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03-04 5:10 pm Mardi Gras Mambo Review with Scoot

Mar 4, 2014|

WWL's Scoot discusses all things Mardi Gras with WWL callers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Very happy money Graf for many have you it's winding down for many have you it's just starting I think there's been a repressed party and a lot of people needing a lot earlier they didn't spend as much time now because of the weather. But now we're hearing at the French Quarter is starting to get more crowded it is as soon as the show comes to an end at 6 o'clock and head out and I'll I'll take some pictures. I did have a chance to do during the news but I'm gonna do it in our next break. I'm good tweet out a picture that I took earlier. The balcony the royal sinister and urban street night in the middle of the day morning growing day. And with all the money grows and I've seen throughout my life your New Orleans I've never seen it. I've never seen it looked like this so I'll tweet data coming up here just a minute and I'll tweets and stuff out for the French Quarter later I see that religious group of -- A text and pictures and a tweet that out if you wanna join me on Twitter it's acts scoot SC OOT. And it scoots over to be -- we're talking about the more to -- experience for 2014. The weather for the parades over the weekend was sensational. Last night it was a bit chilly Lindy gras especially after cowboy mouth of the top cancer coming on when there was that. The hold -- the the official ceremony -- Rex the king of horrible and king Zulu coming together as Spanish plaza. -- it would it's getting rather windy and chilly on the river but people -- last night when I got off the air at midnight loss for the quarter and it was a lot more crowded than I thought -- recorders kind of sheltered there. You don't get as much wind as a quarter you get on. -- -- like pointers and canal street. But there were a lot of people out last night but again I was amazed that they were so few people out earlier today. But apparently it's getting a little more crowded if you wanna share -- this year experience was it good or bad. We had some the conversations earlier doubts folder music. In the crowd along a parade route you can talk about that we've also talked about this some of the Christians on -- retreat today in my opinion. Are really Christians. And I've ran into one group and persecuted it look like they were one of the more organized groups. And they had had the nicest. Signs in terms of quality and construction. Not necessarily terms of the message. And they were anything but Christian. They -- me I was taking pictures of the sides to to tweet out. And they paraded me and what which is fine I mean it's it's it's all right that it happens and they did no one's. So it wasn't based on the show but it was just based on -- and the whale looked and then they were using absolute disgusting ugly profanity. -- to condemn the crowd on Bourbon Street. You know just because your -- urban street. Doesn't mean -- anymore December. Than anybody else. I -- you when I join me on Twitter is that's good to be -- -- of bullets and ultimately more tweets coming your plan to -- while and you wanna join us with your comment your experience of Mardi Gras 2014. I'd numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. Point seven in a -- number is 87 -- seven for -- Larry happy Mardi -- Hey have a lot of parties do them that it took view. Hey I we have disagreement about a year ago that that something like that. And and I I say -- -- your time and kind of joking and count -- -- talked it and you make -- -- -- back and -- but. -- -- -- -- the other day. Is ridiculous you know publisher. Something that it's it's human. You have to operation. And I think it's about time they Christians about what may realize that. You know actor Christian and Jesus Christ my guy is right there is good and Larry. I want to be clear about it is for those who who don't know me well and don't listen to the shorter regular basis or don't know these from the years of being here in New Orleans. I don't talk about things that involve the just because they involve me I talk about things that involve me I'm not telling you is that you. Talk about things that involve me. Because they involve other people it -- in explain to mentality -- talking about firsthand experience like whether. You know I'm I'm -- raided by a alleged Christians because of of the way they looked at what they they think of me. Or if I get a tax you know I I've I -- relate those things because those are real events that -- firsthand experience with that I know that others. Have the same experiences. Allen knew what would happen that would happen -- you know move them late seventies though I mean it would have been a big deal. Good -- kinda you know. But. But did tell the truth though. Going out the quarter on -- I mean there there the Christians there yeah. And and that all occurred and I mean there was there and you know some people -- loaded and they've become Christian right there at least for the day -- We'll let you know it club that's well that's another reason why I wanted to point out this particular group because there're there are Christian groups on