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03-04 4:10pm - Mardi Gras Mambo Review with Scoot

Mar 4, 2014|

WWL's Scoot discusses all things Mardi Gras with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And very happy Mardi -- it doesn't matter how many people were in the streets the Mardi Gras spirit is always strong in those who were there in the parade those who would -- on the parade route. They were enjoying themselves those who were in the French Quarter earlier those who are in the French Quarter now those heading in the French Quarter they're there by choice. And they don't care about the weather there and have a good time. But who would have thought that -- growth would have been relatively late march -- -- with the weather like this. And they were still floors are around this is Jim poirier earlier and ice earlier. We're above freezing now says that doesn't seem to be an issue -- drive very very carefully. That coming over just a few minutes a what -- share with you the origin of wearing the mask from article and maybe this is something that you're aware of it. I wanted to put together earliest the top eight things that we should all know about money grow and we did this on the -- show last night. And it's a still trending on our website Debbie give you well dot com you can read it and this year with those who have experience -- draw. Those you know lord here but maybe they -- like you know. -- some things about Mardi -- that maybe they didn't know the thing that Debra is doing a little research about -- the thing that really stood out most in my mind was the origin behind wearing the masks. And how what explains one of the best aspects of -- -- we'll talk about it here just a moment. You just heard that -- will -- talking about the the traffic if you're leaving the CBD heading east there are some some problems. Drive carefully and you know just relax and hopefully you made the best of what was not an ideal day weather wise and again those who were authors seem to. I have a really good time so we're talking about during this morning draw mumbled to refute your -- real. Our morning grow experiences for 2014. And it's really not just today -- on David it's really did for the entire. Carnival season and this -- -- rates especially over the weekend word spectacular. And the weather was awesome. And I had a great time which it is beginning even Damien. Saturday telecast -- there. A -- guess also played the pockets ban should generations halt. Which is part of the -- -- baucus Spanish which which Arctic this was the twenty years that -- that has turned into quite a phenomena in Sunday before. Of the four pockets so had a chance to go to both of those in the weather was ideal and I got the at midnight last night. And decided to walk into the quarter and even though it was cold the quarter was much more crowded than I expected and Dave Cohen. Our news director who was in French Quarter and the apartment Orleans he was talking about how he sort of people 5 o'clock this morning. Who were were still out as some -- out from the night before and summer getting up early and enjoying Mona draw. But I just I I love the fact that it that the -- McGraw. Spirit is never determined by the number of people in the street. It's determined by. The the passion and the excitement of those who make a decision to enjoy Mardi Gras if -- on -- stay with -- -- more of your calls mortgage -- coming up you know from art to be WL. Digital web department is joining us now and in -- in. All over the majority of the French Quarter Ian welcome to our show this afternoon. And there are happy moment ago what's your repression of Monica 2014 from what you've seen. What degree do you sir laughter. Which it can't -- hold on it was. It was cold I mean obviously everybody knows it's called and it's wet but people are you don't -- it thinner. You know I've been coming out to you mean in the merit mean on royal street for about the last five or six years of market morning Ali. Children -- street and people are out of your hand drawn cart and they're themed costumes and and these elaborate bicycle machine that they build and I feel a lot of that this year acting. Odd number of bands also. Did not -- today which does. You that I can certainly understand that I mean I wanna be playing my -- there might do about 30 degree weather this morning. So it on the strip it you got the impression. This year and in the -- -- -- You know -- went. -- and washed -- lounge or park and apply water and Mary it was. Just the -- they like to be inside the rains and I. It was didn't deliver reported on. Just indoor Mardi Gras you. They got -- -- that's just how it happened to be elected by and should accurately over the -- at times a lot of overly elaborate costumes. Geologist with the jacket poncho I don't know a lot of people are Smart enough to bring umbrella out. So that's pretty great. We you know this is that this was one of the few times Oilers organization earlier it was raining and it cold and windy it was one of the times that I wish it was stress like it was going snowboarding when I was in -- in Colorado. And it is his. I almost. Changed my costume at the last minute to. Seattle light a whole globe from Seattle so I would have a nice. -- and -- -- and I have you know we went from from a Sunday afternoon we went from shorts discards in one day from. Kind of Monday. I saw you