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Scoot Show 3-3 9pm Mardi Gras & Protesting Christians

Mar 3, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: happy Lundi Gras! How has your Mardi Gras experience been so far? Good- frustrating – wild? AND: has everyone in the parades and along the routes been behaving themselves? What has the crowd been like where you’ve watched so far? We’ll talk about Mardi Gras praises and pet peeves tonight! PLUS: the Christians protesting on Bourbon street do NOT represent all Christians…do you find those marching and protesting to be enlightening or offensive in their approach?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a rather chilly like a big draw a night tomorrow is Mardi Gras day but that doesn't stop people from going down the streets were packed and earlier tonight. When Rex -- Zulu. And Rex the king of carnival takes over the city and Spanish plaza during the -- draws celebration event. Hi this is just a massive crowd of another great crowd this year pretty it was chilly out there -- shelty with a top cast joins us live on the -- showing that BWL rob good evening. Well. Rob. Hey are you witness. We're -- all right. I'm rob was was there tonight a cowboy not played first and then the telecasts are once again this year part of the Lindy gras celebration. It was a little chilly but I know the great crowd. There was squabbles -- are carefully you know it is maybe you know a lot on certainly you know discounted upgrades to the world. I don't them into battle with. I had no other city tin can do this stuff like you know people were bundled up there you know you're you're playing -- your hands are exposed tonight I think of all the guys playing guitar and his Cowboy Mouth and in the top gets this kind of -- when -- -- on a night like that. Yeah that stated the response. -- -- -- -- it literally on. It and it worked well if you've been. To. Prepare. -- reason. I got here to spill hurt the call. -- -- do you get a sense that your I mean this was something that I didn't grow up where slot Lundy draw wasn't a big deal years ago that it is now do you. Do you get a sense that your just really part of something very. Officially moaning -- Yeah you know search out the bureau. -- the has bought them. Of course spur. Of the -- doctor Angela that -- so there'll. What the law here because you know -- There are some people. Come down. Due. To -- are you. Reluctant. Control circuit -- you know the short man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Until. You go. You Regis you get a sense that this is gonna continue to get to to be a bigger event and and even though today was Indian and very chilly and they were still a lot of people out there and if it's not something that people have done. Is somebody that you really should consider doing if you really he embraced Marty draw as did the cultural event it is sin in our hearts and minds in this city. Make want to draw part of your part of your celebration. Your outlook. For you know a lot of really sort of showed a complete stop regulatory they looked forward to. It got always recording the final spot on record of actually. All -- the wrong. The problems are so great and it was about how to coordinate. -- With the -- with our record. -- -- Portland and stricker the right spot. And that's show what it was a mistake that there. Who. The court on Tuesday night. It's great honor will rob thanks for doctors -- -- appearance with one to go analyses. Thank you all right -- at the -- cats they were at Spanish plaza earlier. With Cowboy Mouth as a performing as part of the one negro celebration. This really has developed into something it's it's it's a big deal that it needs to be. The big deal that is today's if you haven't taken part in the argument when mr. thinking about doing it's it's a family friendly event downtown Spanish plaza. And really the whole -- celebration. Exclusive portable Denver park as well I mean it's it's it's just great to be down there a tomorrow is morning -- de fete Tuesday -- the Christian calendar it's the final day of -- jury before the beginning of this solemn sacrificial. Sacrificial. Season afflicted time when you give up something you sacrifice it's. It's -- reflective time on the Christian calendar list. A morning gras day is the culmination of carnival season carnival comes from the Latin words meaning farewell to the flash. And since this festive time is a time when people preparing to say. Farewell to the flash for well some will forty days then you see a lot of people showing -- -- and I realize it's gonna be a little cooler tomorrow. And I know when you first thought about money being in in early march youthful it is going to be nice -- it's going to be chilly but that is not going to. Cool any of the spirits. In the French Quarter or really throughout the New Orleans area winners -- -- celebrations that should be a lot of fun accord tomorrow. Tonight our top later date every night we starter issue with the top eight date tonight's top eight list is the topic things that we think you should go about -- draw. And that's a trending right now on our web site as I've worked on this today for the show. There were a few things that I discovered about Mardi -- and even as somebody who grew up here. There was some things that I didn't know about -- -- tradition that I found rather interesting. In all of that says it is in the topic things we like you