they certainly did not problem cried and their makeup their attitude barges that are competent period. Rick I enjoyed targets they are going to color show here's attacks and they -- Christians at heart just like radical Muslims. Modern day Ferris sees. And I just wanna expose them for what they are. Because if you see them you might even have the temptation to believe that. That the broader mission that they're doing the right thing with these signs that you're gonna burn in hell you're going to hell. But the way these people acting talk. Is is horrible. And again it is totally unlike. The Christ that any of us. Have come to know. And yet they are the ones who think they're more Christian light than me. Or you. And I just find it I find it -- deplorable and yet. I would agree that it's all protected by freedom of speech. I agree that they have a right to do what they're doing. But they're really there and if you see their tactics and what they say. Now again this is not all of this is this one particular group that really have the most predominant signs. In the in the in the quarter I mean really well made signs. They. They were they -- to incite people. Yeah just like Christ it. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 260 when he seventy toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. A -- receipts have any -- if you're -- to its all in 1053 WWL attempt the pelicans in the Sacramento Kings kicked off at 9 o'clock tonight so if you wanna stay with our show throughout the night. Just attitude over to. Every WL 870 AM will be here until midnight I'm screwed it will be right -- -- Debbie WL it's undergoing night. Tomorrow is morning grudge dating does -- mean he's gonna save themselves promoting can't say they are out their party in right now. We're talking about an encounter that I had win if with they religious group. The zealots on berg street not everybody on urban street that is the year to spread the message of Jesus is like this group. But there is among these these people there is a hateful group out here. We're talking about it tonight and I think it's important to denounce what they -- I've just got to. A -- somebody was obviously there when this person of interest me. In the crowd as saying. What -- you. -- man are you woman I mean really and hateful hateful tone look at yourself collected in a -- you -- look at yourself in the mirror are you a man are you woman. Yeah that's exactly what Jesus would tell me if I ran into him in and street. On his -- Reid says that -- is a is a blank. Blank. The Christians on urban those are real Christians now here's the text that says it's that. There are some that are very good there was a group last night that was witnessing to people. But treating people with respect having conversations and showing laugh while the same time being firm in their beliefs. They were members of The -- -- Baptist Church I'm assuming that because the French quarters their community. They were somewhat embarrassed. Of their counterparts in fact they had signs saying we love you just like Jesus does. I just what should be aware of this. This one group they haven't assigned it says one of the science is. I took some effect -- I'll I'll tweets amount during the showed today. Tonight. One of them is homo sex is a CN. Which I guess suggests that heterosexual sex is not a sand. In fact there was a story in the news that that one of these guys in this particular group. Which caught. Gratifying himself in a public place in the proximity of -- Quite often people who are our religious zealots. Have something so deep rooted in them. It's almost as if they're trying to convert people as a way of making up for the horrific life. That they leap from hardly keep your -- WL. The epic used to and I have a good morning glory YouTube OK but not before it get them -- or should it till it got in on the Kabul police at all. -- Yeah I was kind of I was just I was kind of stunt. I invited their behavior it's it's one thing to. But to be out there are and pay preaching that what you believe -- the word. But to entice and to incite people into reacting by by verbally badgering them. And using profanity. Is very very Christian. Yeah probably -- But you talk about the trouble all the things before Bob ball that Glaus you know what -- in the waters when they stop the Roman. That purple green -- to blow when used epic its. Naturally you would all right -- and bill because it will -- in the so I know when we look at you know like if you got a 22 purples and you need to give -- green and. That's an upstart that's when you started to beat people up over the -- balloons. Right you get a certain color and beating you up if I see come close. They had they -- -- yet because they're limited in now. And that kind of a continent that. Because that that is what what was the vote in the end Rex to. You know you too big parade and then you know -- it did mean came along and an economist Scott do and that is now. A -- that you had a happy mode regarding going to -- show. And that's something else to talk about tonight what would you