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03-04 3:10pm - Mardi Gras Mambo Review with Scoot

Mar 4, 2014|

WWL's Scoot discusses all things Mardi Gras with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So Sunday afternoon it was it was beautiful temperatures in the seventies and Bourbon Street which packed it was partly cloudy and it was a nice breeze it was just a -- like a spring break type day. What's in the French Quarter and you know I like to send out tweets and it is sometimes that includes pictures in fact if you are joining Twitter it's asked -- W well. And so I want to take a picture of this religious group -- some of the signs I find to be -- rather humorous. And said this this particular group particularly hard -- side so I'm sticking out of walking up to the group and I was taking pictures that signs. And the guy who had. The megaphone the guy who had they did the micro and the ball more. He looks at me. And he starts. Talking to me but he's addressing the whole -- out. -- saying. Look issue what are you are you a man are you old woman. Do you have a mirror look at yourself what are you are you -- as you know I mean I can take it. But I didn't think that that was really -- patrician like. Thing to do this guy doesn't know me this guy doesn't know which in my heart and in my mind just by the way I want to be I can't help the way god made me. I'm not built like a linebacker says on the show last night you know it was going to be an original team probably be the place kicker so you know draw conclusions if you want to put. I just thought that was -- written in the right after the act this guy. Under the guise of christianity. And under the name of Jesus. This guy is using profanity. Two to describe stereotypical. Homosexuals. And I'm not talking about the afford. I'm talking about a compound word. I -- to it would it rhymes with -- gonna just make it too vivid in your mind but this guy is using total profanity. Is that Christian like will talk about how the crowd was reacting to this when we come back. It's a Mardi Gras mambo the review under BW -- skewed in -- and the W Emmanuel traffic updates and a very happy Mardi Gras time suits. Crew of WWL continues with a lot of draw mumbled the review. I get back to telling you as specifically as some more about what went on with -- -- -- that I had yesterday was one of the year I actually Sunday afternoon. Would want to Christian groups in the quarter and I'll get to more of your calls in and more of your tax. The right dollar spent a few minutes with our news director Dave Cohen who has been everywhere today starting out early this morning. From the -- Orleans in the French Quarter and and uptown and its city and the Metairie and then back in the French Quarter. Dave obviously the weather was not ideal but what I noticed is that the people who are out there are having fun and they're out there by choice. Yeah you know. But when I was in matter of my daughters marching band was in -- -- to walk alongside the -- And they were drenched him in their -- where it's plastered to their foreheads their -- they were there. Music musical instruments it was water literally dripping out of them. And everyone in the crowd thanked them clapped for them and really appreciated them being there. You know and there weren't a whole lot of people out there. It's decidedly smaller crowds there were bunches of people in spaces. Parts of -- a -- actually and decent sized crowds some bird was really pretty impressive based on the conditions. But -- the people who were out there. Really wanted to be there really appreciative of the others that were out there so I got to do that I get to go uptown. And see the people sloshing around in the mud in the neutral ground between the tracks for the street cars. As the trucks came by hollering and screaming and even with bag after bag of catches. They you know throws that they caught. Actually saw some Marty -- Indians. First time for me on that Tuesday that I've seen the Mardi Gras Indians in the street it was over near Claiborne. And and pull it it's quite a site he had there -- these beautiful pink outfits then there must have been 35 or forty. See some years I think their -- because it's so hot in their perspiring this year they are win because of the weather Yang and we which is sad because that that hand deep field work here because in the making each of those costumes. Year round and then. You know they were. Oust the then this year last year rate announcement Tuesday -- -- that -- -- and the spirit of -- -- there was always a life no matter what the weather's like the spirit is there whether yours with with the Indians or -- just. In the parade or you're -- the parade wrote. And you just having fun out -- USO the biggest crowds with under the -- tan Claiborne avenue under the -- -- there waiting on two. I was leaving suburban Orleans and that was I'd gone back -- esplanade. To get around the route -- was coming back up. I'm Claiborne to get on to the understated Orleans. It and their more thousands and thousands of people now is really interesting it's not that wide but it's deep surrogate if it was to -- and it just feels all the way to back off the street and I got to tell you for every three people that -- one -- -- And it's now so I just want to stop you know I had to go to Metairie. For both personal professional reasons for our guest but if -- could have stopped bandits -- itself. The protection of the accent overhead and no rain they all move the barbecue -- underneath the interstate. And it was just wafting through that whole court Doris. Big crowds there in uptown Metairie very sparse I'm not a lot of people. You know the funny thing is where there are lots and lots of ladders and chairs and tarps and tables. And no one anywhere around them because they'd put them out in advance you know they put them out Sunday. Or Monday -- -- you know whatever parades they went -- and they've left them there may be they put about after -- last night but the there was so many. A pain and in. Shares in the -- where the people who's never came back to sit on -- mark -- bombers sit in the starting out on the -- -- remember talking about now -- it looks