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Scoot Show 3-3 10pm Mardi Gras & Protesting Christians

Mar 3, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: happy Lundi Gras! How has your Mardi Gras experience been so far? Good- frustrating – wild? AND: has everyone in the parades and along the routes been behaving themselves? What has the crowd been like where you’ve watched so far? We’ll talk about Mardi Gras praises and pet peeves tonight! PLUS: the Christians protesting on Bourbon street do NOT represent all Christians…do you find those marching and protesting to be enlightening or offensive in their approach?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's not a broad time it is a very chilly and windy windy -- -- him when he knew morally wrong was going to be in early march she probably thought it's spring break type weather. Well it hasn't exactly happened but it doesn't really dampened spirits I'm sure there are few people who decided not to go out but there are a ton of people in the streets of New Orleans right now. As the parade continues throughout the world that we have a full line up for you tomorrow. We're gonna bring you Fat Tuesday. The crew WWL. Begins at 5 o'clock tomorrow with the Dave Cohen and then continues with Tommy Tucker Tivo baby or Kristian garic. Angela hill Dan Tom Fitzmorris joins Angela and Tom has been part of it to VW -- money -- celebration for many many years. And then I'll wrap up the Mardi Gras mambo tradition or WWL. From two to six civil talk about what we saw during the greatest free show on earth and -- and I'm gonna go out tomorrow. And I'll experience it and we'll talk about it a -- on the air tomorrow. To noon from opportunistic if you wanna join me on Twitter it's -- scoots WL. And so what is the next break I wanted to got a picture. On the guy I did yesterday but -- fear if you wanna join me now on Twitter evidently and I do what between at a picture. Fitness. As self proclaimed alleged Christian. Who was on Bourbon Street with his he's gain. And I current column a gang because I don't want to honor them. With the determine religious group because I don't think they are. Very very vicious this is not reflective of all of the Christians on non urban street who were trying to. It spread the message to people that. And many of them very unlikely to to pay attention to the message. A so I I respect Christians for being out there and doing it but there's this one group and they really have the the boldest and the biggest signs. But I want I wanna send a picture this guy and megaphone. Who challenged me yesterday I was I was taking the pictures of -- tweeted out. And the guy if you've just shortness of owner Tony what he said because I want to warn you about this this particular group and also it's an opportunity to say. That all the Christians on Bourbon Street are not Christians. I disguise -- taking a picture and he looks at me. And he says what are you are you a man. And a very vicious. Malicious voice are you a man are you woman look at you look at a magical mirror even look at what are you a man or woman. And I I I I shook my head I'm I would start and then he proceeded to use profanity. To describe some of the things. Associated with the stereotypical view of a homosexual man. And there are children in the street. This is. This is not Christ like. And I just wanted to point out that this group that does seem to have the boldest and the the the best signs it in terms of equality they've got real quality signs. And they've got a rather loud megaphone. Why -- Skype -- picked on me I have no idea it doesn't hurt me. But it it shock to me that somebody would proclaim to be Christian and an act in that manner. And it's it's just fear of Cornell that you can't Jerricho Christians by the behavior of some. Here is a text. That breeds there should be a warning sign in the middle of urban street as she walked down from canal. Warning to all not all is as it looks on -- And -- that goes for the Christian groups and for the men and women not everything is what it appears when it appears to be. But -- or just out having a good time and this particular Christian group. Was really trying to incite people. And it is it is against the law to use freedom of speech to incite people. And it was very close to. It was very close to a big confrontation. -- it shouldn't be that way. You know -- that we preach the word. Without acting in that manner and I just I'd -- based on what I have ever read about Christ. In my life. This is not the Christ that I've read about -- at the Christ and I've I've heard about. It's about the crisis that. Historians and theologians. Have have to have told us about based on on -- understanding of Christ. This is not Christ like sold various that group out there and if you are on Bourbon Street. I guess the best thing you can do is absolutely. Ignore them. They have a right. To say what they wanna say. I'm never challenged that. But the way they say it and what they say. Is certainly not right and certainly not indicative. Of everybody on Bourbon Street and again and you know if you -- you're listening around the country perverts are still the only place to celebrate -- You may have his vision of what you think -- girl looks like -- burger and you know what it's it's gonna be. It's gonna be just that way to come here if you've never Simoni -- it's yeah it's it's that way. However there's uptown Theres canal streets