and you know on Saturday were standing there and can't be taught. Odd too -- I can't appreciate it killed -- didn't matter today and. Well I think we don't we don't control that so we just deal with day and -- -- is not just money going day it's the whole season and there were some great parades over the weekend and -- again those who went out today had fun I'm thinking that -- this weather led to more business for some people because quite often the quarters absolutely packed. A winners when this morning draw or. And the all star game this supposedly and you you looked in the bars in the and some of the restaurants and they're dead because everybody's on the street well well it good business for a lot of people has more people were inside spending money. I think you nailed it I can think -- really great example there's Ethiopian restaurant and a keen that I think it's not royal street somewhere at the lower and the quarter. And good restaurant I've eaten there once or twice -- you know it's not usually really full of people. But just ultimately I'll want to back in the pilot are just now we walked -- -- they had every seat filled up and rancher. That you know that's probably helped that's -- quicker than perhaps people want to comment. And just get out of the rain needs impostors just hang out their friends so what our -- would be the ultimate. You want what's gonna stand out in your mind about Mardi Gras 2014. Heidi and -- remember being me means. You know I don't know if you've been there lately. If they had. And difficult -- music license and so people. It didn't show up alive at that some of that major events that glad that it had the last six months or so. It really is. To epicenter. And I like. And the mayor he -- by water and so I got there I was able to see all -- my friends all my neighbors people there with their kids and they're dog. And it really and I just you know I'm understanding it just at ground zero of the -- how Mardi Gras experience and even though it's cold and rainy. Everybody was just so. Just be what -- community -- there. Their friends and loved ones and just make in the back -- the typical. I think that's a good point two -- this this brings out this this sense of community because you know if you're out there it's almost like there's this. This unspoken. On theme among all of us you know what we're out here -- nothing's gonna stop this it's Mardi Gras day. And we're gonna have a good time maybe we won't spend as much time in the street but it's morning -- day and that's not gonna stop us and it seems to be this. Unspoken theme among those who -- out today. You're absolutely right we were we were unstoppable today you know I got up about 645%. That poked my head out. Stroke for about half an hour kind of cranky and -- am wondering you know what we do deserve this cold -- -- -- by the time out there. You hear the music news feed everybody. Split it puts so much effort into her costumes and their make up. You can't help but feel warm and dry on the inside so very ago. You know which have revealed that account thanks for your impression of -- 2014. So much to anyone who everybody knows you I can give it to good photos of downtown -- and and bandits but they -- deeply -- up on the lips and on our FaceBook page later this afternoon to check out. Earlier today AS office -- quarter saw what I thought it was a very innovative costume -- it was a it was a young guy in a wheelchair. And what they had done is different with him was a priest. And what they had done is they had turned the wheelchair into an electric chair. And so I was dressed like a convict in electric your -- as we here in the all of the -- you get that I got to send animate it I'm gonna tweet that out during this that this break coming up. So actually -- double Murrow you know -- WW dot com thanks for being -- -- -- that same -- if you're gonna join me on Twitter -- act scoots WWL and got a -- out this picture of this guy disease a young guy. In a wheelchair Condit they made like -- like electric chair and the guy with the -- was a priest. I thought that was very very inventive. If you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 260187. -- free 866. 889 steroids every Texan receipts of creativity hey doesn't matter what the weather's the spirit is there. I'm scoots on the bodyguard mambo the review and when we come back more of your comments and also I want to talk about the origin of the Mardi Gras mask. And why that explains -- draw perfectly to a -- That's coming up under VW well -- Monique what was your impression of ought to draw 2014. This is the Mardi Gras mumbled the review on Debbie WL and I'm -- must go back to a Dave Cohen. Our news director who has been all over today he's back in the French Quarter neighbor we're talking. About how this is a time due to spend maybe a little more time inside places are you seeing that on her restraint of what's Burgos street like. In fact that they are presented about our people and part inside of them were trying to let -- out here economic earlier. -- -- Royal. -- street. On that front quarters. Like now that I've seen all it and I just look at it. It'll -- -- they'll error or they're out here or it. Right now -- now royal street -- people want. It the -- former. The celebration picking up ever so -- here or are you. And I'll. And I wouldn't be surprised if we see -- that is the afternoon goes into the