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Mar 5, 2014|

Dave recaps the Mardi Gras season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this fifth of march 24 team. It is Ash Wednesday the day after the big party. Night and the and -- and there are a thousand people still on Bourbon Street. I just came from the -- Orleans hotel. And I walked from Orleans -- -- and it's -- lose and there were very few people that. That to do about the 600 block but in the -- 2030400. -- there are still big crowds of people. Apparently who do not realize or care that Marty so her. And keep in the party going strong here. At ten minutes after 5 AM I was literally there -- four and a half minutes ago it just came this way. From the -- means to them Mardi Gras doesn't until the sun comes or they fall down the PSI and traveler down. Gal around. Money may be they may need to -- to keep the government this point. You know what really happened was yesterday evening. Probably. Between 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock the Rangers became mud drizzle -- missed. And suddenly I mean in flash. Urban street went from sparse. To jam -- In no time flat passes. -- put it while he was doing his money recap here on the BA it's him in 53 W. People had pent up parties inside of them that just couldn't wait to get out. And as soon as they felt like it was a good time to do it the it is and they it is hard. And that party went strong when the police shouted down at midnight. Is the mayor wrote a white horse down the street the police chief walked with scores of other officers -- cars today and other offices on horseback. When they started the crowds on -- street. There were more people packed in there that I remember ever seeing in the last fifteen years. Partying on Bourbon Street at midnight and it -- and from a canal. Almost all the way to esplanade shoulders shouldered jam packed in and it was an impressive sight to see you account. That always has an impressive sight with the horses in the police cars and then followed by the sanitation. Well I I don't know with because it had rained. And the party got started late in the French Quarter or why. But the sanitation crews cleaned all the streets around. It did not go down urban streets bring the war. They did not force people to get off of bird street by sending the trucks down the street in fact right now others to go. Piles and piles of debris. On Bourbon Street it has not been cleaned up from last night's party. I think they're waiting for -- on apparently dues that. And it still -- -- -- -- that a few thousand people on urban streets they distant. -- force. It means the midnight closing as a ceremonial. Close. Right it's not like -- don't arrest you if you feel -- rice and used to be many of the bars. Would close down at midnight that had enough but I think because all day Tuesday it was so slow -- -- decide to stay open. And the music camp pumping and that drinks kept flowing and the party kept going so the cops cleared the street finish. Just race race -- for show. They got a huge round of applause people seem very happy with them in the police chief says they made half as many arrests this year as they did last year. But the mayor says with the exception of yesterday during the day they were bigger crowds. For the entire celebration. Than anyone can remember ever seeing may be the biggest crowds ever. -- specifically. Over the weekend Friday Saturday Sunday. And people riding the floats in the business owners all reported the crowd weakest. Enormity of the -- it was dynamite as far as the weather concern and even -- gras after -- -- a cold start -- sort of chilly day by -- we had sunshine on -- -- until the sun went down on Monday it really was. Very tolerable not bad at all. So with that round of rain yesterday kind of dampened things literally and figuratively. But -- finish strong. To walk crime down but dramatic with a police chief said. That the two people who were shot and died. In the convention center parking lots chide each other. He said they came out of a private event at Marty -- world concert. They were in the parking lot Jersey adjacent to the conventions it's kind of in front of -- -- world next to the conventions. They apparently had a disagreement they both pulled out their guns staples shot and killed -- -- will apparently be no trial. No arrests. And just disappeared suspects whose self. Bright there are in their ego did both suspects. And think you can actually do that a book that only happen in westerns in his. Well with both draw shoot at the same time it and there in the middle mistreated and yet he says that there's some investigation obviously left to do and we talked to him it was maybe. Two hours after the shooting happened just before now is maybe an hour after the shooting. That we talked to but he says all -- all evidence at that point was indicating that the man who shot eight who died had shot one another. So I don't know if they went back to back it took ten paces turn around and both by the same time I seem to doubt it. Natalie it was done that since 18100 besides. Nevertheless. That was when we -- we'll see with the investigation. Conclusion but that's what it was looking like that we'll hear from the police chief -- mayor. Revelers and more coming up. Later in this -- thank you Chris we'll talk to you at fifteen minutes of more first news here Ash Wednesday forecast all the way up to the weekend in sports is Steve Geller right after this. We were all on the parade route and all of a -- you know told us the crowds were much much deeper and -- Then -- seen this weekend the crowds of these really huge. Really huge that way the man describes it perhaps the biggest ever throughout the Mardi Gras period as there were revelers. Everywhere especially over the weekend. Of course too Fat Tuesday it was -- and the NC big crowds many places until it stopped raining and the French Quarter was jam packed what's the weather going to be like for Ash Wednesday -- into the weekend. Look for tent city in the fifties and overnight lows only dropping to about 53. That's tomorrow still some showers around we can't take it by the -- just yet 30% on Thursday with heights of sixty. But we do clear out on Friday it's in sunshine returns -- up to 63. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist -- Tell cloudy with some fog in 42 degrees now with the international airport in -- northeast wind thirteen is a bit of wind -- feels like thirties Slidell 39 and cloudy with a windchill. Feels like 33. Degrees so feel pert near freezing there are same in Gonzales the wind chill is 33 degrees. If you're coming from a -- -- we Democrats on the night and before you get to the I 310. But got to just move it off to the shoulder so any delay you were experiencing should be clearing pretty quickly the. Quickly giving you sports Steve Geller is needed to get Marty got. Kind of their boarding a day was very tape we just stayed at home and quote -- on a -- movies because of the weather and -- wanna bring little man out match. Asked him. And marched entire Argus rally my daughter's marching band it was a cold yucky rain and there are people out there they're gonna -- time of people who are out there enjoyed themselves we did play Mardi -- inside the house where he was rookie that you go out. -- -- -- his scout float through the -- exactly are Haiti's Romeo win oh LA again how about that. Well good morning everyone in the pelicans hadn't won a game since February 12. But New Orleans would not be denied against the lakers winning a shoot out 132. To 125. Ford three. To. And it is cold. Grief is all over the losing streak of an. -- straight to the lakers in this building is over. All star Anthony Davis scored 28 points along with fifteen rebounds while Eric Gordon added 28 hitting 453 point attempts. Coach Monty Williams says now the key. -- for them to string together some victories. Our -- our guys really -- and build on this room here. We don't go home enjoy the right way and remember how -- please -- their -- defense. In the better a lot more in the future. Pelicans record is now 244 and 37 and next host the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday. The nine into LSU baseball team welcome sacred heart to Alex box stadium this evening the pioneers are to win one on the year after winning their series at Tulane. You can -- first pitch on three WL thirteen 50 AM at 630. In NFL news Pro Bowl defensive end Greg Carty has signed his franchise -- tender with the Carolina Panthers. -- make thirteen million next season if he doesn't sign a long term extension before July 15. Party had fifteen sacks last year tying a franchise record established by having green in 96. And the Eagles have released wide receiver Jason -- who played his first. NFL seasons in Philadelphia he ranks eleventh in team history with 297. Receptions. And twelve touchdowns. That they have four on sports talk which would you rather have. Jimmy -- long term. Or 21 round draft picks I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports at. I've point three -- -- may have to make that decision as they want Jimmy Graham or acute for different aspects as today. Not exclusive. Franchise tag he now other teams can make offers for Jimmy Graham complained for them and if the saints. Except one of those offers. Then Jimmy Graham waves and they get the team's first round draft pick this year and next -- it right -- -- the deal happens in less aid. That that deal would go down after this year's NFL draft then would be. Though between fourteen and 2015 draft either way -- -- -- first round right exactly. And we'll see how this all plays out. As we wait and see if Jimmy Graham is back in black and gold -- if it's worth. To round effort graphics first round draft picks to another team to get him at the steep price to pay for a player plus whatever money they got to pay him. If you're another team do you offer the saints. Do you offer a deal to Jimmy Graham knowing that if the saint except that off for that yet you look to for front ethnic. Obviously I think if you a team that would be doing that as a team that is on the right bear about to win a Super Bowl or maybe. Another Super -- at the Seattle Seahawks are in need of a tight end maybe they'd be willing to pony up 21 round draft picks for a player like that but I don't see any team that is in. A rebuilding type of mode going after Jimmy Graham and trying to build around him if you're gonna give up 21 round draft picks you're saying you ready to win now at this thing. So teams that -- just on the symbol but one of those right our teams that are right on the cots. If they just need that one more player. Yeah in May be worth it to sacrifice your first round draft -- an excuse because there's no doubt about it the man is Jimmy Graham is a playmaker sixteen touchdowns last season. Any team would welcome -- production. We'll welcome you back with more sports in 25 minutes here on WWL AM -- and knocked -- polish your Fat Tuesday did you enjoy Mardi -- did the rain ruin it. And talk about that forecast for the rest of the week right after. About twenty minutes to eleven at the -- jail on convention center boulevard. On the uptown side of the convention center. Two men were involved and gun battle which resulted in both of them losing their life. Police