there are in the suburbs there are many other. More family oriented areas. To enjoy it this celebration. And you know one thing that I -- I noticed over the weekend I went to see the tough gets. At the very beginning of -- Indian -- On Saturday it was a beautiful afternoon you know I ended up and I mean that's basically the beginning at city park. Not I took a cab -- And I actually walked all the way back downtown. To my apartment. I walked all the way to downtown from from today but what it basically was the infineon parade route. And got to walk to stay ahead of the parade -- figured get trapped if if I did but. You know a number of people supplied to me as ours is walking on the street and our faculty for -- -- thank all of you for listening. In view the you don't think Angeles and I just I'd love to thank those who view. Who listened to the show and a part of the show even if you never called even if you never sent a text or email. I appreciate you being part of the show despite listening you're part of our show every night here and to -- WL and whenever Ramon during the day. But you I saw a -- children playing. I saw a young black children and white children -- playing together and I don't want to sound like Martin Luther King Jr. I have a dream speech. But I saw these kids playing in it was like they were just they were playing and and they didn't see any difference between each other. And they were so many families along the at the parade route. I took some pictures infect you for the for the rest of the show a negative letter tweet out pictures during every breaks if you wanna join me on Twitter it's acts. -- SEO OT. WWL. And coming up in there in the first break I'm -- a -- a picture of this guy with his religious group on the megaphone. Who is saying derogatory things about me. And using profanity and saying really ugly derogatory things about the crowd in general. A guy who proclaims to be a Christian who is not solve -- tweet up that picture but also we'll treat us to Libya that I saw some interesting things along the parade route. Yes in -- in -- Saturday. -- some of the interesting cuisine. Along the parade routes -- will between some of those pictures again it's at scoot Debbie WL if you wanna join Russia with a comic to write about anything we're talking about we've also talked about some of the things that. That we miss about -- draw because sporting -- has changed it's still -- but there -- some things and exchange about Mardi Gras. Is -- something that you miss about -- and if you're listening. Anywhere and you've been -- -- -- you -- shares this year with this year thoughts and feelings about that morning experience. Are total free number. Is 866889. Is nearly seventy. Our local number is 5042601. A seventy. And our text number. Is -- 77. Put it very chilly windy one -- -- night I'm skewed to him will be back with more live from New Orleans on. WW well Heidi just a treated at a picture of the guy in the megaphone who liberated me and also home. I used to really strong profanity to describe it and and operate the crowd condemn the crowd. On a permanency and yesterday -- -- -- gonna send out some tweets during every break editor Sharon writes if you wanna join me and twitters at scoot. SC OT -- deputy real if you wanted to initially with a comment about anything we're talking about your number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's -- A tax receipts have creativity. On our FaceBook page having an annual radio and also all of our our web sites WL dot com. We have a list of the eight things we'd like you to know about money draw because if you're gonna participate yet I know. A little bit about I'm sure you know a little bit about about what this year. Maybe a few things that you did nobody game when I was working on this earlier today by discovered a few things that I really did know about Monica. The tradition of throwing -- for example first began during carnival. -- -- And the color of the beats which -- now the official -- gras colors of purple green and gold were selected by the king that year. -- the purple represents justice most of us -- is the gold stands for power and the green stands for faith. But originally united note this originally the participants. Of the parade would pick out people in the crowd. And throw the color of beads. It is them that most. Seem to reflect the behavior. Of that person whether they were representing justice power or faith and -- I think about those three things how would you. How would you recognize anybody in the crowd that would rivers injustice. Other than maybe the police or our power or fail although it looks like a -- Robert throw them the on the -- in the green. D.'s but they would actually select. People in the in the crowd that they thought represented each of these they -- the meanings behind the colors and they would throw -- the -- show them. Again that he topping things we'd like you don't talk about a growers are website today to have behavioral account for Texas -- -- on -- -- -- good evening and happy about it. Yes -- is what it's saying. The same for me lot and the ballots sup port area in my autograph -- but be careful on the app on. And they remind me of the important New Orleans. You were born here -- do you remember early morning gross. Up Vietnam yes there were very crowded -- college little in my people were upon matters and so and that's about it. Yeah you know if you if you experience