Herbert street and and they were doing. What they believe is their work and they were being very nice and civil and they were simply offering you a pamphlet and if you haven't seen anyone take UGU wanna take it and that's fine. And and even the ugly Christians are protected by freedom of speech but there's no reason to use that kind of vulgarity and condemnation that they were using in the street. Absolutely -- you know and you know everybody around the world this is like a Christmas. And had our annual. Linda I didn't sense -- -- -- -- friends -- -- European friends and Tokyo and do -- -- got elected I'd been. My -- doing and they still listing. From New Orleans artist's -- to -- WL. Yes you do on goods -- -- brought to sing to you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Other than a range that 1976. -- I am in you know tell it like he has so much on. What Dario where. What they India inquiry. Has so much -- and that brought out meet and greet people away. I had my -- come from me in the manner to. The it would mean. -- on the celebration it's doubtful Kmart there. And that had to be specialty kisser with you know assured brought back memories. The -- when they were young. -- yeah I would hope that in but some. So called old decree that up there. It buried it in the rebel nation -- to chapter at that Riordan as. -- You know -- peppers. Players say that it. There and beat their fair values that they. Are you realize -- that prior to being brought to let the get beaten you know. God no way he'd get -- -- Anyway. It's -- Yeah just I fight is so interesting that they're they're they seemed to be so sure about where they're going and yet they also seem to be so sure about where everybody else is going and I'm not sure it's gonna turn out to be -- way they think it's going to be. Both -- true true. You know and -- Barrow director -- -- ankle -- -- It's -- -- you I'm glad you shared your thoughts witness. But it was a good Monica thanks for listening to -- WL. Here's attacks that -- wholesome and moral moral people do not go to Bourbon Street really. There are a lot of people who would disagree with that and I certainly do just because you go to urban street. Does it mean that you're not for off wholesome moral person if you wanna join our show with your comment on numbers 260 when he seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text -- late 787. So in the list of the top eight things I want you to know about -- -- which is -- -- blogger we're excited to -- to be -- dot com you can read it and shared. Is the reason the king cake is is is made in the circle and I didn't realize this until I was we're working on that the topic things that I thought you should know about Monica. A share that with you when we come back. On Vivian you know here's another -- WL a traffic update for this afternoon as some people actually get the party started when they come out you don't have to actually come out to get the party started and pay for those of you already into the French Quarter to just get the party started. That is distinctive helped issue in the mood on Skoda and this is the Mardi Gras mambo the review which continues with the crew. Of WWO Ted did a great coverage all day visit to go home. Listening to our coverage earlier in Dave Cohen sorted it off the French Quarter for the belt did you ever Orleans in my colleagues and -- BW will -- an excellent job. Tommy Tucker. Angela hill Tom Fitzmorris cresting Gary UT Bobby -- Executive producer -- since Kenny did a wonderful job and RW WL operations director -- and human coordinates everything our news department engineering department. A really did a phenomenal job so one -- Obama's salute all of my colleagues here the crude WL for doing such a phenomenal job. It takes a few minutes ago if you go to Bourbon Street you are not wholesome or moral person. Is that true. And you agree with that. What about it going to the grocery store. Or the mall. Ever see a really attractive person who is stressed in such a way that you. Have this impure impulse. In your in your brain. Ever think an impure thought. Instantly and then that you catch yourself -- he you know -- objective that you use you had that you had -- dimples. Ever go to the beach. Or go to so thankful. Just for restraint the only place that you're defined as a as a -- -- again this is what I love talking about. The hypocrisy of some Christians. Mean to me this is of certain let me share this text with you. I think the Christian groups -- suburban street to see an experience that deviate debauchery with out guilt they can use their work. Two disguised their curiosity. I have seen him smiling and watching the site's flash games. Between their fingers pointing. And insulting. The sooners around them. And the person is at the -- about wholesome and moral moral people do not go to Bourbon Street. After responded to that since and other texture Bergen street is a venue for pastors and ninth right. Nobody you know this is said this is part of the judgment it's some people are so into these days it's. It's judgment about politics -- -- about judgment about religion in in behavior and and sometimes it's just it's it's absurd. I mean. So wait so are you always defined by the place where -- war. Does