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Mar 4, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: happy Lundi Gras! How has your Mardi Gras experience been so far? Good- frustrating – wild? AND: has everyone in the parades and along the routes been behaving themselves? What has the crowd been like where you’ve watched so far? We’ll talk about Mardi Gras praises and pet peeves tonight! PLUS: the Christians protesting on Bourbon street do NOT represent all Christians…do you find those marching and protesting to be enlightening or offensive in their approach?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I just looked out to the window on the other side of our building and I can see that traffic duties really backed up on magazine people trying to get to the expressway people trying to get to the Crescent City connection. You know if you're in that traffic is it's it's part of the price you paid to go on and have -- Good time and a very chilly one neutral at night that if Europe witnessed tonight we -- welcome you to this -- I graduated here and -- behavioral now we will have a -- show tomorrow night I'll be on for two to six tomorrow afternoon and I. It's not really that we're gonna wrap things up but -- come to the end of our thirteen hours of continuous coverage which starts at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning with Dave -- life and suburban Orleans and and Tommy and Angela antibody -- Kristian -- and Tom Fitzmorris. All of all of them will be part of the crew of WB will tomorrow weather coverage beginning at five and that we bring -- the sights and the sounds from -- hauling and Tony and Angela Tebow the -- -- won't be there toughest course -- -- Angeles there as well and they shall be part of it so yeah it's gonna via a day we're gonna bring it right to you so if you gonna be at home when you wanna. Enjoys. -- the sounds then. As much as we can bring you in terms of describing it to you we'll bring it right to me. And maybe you have to be working you know that's something else and I I look to do at times like this I like to think about those people who we're going to be working. So you can have a good time. And I don't think we can't say enough. For law enforcement. In the suburbs. And downtown. And in the French Quarter and I have just seen. Nothing but excellent behavior but it doesn't mean that there are not going to be some situations that. Might have been handled differently by -- I have just seen nothing but excellent behavior. By by all law enforcement. And you have to -- people lot of credit's -- Because. The police can do a great job. But the police can't. Can't make people behave. You know a police respond to things that did go wrong. But there really is a lot of credit I think goes to goes to people. During an event like this him when you think about. The number of people in the street is something that is totally unscripted. You know you did this is a a situation that is changing moment by moment and there's there's no way to predict who's gonna are running to who who is gonna. Do -- who's gonna say White House somebody's gonna react to any situation whether it's at a raider in the French Quarter. Or just walking down the street. You'd never know what's gonna happen in a lot of credit goes to the people not only those of us who were are from here. And -- morning draw veterans. But those who come to the city for the first time and they're here to have a good time and they seem to just kind of fall into sync with the whole -- and I guess week teach them. We we teach them how to act. It outlook sometimes they go for the -- into their own things but essentially. They become part of our culture. And I think that's a tribute to Austin and what we have established here. You know I've I listed the the topic things -- weren't you know about -- draw and that's on our website we start discuss show every night here -- WWL. With the top -- eight. And tonight was dedicated to the top eight things we want you to know about -- -- As I was working on this earlier today at a few little things that I learned about money draw that even being born here growing up here there were things I didn't know. And I'm I'm glad to know so you can read that list and share -- your friends says you may know people in other parts of the country who have been demoted draw. And they might enjoys learning some of these things about Mardi -- that they didn't know. You might have friends who -- here inexperienced -- growth for the first time share with them. The topic things we'd like you know -- body draw at WWL dot com and you could read it shared in common -- if you like it's also like turning on our FaceBook page. WWL radio and if you -- not yet become a friend become a friend. It's it's our way of continuing to serve the community. And we've got breaking news in sports and weather and exclusive. Videos in and photos and blogs from the hosted producers. And you just get to all kinds of of information. And it makes you part of our family makes you part of the community so there if there's there's something for you. And did it helps us serve the community that are so if you got a friend yet become a friend and our FaceBook page should be WL radio. The most important thing that I think we should -- about -- -- to appreciate about Marty Roth. Is that it celebrates. It celebrates our unity. It's a celebration that breaks down the socio. Economic the ethnic all -- all the barriers that seem to separate -- And on on doing this talk