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03-04 2:10 pm - Mardi Gras Review with Scoot

Mar 4, 2014|

WWL's Scoot discusses all things Mardi Gras with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey good afternoon and happy -- I took a walk to the French Quarter earlier and honestly I've never seen the French Quarter so sparsely populated but I know that's gonna change. I was watching my cause and she beat -- on the balcony Archos urban street right across from the royal suggested that's I -- the 300 block of urban. And it was starting to get more crowded I sought earlier today. So in spite of the colder weather in spite of the rain in spite of a little bit of wind although you get in the quarter really don't feel the wind like you do when -- out on some of the open streets and open areas. It's still -- bloody 2014 and it doesn't stop a lot of people. I want to thank all of my colleagues are here to be a hero who did just an excellent job bringing body grown to you and and to me when I was so homer earlier today. Steve -- in the French Quarter will talk to him in just a little while mark and artists in the quarter. In -- in the irony will talk to go to them a Tommy Tucker Gallagher hall Angela hill Tom Fitzmorris. A crushing Gary T Bobby -- The list goes on and it just so many people words were so great bringing you -- drawn. The parade rolled that right on through because of the weather against there was no need to make them any longer than they needed to be. But as -- as we review -- broad 2014. In your experience so far. Maybe your leaving Metairie in the West Bank -- leaving the downtown area and you authority. Experience parades. If you wanna talk about your experience -- ago 2014 you could certainly gives you call here 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy at a text number is 877. Now we do have breaking news this afternoon and that is the weather. Who would've thought -- draw on March the fourth rather. Late McGraw. Who would've thought to put it would be like this I don't know if it's officially the coldest -- -- I don't care what it says in the books yeah it's it's cold out there right now it would take you live to Baton Rouge and with we -- -- state police troop B -- a sort troop a in Baton Rouge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Richard welcome to our show -- about a Baton Rouge and icing conditions there. Well this. Very good news actually we but the tour radio and we have just opened up now why can't back twelve throughout Baton Rouge but -- Mississippi river bridge is open. And I right now got a couple troopers escorting. A traffic all of across the chapel I think brutally killed Lafayette so things are looking -- OK good because earlier that stretch of I ten boys clothes so now it's it's -- torture your escorting people across. It LLO. But from the partners because then I'll let -- open so look I looked -- -- outlook which is here. -- since this is Mardi Gras day even though more because maybe Saturday in New Orleans are still wanna -- on Lafayette they're that -- parties that Baton Rouge as well. -- is so. So obviously there were not as many people on the road or do people seem as if they're paying attention to the weather. Yeah it looked like. You know there's still a lot of people traveled and those a lot of praise around like Latvia and commanders and still -- traveled of people trying to get an upgrade. But nothing about sports people people to view that we didn't want to be cracks -- not an experienced. And I am not at war and the grades the role of the by the golden and Iraq. Are there are so many people who come into New Orleans and -- broad day and they've got to get back to. -- they've got to get back to Baton Rouge you've got a right to central north Louisiana and Mississippi. Do the best you can't let's go over this list one more time of what's closed and today what's open and let's talk about DO I ten -- -- libraries and again. Like today in the -- area around it's an outlet standard -- -- -- it. Is it opened on the long it would come from the law's travel through batteries to collect -- -- we can't. It's open site and is open twelve opener as well you can get across. On the new Drew -- old river British Open well and with that. Then on that honest and still closed and all of the brain which -- -- Brett is built a new. What up for the most people credible or should should have a clear lines like you get there. And sits above freezing and even the these areas that there are prone to icing and at least they should not be frozen over everything should be okay. Shouldn't be yet be that after all Morton makes for the -- -- just Great Britain now sultan Al and those areas on. And helping you again I think mark in the mid sixties -- ultimately applicable reasonable hour. -- -- Sanford there were two pales in say please thank you for -- information on it to bring shall believe to a lot of people who are thinking about heading back home later on today. Very much thank you very much tighter thanks for being with us. Now an update from Louisiana state police it will continue to -- checked in on the weather and on the traffic and the good news is look it's it's. It's kind of miserable but you don't nobody out there's miserable you know I I walked to the quarter earlier and -- -- -- the -- -- little while -- along the parade -- -- the crossing the parade route and on saint Charles. Everybody in the parade and everybody along the parade. Everybody's have been fine. Which is what we do now you don't have to go out in this out there are some people will talk about this as we do our morning grow mumbled refute this afternoon here -- -- WL. We'll talk about those people who have to be out this year. Those people who we should always