this mean that I could never go to the Virgin Islands. Is are you always defined by the by the play issue you are but again I think that's just absolute. -- of thinking. So -- website to be revealed that comes -- things you should -- about -- -- the carnival season officially begins all of this actually began in January the sixth. A Tiffany -- day twelve days after Christmas when the -- visited baby Jesus bearing gifts. Tiffany it was also the traditional beginning of the king cake season. Even you need to takes time to time we can only get king cakes from January 6 ceremony grow. I didn't know this about king cakes and maybe this is something that you always -- but I I just focus. Legend tells us that the the king cakes are made in a circle. Because it represents the circular journey of the Weisman and when he went to go visit Jesus. And they -- circle if you take a direct path to concede the Christ child because they were trying to confuse king Herod. Who was planning to kill the Christ child. According to legend that's what king cakes are in the circle originally there was a clean -- being it was placed in the in the king cake and whoever got the coin of the dean. In their piece of -- way it's supposed to have good luck for the upcoming year in Louisiana the tradition of placing plastic baby in the king cake was born. And people who get the -- were supposed to have the next king cake party -- I I remember growing up as a teenager. And we would have kinky parties -- forget where there's a Friday or Saturday night. But during their whole Mardi Gras season from. January 6 through ought to draw. We we have kinky parties and abuse somebody's house and whoever got the the baby well they were supposed to have the party at their house the next week. So here's what we do. If we knew somebody had -- really cool Paris. We would take the TB and we would strategically make sure that it was in their peace so they got the baby. And then they had a caller we do it cool parents so that we of the king cake party. At -- -- the tradition of throwing -- with something also due to interest to me. On the first -- of these began -- 1872. And the color of the -- now the official colors of McGraw. Were selected by the king that year. Purple represents justice -- represents power green means -- And I knew that but what I didn't know was that originally participants in the parade. Would pick out people in the crowd and throw the color of -- that corresponded with. The behavior that they were displaying. That represented. The color. And what the color represented for example justice power or -- -- -- I don't know how you can look into a crowd and determine who represents justice who represents power who were present state. But apparently that was the year and the original thing that was done -- went throwing the -- And the first speech were actually made of glass and and -- enhancement childhood memories of this class speeds. And you know obviously they were very. And you're very safe and they were so many of these are broken today they were even more -- broken when -- a glass peace prize at this very distinct memory of beats made out of glass and you know if there was any any it simultaneous catching of the -- believe media they popped right away. So we've got a number of calls people who live register or interest. -- -- know what happened with me and he. Christians. Urban street to Sunday afternoon. A ticket news break and it will come back and noticed -- promote Internet and again it's not that it happened to me that's not the issue. The fact that they did it to somebody the fact that this is the your attitude and it doesn't really reflect on him. What should be a Christian attitude -- there's one group not all of them but there's one group on -- streak it was a very very aggressive. And very very vicious civil we'll talk about that we can -- It's 530 on this -- -- afternoon in the body grow -- review continues here at a VW -- scoot and here's another news update with names quite often when there's a big party in the street whether it's -- drug days are. That chance this weekend 98 -- French Quarter fest you know quite often they are so many people partying in the streets. That they're not actually in the businesses. And many of the businesses may have been actually more crowded doing more business because they were more people in the businesses and inside. That out on the streets I'm -- and this is the Mardi Gras mambo the review under the W well. You wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. It's early seventy. In a text number is eight surveys have him to a architects here just a moment so a couple of people have called. And they were -- what what what exactly happened to me on Bourbon Street. A Sunday afternoon I was -- for Britain and the person dating we're going on -- artist an account and I came across this this group neighborly head of the best manufactured signs. Others of the Christian groups on urban. So I was taking some pictures to I think sometimes the the messages on the sidelines are part. A somewhat humorous to me although they take that very seriously. So what the tweet out some pictures -- a taking a picture and so I walk up to the group product and taking a picture. And the guy