show on a regular basis. The reaction to the news. And the stories to get a lot of attention in the news. Seems to emphasize the things that separate us. As groups. And as individuals. I I I learned today the origin of wearing masks and -- draw. And I I think this is something that really says a lot about this about the celebration that we can't. And I think it says a lot about what we're supposed to learn and what we can learn. -- for this time of year. Patricia boring mess of -- a day goes like hundreds of years. By wearing masks. The difference social classes could intermingle. And and celebrate together. Without the restrictive separation of the classes. If you wearing a -- you do what class you were you apart. And you would he would mingle with people that you might. Be naturally separated from because of that separation of class. So with a mask on that everybody was people and nobody was separated by social class. So isn't that one of the great things that we we get from morning draw -- about it. It's one of the things that unitas like chance -- in so many of the things that we do here but -- it was kind of a microcosm for. How our culture manages to -- And and we're we're so diverse from the from the at the beginning of the history of New Orleans we are such a diverse. Commuter described in so many ways is a gumbo is jambalaya. However you wanna freeze it. But I I thought about this when I was -- long is this the streets before and Demi and I would too at the beginning of Demi and actually ended up just -- just walking and I knew I couldn't get a can't quite literally a ticket -- they are. So the top cats at the beginning of the Debian printed the stays here. There were two a couple of parties that I was invited to along the way I ended up walking back home. From. From essentially from city park back downtown and it really wasn't a bad walk at all. Now I'm the only one who does that because that was almost lead the parade to erode. A giggle a little bit further than that I went but that was essentially what they what they do and every parade when they won't condemning it. I just I noticed I noticed people's coming together and I noticed families and I thought there was this great tradition of doubt. The community that develops on the street. This sense of community. Along the parade route. And maybe it's pocket seabees in -- and it's it's a body -- a date tomorrow they are so many. Families and so many groups that get together and I guess in some cases in and maybe this is the case with you. You see family and you see certain people once a year. And it's Mardi -- And it's really it's it's a coming together of community. I saw of kids of different races -- together. Throwing them throwing footballer chasing each other. It was all such innocent fun and and they didn't notice that in the boundaries that we allowed to separate so much of us as as adults. You don't our our personal lives who we. We get along so well with with with anybody we know. And yet there when it's projected through the news. Did you well you're part of this group where you're part of that group right -- this group for this group -- a certain way you know we we stereotype. But we don't do that. And and especially don't do that when -- young. -- I guess were taught about the things that that separates. But to me that -- the greatest thing about money draw is. How Mardi Gras starting with the tradition of the -- it's not how Mardi -- started but the the the origin of the masks. Because it broke down social class. And everybody came together as one. And nobody knew who was who wore what -- word society. And I guess to some degree players. Still this. This divide between the hierarchy that rides on the floats through the parade in the peasants on the street in the crowd. But generally were all here to just have a good time. And that's really kind of the way it is with wife. You know we all really want the same things. In morning -- a time when we would come together we come together for the festival's we have we come together for saints game sitting in. And we should take times like this. And entry and try to remember. What we have in common. Not the things that separates. And I just see such diversity in the streets. And I see. I see how we have the ability. To come together. And just have a good time. Because that's all we want in life. We want the best for ourselves with the best for our families. That we we know we have to work hard but. Were all looking for the same things. Now it's unfortunate that some people. -- aren't looking for the things that we're looking for a -- just in general. When you go out tomorrow and we'll talk about this again tomorrow afternoon but when you go out tomorrow. And if you were out tonight you've been up this morning -- -- growth in the past. Think about what this says about us. As a culture. As people. It says that you know we really can. Spend time with each other people we don't know. And yeah there are always going to be those stories about. People trying to grant beads are people being sure people are selfish. Also really good stories. And it and and and noticed this tomorrow noticed the people that simultaneously. Catch -- with somebody else and give them to that person. Or somebody's trying to reach for the same the same set of beads and and somebody else -- the deeds. And then the person who grabbed him gets into the person who didn't catch. -- -- to the person. Sitting down next to him an elderly person. Or child it's not it's not