recognized at a time like this because steer people having fun but they're people who actually have to be out there if you don't have to be out there. That's fine you you can stay home and stay where you are the -- were very very sparse in -- salon people choose not to to do that. But some people especially those who have come in town from out of town they are going to be experience -- -- No matter what and they're out they're doing it and as far as I can tell everybody which was having a good time. If you wanna join us with a comment today as we do our Mardi Gras mambo review there had to -- WLR numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- it's seventy and a tech's number is 87870. From the North -- Chris -- under the WL. Hate it would be out on. -- Quarterly comment about how good job it and it PD and Louisiana state police there are you any. Imaginary under a lot brat -- a lot going on -- Sunday night. I had that reservation number revelers. At the oil and that in the middle pocket. From a girlfriend. Daughter are. And you know we kept it the wire and barricades. And would happen at the opposite a major bird. How it will work -- And there were just a light at night it could be paid it turn by turn direction acted. Like they were happy to court they were genuinely. -- it's -- negative -- -- turn Iraq and the whole way so. I'm under -- order a lot right now but at -- that are. Chris I'm really glad you called and said that in and that says says so much about our city not only for those of us who live here. But that says says so much about our city to those people who are visiting and if the police and out of being ambassadors like that it. You know giving traffic directions is not something they really have to do but I'm glad that the they do with our. And it worked very genuine about it here I want them like they were told look we asked toward prominent and -- -- -- there -- very -- about it how are out that there were. Well represented not. Chris I'm glad you are glad you -- thanks for sharing and and it again if you wanna share an experience like that our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy -- number is 877. I know let's go to the WWL traffic center of we don't have Mike Weldon. WP a traffic center here. In just a moment Ed you're on WW real good afternoon. Good habit is -- more artillery do you. -- -- -- I just say it by I was very that support this year audible on the line. I had people credit my account should include bought an outlawed daughter are three great kids. On Saturday night and it bit me and I'll. -- on a big gap as the gentleman who stopped in front of her the boot and all he paragraph -- -- -- -- the way. And and that day we went out on straight child that bill went out there about o'clock this morning that share. Waterloo there people about audit on all sides shut up canopy. Again got no problem with that. But they started playing music that was that kind of a doubt that we are great kids late. -- So they're they're they're playing music that has some vulgar language and its its offensive. Yes sure Perry. Very strong Barbara language are made not just something you may hear on television. You know that's -- that's really that's not necessary it's not even necessary in the French Quarter but that would be placed forward and I'm I'm sorry you had an experience. All I'm I'm I'm -- from the backcourt born and raised -- brought a white and I lived it and bleak for Portugal would come -- brought. And (%expletive) that I was just kind of haven't explained the people that that's not always this way and think about the good aren't bad. What the other night parade jet went through and a great job -- a weekend. Don't just so true experience it that quiet about all are pretty negative and I'll -- And if that's an hour that'll be a great topic for this cute show I'm all for freedom of speech by debt and if if we're gonna have rules about letters being off the street we're gonna have rules about. Where the grills and their parties need to be deported parties need to be we should have some really strict rules when it comes to Volcker music. In public like that that is absolutely unnecessary and it should be against the law. With all due respect for the First Amendment that should be a law. I hope you do that sure because I really think that's a topic a lot of people get it. And it I totally agree with you and also while I appreciate you calling and I'm I'm glad you pointed out to your friends it. And you know this is one experience but more regulars really an entire season. And overall you think about all that happened over the weekend and the people who were out there today in the parade and on the streets and in the French Quarter. Those sort out there are having fun and if you have to be out there well it could stay home and just enjoy yourself. -- -- the body drama on the review continues on every WL. And good afternoon I'm screwed on the Mardi Gras -- review here and to be WL with a crew of WWL we protect -- -- the French Quarter and all over later we'll get some updates from the French Quarter and the Mary coming up. In just a little wild if you -- join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text numbers 877 -- traffic update coming appeared in just a few minutes. Earlier today the I ten between Baton Rouge and Lafayette was closed it's my understanding is that escorting traffic through there. And we just talked to a troop a in Baton Rouge with the -- at a state police. Answered Sandefur told us that everything is open. There were some icing earlier today we -- above freezing now and it's gonna remain above freezing but this was of much colder morning draw that we anticipated -- last week I remember on the the show. Talking about how morning