with the the megaphone the apple. He looks at me. Singles -- me out. And basically this is this what he said an Indy CC's preaching to the crowd. Where he's looking at me saying are you a man are you a woman -- if you look image of a mirror what argue you amend or you'll want it. And anyway -- just use really folder profanity. In it. Describing. And homosexuals. And it just doesn't seem to be very Christian like to me I don't I don't care that it happened to meet the what I like to do is use this this firsthand experience. A two point notes. The hypocrisy. Of many Christians. And there had been some stories about one of the Christian groups in the French Quarter this weekend at promoting draw. And I don't know for sure if it's the same group but it sure seems like the behavior of this group. Got a text earlier in the show today for someone who said that there was and aggressive Christian group that showed up. Ants after mail us at the Saint Louis cathedral on Sunday. And they were condemning. Of the archbishop of New Orleans. -- attrition -- -- they were condemning him saying that he can't keep his he can't keep his flock off of suburban street. And you know I again ended this the sounds like the behavior of of this group. You know I respect those groups that they wanna do their work -- wanna pass out the pamphlets and wanna do what they feel like they are. Motivate you do in in spreading there their message. But I am going to judge. The group. Of zealots to the modern day Ferris sees. Who are gonna use profanity and and just start in judging people yeah and I am by the way I'm judging them. But I'm judging them because they started with it the judgment thing immunized by type I pray for their souls and I guess -- should've would've been really cool if I could have organized -- I -- a general prayer right there in front of them I think that might freak them out. To see -- all praying for them. Because it's the might be a little comfortable that we are praying to. The god that they're promoting and if we are right and they are wrong. There are. Gonna freak out about that. A young woman and and and the crowd which responded -- some guy came in threw glitter on and then you know they're in a public places for urban street money Ross I guess you can't get too upset about. Somebody throwing -- glitter on. But there was a young woman from England and she confronted him verbally. And then she came over opinion she said this is ridiculous that I'm I'm from England this would never happening when this is BS. Yet that's that's the kind of thing doesn't happen everywhere and it it shouldn't happen here so it's it was just another example of how. Some Christians are very very. Misguided if you wanna join -- show with a comment are not -- I'm a Christian I'm a Catholic. This is not about all Christians but this does point out those who abuse. The name of god in Christ and religion and christianity in general the abuse that. In order to I don't know I I think some of these people are. Really evil inside and they're they're fighting on. Day to day basis with the evil demons inside and their propensity to do evil or -- wanna do really nasty. Awful horrible things in. And perhaps. They try to make up for the year inner. And hate in their they're -- temptations. By trying to put everybody else down and it's it's a common targeted people -- year you know Christians on the street suburban street during Mardi -- Or you're just you know it's somebody who. Wants to -- of the people that people put people down. As a way of making themselves feel better. Are from New Orleans at your under the don't you all happy about a girl. Look down. I. Saw level or scholarships. -- deputy. Sergeant at. Seeing people all the time. -- -- -- A special hour to. We think to detail. And the and on. And they'll. And when -- out controller don't ignore a lot so it was actually quietly in this belief. In -- The -- opt out program so that apartment. -- Look at. -- -- -- -- look like Q. A -- tight you know tactics and TV income ego problem he got a couple. So. Definitely -- think she's so they didn't. And I'm I'm -- orange shirt and I'm sure this is the same group that I encountered because yeah they didn't know who I Wallace's and they were. And all of that -- well you know I'm not bad at all. You know I'm sure the insignia which he probably cro cop and that's one thing I've been called everything that some criminal because they -- they took him -- match. But these people don't know what cops went up -- never apparently thinks. Were next to -- -- Just step. In and Butler we maybe get little irony. Dialect I had I was really I didn't do anything but I was really. Really. Angry and I had to realize that if I got too angry and reacted and I'd be getting on their level. Well with that big. A and activists. And you keep that appear. I'm not that you know that you're you'll probably each and I was quite to -- won't stay at that. But I mean we're great because man I. Can't do it and we appreciate you liking what they. -- -- -- -- -- -- Be -- abilities still out there again at number he he walks. And preaches. I don't know I don't and global anti that he can get a preacher -- walked. And there there there there are others look at and -- the into the