evening and though it's going to be chilly. They're going to be people who we're gonna wait for the worst of it to be over which apparently it is at least for now. And they're gonna get out there and and do their -- I'm going to -- that people around -- and fun like. Kind of sense that there might be some people who we're gonna head out no matter what they were gonna wait a little bit later in the day maybe the good news Dave is that they. They didn't spend all day drinking so maybe. The the -- collective. Any creation. Rate is not his allies it might ordinarily be at this time. Character now caught our reality. And I know he -- her. Good evening. Well. You're right decent excellent for the update on from New Orleans -- -- W well. Yes Italian. And Catholic and here is that the right now. That -- complacent -- their industry. That's like they had a -- as a FaceBook page here and they -- have a web site. Now I had the freedom of speech. But I am not a brow beating I don't think that I beating anyone is going to get them to turn to god. And with regard to that the Telecom UK and gentleman said that. And they and grabbing backing down. And kept on me and said you would listen to me well I sent an email in this group and I tell them that if that had been me. You. Wouldn't speak to and a PD. Opposite because that is battery. While you -- hands on another human being intensity battery. If it's unwarranted. Unindicted hack and that he needed eco -- with regard to that rock music played on Saturday grabbed. Something needs to be done about that as well I sent a dramatic day to this City Council. Right now I'm experiencing something that I don't feel -- can be experiencing. -- it's happened a couple of this and they can't he -- about two blocks away from me. They -- that attempted to block. And sometimes abound at that time like this so I can't -- time. I'm not against anybody have a party. Have a policy had been used to. But what I can he -- the music in my living room and bedroom. -- the little over the top I believe and having consideration. I think. In fact they didn't have ladies from the next colony of Germany -- deal. You know he definitely from -- in the neighborhood might wanna have come here they don't listen to -- television set -- -- -- kidnapped. You know and I just don't feel that infringing. All you've done maiden flight that. He's in order advocate actually can now. You know if you're in and yes I'm I'm glad you called if you're in the French Quarter this year on news that the parade route if you are an ordinary year where Mardi Gras happens and it's part of this is city's celebration then. Well there's nothing you can do about it and you really can't do much to complain about where you are because you choose to be there. But you know there there are those people who are truly truly inconsiderate. Here's a -- reeds -- it's not -- It's cold idea Agassi at his goals. When I was still working on the top eight things that what did you know about -- -- which would assess our blog last night dispute -- it's it's also order where it's at right now at a behavioral dot com. I looked in the tradition of wearing Mardi Gras masks and the tradition of wearing masks on Mardi Gras goes back hundreds of years. And by wearing the masks the different social classes could -- intermingled. And celebrate together without their restrictive separation of classes. With a mask -- you couldn't tell one class from the get the class. -- everybody got together -- and celebrated. And to me this is the most important thing about -- draw. And I saw it Saturday night I went to the very beginning of in Dalian and actually ended up walking back downtown to my apartment. From. The beginning -- city park the beginning given and the dimming. But it is a great walk it'll -- and along the parade route I saw some kids playing white black. Ed and they were just having fun they were just being kids I -- so much diversity of so many different people who were who were together. And missing to me that this is truly the the blessing of morning draw this is the -- the great gift of morning draw. The breaking down a social. Economic and ethnic all the barriers that seemed to separatist. It on a daily basis you know -- this on a regular basis on the -- -- -- a feeling during the day when we talk about the top news stories and the the issues of the day. There's so much emphasis on the things that separates. As groups. And as individuals. But what across a time when we come together and push all that aside. And it doesn't matter what you places in society. It doesn't matter who you or what you were percent we all come together and an in -- it was one of those times that reminds us. That we share a lot in common with each other as human beings. And it doesn't matter who we are with neighborhood we come from. The come together and we celebrate. Some -- on floats and summer in the streets and while that might be some kind of reflection about the the distinction of the clashes between hierarchy and and the peasants if you to think about it as a microcosm of that. It's still everybody coming together in -- and having a good time. So I thought at this special time of year -- draw going back to the origin of wearing the masks when when people didn't know what social class they came from. And that allowed them masks a wild -- -- all come together. While everybody doesn't Wear a mass today. This is