more regarded very early age you do have vague memories of it and I have some -- -- draw that were really not too pleasant and I guess this would have did in the sixties says there were times when. There was something rowdy in the crowd and and and all right see somebody. With busted dad had and I -- I saw -- and I remember feeling very very insecure. As a kid I guess from -- I got older I realize that there will always be incidents. In in crowds in -- you're you're generally safe and you know when you think about -- the number of incidents compared to the number of people in the street relative to the number of people there really are only a few. High incidents of police still wonderful job taking care of. Exactly you got that right at the police still have great chip I'm not have been a couple of years like. DeVon Galveston and they do Mardi Gras down -- do -- combat brigades in. Of the better yet. Now rock are there other places in Dallas because when I I left here in and lived in other cities around the country almost every city I lived in -- they were bars it's celebrated Monique or their pars in Dallas that have Mardi Gras celebration tomorrow. -- been different aren't. You know like it's about really at the bar scene right now but I believe there are simply -- party. -- Iraq enjoy a conversation thanks to listen tonight in the Dallas area. All right you too if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. And told free. The numbers 8668890870. In a text number. Is he 7870. I remember the kid. We went to one year we went to Lafayette. And I I -- money -- Lafayette. And that was it for -- felt very safe there. And then another year and it's a teenager. A young teenager maybe twelve maybe thirteen fourteen. I remember we went to go visit friends in Gulfport side into the gulf -- morning -- and then when I was on the air and mobile. And did did television in mobile for WT RG radio and TV. I remember him -- morning rawness. In mobile which is by the way the first place they actually held Monica so we'll talk about it that's also included in our listed it. Topic things we'd like you -- no doubts -- Our Robert here on -- WL good evening. Hey two well you can mark it seemed to you Robert. Yeah I had -- alma and my demand different. I'm working nutritional -- wage and job but I would appear at night. And and I thought -- I'll be here. JG. Well -- that most sure you know to be on deck the behavior occurred estate go to jail. You grow -- market. Yeah you know. That that is really a good point you -- -- -- it and and you know I'm stuck in -- -- on earlier tonight he told me that he knew somebody who is in New Orleans and they actually. Confronted. One of these people in this very aggressive. Are Christian group. And she she spent twelve hours in jail and I had a hundred I mean it's not thousand dollar bond so while yeah yeah you know you you gotta you gotta be careful -- they they have a right to do it is not the right thing to do you could certainly. -- you can certainly verbally. The rate him back in if if that's something it's an irony here yet but she can't see you can't have a physical confrontation -- and any more than they can have a physical confrontation with you. Now I also found that -- I -- they had all pumped out apartment they're gonna stay with those guys. Ignore. Yeah I thought it would have been really interesting if I would had to a megaphone or bull some kind I thought it would have been really interesting to. To have the -- the crowd there -- and get down on its knees. And pray for them to support our great you know we it would sometimes it's scares people who who. Think they they stand for god they represent Jesus and god for you to be praying to their god and their Jesus to save their soul. -- version of it I mean these guys I'm not sure the budget talk about I think pretty sure they're from its arrow and it probably geared to. Because she needs some of these guys -- like -- guys -- -- on some concert footage in Oklahoma. Where they'd basically normal incited a riot because Leo leisure because -- -- the get out. But it portrayed him to jail because they were basically inciting a riot. You know within can't -- dorm area. Now I don't do that again there and I love to use this is an example Robert to point out that you can't judge all Christians by the zealot -- a few. Robert I join our conversation -- happy Monique. Route toward you very much -- -- -- -- -- it -- off on FaceBook are at a new and director did. It -- it was two -- like a -- in the car right now. Yeah and call mama OJ actually probably. And the water and I let what do you what -- -- -- too big an upgrade based on Frenchman mostly -- you wanna sing a little bit the song right now. OK yes you are well. And -- its cult you you know you ought to be in the quarter and -- -- -- you know -- be in the quad and harmonica. All Monica. I'll be properly -- and he would be kidding. Week. And I. Robert thanks for sharing network -- we appreciate you have a good time -- tonight will be a wild night done on Frenchman. If you are joining us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Recently text number is 87870. -- definitely go party general opinion poll tonight is publisher Mardi Gras experience been so far this year calmer than last year or wilder. That last year. It -- your opinion going to be WL dot com -- -- talking about the Christians -- protest on an urban streets. With what you see. -- -- lightning