on day it was gonna rain Monday rain Wednesday. But what god it was going to be partly cloudy high of 55 it was going to be cooler than expected well it turned out to be a lot cooler than expected but here's the great thing. You were forced to go out. And those who went out whether they were parading or. In the crowd when they were on the operator in the they were having fun. And that's what money -- about it and I guarantee the first quarter will be here and getting more and more Crawford as time goes on. I -- is a texted it reads. I -- -- this is the band chicken on the bone will be out there were loading up right now headed to the old opera house 601 -- we started 730 I'll I noticed this when I was watching Denver mistreated or a street earlier. There are a lot of places that are crowded on the inside and many of those places might be empty because so many people around industry. I've noticed a trend the last couple of years. That. There are fewer people showing scared. And this year I guess in particular this Mardi Gras day with it being well not spring break like whether. We're not seeing as much -- -- much Guinness or near received at that as a -- their hearts of people out there. A discuss blog is on our website at WW dot com and it's that the top eight things we like Peter know about morning draw. And as I was doing some research that is yesterday. I I learned some things about morning draw that I really didn't know I I was born here I grew appear in the morning -- veteran experience morning draw. All of my life over the years. And there were some things about Mardi -- that I -- a few things I didn't know that I thought were very very interesting so all of that's in the -- blog and if you're on the Mardi -- veteran or. If you know people who have experience morning draw and they they leave somewhere else or whether they moved and came back he went to share this with the reader and shared. With -- -- can give us your comments if you like also. It's honor we're excited to be if -- dot com the top eight things we think you should know. About money girl I I I thought it was a great morning draw again it's not just morning -- date. But it's the entire Mardi Gras season in this officially begins on January the sixth which is the epiphany a king's day. And the beginning of the king cake season January 6 who has been going on for for a long time. But in Russia involved in the balls you don't really think of -- -- beginning until the parades start to begin a couple of weeks before wanna draw and just before more Detroit's. It's not it's operated. So over the weekend if you think about the temperatures and and what it was like Saturday and Sunday for an -- and baucus and all the race really throughout the area North Shore. West Bank. Metairie and downtown it really was a great Mardi Gras season. And -- -- the if you if you go out there you will see people who wore. Have a good time. I did have -- Karen and I met this is something that I mentioned in the top eight things that you should know -- morning drawn. Number two on the the list of the top rated and we do the top eight because every night for those of you who I don't tune in a regular basis. Dispute showed 92 midnight here -- WWO we've restored assure every Saturday to clocked at the top eight to date. And is the top eight things -- like you know as we begin the show and its -- there was talk about throughout the show. Well yesterday one -- -- night do we did the top eight things you should know about -- dropped. Number two was an encounter that I had on -- -- street Sunday afternoon. It was an absolutely beautiful day. And I came across a group of those. Religious people who were on Bourbon Street a spreading. The word. However this particular group. Which not really very Christian like. In their behavior. And in what they said. And soul number two what a -- of a topic today is all the Christian groups on urban streets promoting draw are not really Christians. Now that doesn't mean it's some margin and I did pass some that word. You know we're not harassing anybody they were being very very nice. But there was this one group and I'll I'll talk more about that coming up but also like. I've set out on Mayer's Twitter account just announced and some pictures that I taken of this particular group and I think it's it's important to point now dead. Not all Christians are like these particular Christians also we had to call a moment ago from somebody who is really disappointed because he'd had a bad experience today. Some people he had people in from out of town but some people set up close to him and his group and they were playing really vulgar music. That can't happen that should not be tolerated to me. That's. As important as any of the new rules that they have put into effect also just. Just using profanity. In -- I am all for freedom of speech but. Abuse of freedom of speech to just. Use profanity consistently around families is totally. Inappropriate. If you wanna join -- show with a comet are numbers 2601872. All free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text of receipts have 37 -- also if you if you're open. I'd like to know if you're opening if if you're a business in and -- opened today what are your downtown in the suburbs maybe you would ordinarily -- on Mardi Gras but since a lot of people didn't participate in -- -- day. You might have decided to to be opened two -- he can call us and tell -- if -- open and and where you are what -- doing today also will be talking about the people that we've really should thank. For being out there are people who have to be out here on a day like today it goes so well beyond the police officers. I'm -- on our Mardi Gras -- overview here at WWL here's a WWL traffic updates with -- -- and -- -- -- traffic update coming up here in just a few minutes this is the Mardi Gras -- review it is the annual tradition here -- good day and every WL. I'm -- glad to be with you into my colleagues did an excellent job here in the French Quarter. And take your call earlier today it will be checking in with some of those who were steel in the French Quarter in just I just a bit here's a Texan reads it's carnival season morning draw. Mardi -- is one day carnival is a timeframe that fat Tuesday morning girl falls it yeah I know that and if somebody wants to get technical you could certainly get technical but it. Understood the show -- the shows an idea on got kind of relax and realize it's the carnival season but I also refer to witness the Mardi Gras season and it's Mardi Gras time even though. Money -- is one day from New Orleans Kathy you're on WWL happy Mardi -- Happy not ready -- It was the right mark despite -- and number well. Today. I like it did not locked. Well block. Now -- well or why can't -- why would you go out if the weather's not to the weather's not perfect one line. Well I had a friend out party. -- so you had copper and a bathroom and everything that you would need to make it very pleasant day. I -- not yet dressed warm blood the hat and umbrella and in -- that in mind -- Everybody needs it to we had a great town we had a very -- what I wanted to mention. Some of the parent language they're very young children I'm not -- little shelter at. Not today but earlier -- some of the earlier -- With some of the parents use them outrageous lines etched in there until. It's. -- and and you know you and you and you you wonder where the kids get a well quite often they get to fund their very own family. Right and that's really it strapped. Well modeling. Are. She's mad that I wouldn't like that they. -- itself he had a good time did. We had a great time -- an -- and I had a great. You wait. And half way. Is that it's it's it's along the it's a long time a party for those who really wanna get into it -- It's just it's hard for people to understand you and in this -- -- this is a normal day around the country and there are people who do business with people in New Orleans. And they think they forget because money doesn't always fall on the same day every year it's only Chris or something to put it in the fourth of July or some holiday like that. So since it's not always the same day -- that people pick up the phone they wanna do business in -- frustrated because they can't do it with anybody in this series and evidence -- My -- we're unique and -- -- ending the week came in contact a lot -- -- out there is getting brown color number. And that. Campaign actor he really California I'll. And I at -- -- experience says. Look at him I'm glad you had a good time and I'm glad you brought that up about -- the way parents stuck to their kids say it's it's quite obvious that two and one of the reasons that we have so much crime and there's so many problems with young people that it is because their parents it's not the music. It is not the videos is not it's on video games it's the parents. -- the parent. Do the right thing and it. Debbie and I felt like -- I everybody if you wanna join us with your comment on this. Marty guerilla data Mardi Gras mambo -- -- DaVita QLR numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And it takes a -- 77. You heard -- to talk about how the -- -- was closed earlier. There is Sunday there a couple of areas on the I ten -- where there are -- traffic but through Baton -- it's my understanding that I -- my twelve are open. And they are so many people who come into town for Mardi Gras day and they're not always says -- Well if something changes -- you start thinking about how -- gonna get called the good news is it appears that everything's open but there are some areas like I believe the ITN. Over the Scheffler basin where there is. Convoys going on its largest and just keep that in mind. I and if you do you wanna join us with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly seventy. And a text numbers 877 and -- we'll be right back on every WL. It's voting gras mambo 2014. With the -- a WW well good afternoon I'm scoots we're talking about the Mardi Gras experience so far for. 2014 what was your body growing experience like also if your business and you let people know that -- opened. Because a lot of people didn't participated Mona go this year because of the weather so that they might wanna know that your -- as they might need something that you offer you can -- sure with that information. And also if you have experienced Mardi Gras today or at any time during this this carnival season. Let's talk about that as well we -- experience like. Where you're from the few people who talking of talked about vulgarity. And if somebody was pulling for -- -- music around the family in the family had to leave that's that's really necessary. And I realize that young people can be very rebellious and I guess to some degree I was rebellious when I was young as we all were. But it that's something that should not. We tolerate. And also ran into. A group that was Terry I had a bit of the brief. Verbal encounter with a group on Bourbon Street they proclaim to be Christians. But they're not. And we'll talk about it coming up has also gotten a text about something happened with a Christian group is probably the same group. Hi this Wasilla outside of the mass at the Saint Louis cathedral. On Sunday. Really so in the these people call themselves Christians really amazing and also let's let's talk about those people who. I couldn't stay home if they wanted to -- human have been able to stay home and enjoy yourself for you chose to you can get out in all of this and and have fun