know by -- draw on our web site right now -- -- VW don't count taking the place of the scoot blog. Tonight on her website and also a light in the topic things we'd like you know about body broad I want you to know that all of the Christians on Bourbon Street. Are normally Christians. Some more but I had an encounter with a group yesterday. And beautiful Sunday afternoon and this group poised to -- very insightful they had. They have the most elaborate colorful signs and they were made news buried some kind of very durable. Material. They were on on solid on sticks. Men with gloves they were there were places for them to hold the bottom of the of the signs so. This was this was is big production issues see. When it comes to the the Christians that go to -- mystery. So they're trying to spread the word of Christ and if you if you were witnessed earlier this year with you what happened I was taking a picture because I was gonna send it out on on my Twitter account and I take picture especially at a time like this -- A shootout to USC. And one of the signs said something like homo sex is is this in. And -- got the implications it. It to him that means that the sex is not a stand. And you know about going to hell and -- burns and Allen all the I I understand that that message did some people have but this. This one guy to take a picture and the one the guy with a megaphone again with a bullhorn. -- Christian group in urban he looked at me. And -- talking about -- addressing me to the crowd. -- saying are you a man or -- woman. Do you have a mirror look at yourself are you a man or or you said the guy is questioning based on my physical appearance whether I'm a man or woman. Now you have no idea locally you can go to our web site. The pictures there and -- blog posts on this stupid. I don't see how anybody could mistake me for a moment and if they did -- must be some really ugly women in this in this world. I'd just OC -- -- April but not only that. The -- I proceeded to use profanity. On Bourbon Street in -- there are some. Kids walking around with their parents. Using profanity and describing the behavior among gays and lesbians. He's doing this in public with children present. A young woman from England confronted the Christian group. And then she she came over reached -- this would never happen in England this is the us. And there is a news story about one of the people with this Christian group on Bourbon Street and I'm sure they're going to be out there tomorrow. Was caught in the act of self gratification. In public. I don't know -- but I don't think it was that long ago. So I I warn you this is not a Christian group though they pretend to -- And I thought it was really funny when somebody came in through collateral. Because it was nothing that they could really do about that because I mean it's it's it's festive it's Monica. But this group which really. Trying to incite people. And what really struck me is that this is totally contrary to the way it. The Jesus would react in that situation and I don't pretend to be an expert on Jesus. But the Jesus that I know what I've read about. Would never have acted this way. And that which you read about Jesus is. That he embrace people that these people are are are condemning in a very vicious. Way even using profane and and question me on the total straight guy. Find it offensive I found -- just so hypocritical that they were so mean and so issues. And yet the they claim to the spreading the word of Christ and the love of Christ. So you know one watch for this group don't engage with them. Affect my son to me like 2% earlier today and he told me it somebody he knows who's -- for morning draw. Confronted that group. She went to jail for twelve hours. And was it was out on thousand dollar bond. So. They have a right to do what they're doing. It doesn't mean what they're doing. Is right. And I think it's important to call it like it is. These Christians. If you -- Joyner show with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight and I guess you've been talking about whether or not this kind of protesting are spreading the word is. In lightning. Or is it offensive. If you wanna join ushered in -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Text number is a 77. And we're also talking about -- interesting things about body -- of this thing about -- draws some traditional -- -- cultural aspect about -- drug that you pick a lot of people don't know or something that you were surprised to learn. And you share that with us a please do. And what is it what is it that you miss about money draw. Because it has changed. And people would argue it's better some people argue it's. Maybe not better. Here's AWW a project opinion poll tonight. Publisher Mardi Gras experience this year rate calmer than last year or wilder than last year. -- your opinion by going to be appealed that Tom gave an update on that as we try to pull through our show. It's cute and have regarding money for New Orleans you'll be right back on -- WL. Yes us that Jesus freaks out is straight down all the questions. On Bourbon Street. Not anything. But there's one group with a really prominent signs. And they former circle around themselves. The -- utilize one of the city provided. Barricades. And then they make a circles so they've they've they've got it coming both directions. And they're very very hateful and I had -- counter. I didn't escort but they just started