tall enough to catch the beats. Notice how sometimes people get out of the way for somebody else to move in front of them. You know there are always stories about people who try to get in front of other people and -- of their -- of course there's that. But instead of just noticing the negative things let's let's -- the positive stuff as well. The stuff that. It really shows that you know -- -- and it's a good culture. And it's a fun time. And no other city. Can do what we do. And part of that is because we just have such such a rich rich tradition of doing this and it's just kind of part of who we are. And it's truly amazing. That the incidents are so few and far between. I hope it's a safe and pleasant Mardi -- for you and tomorrow just. Try to notice. What this means about us coming together. What we have in common as opposed to what devices. And all of that goes back to the beginning of the wearing of the -- asks. Which takes away class because nobody knew anybody else wants. If you graduates of the comet tonight of the -- show our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text number -- states have creativity. I had a brief encounter which we've been talking about tonight was one of those religious groups on urban street they'll tell you about that when we come back. WL. -- Again so -- Yesterday on Bourbon Street news -- beautiful afternoon. Or street Louis just -- so world the balconies and if you see the the Christian groups on her history and they're trying to. Spread the word of god they're trying to. Ask people to recognize their sins and and her pants but of course we know where where world -- But they'd -- they try to do their work in a place like morning draw suburban street. Now some of these Christian groups are really not very Christian at all and that they're they're trying to help the the rowdy drunken party years on on Bourbon Street and they'd they'd show up at events like this it you know there -- some Christians to think that it's un Christian to have a good time. And there's nothing Christian about having fun. It just depends on on how you have fine and you have fun as somebody else's expense but yesterday you know I'd like to send out to pictures. Twitter. And I was taking a picture. Is this group. They seem to be very well organized. I would say there word. -- 1015. Maybe fifteen. And they'll -- caps and T shirts on and had a megaphone for a powerful megaphone. They have the best constructed signs on Bourbon Street I don't know what material is very very durable. Material. And if you -- listed decides were really -- with the bottom of the signs on the the stance that they are -- They had. They had to manufactured openings for people to to be holding down the signs and liberal wearing gloves and they were all very very well prepared. I don't know -- from here have no idea. There are a lot of Christian groups that do this during Halloween and we -- return during Mardi Gras and I guess I've seen Manchester Estes will because different quarters current Jazz -- as well. But there was this one particular group and they had the the biggest. Best constructed signs the boldest science and Bourbon Street. Repent. Burning hell. You know all of that rhetoric. One of them -- homo sex is CN. Like what other sixes and CN. So anyway that this is a group that is is out -- to incite people. And so while taking a picture of this discussion group on -- The guy with the ball warned that the megaphone. He addressed me he looked at me he sort of address as I was taking the picture that the group in the cyanide I tutored at that picture earlier. In fact it's it's on our web site. It every you'll come in the end of the top eight things we -- to you know about an article on number two on that list of the top three things is some Christian groups that spread the message of Jesus. And they're not really Christian. Date going to be -- they are obviously Christian for the guys looking at me while I'm taking this picture. And to the crowd he's blaring out to the crowd was looking at me are you -- men. Oral -- do you have a mirror look at yourself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like berating me. And I've taken. Okay. God made me a certain way I can't help the way he. -- law and I certainly don't look like any of the guys in that group of Christians. It is at any reason to question. In a serious derogatory way might gender. On. Sun. People don't always look the way other people think you should look. So I thought that was really -- -- it didn't hurt me as much as it is it as it hurts people in general. And then this person on the megaphone proceeds to use vulgar profanity. In describing behavior. And in stereotypical. Homosexual men. A very ugly. Use of profanity to describe game and there are children. -- urban street. And and and please don't say -- children noble in Denver and street. And you know you if if that's what you -- believe that's fine. But on a Sunday afternoon. Kids can be suburban street. And this was a part of urban street there wasn't near the strip clubs. OK I grew up in New Orleans and my parents took mr. berg street not only a -- draw put all the time. And I don't think there's anything wrong with ticket you can suburban street. Especially if you teach them right from wrong. But it's it's quite an experience in my my brother and I mean years ago you could drive down Bourbon Street while you can now but -- night you could try Denver street. My brother and I are hanging out of the wind is -- -- our white Ford