miss. About -- brought to something from the past that you and that you actually miss like the collection of the national set of the balloons. Here's a Texan Reid says he -- he may be -- this is the guy in the megaphone. He thought you were cute. Just kidding sounds like he had a problem with his own. I. It's all good. As long as you -- yeah I mean it really eat it bothered me not so much for me because it doesn't hurt me but I wonder if others might have been. -- hurt by that in these people were were hurting a lot of people. And it's it's earlier to -- chain that they pretend pretend. To represent Christ. Christians in fact a picture of the guy. On the megaphone who looked like he was from me he really gives -- a bad name to the stereotype of the person who's on swamp people wore on -- dynasty. Is he he he he gives a bad name to those people cause those people are not -- like this guy as far as I know. But he had that. He Ann Arbor somebody like that. In any event it was really I'm very -- and do I mean listen I was not that there were people all around me who reacting to news this group of of alleged Christians arbor district are coming right back with more of your calls more you texture of this crucial here's another WWL. -- progress report so this guy who really is. -- hateful Christian and yes I am passing judgment on him I am judging that entire group of zealots on Bourbon Street yesterday afternoon. They're trying to excite people but a picture of this guy who you know again looks like he's from Louisiana. A picture this guy is -- What I wrote was that the top eight things we'd like you know about body -- It while I'm one of them is that all the Christians suburban street are not really Christians but it -- this guy. Is saying is with that list of the topic thinks we'd like you know about -- -- which is on our website right now. -- if you don't like comes to you could take a look at look for him and we take a look at him and then. You might would look for him tomorrow to get beyond the quarter were also talking about things that we miss about Mardi -- what is it about Mardi -- that you missed from the past. And as we talk about the top -- things that we'd like you to know about morning draw is or something interesting about -- draws it. Most people don't know this you would -- -- to to Roland about it if you're listening to this future night on 1053 -- you relish them. The pelicans in the Sacramento Kings -- -- I believe at 9 o'clock. And so if you wanna stay with our show us throughout the night to be until midnight. Just to this in at WWL 870 AM -- from Covington -- you're on the -- show good evening. Well I do with other single day. It's what makes comment and believe me and say hi Christian. And or more in this country. A lot of un Christian activity by Christian. And throughout history. There's been -- One group 01 religion or whatever. It is here co owner of being. Unfair. Being. Volatile. One caller people forget about Hitler saying it. Been done in the name of christianity. As well in and we saw yesterday that protected by freedom of speech but so every other religion and right to talk in it and preach and I think it. Maybe we got back to being more like. Christ. We would we would have a much better place could not an Internet. That's what really stood out to yesterday afternoon I mean it was a beautiful afternoon. Partly cloudy skies and -- recorder which packed. And it it occurred to me is that what these people are doing is so contrary -- everything that I've ever read. About Christ and in none of us knew Christ when he was alive we've only read about him from the Bible and from other. A historical. Meant theological depictions of of Christ in the movies that have been somewhat accurate about. A crisis based on on history and and theology. And this was just so contrary to how Jesus would've acted and yet it's just so hypocritical that these people act that way. Well you know that one of the things I have noticed in -- in dealing with some of this is that a lot. Christians today. They look at the Bible and a look at Neil Cashman and look at did the new testament. And they select out what they want. To believe that you are what they select outlook. Support. Their beliefs. And you know it is in whether you look at. -- Religious war in NORTHERN IRELAND what do you look at -- extra. -- radical model where you look at the -- Kind of -- them they'll all be able to find something in the Bible. That will basically back up what they believe that nickel and they talk like that it make you really wonder. Well. And Jerry -- one of the reasons that I wanted to talk about this on the show tonight is to set the record straight to -- This group does not represent all Christians in the same way that almost loans are not represented by radical Muslims. Jerry I hope you have happy Mardi Gras and I appreciate it was a two -- show at night and every WL. If you are on -- stay with -- more of your calls and more pure text. Are coming up this this could show what they -- night it's chilly it's cold it's windy but that's not stop and anybody.