chief Ronald surpass says it appears in the early reports of this investigation. That the two men who died shot each other. And there and the suspects and the victims and one another's murder police continue to invest it if anyone else was involved. In what he said was a disagreement that occurred after a private concert. And to Mardi Gras world late last night -- forecast as we move into Ash Wednesday it was met some fog out there and some rain sticking around. Still cloudy and still cool today as high as gradually reach the fifties we'll -- 58 this afternoon. And at 30% chance for a few spotty showers later today and into tonight so even in the overnight hours will keep a 30% chance look for lows dropping to about 53. Tomorrow up to sixty but we're -- -- you see some showers mixed in during the day fairly light. But Friday we finally see this -- is clear out and it stays cool with -- 63. From the -- these forecasts thinner I'm meteorologist lockup itself. As when children thirties across the region it's actually 42 with the airport in -- and -- 39 inside Al feels like 33 by the way. The police chief says arrest overall for the Mardi Gras we're down by 50%. Compared to a year ago the mayor described as they will be -- crowd. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the fifth of march 2014. I guess it is hump day by -- we're not there on the Humpty dance and -- because. It's halfway through your workweek -- The odd man out here like one of laws gases through soared due to compete with -- test -- delays really are killing me. From marching in parades from walking everywhere because of traffic from. Long hours I don't know mile an amended -- in amendments towards her. I'm -- walked the entire parade route in Metairie yesterday with my dollars marching band. And I have been walking around the French Quarter ever sense and I guess that -- even not in -- they find themselves walking a good portion of the route to sightseeing. Just from park where they parked -- where they stand at the attitude for -- from where you finally find a place to put the car to where you're gonna watch the parade you walked probably good. A good little parade route distance of -- opener and it's funny to me is I am I walk in parades every year this year I walked in pockets and I walked in Argus that is that you. Chaperon my daughter's high school marching band and and every year with some and asked how long -- it is it's longer than it was the previous. They're both generally about five miles. But every year six seven miles him by now so -- not ten miles to walk the route. -- this funny now every year. The -- extrapolate. Or. Exaggerate. The length of the the walk will be well both here and toes which starts all the way up by Children's Hospital might be ten miles that is a long walk in fact I believe and I've I've done that I walked. From the convention senator. Cute Children's Hospital before. Long short time ago aren't you now but that's that's a good law that's a long game. And you -- a little faster generally during a radio breaks and slowdowns in -- you know movement terribly. They try to keep it comfortable pace for the people who are on the feet. Anyway there is that. Mark price is over as we heard from the police announcing it to all the crowd. On Bourbon Street last night and I asked revelers if they're ready for it to be over him. One couple really got an argument about. -- low and definitely not did you go. Little bit longer should not sit down to just stay on -- year round. -- -- those people generally -- to keep going but there was a man and a woman he said gap we hit it hard. And now -- Democrat charts and no it's time to keep going he's an all that things must come directed no no I don't have any. I was a little concern -- -- okay well let's do this one at a time. Because as a -- I was gonna create. We're right in the ratio native yet hide just that may be ready -- here for Marty draw on the end of going home with the divorce and excessive a lot of them there man but. They were definitely together long quiet car ride home at a have they were really. Very very -- Disagreeable. Over -- thought it was time for Marty that he was ready to go home she wanted to party all night. I does that come out ended because I -- the way to go -- the mayor and the police chief. And they were still debating whether it was appropriate for Marty -- -- and at midnight. The and my apologies if -- what you makes alcohol into a relationship and there's a disagreement over something man. My wife and I remark every year during Marty how you see right off the -- industry. Standing on any one of the side street. A couple hollering and screaming arguing with one another about something without fail it is true you know he looked at the girls boobs and she was flashing. -- -- Ran into some guy you're you know it could be any tiny little thing whatever it is an alcoholic -- the argument just -- more than he had alcohol than the regular stuff about each other's mothers then and she's crying and he's touting him. Everybody's -- sadden. So that's that's violate. I consume my alcohol responsibly. So it never -- that point Obama I'm happy when I when I drank too much -- this. Happy to be killed Latin laid back nine never never an angry. Bankers we will talk to you in less than twenty minutes with more first news here on WWL. Am FM and -- now. -- god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast as they -- morning. The meteorologist Laura -- down really oh yeah. Wednesday as a drive time now I although Alitalia night you probably know working just a case into the French Quarter when I walked. To my car from suburban Arlington talent for 53 this morning okay we're still several thousand revelers on -- -- well they must all be number because I try to -- We are on every -- yet there was no one around I thought well at least chilly temperatures or maybe just the fact that kind of shut everything down and midnight sometimes you know. Kind of relief everybody for the -- are yet you know. It's funny CBS news called me last night that applicant wanted to webcams okay hundred treated about 1 AM marked time. And said I thought they closed it down at midnight it looks like there's just as many people there now is there were before. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- didn't -- that got I think made because certainly there's an island EP OR ratings it rained out yesterday they're like you know we often have to clean quite as. They -- I just walked down perpetrated desperately needs all the rain kind of washed away to -- didn't mark it are I don't cook. -- crime reliably yet. While no other go ahead. Got to tell you it was it was such loud obvious such shot like crowds yesterday Republican suburban street went. -- -- I've -- last night they showed and it suddenly. You do what you -- there was nobody and they all that it that it was -- hundreds of thousands of people. So again in and they were there at midnight big crowd when they shouted down but it wasn't too bad last night teams colder in the little wetter this morning. -- well it's actually in the thirties and 40s this morning and -- showers have been moving out all night long so they're now off -- coastline. And we're gonna keep the clouds around for today and it actually going to warm up a little bit today. So a little bit of fog this morning but that's gonna move out as well and slightly warmer -- -- temperatures going to be warming up to about 58 leaders today already got a bag out you kind of wish we had that yesterday -- out but yet they. The moisture is kind of up briefly you -- beat out for the area we have a little -- kind of easy this morning visibility around. Four miles that's. Real bad it's it's not gonna causing problems on the -- dirty thing that. As we go through the day we're gonna keep those clouds around and it later this evening -- showers begin to move back cancer not completely -- the rain yet we will still see some showers later on. Right and then the rest of the work we get into the weekend. Yeah we're gonna out warmup still some more into the weekend says sunshine returns on Friday. -- we're back to seventies by Saturday and Sunday. Perfect but that's got -- at least it's coming back we just -- Chester and I even ask you. If if winners over if that is the last blast of winter. Will you keep that skin and what keeps happening due to the fifth -- so what do you wanna ask again today I think he has laughed -- -- again if it. -- just lacking Wiki day. You. Laughing we. Auto vice it Laffer and out of this artist in New York you is this guy who's living on time. Hamster wheel I have not -- Shelly and Alexander sweeter. -- the feeling of being on hamster wheel all too well -- -- performance artists are spending ten days living eating and sleeping on a giant hamster wheel. To make a larger point that we all have to work together to get through it in the ground. And they they literally goes round and round Ryan all right Fran and. Well you know performance art you know it's it's talking about it right in the pointed mention it but I think it they belong and why. People -- -- they're just choosing to live on science help but here's the paint he. Eat it either you live on a hamster wheel or your life is kind of like -- we like as they're saying it's kind of the same thing. Evidence dominant want to generate that much energy and movement forward and -- somewhere -- -- -- I feel about treadmills I am not and it worked out on the track you like to jog the streets of names and I allow extra jogs some way your wanna feel like on the track had hit the pavement. Even like track servant in of people at a local -- you know the track and I don't wanna go around -- circle for eight times and that smile you know. As you do a lab Maggie. -- track -- Jeff Frey yeah that is just. I think it's the same -- -- hamster on the treadmill just right around and get off and that's that's the -- traffic I will go away -- round Ali Al liable to rent to keep traffic. Yet it may be the same time like a ticket thirty minutes if he says that traffic or to -- thirty extra minutes -- but something about dry -- Makes it better. I come from -- to downtown during parades I know I can go all the way on the -- to his top two -- exit get out there but I'm gonna wait half. Half an hour in that -- -- the traffic was awful but I go to the West Bank on the -- and around the other way I don't have to wait at all getting off a capitalist from the West Bank to go around -- -- as we you know you're wasting -- going further. Does that matter amendment. Well academically backwards from matter eats it separate on Sunday that. Interstate was like a nightmare from -- out and I thought this does that mean we got there in ten minutes while while when doing its -- skate by secretly -- It which -- Things -- keep that the -- have but now live and direct I would sport the latest on Jimmy Graham in -- -- it and the Republicans want it. -- the gallery and sports. -- okay. They have it at midnight. Les Paul van Bergen street -- into the -- party -- over the vast majority of people. Applauded for the cops as they walked down into rose scores of police officers. To me standing ovation they were all standing but they were overeating is well clapping for them and given them fist pumps and -- great job arrests down. 50% this year. While there