berating me as I took a picture of them there's a picture of the guy. Who was on the -- the megaphone. Who is saying these. A negative things about leaving was just saying horrific things and generally using profanity that is -- May -- just about about gays and lesbians. That -- what you wanna thing. But there's no need to use profanity. Especially in public. What year. Using stereotypical. Things to describe. The gay and lesbian community. I -- it was just appalling and yet they have the freedom. To do that. But we've got a picture of the guy. On the list of the top eight things we like you go by -- to grow witches on our website right gas in the place at the -- blog. It's every W -- dot -- I've got some great text you to get to including no one that challenges me on the guy looks like he's from Louisiana. Has sultry day text year just a moment for Texas Howard you're on the -- showing WL. You won't think that's his column Monday taking on the Wall Street and root canal street Debbie the issue would kill in the parade. And heard the bus went home and sit down watchman at night. Don't know -- do on the plate -- -- like -- debate the issue that won the world. And another thing -- -- working in mostly on the work in the big drafting and all company owned and Ash Wednesday. Is a lookup field dress with a quote pressures when it. -- with excellent. And as -- as he's gone it's okay. Maybe -- -- the definition of the real me. And someone who mortgages is. Mobile home. It spent the money to Jack up the holes. Though and that's. Two small rural area okay. And the parochial -- from the walls you know. In Andy's got that the big jacked up trucks in its business in the cup. In. He delegates you know real. -- package pickup truck so it seemed look he's on his second mortgage should Palin had -- -- -- subject of that pickup truck go. I guess I should be sympathetic including the money for cars. Looked into the more -- Pizza king cake today. -- quite an exercise as quickly as it legal. Field and they get two can taken from the wall and -- part of the -- king cake and and -- -- -- -- monocle. On the export to come out of French Quarter Brussels would couple from camp. So in Jordan in his article it's cool where we have right now so -- If people if handball as but he's an eagle on something or X optical people who get him -- and to keep you enjoy it more -- Our thanks a listing in Texas. From Algiers Robby here on WW elegant evening. I can't -- a good. We're first. Effectiveness and -- -- from day. People apart would -- brutal month old that's why the top -- to -- you get free chicken electric. I don't -- All right rob nice talk radio I'm really glad you're listening. If you have never called a talk show before we do hope that this will be the first talk show that you that you call in and we hope you call -- the talk shows here on WW Willis well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Before I laughed then and -- came back and I used to refer to callers as FTC's first time callers. So if you have never. If you -- difficult to talk show it it's real simple -- just called and number and it's just going to be you and -- having a conversation and you don't have to think about it anything other than. You and I just having a personal conversation if you wanna join us tonight with a comment with the -- -- talk show before you've never done it before. Our numbers 2601870. And if you wanna let us know if you're an FTC first time caller. FT CFTC first time FTC via FTC for a way to make sure had academic is it was a long time ago -- it I did it. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text him receipts have been seven. And for those of you were listening around the country unites we hope to give you a sense of what Monique draw is like were not life in the streets -- and are. Warren Easton studio right now but we are trying to bring you a sense of what is cultural. Event is about it it really is cultural it's. It has become very religious in nature in that it is the big. I'm blowouts before the sacrificial. Solemn season of lent -- on the the Christian calendar I here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. How is your Mardi Gras experience been so far this year. 82% say calmer this year. 18% say wilder. This year. 18% must be some of the people that I saw in the French Quarter yesterday afternoon. Here wasn't in in the middle of the afternoon affecting. How are these people gonna make it until bachus tonight and yet. Some did so you know if you're gonna if you're gonna party. Like that you know with the best if you -- if you gonna be there for the long run. Try not to over indulge in I know it's difficult because I know many of you right now or plan to wake up tomorrow morning and and and start the party. They're people wake up 7 o'clock in the morning and they go right on all day. You know it's okay every once in awhile if you skip the -- I'm not trying to ruin your party actually and I'm trying to help you survive it into two goal a little longer. Every once a while you -- you might have a soft drink or. Or water or just something other than than alcohol it's a great way to survive at all. Here is -- text. Basket the person who asked you that dumb question mr. good chance. To meet a real down to earth radio host. I enjoy your show every time -- on. A listen to you and some of your callers. He would know who you -- And he could learn a lot. As I have you have been a good -- I'd really appreciate that. Shall we get to this text for give back to your calls here's a checks it challenges me as saying that the guy looked like you for Louisiana. Yeah it looked like he was from Louisiana. So the tech starts out with a question he looks like he's from Louisiana. What do they all have duck logos -- Into their beards. You are caught shame on you. If if they looked rough uneducated. Missing a few teeth. That must. Be an Alabama. It's -- tops of Prodi's are all highly intelligent good hearted. Handsome hard working all American folks who are not conservatives. Yeah yeah I'm talking about stereotypes here there are people in Louisiana who looked just like -- And as I said earlier he looks like he could be in the cast of duct dynasty but -- said this people -- dynasty or not mean like this guy that I saw. But I just because they are some people who look like this -- in Louisiana. Doesn't mean everybody in Louisiana looks that way so -- would nobody should take anything like that personally and yet people are so sensitive these days. Oh my god she said the galaxies from -- So a lot. If there are people who look like that in Louisiana that's in my opinion that's that's effect and a picture of the guy on the megaphone. Who -- derogatory things about me and then just blaring out derogatory things to the crowd even using profanity that picture. Is on our web site. It's in the place of the -- blog at tonight's topic to date was -- a list of the top eight things we'd like you to know about -- -- And one of the things was all the Christians are -- street are Christians. -- from Larry Brian you're on the -- show good evening. Good evening. I think the biggest thing I miss the most about want to grow the old McCann speaks softly Kincaid said. All the old the the original frosted king -- not not nothing in the middle. Nothing fancy about the frosting and cinnamon -- it did even have icing on. But I have to learn basically by -- -- upon. That it doesn't have the frosting on he is DuPont and let us. What might say when I say frosting and I mean the frosting that you see like on doughnuts. There's there's there's it was like just -- -- -- are. Yellow it was a -- yellow. Yellow and purple and and and golds at sugar on it was kind of a thin. -- -- -- -- about. I was disappointed as he couldn't -- in the fourth -- -- -- more about this -- -- he -- can actually ultimately. If they weren't living. You know on the hour thinking -- on and you know -- -- -- -- and she. It was tight only king -- on you to news -- -- sort of idea there -- an ATP -- Yeah I would think though it would probably be just about his chief to. Order one from somebody in -- delivered but you know it would be funny especially if you're from New Orleans in your living somewhere else it it might be fun to to Jamaica and authentic king cake. Other category but it pretty. Being the epitome. I've right I'm glad to coach Joseph thanks listing and very happy Mardi Gras. I learned something and in it going to the of the top eight things it would gonna share with you about to about -- draw. I learned something about the king -- that I did not know. As sort of -- talk about that coming up -- dispute base maybe you know this but the the there's a reason the king cake is round. And I know this until I was too little research for the show ordered a -- share that with you and get all this information on our website in a place at the scoop on tonight attributed to you real tough cop. Here is attacks I missed accrual of mid city in the battle of the bands going down canal street Russia talking about some things that we. That we miss about -- Tailor your Honda VW -- good evening. Taylor I'm glad you called. A good track the pretty. Well I'm I'm glad your back with -- -- -- OK okay and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well okay what about the guys. You do well -- that's of that's a fund rate debt to foreign currency and a night like tonight. Well you know this tractor drivers you know their coal because they're not moving around her to sit on that tractor out in the open. -- had to be an experience. -- Vote on Taylor and times of sometimes it was a it was a job. Yep. You read a book look -- Good to. Try to you know run -- that brought. Even get on the. That's crazy. Mean yeah you know you do you shouldn't and if something happens it's really your fault. It may. Well one now you want that all that you know I looked her right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well one. And I didn't didn't -- a little bit. Don't do it in the -- -- Leo boy I'd -- that's really good advice -- I appreciate you mention -- because. That there are people who think that you can see everything and everybody in any content and then there's no reason to be industry. Yeah what Taylor I'm really glad you called I'm glad you know OK and thanks for years of service of Macon -- draw such a great celebration. All right thanks solicited a VW -- night. If you wanna join us tonight with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- text number as a 77. Here's sent a text about something that this person this -- -- during Mardi -- do you remember that to balloon shops you can complete those collections estimate called earlier and said that. There were parades and had a purple and green gold balloons. And you try -- to get the collection and I I do have a big memory that I I never did it personally. But yeah you could go to