and again those who were in the race and those who are on the parade routes. They have a good time and the people the quarter those who decided to go out they were having fun but there are people like police officers and city workers who. Have to be out and have to work at a time like this. And it's it's not something that they would choose to do especially to Weathers is like this but they're out there. And doing their job so the rest of us can have a good time from they'll chase -- Euro on WW real happy Mardi -- Yeah. That's really -- shout out these guys -- -- today man by phone or. Where it -- oil -- -- you know our group and and -- look at voluntary. And local -- a broad indictment are currently in New York. They have no clue today it's a regular update so. And two. It. You know. Shout out -- -- but let them. -- -- I appreciate you calling and I'm sure they do as well and there are a lot of people like dead because they're businesses like your business that -- don't stop on Marty Roth. Because is. Offensive to people around the country you're still doing business where there's -- and around the world this is no special day everywhere else in the country. Exactly exactly. -- ought to -- All right -- -- -- -- glad you called. From the CBD frank you're on Mardi Gras mambo under the WL. -- cute Natalie -- People on Garcia's do you. I just one -- talk about. My -- it I mean I know the weather. Some people quote you know what is it outside you know that great Iranian. You know mark -- I'm not deliberately apparently it spreads to our adult side. I think comment. On the undo all the police department -- EMS workers anywhere around. And regular big figures are out we actually have -- experience. Now last night and I doubt. In my body without oh. Well a lot of bulk Dutch ideal. That's when our parents don't pick itself there's all samarra so the most was Barbara you know -- that you're. All cholera like at a police -- -- very China now all those one bank have brought their artwork and other well a lot of the current problem. And you know I just wanna you know aren't that respect our prayer dispute. Also ought to respect we're due talk about. A harbors or person -- group yeah I think I have the same thing outer. With that group that you're talking about. Erica like -- like an -- black. Chart looking through the area portable and walked out there and elect -- Berrian talked me out there novel area we're we're we're we're still -- we're trying to get somewhere right now and have a chart go out a way to. -- -- all they aren't like all the back to know who you're gonna you're talking like all of us are the. -- this -- you know and and the interesting thing is this group that I'm talking about they have the the best manufactured signs they seem to be the most coordinated. There are a couple of groups on on Bourbon Street. And they the other groups were not a problem but this particular group of alleged Christians it was it was very very aggressive and I can't wait to get into what they were actually saying and what what they said about me they don't know me. And yeah they they picked on me in the in the crowd which was kind of amazing to me so you know let's just remember that. Don't. Don't even get the impression. That these are good Christians just because they cling to -- Exactly I mean are there they're well you know they had like lot like eat it like most. Most are wires and aren't like that I mean it is just like you just about -- it all on purpose in it on the matter -- -- -- -- walk a very. -- that testers. -- you think that you're you're trying to -- -- -- -- not try to occupy your topic on the outside you know. Yeah or judge me by just because I'm walking off prior restraint obviously you know they're not law. And say I think that's the other really great pointed there are people who believe that just because your suburban street figured this -- ex general for -- everybody's a sinner. So let's not start pretending that did that those on Bourbon Street are sinners and and the rest art and that's what -- -- so appalling about the mentality of some of these. -- so over zealot Christians. Exactly it's it is that no -- when a group like their claims the targeted at just in -- that put the road that are people who are actually try to do that. LA again against the rest of us that are Christians a bad name. Frank so did -- the guy finally left you alone. Exactly I mean they I like -- are -- now about the -- period like that. You know what I mean I do let the dog walked away it I'm not trying to get -- any fights or anything like that you know. You do a lot of pro but the president that for retirement and back to monitor also sent Katrina you know what to do it back although it's going to be all -- Well frank I hope you enjoyed it and again the weather might not have been ideal of the day but everybody out there is happening good time and they're out there by choice and -- the weekend weather was spectacular so I hope -- enjoyed it. It was beautiful we had a great time at pocket and -- evident in an obvious last night that they want our I'm so dead zone right now preaching ball epitomize it. Financially. You know. Which you know I would -- any other lately where party on it it took all about it it's not -- I -- out. -- frank I appreciate you calling nationalistic. Here is a Texan reads float escorts going through New Orleans east on I ten heading east left in middle lane blockage. I'm going into saint Tammany parish should be aware that here's a -- -- Matthew 71. Judge not. -- Oscars here is another tax. It says sent Sunday after mess the Christians. Showed up -- the most un Christian with the most and Christian display of freedom of speech I have ever witnessed. In front of the cathedral. One of them was