station -- try to look at the windows were trying to get a glimpse of the strippers. We're not bad people today. But that was kind of a -- anyway I'm not trying to tell you how to run your family but. I don't think there's anything wrong -- -- the people who do introduce their kids on a suburban street. So in any event this guy is using profanity. And their children here. A young woman from England confronted this Christian group and then after after confronting them she. She and she turned it talked to me and she said this would never happen in England this is. BS. There is a news story. About one of these of people from this Christian group who apparently was caught in the act of self gratification in public. And I believe it was during the Mardi -- celebration. So the point is she can't judge all Christians. By the behavior of some. Because some Christians are misguided. By there zealous hate. And I'm not exactly sure. Why. Dave feels the need to be so over overzealous but it. It indeed they are. And -- I just thought that the the judgment the condemnation. And in particular the profanity. I thought winners was very un Christ like. And if if Jesus were on on Bourbon Street today. It seems to me that he would be the one who would be reaching out to the people that he thought were sinners because everybody's this year. But in a much different way. He would be reaching out in condemning way. That's not what I've read about Jesus over this over the years I'm I'm a far from a a scholar on Jesus. But you know we -- we haven't oppression. Jesus and and that was totally contrary so I wanted to point the Celtics I wanted you to know that you know there -- groups a suburban street. I don't accept the literature Chris I'm I'm fine with my relationship with god. But -- people who who pass out literature and there are people who are actually honestly in a very nice way. I've been trying to. To talk to people introduced. Christ or whatever there's specific police are there they're trying to introduce it to two people who there's nothing wrong with that. Freedom of speech certainly -- percent freedom of speech even covers the ugliness. They hate the illness you have freedom of speech protects hate. But it does mean you have to like it. Now I have heard that that somebody got into a confrontation. And ended up in jail for twelve dollars -- thousand dollar bond so that's that's not the right thing to do we don't get on their level. If the year if there's a way to. -- speak your mind you certainly have a right to speak your mind and you know the also the unfortunate thing about these -- Christians. Is that they feel like. They have more of a right to freedom of speech. Then you do. And it's such. It's such self righteous attitude -- it. It it it should be denounced. Here's a text that read Cisco you are a little -- looking. With the hoop earrings in each year. And your hair do. You know well a lot of people are bearing -- just that's something that you know throughout mind. My years in in radio -- music radio for. A long time it's just it's it's who I am and you know if you if you get out she realized that that certainly is two a sign of and femininity inspector a lot of very -- people who have hearings it's what I choose to. -- to do its as far as my hair is concerned my god it was a time it really long I'd. You know OK so -- Maybe my hair is up to date so what if if that makes me -- looking -- so be it again are you know. God didn't make everybody in a much -- On the cheese -- mold you know god didn't make everybody look like a linebacker. You know some people look like kickers. Sort of put the team -- I guess that would be the kicker. Here is. Here's the text that reads the church nuts are still out spewing their judge middle hate. Mean my boyfriend gave each other a big kiss. And wave our rainbow flags. In their face. You know that's something else tonight noticed. Really got this. Alleged Christian group. On Bourbon Street really riled up. Is when people started saying things back to them and they were couple of people that had. The megaphone bull horns and they were talking back to them and that really riled them up so again don't get into a confrontation with these people. On because that's getting on their level. But if you wanna say something to him that the express is your opinion you have a freedom to express yourself. No doubt about it. If you wanna join us tonight with a comment about anything we're talking about it -- Google -- look here means a -- and it it's it's it's 2014. A lot of guys we're. -- -- -- It's not a big deal John -- John -- studio producers sit there wearing earrings just never thought John was was a -- And if you enjoy our show with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy protects over is 87 -- -- VI I I laugh at some of these descriptions of me. -- here's a -- reads my best friend has a crush on the long snapper for the saints. Outlook shepherd because that's how forty snaps the ball wanted to make sure that he we figured that out. Yesterday I was walking you know Saturday Saturday walking back -- yesterday. Yesterday what -- -- -- a top cats with a year. Category six flow chart with their party in the streets it generates all sort of current cafe and it's it's a big celebration every year -- a Spanish. Beautiful afternoon for. And walking back from that walked to. The present dating we knew we walked into the French Quarter. And then she and I went around and then across -- over you know they were getting close to