megaphones -- hundred utterly a group that's not my style and in and in what I do. -- but I. I have to respect that the First Amendment respects the the right to preach industries but. And not to. It's it's -- you mean you have the freedom of speech does protect condemnation. But these groups need to be called out for what they are and separated from the other groups that are not doing that and and -- to call the show with nationalistic. Or are happy mounting on again thanks which you do for the city. If your -- stay with us for coming back with the articles and also get to -- -- text here are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. Text number state 7870. And I here's a text why you say the person I'm dating is that a guy -- and a girl just say it. Senator earlier on in her voice and what does that even matter the united talk about it earlier -- a polite I mention it because I used to pronoun. Which would have defying the president dating. I'm -- will be right back into the WL. I this is the Mardi Gras mambo the review -- continuing with the crew of -- WL -- skewed really happy to be with you on this Simonyi -- day just got a report from -- ransom who just came in off the streets and she said that there's really nobody out there. You remember there was a time that at this point we were getting ready for. The the Comas parade publishes the Mardi Gras parade. Money on night. And they actually remembers a kid they went to the French Quarter met with -- used to go to the quarter. Mean it was it wasn't really that wasn't really that safe if you think about it it is they decided not to but I remember I remember this this last parade. Going through the French Quarter Comas. Forget exactly where sort of negative part of it was going through the French Quarter. I -- ledger -- this we are talking about money draw on the experience of voting on 2014. From Harvey Samuel and to be WL. -- misses two. Hundreds Colin to incurred view. I tell you to remember that down. To torch should be slowed things solely through these forward conciliation. And decked out. He -- vengeance is mine remember. Shall you. Just be careful what you do -- don't let him indeed too much and not. Yeah. I left the red that there -- of -- totally retirement from the US military too. -- to do so -- and -- pitch. But just won't encourage you goes it's difficult sometimes. Etc. sometimes it is you know -- that that's that's one of the things they're doing it's it's difficult that too sometimes forgive people. And sometimes it's a very difficult to to not get angry and not respond to semi appreciate you calling her show and very happy Mardi Gras. I'm circular -- the other day and he said that somebody that he knew was in New Orleans and actually she confront it. This religious group and I guess it's the same one because these these are aggressive people. As she confronted them and ended up in jail for twelve hours and persona a thousand dollar bond. Here is attacks -- -- Cisco please please tell everybody to freaking turn their lights on its raining can't see your behind me. It when you change lanes and that is from mr. working truck driver yet turn your turn your lights on here's a -- Rhee is designated driver. There with my husband. I'm not immoral or did botched most immoral place I ever did and was a church. Where I knew with the deacons were doing be true to yourself. And do no harm. Here is attacks true we are Christians and enjoy -- -- and Bergen street. The so called Christians are hypocrites. They called old they use the French Quarter to excuse. As an excuse. And real Christians don't criticize others. Remember the reference and there's some reverend. Who made a lot of noise about -- draw and decadence -- He was arrested years ago it left in -- park. In his -- for treating his body. Like an amusement park. And therein lies the hypocrisy of all of this which is why I like to point out that many who proclaimed to be Christians. Really art high -- their akin to that hateful group the west Borough Baptist Church. -- will do horrific things like protest. At the funeral of a soldier because the government allows gays to serve openly. In the military. It's the Mardi Gras mambo the review -- scoot him we'll be right back into the WL ever wrapping up body gras mambo the review for 2014. I screwed glad your witness. You know morning -- has always been a time for gender confusion and I was never more confused -- earlier today watching a channel four in the WW LTV broadcast team. Into traditional Mardi -- Dennis watering was Cinderella. Karen Swenson was sick quite a handsome man. Doug boots on was a pretty young lady Carla Redondo with some kind of female dancer wearing -- -- piece -- And -- was at the -- -- is foundation party in saint Charles Erik Paulsen was a guy with a mustache Laura Bartell was quite a handsome dashing young man. Selling and Roberts to me look like Andy Warhol she rhetorically -- -- balcony. Was Superman with long flowing black locks and Mike -- was some kind of wild animal -- a moose or something and and I don't know we don't know what his gender was -- off one of a -- -- -- our studio producer and throw all of us who have been part of the crew of WWL Florida got a 2014. Happy Monique one in New Orleans.