like it's gonna rain Monday draw and Wednesday Ash Wednesday but go to -- day -- going to be chilly with a high of 55 but partly cloudy so it was going to be it was going to be a Droid boy that really totally changed. It would have been that would have been fantastic. Really got cold -- It was tolerable for the the -- celebration on the river for a but by the time -- arrived those wind kicked up sold much anyways you know like the twenties with the windshield -- -- rival. And the fireworks and I mean. You know and you know the music and drinks and everything people had a good time out there Spanish plaza and all long -- park presumably. But I am by the time that sun went down -- out there you know around 6615. Guy and by the time they did the proclamation itself the fireworks in the top cats came out the play I mean I wish I could feel my fingers anymore. It was going to a two run Schulte told it's not gets it right entity it is lady critical errors show last night. And it was so it was. It was goals you know in DeKalb we're ghostly before tolerable during Cowboy Mouth especially in DeKalb or Moscow you're constantly jumping -- and raising your hand to put a -- is about putting about a company. You know tolerant cowboy about -- so that's what it -- started it couldn. And our way Q or obvious man going into the conventions and then afterwards and -- the convention center. Frigid and and the rain and we thought it would hold off maybe tilt. And eleven. But before 9 o'clock it's him down and stop its soldiers rolling in several others the good news is that looks like most of the -- has not mistaken cold. Buy -- for folks who wanna hit the French Quarter tonight. Should be mostly rain free guys should start clearing and it's a very impressive sight to be there at midnight when nation down but never seen. I would think also that there and there are many of the people who have held back on the parties -- so they've got this to get this repressed party in sight of them and they might be waiting for the opportunity to get out in the French community of people right now that might be actually shaking a little bit because they were able to get out and party and that why -- sure exactly do you ever repressing our -- that last night when I guess -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And collectively it was as cold as it was it was much more crowded than I thought but it wasn't as windy as it was like a canal street and pointers if you're here in the open area. It was very windy but the quarter which was kind of protected from the wind. And they were a lot of people out last night and -- hours passed before you realized you were just stopping by to check it out and going no no it wasn't that about it you know if you if you've never done this before I would highly recommend this to anybody who's never done this it's really an interesting thing to do and -- do it quite often. Assist the quarters essentially in my neighborhood. On at midnight I was totally sober. And to -- suburban streets like after midnight at a time like that or at some kind of cut some kind of people walked out and have to move with the crowd you could walk out luck idiots and it's it's it's easier to navigate the crowd if you've been drinking that if -- totally sober because you could you kind of flow with the crowd if you're sober you're going against the grain you. You know everybody in -- -- -- it. That I'm not so I just found it today it's it's an interesting experience to be on urban street at the height of the party you're totally silver bullet to wipe -- pointed to find it interesting. By Dave Cohen news director for -- behavior and everywhere today thanks recovered oxygen but are not to -- it disappointing that it was a cold rain but the people who win out yeah and reveled. In Canada and I think the quarter's going to be out there issuance of Austria 6 o'clock. -- If you -- -- -- to stay with this we'll get to more of your calls were talking about your money growing experience this is the morning grow mumbled the review here -- -- WL. And also we get to more -- your text year. I had an encounter with his alleged Christian group on Bourbon Street Sunday afternoon we'll talk more about that also we're talking about vulgar music along the parade wrote. Is this. Is this is this appropriate but now I'm -- for freedom of speech you know you wanna listen to -- music that's that's your business but does that belong along a parade route. If you what did you winners are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. Text -- is each of these having we'll be right back with more on this Mardi Gras day. Under VW -- the -- -- -- news updates with names so I shot to take a picture of those that are a tweet out totally my Twitter account effective to join me and Twitter. It's at scoot Debian in fact during the next break. I did this last night she'll go to do it again but it got a tweet at a picture the guy on the megaphone who where's the rating me. And urban streets because I was taking the picture of them and this is an alleged Christian group that is asking me what the right man and moment. Now if anybody wouldn't think that I'm woman obviously there were some really ugly women in this world. You can go to our website and today if you don't know what I look like I think you'd be hard pressed to. To signal moment that this is how desperate. And now maniacal. These Christian as still a tar. And I hate that they use. Jesus and guide and use christianity in their religion to. Disputes such hate what I can take it put. It's still it have really ugly thing to do and then they start using profanity and there're there are kids in this area they're using profanity. And I just can't help but think that that is just not. That we Christ would be. And I'm not asking them to be like Christ but I'm asking them to be all the more like -- Christian and should be so this is really hateful group I don't know -- different here or not. But I've heard a number of different -- for a for people the the the the crowd. Once just -- back at him and it was a young woman from England who could funded this this particular Christian group and and by the way this is not all of the Christian this