my apartment building. And there's this. Young -- I I I'd say she's. Well. Since she was really intoxicated let's say she was two when he won but as you know sometimes people don't wait until they're 21 to consume. Adult beverages. Not promoting now I'm just recognizing that it is is the reality it was in my life and perhaps a wise in yours so it's it's not an unusual. Certainly this was it this was a young. Frail looking -- Very attractive. And she's staying the -- leaned up against the core of this building. And she's really. Out of it I mean she's literally leaning up against this this this building and she looks. A little confused. We walked by and and the person -- -- says. You know I really think I need to go back to talk to -- Restore or are you are you sure I'm sure she's she's all right she's probably just drug for whatever is she's she's out of it she's a normally feel that the need to. To go back and doctor. Anderson if you feel the need to go back and doctor in let's go back to talk to. Well we went -- and and talked to her and she was she was a lost. Her friends had temporarily left or sometimes he gets separated from your friends. And this girl was. She was really wasted. They needed -- it looked it was it right that she got in that state but the point is she usually she usually wasted it she was on the street. And I could just I could see how easily. Somebody could try to help her. Pretend they were trying to help her. And end up picking her up in and taking her away and there's a story about a nineteen year old you know student that is still missing and the searching expand. So people do disappear. Attractive young females disappear. And this might have been somebody that might have disappeared had had we not gone back to her she was confused about how to use your phone. She's I admit I'm young and issue really was struck. I admit I'm young and I should know how to do this but I really don't understand this phone it's a new phone. And she couldn't figure out her phone. Well I guess we spent about a five minutes with -- and we insisted looked and there's a bar around the corner. I'm Sarah know the owner -- sit day year. But don't to answer your friends do you find your friends until they find you but don't stand out here on the street. Because that's how people disappear some types. Occasion not enough. You're not -- in in a position to mean you're helpless. And again I'm not endorsing getting in that state but the reality is that she was helpless. So it while we were standing there talking to her and not letting her go on buy yourself. A one of her friends came back and found her. And was just so grateful that you know her friend was not really wasted in her friend took her away so. You know if you can I don't know how to tell you how to help somebody. But if you do have an opportunity to help somebody. That helped him and it doesn't mean you bring them back to your place. Because that's done always the right thing to do. But he he can if you see somebody who looks totally. Isolated and desolate and and distraught and just totally out of it I mean that's the that's the that's the Christian thing to do mean that's. That's the right thing to do is try to help some money. So again this. This this that the person dating tonight -- need to go -- a doctor and we did and and I feel good that we were with her until. Reference connecting -- -- -- you have a chance -- -- Wyoming student if you wanna join -- right with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. In the text -- -- 77. Here's the text. You took a drunk girl to a -- cool. No way to take you to a bar -- it doesn't mean that she would be served at the bar it's just that I knew she would be -- a safe surroundings until her friends finally got a hold of for. Our phone call -- she didn't she -- I don't know what was wrong with a phone goes on on a win is when it comes to phones. I just. I just thought about. She would be safer there and I know people there. And they could keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't leave it because again you're susceptible. I mean that's that's one of the lessons to learn from the old Darren Sharper thing. It's not that it's your fault if any -- happened to this girl it would not be her fault. But he might have been preventable. If she didn't get in that state of mind. I mean this is this was. This was 630. This is 630 yesterday that this -- there late at night early demise for 630 in the afternoon. And you do see a lot of over indulge. Some people get over served. They're just served. Too much but they made the decision to drink. Too much. But you know. Again I wasn't I wasn't attempted to bring this -- back to. To my apartment. Because that could bring with it now a whole new set of problems. But I I was. And I'm glad it worked out the way it worked out. But that's you know that's one of the lessons learned from it you know we -- not -- Darren -- is guilty and I believe he's gonna still he's in jail. And a -- -- -- at least until Friday. So one of the lessons to learn from this is not that it would be your fault -- something's happened. But if you don't get so wasted. If you don't go to somebody's apartment that you don't know that well if you leave in a car with somebody that you don't know that well and people do it all the time. People go out and -- they go out to meet people guys and girls like they go out to meet people. And they ultimately find themselves alone in the company in a car or an apartment or hotel room with