a time that we all do come together. So when we think about the things that separate us as groups and individuals. Let's try to remember what brings us together and it's things like -- girl -- -- if you gonna join us with the comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a -- amber is -- 77 in the coming right back with more this is the Mardi -- -- the review. Money -- a day at a VW failure Dave Cohen say the French Quarter is getting crowded and I think that's gonna continue for the next couple of hours. Here's another WWL news update -- is on -- it is the -- -- mumbled the review and every WL I -- going to be with you on this morning good day 2014. We're talking about our impressions of Mardi Gras 2014 if you wanna share any of your experience -- today or anytime during this. -- carnival Mardi Gras season. A caller show it to 601 -- Saturday. What are you gonna remember about Monica 2014. And with any problems we are we had a couple of people who have called up -- belt. Of vulgar music along parade routes. And you know I understand that that can be a problem living downtown and being around their cars in its dvd canal street in the French Quarter. I hear vulgar music go all the time. But you know you're downtown in the French Quarter it's more tolerable to -- like it but it's more tolerable to me in those situations that it would be along the parade route. Wait when people are there winter with their with their families I respect freedom of speech. I think that to some degree freedom of speech does protect him vulgarity. But this really have to be along the parade route so is -- music. That's something that in in useful Garrity in general bigger problem for you in some of these situations. But when you're watching a parade to join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. In a text number. As -- Sunnis have you might be second traffic right now you -- -- -- Mike will talk about the traffic and if you're leaving the CBD heading east there are some traffic problems so you know just relax hopefully had a great time. If you're in the car with people. A turn this into quality time thanks for having to be WL. With -- year -- drive back home. But it just you know make the best of it because sometimes we get frustrated about things that we really can't do anything about it. The weather. And traffic. You know somebody else who was not a careful driver got into an accident not your fault in the opening do about it except just. Relax and enjoy the time here's a text that -- -- -- Mardi Gras coverage. If he can't be in the deep south WWL is the best way to get in the spirit beats the snow here and that's from GM Intel's. From Metairie Roger here on the VW well. Everybody draw. I introduced you admire a lot of additional school and our man to be -- outlook and most of the load in spectre UB group. The trail Obama just -- with you you you try to be combined okay. And you can be rolled global opinion. I don't bone to -- would this do get a kick ball and go ahead Roger. And it is you know you're a talk about this situation it would be Christians our own opera industry which. Your mortgage and him as being. Our non -- turns out that you -- good things to -- And and Christian. Should. The way they aggressively. It tried to entice the crowd and the I I can't repeat it on the air so it's impossible for me to actually recreate the situation but. The language that they used in condemning people thought was very Christian like. OK and on them in this -- are hospital because I'm a Christian must open you can into a bit in the current doom. Myanmar must think I'll sit and sent -- an increased and Deborah Pettit of -- We are not normally -- -- -- -- could say that does not -- Okay and what the fact about it is this to you as you put your first. Yeah. William you'll say but yet you support things like same sex marriage and almost center -- -- -- -- Chris Allen -- does not support. Hole. Why would someone. Would be sure you -- crushed. -- there are people who say that about me all the time. And yes I am in deep passing judgment on those Christians in the quarter that I think are very un Christian like. You know Roger L a lot of people have this this criticism of me and it's it's legitimate or not I understand. I don't take the Bible literally. You know we've we've all done things. And if I'm not mistaken if you wanna take the Bible literally. I'm sure there have been many times when you should have gouged out your -- are cut off one of your hands. And you didn't do that so we don't take the Bible literally and and some people do and it's just might use it. That people are people in there and guidance meet people the way they are I can't imagine that somebody would. I'd choose homosexuality because it's not the easiest course of life. If you if you are -- then. I'm I'm not gonna pass a judgment on that I I am I admit I am passing judgment on those Christians to. -- folder in in a vulgar way. Criticizing. Those industries. And -- support to procure it would wreck period I don't support to gauge because it was love and and the electoral and he. What the fact of the matter who didn't go someplace you take a Bible and -- someplace and Nadal. And get into -- almost a cease and would -- -- -- -- to them has this -- if you prefer crushed. You can't justify. Our prayers July because they're -- Well -- -- said Roger when you became a Christian or I forgot