certain deployment jobs and complete your your collector but see that's where it really got dishes -- -- operates. You don't like if you had like the gold and the green and you needed the purple. -- you would do almost anything to get that purple. The -- Corsets it's changed and now people go crazy over over everything and you know I I still marvel at -- I I bought across a wonderful time of year and it's such a unique and amazing event. But if you if you sit back and you watch it and I I thought about this the other right when I was watching a parade. There's absolutely no way to intellectually exploring. This whole process. There's no way the -- explain why people get on the floats and do what they do. And there's no way do intellectually explain why people line the parade route. And do what. What they do. But yet. You don't have election explained it. It's just fun and it's a very very unique celebration. I looked out of the other side of our our building a little while ago. And I saw a lot of traffic leaving downtown on campus. And now tomorrow is gonna be totally different but this time of year if you're on pointers. During the day and early in the evening. Do not turn on any street that leads up toward canal and the French Quarter it's just it's a parking lot. And then earlier today I heard -- halting. They're they're honking at people that there's no word ago. So why would you even do that in in the first place AME -- just it's so much quicker to park somewhere. And walk. If you wanna join us tonight with your comment we're talking about morning draw tomorrow is Mardi Gras day and you know here's something else to remember right I thought about this over the weekend as well. Hate this happens once a year. And this excitement doesn't last long it's a great distraction from the reality you know lies it's a great break from the problems that we have. And it's just a good time to get out and come together is as well it doesn't matter who you are what you are what position you have in life. We can all come together and just enjoy this party. But let's relish tonight even if it's chilly. And is certainly enjoy and relish tomorrow -- coming downtown. Our unity uptown you could be a Metairie nor short -- it doesn't matter where you are enjoy it. 'cause it's only going to be tomorrow and that it will be over so enjoyable is here. This is Disco show and we'll be right back with more live from New Orleans under -- WL did you watch the Oscars last -- -- watch much of it. I thought it was great. Allen did a phenomenal job she is so spontaneous. And me she she went -- the audience several times. And at one point got all these stars together and it facility and it was really it was amazing pink. Did somewhere over the rainbow. -- my god she is she weighs just phenomenal. And a bit Miller did wings beneath a wind beneath my wings. And she did that at the end of just a collage of all those famous people who it is passed away. Over the course of the year a -- -- UConn -- acceptance speech. Once just. Amazing and and and over the weekend aside Dallas spires club. And -- now. What it interesting movie. About. About government red tape. And about how American citizens. Are being hurt. And not helped. Medically. Because of government red tape. So. Find a movie if it's stated -- seats. Are we till it comes out but he deceit and Dallas boys' club phenomenal movie and Matthew economy lost so much weight to this movie. He looks great but I take it in movie. It was just amazing. To see how skinny -- he had gotten to play district you know quite often you hear about actors I've been gaining weight for apart. He totally lost so much weight I mean he looked emaciated. And so was just really interesting to practicing at and just his his acting ability was was phenomenal. We're talking about some of the things that. We'd like -- all but -- on it if you're gonna participate in in -- especially for those of you who work experience it for the first time effect that's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know. If if you're experiencing. Mardi -- for the very first time. And you -- tell us what it's looking like from from your standpoint. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- here which seventy. -- a text numbers -- and the reason. I mention that there was something that I learned about the king cake today that I I never knew grew up here. Never knew this about the king -- and carnival season this whole thing that climax is tomorrow began on January 6 epiphany king's day. Twelve days after Christmas when the Weizman visited baby Jesus bearing gifts. Well a Tiffany is also the traditional beginning of the king cake season. Legend tells us that king cakes were made in a circle. To represent the circular journey of the wise men. And they went into a circle -- they took a circle to go visit date that Christ child. Because they wanted to confuse king Herod. Who had a plan on killing the Christ child they thought that came here which followed them. And they would lead his people. To the Christ child to kill Christ. As so they took this this circular. Journey and -- -- about the the king cake and originally king cakes at a point or being in them and if the person got that in their piece was believed to have good luck. For the upcoming year in Louisiana the tradition started to placing a plastic baby in the king cakes. And if you get the baby you're supposed to have the next party -- I