somebody they don't really know. Again if anything happens it's not your fault. But if you don't put yourself in that position. Than you might prevent something like that from happening. If you wanna join us tonight would come at our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. -- -- -- -- -- And a text number. Is a 77. Here's -- Debbie give you a pretty general opinion poll tonight how has your Mardi Gras experience been so far this year calmer than last year or wilder than last year. Give us your opinion -- going to BWO dot com and we'll give you an update on that. When we come back it's the -- show live from New Orleans on the night before Mardi Gras lending -- 2014. And we'll be back. Under VW well welcome back George show on this line big draw a night Yang -- cold and windy but that didn't stop a lot of people from heading out tonight you may still be in the card heading home tonight is going to be a very cold -- -- a freeze warning is in effect from 2 AM until 8 AM. For pearl river counting. Washington in north -- parishes and areas north and west of the New Orleans area also areas north of the lake. Should protect plants on people and pets -- You kids if you to delete your parents out bringing parents in our -- this so called by tonight. And it's going to be chilly DiMarco start the morning a day tomorrow like freeze on the North Shore in the upper thirties a south Italy. And rain could be back into the into the forecast. As early is as noon tomorrow. And especially possible during the afternoon so you know hopefully this doesn't happen. Yet there's that chance of rain tomorrow night by he deep and think about that but you know this one thing that we can't do and that is controlled the weather so we just do the best we came to life in general bit. -- the moral may only get in the mid forties. And it might be some chilly rain for for much of the day. So tomorrow are I guess the earlier the better. When it comes to morning good day in and a lot of people plan on getting out to very early anyway here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. How is your morning growing experience been so far this year. 78%. Say calmer than last year and 22% say wilder. -- last year. So are Fat Tuesday coverage with a crew -- WWL begins tomorrow morning -- wall to wall. Coverage of the greatest free show on earth and that's what we logical Monaco the greatest free show on earth. Idol starts tomorrow morning audio morning from five to eight with Dave Cohen live from New Orleans. In -- world famous French Quarter and to date does a very good job of describing. What he sees as best he can't. And that's a fun place to be at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning joint Tommy Tucker -- they beer and Kristian -- they're gonna bring you. All the scenes in and everything it's going on from one of the best seats of the party -- hall. I guess that would be. One of the just one of the the the nexus of points where everything everything comes together. That's where they -- with hosting and so all the sights and sounds of morning draw 2014 from -- hall with Tommy Tucker. T Bob -- Kristian -- starting at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning and that includes a repeat felons half fast marching club. The Jefferson City busters in many many more -- at 10 o'clock a Mardi Gras mambo continues with Angela -- I shall bring used the crew of Zulu. Rex mayoral Andrew and the host with the kings and queens then at 11 o'clock Tom Fitzmorris joins Angela and Tom has been. Part of WW alimony a celebration for many many years and that tradition discontinued. Then after all that I had to go out in the morning and today in in the middle of the day. And Ali in the air for two to six tomorrow afternoon ceremony -- mambo continues with the crew -- URL it. Now talk about some of the things that and I experienced some things that I've seen. And you can talk about what you've seen. You could tell -- what kind of audio it has been for you and for many of view on morning -- days is it is a nice time to to take today off. -- it really suggesting that they you know so -- -- people -- the country still. Don't understand that we just take this this day off. And I know some schools -- for the entire week. I think I have this memory of we went to -- back Thursday we were -- Monday Tuesday Wednesday. But it's it was a long weekend or firm for many schools in its its actually that are going to be a week off of for school which I know is a challenge for. Many view her parents. By its it's just it's a total it's total holiday and yet their businesses that do business with people -- I think sometimes they forget they wonder why they can't get anything done. On on this particular Tuesday albeit smaller draw in New Orleans and then they -- and -- and it. We're working and having Mardi Gras in New Orleans. In every city that I've I've lived -- I'm from here and receive and I've lifted there where there were Mardi Gras celebrations. A bars wade had happy hours or mr. -- it would started noon. I guess it's kind of like that Saint Patrick's -- thing here although we do that because then than most cities do that. There are cities are -- the countries it will have their Mardi Gras celebrations that they'll be in bars -- decorated Mardi Gras colors and I guess to get stuff from the Internet. And they duel at the decorations and they they they -- every morning so they are people all around the country in cities like Denver Portland Seattle Philadelphia. New York