exactly how you put it but it did you have serious sin in an era when when we all -- and this was a conversation that came up on -- -- -- we're talking about. That -- legislation passed in Arizona that essentially mated. Illegal to discriminate against homosexuals as if that's the only sin what about all the other -- serious if you if you decide that you're not gonna do business with sinners than you wouldn't be serving anybody. You would think after the baby out with the -- for the school -- and say OK because people commit adult church and on occasion and murdered so we doubtful. Well look homosexuality. It would strategy is -- -- -- -- overall. Well I I I understand that I just think it's it's unfair to pick out one group that conveniently fits the hysteria about. About same sex marriage in this country and an attack him. Roger gonna have to leave here to have got to get to break but I enjoyed our conversation and at least participate in or show any time Roger. Aren't YouTube if you -- -- stay with us testimony -- -- the review even though it's not over and her quarters getting more more crowded. I'm scoots hand we'll be back on WL. At people are going in different directions right now some people are heading into the French Quarter downtown to start to celebrate money draw with a delayed start because of the weather. And then there are those of you who were in the car trying to escape -- initially madness from earlier. I'm -- to the Mardi Gras mambo the review continues on WWL. I Chris welcome to our show and happy Mardi -- Today -- was -- Yes and while but it is. I went out in my opinion. One thing. You know it's is -- a -- of they did to that -- would. District is in my opinion don't they report. On this in my opinion a bit ago. It -- -- rubble law and without being what it is people come out here. -- get drunk. Demands. OK you go to people that can get it. Definitely can tell they were probably drank. That you about the incident -- to rub arrested. By the two days ago. Problem school in my -- and afloat and on them of people. That's that's alcohol. And didn't -- They don't care about pollution people. As I got knocked down -- -- -- about. Democracy. Went to jail. What -- mom went to jail somebody. Because. That's not right there and come back to to instantly on. On the council to they had to promote and you know. Chris it's really I mean it's it's just throw it it's it's a sad day it's not nothing but trouble because there are a lot of people who do have a good time -- it's -- it's a damn shame that. There are people who. Who go overboard and they -- and don't and it's really a shame that those people close to them on the floats. Don't call them out and try and shut them down and sometimes while I don't think it's your responsibility to be somebody else's or guardian. Maybe there's more the flow to writers in the parade could do to shut these people down who gets so drunk. That they throw inappropriate things -- -- there was there a case in. I -- ago where a guy through heavy duty -- -- it into the crowd and and he was arrested and he was intoxicated. He was a -- so I I do know. Do not -- open war. It is and just people coming out here from different states because they don't because at that situation that it's about it. Our biggest public stupid is caught sight and then gone. I just have found out about it to get married so what got pissed off populist. Greens are compatible agreed on that -- -- -- we didn't plan that. Typical. He had deeply table talking talking about it. Become what -- -- from that moment. Ari -- you know what Chris anchors like I I I understand it you know did the true I appreciate you calling and there are people out there. Not only downtown it's only during morning draw but it's it's it could be any day. They're people who are in this life for the wrong reason and it is true that alcohol contributes to a lot of behavior that is totally. Unacceptable. And yet quite often there are people nearby those people who don't do anything about trying to stop them. And if you think. That you have a right to go out in public. -- to get on -- float. And get totally drunk and do inappropriate things then you're destined for jail. But when you think about the number of people on our streets from morning draw. And the number of incidents. On the number of incidents relative to the size of the crowd. A relatively small. So while there -- unfortunate situations and I see it all the time. It's still a great toleration. This is a morning rob -- the review I'm -- -- appeal more -- your comments are coming up peers in other WW out traffic update on this Mardi Gras day afternoon. I'm not exactly sure what happened to our commercial break -- will continue with that here in just a moment a ticket with -- the studio here. In just about let's -- this is the audio mumbled to refute. In another text here for the band chicken on the bone they're gonna play at the old opera house 601 Bourbon Street tonight at 730 happy Mardi Gras. Here's attacks it's the 10% rule I don't even think it's 10% by the -- said the people who are totally intoxicated. But you know I can't I can't condemn ought to draw because some people. Don't get it -- some people take advantage of the opportunity to. The stupid drugs. And you know if if you want to drink that's fine if you're on an ethical Paula -- -- when entering this find that. There's no reason to get intoxicated