do remember as a teenager growing up we've been asking -- parties every year and before morning draw. And whoever got the baby called their parents at the party instead to wing of the party at our house next week end parents always said yes. And as I mentioned earlier. If we knew that somebody had really cool parents. We -- to take the baby and we would strategically placed in their peace so they would get the baby unit that he hated that it would have beat their house. Because we knew they'd -- parents are in your WWL. -- And it's like rob but I heard you mention the -- briefly and you know figured we could talk what that he wanted it sure. You actually thought -- that it is jobless. Yeah I did I I like there's monies that look every once in a while Ellen bothers me I don't. But I think I thought she did a good job. I don't know that this increased dude I was missing Seth -- from last year so badly after watching Alan -- -- public validation he had no material what so ever thought she did was. Stunts in the crowd I mean. That dealt meeting with -- keep but the thing with the debate with the pieces and the the -- he she did she had no material whatsoever onstage I mean art can get you joked at least. Jim -- was one to present at last night. He put his two minutes on stage. Was more -- than doubled three and a half hours and element on. UC -- -- I get so tired. The the staged jokes I mean I play Elena has some early funny lines in in just the way the -- she was presenting things but at LA and I understand it I don't. -- ought to be accountable to. Yeah -- all she did at least that the for a lecture he did kind of both -- he's saying he'd be at he had been. -- aggressive judo and actor Alec aggressive comedians personally I'll -- -- you know what Billy Crystal but he can't do it every single year. But. There's so many good comedians out there that. Actual comedian that balance -- her kind of coming to me is very nice in the land but it's very -- -- -- I went a little more about what the -- Oh like the edgy comedians and I I agree with you and I did think sect says McCall did a great job I thought he brought something really special to the Oscars but yeah I I did I I like the break -- -- that Ellen Davis from the that the structured debts and and you know I guess in in doing. -- thought she did you do well I'd like Ellis L golf may put on the whole thing within the crowd -- pretty much. Well but it was still it was different it doesn't mean everybody's gonna like it but I mean I'm glad you called it's time to express your opinion because I'm sure a lot of people agree with -- -- I thought she was good. It have a good night if you rejoice for the comment about -- they were talking about tonight it's a -- big draw the day before Mardi Gras and a lot of people around there you might be in your car you might is gone to a parade earlier tonight in Europe heading home. You might actually still be at the parade if you wanna give a separate updated here streaming as holier. At the parade at -- show it to 601870. Toll free 8668890878. And a text number is a 77. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thirty K my money on day 30000. Friends by tomorrow. And we can do it but but here's the benefit do you see this is part of our serving the community we constantly have. Breaking news and sports and weather on our our FaceBook page at WWL radio. Also. Videos exclusive photographs. Is very very visual and we try to make it fun in Europe part of major part of that conversation this is just a new way to be part of a a community. It is not just what we talked about earlier we talked about it on our FaceBook page as well. And one thing we're talking about -- the the things that what did you know about money draws week do our show tonight telling when to draw -- night. And if there's says something you and add to it you certainly can't visit WWL radio but if you haven't become a friend yet. Become a friend here's an update on tonight's Chevy WL pretty general opinion poll. How was your Mardi Gras experience been so far this year calmer than last year or wilder than last year. Calmer than last year 71%. Wilder than last year is up to 29%. See more of the people I saw yesterday in the French Quarter. Are now responding to the poll -- believe me nobody in the French Quarter. Well I guess there's some people that were that crazy last year. But I hit please it was -- crazy and bits of pre -- to tomorrow. I give us your opinion by -- to our web site to BWL dot com also Fat Tuesday the party's right here with a crew of WWL. We're gonna bring you wall to wall coverage of the greatest free show on earth and it all starts tomorrow morning Marty -- morning from five to 8 AM for those of you getting up early and starting the party early starting to work your way toward your position. From five to 8 AM join Dave Cohen live from New Orleans. In a famous French Quarter. Then at 8 o'clock Tommy Tucker T Bob -- Kristian -- bring you lives boarding drug coverage from the best seat in party. -- your home and all the sights and sounds of Mardi -- Pete found half fast marching club. The the city -- and at least goes on at 10 o'clock it's our Mardi Gras -- continuing with Angela hill. As she joins. Our crew that Miguel your hall with Zulu and Rex -- Andrew and the toast of the kings and the queens. And 11 o'clock tells -- more -- Angela. And -- -- -- on from two to six. As a -- -- edition continues here on WL.