is one. There are out there are Christian groups suburban street. That are are just trying to do what they believe is is this the work. And they're trying to hand out pamphlets but this group is aggressive and -- vulgar and -- -- Well unfortunately freedom of speech protects what they do but they're actually trying to incite people. And that's not really Christian. -- -- from England and confronts the group and achieve she came over achieved so I was taken pictures HE she told me she said this would never happen in England this is. -- -- And there's a -- story about one at the people with this Christian group that apparently was caught in the act of self gratification in public. So do not judge all Christians by the behavior of this particular group and during the next commercial break coming up in about a minute and a half. Two minutes I'm -- tweet out a picture of the guy who's on the megaphone. And the guy who is. Questioning my gender. Based on the way he then I looked and I think it's interesting in the French Quarter all the people of French Quarter weight you can. -- a question my gender. -- of you to see this guide what to see this group and they really have a they have some of them the best manufactured signs in the French Quarter panel tweet that out again if you wanna join me on Twitter. -- -- -- WQL a from -- -- Barry welcome to Mardi Gras mambo in Monaco. And my -- Written that it agreed to triple remote and your program and he went out on the yeah. It -- not let it. Group. That go about it speaking in politics these people that Christians did not recruit student are people you can -- Christian -- -- there's. People with eclectic youthful he's been into options that would certainty that credits were. It's when you're a Clinton and about any of that but obviously these people are -- the big -- semblance. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it. And Barry I often wonder what motivates people to be like that or the west pro Baptist church and to peca Kansas I wonder you know I I have this this sense that. These people have some deep rooted conflicts within themselves about evil in their own hearts and minds. And they somehow try to shroud that or or maybe make up for their own deep rooted evil thoughts and and sinful behavior by a -- Feeling like they're doing the work of of Jesus but I think it's really I had a disguise for really very very evil people. What these people I think they have allowed in my opinion demonic spirit of what it's doing good going to put the -- -- people are applicable. Formal got a little -- beat the deputies can't claim to have been close -- -- total property and -- certainly people that didn't. That opinion based on the Bible and that little thing is that these people should not be doing -- -- the democratic banks and basically they'd -- that they want you hate. Up -- that it didn't own trip to turn a double congregated and it. Barry I agree with you and I'm going to call to the very happy Mardi Gras we're talking about the money -- experience what is your morning -- been like for 2014. I especially if you're out over the weekend it was sensational for the rays during the day Saturday for bachus an appraiser and they Sunday a -- at infineon Saturday. And then a buckets of Sunday deliveries are idiots and they so I hope you had a nice time and those who were out today were outs. By choice and everybody that I saw out they might have been cold but they look like you're having fun this is the morning on mumbo. The review I'm scoot him to be right back on WL what they believe for Christian values and they're not and I like to like to point out the hypocrisy. Don't stand out. Somebody could come out and ask you -- you'll you'll. You'll beat out a new and put the radio what they'll. I'm a billion I'm I'm going to call the show thanks ballistic. And I have also responding to the way the crowd was responding at the time I mean is this was -- this was a big deal and it's it's. It's it's a big deal win win this does happen also continued talk about vulgarity of vulgar music. Why did you encounter folder musical long via the parade route if you wanna join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- Amber's age seventy simply more of your calls a more eutectic coming up next here's another -- WL traffic update. And welcome back to the Mardi Gras mambo the review and every WL -- -- and -- -- Katie and a -- a year -- -- W real happy Mardi Gras. Happy -- are happy where I had. How much free belt a year -- icicles on the very pretty. Yeah you know it earlier via I ten was closed between a Baton Rouge and Lafayette that is far as I know that's open they may be still. -- doing some convoys and escorting people across there but everything is open but it was really sketchy -- the Baton Rouge or Lafayette area earlier. Sure was looked at me over here -- look pretty -- -- crossing the -- on what we're we're. Like it it would blog about it with a cop and he grew up. Go every every area that they hit squad car you know it's so -- -- -- -- like hey yeah you know lock -- to growl and and I'm looking at a statement here. Cheated India this week in the pocket that's that's great that would. You know how like other. I hope that's not -- -- -- it -- it. No it's not a you know money -- blowout before this solemn. Reflective season of land but there's nothing to specifically religious about dust or is having not religious about not -- motorists already -- And then back from a Christian you know. All the way to go to church and everything that the -- with the politics which -- -- -- he and it -- everything and a and you know that the people Dick baker curb check out the -- of the crash and you know. You know yeah prominent church on archer Christians and and church secretions that -- action a call. Lisa that's right I'm gonna get to news regularly ledger listing here's a text that read Cisco hip hop is not music its vulgarity. To a stolen beat on a synthesizer while I think about what my generation. Experience when their parents said things like that about The Beatles all right more of your calls more of your text and the origin of wearing masks and what it says about Mardi Gras. Coming up next on WW well.