in public to the point where you in danger. The lives the safety and the fun of other people Bruce you're on WWL. -- -- Obviously Portugal at -- where you know having a little technical issue here we're gonna get this clear appeared just a moment but in the meantime. And his there was stay with you -- -- -- my will to talk about traffic you're heading out of this city. For the CBD heading out to the east it was just a mess and then. I'm leaving New Orleans are going to Baton Rouge their horse of back ups and build -- and there's some escorting of traffic some convoys because of some problems earlier. But all roads are open which is a relief to Gardner's. Here's a text that reads the rain crush the crowd but he did not crush the spirit. And I and I love that and that really sums up what I always trying to say earlier about how. Did the spirit of of morning draw is not determined by. The not determined by it and the size of the crowd it's determined by the spirit and that it does this to -- was there and I saw the people in the streets today in the people on the floats today. The ones who were there were there by choice. And they perhaps a good time and we heard from date code earlier who has now returned to the French Quarter I went to the the quarter earlier. In fact I'm gonna tweet out -- during the news here and that it that it sent between out. And it's it's -- street at the -- -- Earlier today I would say this was about it. This is about news. And it's something that I've never seen I've never seen the balcony of the royal sinister and urban street look like this at noon on Mardi Gras day. Even when the weather was not perfect but it was really cold and rainy and in the three may still be in the in the thirties right now is. It it's it's it's been cold but there are people who are going out and and Dave said something I kind of thought was gonna happen and that is that people have this this party. Repressed incited them and we're gonna it's important to go on anyway as I looked out of our studio winners I see of a few little drops on our our window here. So I guess are still a little rain out there. But there are more more people going to the quarter and if you're gonna do that that's fine just do it very safely. On -- -- does abruptly as you know come to an end at midnight. And that is the distinct beginning. Of -- so what we'll talk a little bit about that in order remind you -- also on our website at -- W dot com the -- blog is. Eight things that you should do the topic think you should know about -- dropped. And one of what was the wearing the mask which we talked about just a little while ago in the origin goes back hundreds of years in the idea was. For everybody to put on a mask in that way the different classes. Could could mingle. And and party with each other. Without their being this class distinction. So if you think about it the origin of wearing masks on Mardi Gras really does. Say a lot about what voting -- about which is about all of us. Coming together Lisa -- and having WL. I do yeah column much anymore. I just sort of say the good shuffle but the bad monogram agree. Term and we have a wonderful thing here in law. That we -- break through out our state. And for the people that com we want them. We just don't want the coach -- -- yeah this. It's true and Lisa -- a moment ago was talking about people who come from a attend college probably -- a lot of people who -- from here who were causing -- so let's just blame -- -- on -- -- Exactly that's for sure I don't know this guy from Adam but elegantly. I'm not sure what you do because what. We have enough problems merit gone everything. Wrong. And we'll deal originally -- year. To cause problems no B I'll call. They go to and alcohol don't lead to problems. I think we do it. Wonderful spirit that would live anywhere around. And and I I have like I'm from here and lived in great cities around the country thrilled to be back and I can tell you there is no city like -- Lisa and I'm political Schoen thanks for for forty and out. If you wanna join us with your impression of -- or 2004 year experience so far good or bad. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a -- number is 87870. You know we're we're talking about the police in the great job that the police do in the that the city workers I think the mayor said that there are -- 3000 city workers. Morning -- a day when it was a parade. Who were working. But it's not just the police it's not just the city workers to make this happen. It's you. It's it's the people that make this happen. Police can't make everybody -- if -- quite often the police of their to respond to an unfortunate situation. But let's give ourselves credit. For for creating the atmosphere in which something like this can exist and it's in Brady -- it's part of who we are is part of our culture. And know what the city could do this like this to this degree and there are going to be bars and restaurants in major cities all across the country that are having Mardi -- happy hours in their decorated promoting -- today. But there's only one place that really doesn't like this. And its New Orleans and a lot of it has to do with our culture. And who we are and people who come here to become part of it it doesn't take that long to start understanding how we act. And then they act like us and we all have a good time all right hang on how remote it probably back.