on -- Mike calling the bishop. Green had. Saying that he could not save his flock. Because he himself was molested. And he could not keep his flock from the sins of suburban street. I'm all for freedom of speech but this was totally uncalled for. And April claimed to be Christians this is a joke they need to go home. I didn't see him last night and I got -- the at midnight so writing it down the quarter to deal. Until really late so they may have gone home because they were better rest up for for today. And so the fact that they weren't out there doesn't mean that they weren't out there and maybe they're out their today but this particular group of of Christians they looked to be. The most organized. Because they have the did the best. Signs that made of this really very durable durable on material and they they have. Anti at the bottom of the sides in the signs are are way up in the sky but they. They have these these hand whole hand holes where they can hold on they've got what I mean there really well organized and the problem is is that. You know some poor suckers gonna walk along -- think oh my god these are Christians I guess I'm doing the wrong thing these are not. Christians. And it really isn't really as the shape. Here is taxed -- that reason I believe that if someone is playing vulgar music. Then. And well basically they say I deal with it I don't rain on someone else's parade when they're trying to enjoy today. Everyone is here to have fun. So it'll be a stick in the mud because she don't like the music that their -- make your day find another way don't try to ruin someone else's day. You know I'm all for everybody having fun and I'm all for being tolerant but part of that tolerance is you don't have to play vulgar music. And if that's the only way that you can have fun then that's that's a problem. I'd nobody should be playing ball good music around families. And -- may be you think that's a violation of freedom of speech and that's something else that we could talk about the that is not. Necessary. So we'll continue to talk about vulgar language here at at -- drawing some of the things that we see in here and also -- experience like from -- 2014. And have you experienced those. Alleged Christians in the quarter court condemning everybody which to me it's very very unlike Christ. You know what I've read about what I've learned about Christ. Throughout my life is. It is very different from what these people are doing and yet April claimed to be doing it in the name of Christ. How pathetic. If you would join our short numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. -- Saudi text summaries 877 OK so we'll be right back with more Debbie WL. -- -- -- -- droids that ought to grow mumbled the review is it continues here and every WL with a crew of WWL. Astute in the studio which is a nice push to be at a day like today but I got to tell you don't you decided to go out and irreverent fun. Because I was walking by you on the street earlier I was in the quarter earlier so I know if you made the decision to get out there. You're having a good time for those if you were gonna be leaving the downtown area not stay downtown as long as you wonder we're -- traffic updates and really throughout the afternoon for you. To what you know exactly where traffic is a got a text a few moments ago. -- facility who said that there is an accident. On perceive an accident on I 55 spillway split no cops on the scene yet in this ways. Eight minutes ago and if you would give us an update. On anything that you seat on a Washington -- if you're driving but if you've got to designated text from the car. And when a sentence of text about it traffic weather this year. Involved in human let others know what's going on out there are text numbers 87870. Or you can call our show it to 601870. It's all free numbers 8668890870. On the top eight things you should know about money draw on our website at WW dot com and as I mentioned dental researcher for this yesterday. And it's it's in the place of the -- blog and it was certificate fuel economy could read incher with -- others that there were some things that I actually learned about money draw. And that them the most an interesting thing to me was. The origin of wearing masks. And white people started wearing masks for mourning not maybe your awareness but I I would I was not aware of this -- we'll talk more about this coming up. After the news it is 3 o'clock in connection are also a going to detail -- doubts this encounter. That -- I had with this this Christian group. And I really -- doing anything wrong and they decided to verbally. -- attack me it was -- that it was that bad but I was really Stein and that this group of quote unquote Christians and I got a text you're -- please stop calling of Christians their religious zealots plain and simple yet the modern day Ferris sees. Not to say the least but I described -- as Christians because well that's how -- label themselves and and we have to know that anybody can called himself a Christian. But not anybody can -- Christian. And it just really is absolutely pathetic. Is that these people are so wicked in their hearts and minds. And yet they think they are doing. The right thing and it's absolutely. Wrong you can think what you think about people in the in the French Quarter in general. But that's that's a wrong view there are a lot of good people the French Quarter there are a lot of people who go to it last night a tale which really interest if you've never done this you really should try this -- -- midnight I was totally sober. And I walked down Bergen street one to -- night it was cold but there are people out that's quite an experience will talk about that when we come back under VW real happy about it off.