or are the offensive. Most of the groups. Simply hand out a card. And many have have that the bull horns the electronic megaphones. But their peaceful. But there's some there's one group that really has. That of the best constructed signs. They look like the most organized group. And they're really hateful. And I heard them using profanity. In the name of Christ. And I thought it was -- so I want you to know about that group. And if you're gonna be the French Quarter tomorrow you may see him what we take our next break I'm that'd tweet out another picture. Decides to -- what -- -- -- recognize this group and again I'm not recommending that you get into any kind of a physical confrontation whatsoever. These people. Are very protective of the year territory. And by the way. I noticed that they were using it was already in place but they've surrounded themselves with. The they -- they they they made a circle but part of the circle was. Around not a round but. The front part of one of the the that one -- the circle was in new Orleans police barricade. So they reducing. The police barricade. To stay underground. And right again I just I just thought that the year. Demeanor was it was Apollo like here's a text that reads this tweet should probably go to that all of the tweets that I sit out this guy I should probably go to NSA and FBI. The guy is undoubtedly wanted somewhere. They can show him to all the -- -- -- PP. I'm sure they would like to hear his comments. Problem solve. Yeah I don't know but I did here. I'd I'd there was a news story recently. That one of these guys -- in this group apparently. Was collect. And in the act of self gratification. In public. Now I ask you. Is that the behavior of a Christian. I think sometimes these zealots. Are fighting such deep -- demons such deep rooted evil. That the only way that they feel like they became overcome this evil is to appear to be this incredibly. Religious person. Preaching. The word of Jesus. But that's how they countered this. Horrific evil that lives inside of -- for mobile David -- and -- -- WL. From the end of the original that's right it is indeed. A distinct differences between. Of course. That the biggest difference in this book. Called job. Which other lead them the amendment credit it was started back up -- -- -- more obviously and K. It we just in NG and price at the district of bill. -- that and -- old. But. What is. Probably. In mostly. Right. And so the project. But. That it might go about -- -- it -- be -- this year. The margin on the critical -- and the -- -- out there that would mark. You know what that. Of course the do that. -- The is that yeah it was margin of all why. Well that. Odds that's great. That that you went to the team that they yes yeah. Do. What Christian -- yeah that's a fine line between pick somebody there and and judge. A bit of pride and -- they Powell oh. Person especially evangelical Christian. Not pleased that. But. Could you ought. Yeah now you're right about that David I'm glad to cold and very happy about it yeah mobile was said the site of the very first Oregon now -- carnival season officially begins in January 6 the David Tiffany king's day. And -- actually distorted in mobile and this was you know obviously a very. Long time ago. This was I believe 1703. First morning brought in in mobile now in the middle of the second century. That the Romans observed a forty day fast. But that was preceded with a brief period of feasting. Before the forty day fast they just. In evade The Who were -- that's the they were feasting wearing costumes and there was general misbehaving. And as for similar demoted. And Laurie -- -- across Europe from from Rome and eventually made it to the colonies of the new world. And believed to be the first time celebrated in mobile and 1703. But it was in the seventeen in the 1730s. The new -- began to mark the celebration with fancy balls. And wild street parties. So I guess not much has changed the first parade in New Orleans was believed to have taken place on Fat Tuesday in 1847. But the first official parade that is recognized I didn't. Actually take place until ten years after that. Also there's really interesting tradition. Behind the wearing of the masks. -- tell you about that a few minutes and it's really one of the things that I think we should pay most attention to when it comes to her to Monica. The tradition the wearing the masks. And what that means and what that says about the whole celebration -- -- -- it's it's it's something that I noticed before in Dalian. Is something that I've talked about or talked about it last year on the -- but I I think it's one of the real. Great aspects of this very unique and amazing celebration. If you wanna join our show tonight with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And our text amber -- 7870. Here's a text about the or religious zealots in the French Quarter again I'm not talking about all -- I'm talking about this one group in particular and coming up I'm gonna tweet out. A one of the signs from from this group because I want you to recognize them and realize that they do not represent. Not only all Christians I don't think they represent any Christians. But this text reads they need to be punched in the face those religious nuts thanks for pointing them out. Yet I'm not recommending that you get on their level and punch him in the face if you wanna join me on Twitter it's and it scoots Debbie