re all across the country there will be a popular bars and restaurants -- will have the money a celebration of course it doesn't. Compared to what we have -- down here because it is such an amazing thing here's a text. You did the right thing scoots we have all. Over indulge during Mardi Gras at one time or another nice to see you take the initiative. Two director to a safe place that's what we do in -- Yeah reference to this girl who. Really seemed. Very alone and and disoriented and it just seemed like. While that the person that was Swiss and I need to go back and talk to assume if you feel agreed about what's the deal what's going to talk to -- And we relieve edition I'm fond of but at that point you don't know mr. far. -- Adobe finally we did not want leaders have anyway didn't -- to reference came back and found her. -- there's always something new and our website at WWL dot com including the franchise tag on saints tight end Jimmy Graham is not exclusive. And you can read the latest from Christian Erica there's going to be a big debate about whether or not the saints should bend over backwards to sign. Jimmy Graham. Some say the saints 2014 schedule is the -- easiest in the league. Is it you gotta read deep ability is analysis of that indeed does a great job in analyzing things like this. Also of the sights and sounds of one to draw today and walls Cooper park it Kennard river town yeah there's something goes on in -- is -- river town. And remember before you head out to the parade you can check. Author parties parade preview in our WW hill carnival digest with the rate schedules and they. The routes in and everything that you need to know about carnival and -- good day in New Orleans a plus the morning -- weather outlook and right now. Honestly it's looked in a little sketchy but hopefully. Everybody has fun. And it's a good time for all so get out there the earlier the better tomorrow. It's gonna be chilly so. As a bundle up and a lot of people will. The ingesting. Their own form of antifreeze. As they they've taken out in the way and -- we've got all new stuff on our website at WW go to account plus today I came up with the topic things so what did you know about monogram on. It be doing some research on this are few things about money -- that. That I learned today for the first time even though I was born here and -- morning grow in my life. So that's on -- WWL. But page should be real dot com. And it's also our FaceBook page interview you'll radio on digits -- your comments about that we -- back. It's -- -- tomorrow's morning good day in fact we're about eight minutes away from the official beginning of Mardi Gras day 2014. Freezing rain right now in Houston and tomorrow cold rain that is a text that is just commit. -- what -- share with you some of the comments. Two. -- -- -- wrote today in place at the scoot blog it was the top eight things at once you know by body draw. And at number two -- -- where's -- all Christians on Bourbon Street are not Christians and I want to share with you some of the maniacal comments from some. And hateful people who have access to our FaceBook page this is this is from Thomas. And Thomas reacts by saying you sure like to divide people -- many of whom. I have such wonderful fun memories view is a crazy funny radio guy who made people laugh and brought the killer music. And where the soundtrack of their early lies. -- now. To these same people. You pit them against each other. -- whilst throwing outs in accurate stereotypical. Bombs at them. All while claiming. How tolerant you are the rest of us grew up even. If you're younger. Even for younger than you would tell a -- I'm inspired by that comment obviously you. You have a preconceived idea you know I still have fun today -- if you listen to the show carefully you know that I haven't lost my emphasis of humor. I'm Andrew we do bring to a music going in and out of breaks. Here's comment from a guy named Justin once again -- you are the brightest RU. And here's a comment from Lance. So white is christianity and -- have to be grouped together in your post. A true Christian hates no one I don't claim to be true Christian. Just any perfect point and here's a response to Lance from Thomas. It's because he sported meeting that I bought into the cards. Of the rock and roll lifestyle. And that includes trashing anyone professing christianity. Light much of the rest of the media the ones that are likely all a flutter over Matthew McConaughey is acceptance speech last night. And then Kevin responds by saying apparently you missed the line in his blog don't judge all Christians by the behavior of those. Who aren't misguided by the year zealotry and hate. Yes so you can get on there and and respond to some of these says zealots sewer. Finding fault with criticizing the a Christian just yet in my judgment of the Christians Ellis you've -- I am. And they'll be ellenberger street again tomorrow and they are actually they're not Christians but don't judge all Christians by those. All of this is a treading on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. And if you're not a friend become a friend I have a great evening I'm sure some of you were getting everything together because you're gonna get out early tomorrow. Remember our thirteen hours of coverage begins tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock when the thing John wicker. And there will be part of the -- grow mumbled or from two to six tomorrow afternoon -- Mardi -- love -- New Orleans.