may have been more people than any time in recent memory according to the mayor. Sports time now on this. And a lot of pelicans. -- -- For the first -- But that Steve Kelly good morning there. Good morning and happy happy day after morning right everyone Ash Wednesday. Well you finally mark a W on the -- schedule as the -- snapped an eight game losing skid by wrapping up their Marty grove road trip with a 132 to 125 victory over the lakers in the Staples Center. Still Davis Alley oop dunk off the right away. Nobody watched Davis -- -- family. All star forward deputy David had 48 points with fifteen rebounds Eric Gordon also scored 28 while Tyreke Evans added eight double double with 24 points and eleven exist. Tells coach money Williams says it was nice to finally put an end to their slides. Guys deserve a lot of credit through -- there to stay in there and hang in there. And -- give him and try to get a win for the -- home. New Orleans is now 24 and thirty set winning get to enjoy a six game homestand starting Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks. LSU baseball gets back on the dime in this evening and host sacred heart. The pioneers just wrapped up the series against Tulane where they won two out of three games the tigers are looking to bounce back as they still feel the -- For surrendering a six run lead to Yale on Sunday. First pitch on three WO thirteen 50 AM news at 630. Pro Bowl defenseman Greg Hardy has signed his franchise tag tender with the Carolina Panthers. Party will make thirteen million dollars next season if he doesn't sign a long term deal before July 15 he had fifteen sacks last year. And two time Cy Young award winner Johan Santana has agreed to a minor league contract with the Baltimore Orioles. The 34 year old tried to make a comeback from a second major operation on his left shoulder Santana became a free agent after completing. 137. Million dollars six year contract with the New York Mets who declined eight point five million dollar option and paid him. Five and a half million dollar buyout while today on four on sports talk. Which would you rather have Jimmy Graham long term or 21 round draft day I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning Lucas. Lord and suspense is gonna kill me. So while the saints last week. Put the non exclusive franchise tag on Jimmy Graham. It's not in Seoul. A week from yesterday until this coming Tuesday that other teams candidate they want bright begin negotiating with him and make offers to Graham that the saints will then have the option of extending or -- -- -- and -- they they can either say okay we don't wanna pay that much take M and the saints get 21 round draft pick from that team. Or the sense and say okay we'll match that -- and I've debated is that to match it. Right exactly and I would think that. The saints are gonna wanna keep one of their top play makers -- not gonna let this guy walk and know everyone's concerned about it because he's not yet under contract the same thing. Pat him when drew Steele wasn't done yet but yet going to be one of those long drawn out process as I suspect. But at the end of things Jimmy Graham will be saying long term. -- -- doesn't happen you just think it's never good -- -- -- -- I don't believe in and it and that's what people this self. Thank you Steve I believe he'll be back if it meant more support John WWL will be back with your forecast. One -- -- 7870 says I'd rather to first rounder is and Jimmy Graham they're hoping that the saints get an offer on Graham and take it -- they get a first round draft pick this year and one next year. Somebody else -- is that Jimmy long term he's already proven himself first rounder are generally costs you'd rather -- in the first two for next. I read your forecast right now for your. Wednesday cloudy skies and cool temperatures not quite as chilly as yesterday but still on the upper fifties today. And look for it 30% chance for developing showers mainly this afternoon and evening. And that will continue overnight will keep the 30% rain chance and with lows dipping down to 53. Tomorrow the last of the rain moves out still up 30% chance though during that day high should top out at sixty and with more sunshine returning on Friday. We're up to 63. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist -- walked out. Little fog out their funny clouds 42 with the airport in -- with that -- then thirteen miles an hour in the northeast feels like upper thirties feels like 33 -- Slidell is actually 39 degrees and cloudy. 558. Tommy tigers and for the next four hours a fun time and no I'm getting old when last night at 7 o'clock. The streets. An -- or jam packed urban heat and royal and I had the option of going out and taking in the sights and the sounds. More the sites hoops. Or getting a nap before they shut it down a minute after for the man who is -- lead over boo. There was room with -- and you'd taken that way now it just me now. I -- you are getting old I sent it to about. Half an hour ago -- -- and I came -- when it. Again but I think Gary a hole yesterday and today now. I don't think here's the superlative that would describe how miserable lows in the cold the rain walked the entire rap artists we'll talk to some officials about Jefferson Parish and Orleans parish and talked archbishop Raymond about -- he didn't lettuce. Put off until today that it postpone that you have next Thursday. And make it up on the back end of went. And outside about saints season tickets and what's going on the Ukraine. I think economic by the way congratulations and thanks direct line to -- all Vargas in the race.

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