WL. And we're coming right back unless you're this on this bloody drug night I was at their -- gras celebration which again years ago it was not a big deal -- I didn't grow up when I grow up there wasn't anything to do let me draw like there is today. And now a lot of people who have -- those who were working downtown. Go right after work if it starts in the afternoon and it's it's a Spanish plaza -- Albert park at Spanish plaza it's officially where. Rex the king of carnival meets the king Zulu and they toast and their Rex gets the appeal of the city and and basically takes over control of the city from the mayor's so. The mayor's. Well theoretically got the mayor are right now who self. I I guess it's going to be interesting to think that. The the king of carnival is challenged in charge of of our -- Is somewhat properly say that's a good idea guy had a really nice conversation with -- -- I'm backstage at that concert by Tony it was it was it was chilly as received this time of the year it was cold it was a windy on the river but there were so many people out there -- -- bundled up. But they were out there anyway and they are people on the parade wrote. Right now and did it's not gonna stop anybody amazing Saturday and and yesterday. It's very spring like you go from shorts discards. It in -- in one day. And I know when we all looked at the calendar and solid -- -- growth was in March we were thinking this spring break like -- well it's cooler than that but that's not gonna stop people tomorrow. It's not stopping people tonight as I -- some people tomorrow so it's a little chilly. Get out and embrace -- here's a Texas good I can remember back in the mid eighties David duke passing out Klan member forms during parades. In shell met. Here is a text reads. They preach to themselves because they're trying to make themselves believe and convinced themselves. Of their own -- You know I I I do notice that about some people who seem to be. Zealots. Christian zealots. It's almost as if their -- secure with their own relationship with government. And -- they're trying to compensate. By being so overtly. Vocal. About condemning others. And quite often whether it's some people who condemn others who don't believe what they believe. Or simply people who put people down. In the office the school yard -- in in a bar. It quite often people condemn others -- put people down. As a way of making themselves. Feel better. If you and enjoy our show with comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And text number is 87 -- -- again if you wanna join me and a Twitter it's an act -- WWL. And I'm -- between just a treated at a picture of the signs from this overzealous group it claims to be Christians but they're they're really not Christians. And they're probably going to be number street again and I'm sure they're there they're tonight effect after the show at midnight I don't know -- take a look at some of their they're still there. I hope they just go away but people like that unfortunately don't just go away. But in the next break old Altria or another picture from yesterday -- -- from Kansas -- your under the W a good -- -- There -- -- but I don't do competitive they're no different from the fair so he's Muslim. Some -- -- that earlier that there are just modern day Ferris sees. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Into the crowd of people and pork they're elderly you're. -- July's. Concert named fireworks and all that. And Maryland -- pretty there -- people which of them people were deployed to little more room. Now doesn't it it Joplin Missouri or Kansas. Her okay in Joplin Missouri. So what is it that they what is it that they are so against at this fourth of July celebration. Bullet cure Israel's signs around you know -- -- people who that are that are wrong in -- in there and every during the storm alone. If it -- -- not so much that you -- wrong. The bowl party -- -- and it is pure and eventually somebody was wrong. You know the we're being told the world you could do it was you do. And we words boast of going there until then that'll do. And try to change them it's been so those that come out of the world. And we get transformed by. And so but the the this this Christian group and it may be the same Christian group so they go to this concert celebration for the July and ended just going to a concert is. It is not a Christian thing to do. You know the -- a lot of vendors and into account certain and -- Nobody's doing -- industry and have a good time. G -- and I and our I don't think there's anything and Christian about having a good time. Now you know that you -- people -- to Lincoln's wrong. It is when you're curious to deploy and hurting yourself -- another -- in moderation. And not hurting or so that you overall. Well I would agree with that there are some people who have religious beliefs that. Opposed drinking and I'm not trying to change anybody's mind but I. You know right I think if you do keep things in in in moderation mean there are so many Catholic priest is some Catholics is so many Christians to. Who do drink and they do it in moderation I think you're right I think that is to keep -- drinking itself I never understood why that. In itself woods was on Christian. -- is that -- I think what people are worried about it is it. You might end up with an addiction Europe. Which would be wrong and ultimately well. Yeah and and some some people some people do. And god bless those who lifted to deal with that and in many people -- -- a political -- and thanks Lucy tonight in Kansas and thanks to the information about that. Overzealous. Christian group. So on -- website tonight and also on our FaceBook page to BWL dot com and FaceBook to -- WL radio we have a list of the top eight things we'd like hear about Mardi Gras. Every night we start disputes show with our topic today. And tonight we decided to dedicated to the top three things we'd like you know -- -- -- so that's an interesting -- is just you may know everything in the topic today but then again maybe there's something new that you learn and it the more we know about the celebration I think the more fun ideas because it just reminds us that it is such a rich part of our culture. Tomorrow. They're cruel of WWL we've got full morning drug coverage we're gonna bring voting -- right to you starting at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning I'll have that full schedule. But coming up -- could you can -- read and share with others the list of the top eight things we look like you know by -- for a it's on our website -- behavioral that comedy can comment on our FaceBook page WWL radio and if you're not a friend become a friend we would have 30 K by tomorrow morning gras day. Now we're close if you become a friend. You get the benefits of breaking news stories and all kinds of great activity on our FaceBook page and you're part of that you've become part of the family part of the community. And a lot of great conversations that go on there as well so we haven't become a friend. Become a friend. It every if you will radio FaceBook. I'm -- and we'll be right back. There things you see in the it was a cold breezy afternoon and even the sun went down it was very very actually. At the river front for the -- -- celebration. Part of it again this year a lending to a traditions. I applaud. And calendar house. And -- business. The odd time to favour of a lot of people my favorite is disconnected and they did a couple of songs that -- -- -- I like this song but there's other stuff that government does that. Really my favorite stuff but they they did a great job. EO Fred -- barefoot and city short sleeves and he's out there and it it's cold and but he still bread of law and it they did a great job in the following that it was it the host of -- and to give Sulu. And then after that it was the toughness here's an update on our -- of you a pretty general opinion poll. -- -- Mardi Gras experience been so far this year. 75% -- calmer than last year. And 25% say wilder than last year and I think a lot of those who were in the 25% in the quarter yesterday. Walker of the -- yesterday I'm I'm wondering. Okay I'm looking at these people and it's like 3 o'clock in the afternoon at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. You know -- to the going to be out here. Till 10 or 11 o'clock at night. And there's still going to be drinking. At that point it just doesn't get to be at that price is not pretty anymore. I woke up at I've overlooked. I looked overlooked -- the French Quarter for my apartment I woke up at. 5:15 this morning. And they were still people coming out of urban street it's Sunday night fight well it's Monday morning at 515 any topic -- about the -- a year. And there are people still coming out of the French Quarter. And there are cabs. Waiting to pick people up. After 5 o'clock in the morning and yeah it will be that way again tonight and it will be people who I guess are gonna go right at I. I guess if you if you party tonight. You're not gonna have a hangover -- quick -- You know we can hang of -- -- now recommending that the I guess that's a lot of people just just keep going. I just it's it's amazing to me is this time of year really well any weekend night it did this time of year it is just we -- for the middle -- now look down and I'll I'll see people steal. Coming out of coming -- suburban street still to Hitler and believe me they didn't just go out -- a couple hours before that where they're not just going out to get a bite to eat. No there left over from the night before. All right tomorrow are more to drug coverage with the crew WWL. Begins at relates morning coverage it's a it's a wall to wall party starts at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning. Five to eight Dave Cohen live in the Bernard Orleans. In the famous French Quarter in -- bring yells. The sights and sounds in the French Quarter at 8 o'clock Tommy Tucker -- they beer Kristian -- come to you live but the best seat at the party. Gallagher hall with the sights and the sounds of bodyguard there -- found half fast marching band. The Jefferson. City hazards and I mean the list goes on that at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning girl -- continues with. -- -- Who joins the crew of WW we'll bring you Zulu and Rex mayor Landrieu and it's hosted kings and the queens. And at 11 o'clock Tom Fitzmorris joins Angela hill for the party. That after that our Mardi Gras mambo continues I got to go out in the morning. And it just experienced morning growing into the non middle of the day and then I'll be under the W out tomorrow from two to six. It's according to a tradition and I'll I'll talk about some of the things it. It has seen -- Ali tweeting us a picture so if you wanted to join me on Twitter it's at scoot WWL -- -- WL. Greatest show on -- coverage tomorrow thirteen hours of it.