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3-5 6:15am Tommy, economic impact of Mardi Gras

Mar 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to Kelly Schulz, the Vice President of Communications for the New Orleans CVB, about Mardi Gras

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Always. At play that here on Ash Wednesday Tommy Tucker -- WL because I'm ready jaguar opinion poll is asking you look -- -- to talk to you about this. Did you have fun -- McGraw and I think that encompasses a lot of things if you. Went out there in the bitter cold and rain and by the way yesterday morning a lot of people go skiing the only Mardi Gras. It was 47 degrees in Denver 36 degrees here. We talked to a lady from Cardiff Wales -- the temperature there. 47 degrees and Wales 36 degrees and rain here but what he had a deal in mild you know wanna talk about did you have fun and am I mean yeah. He didn't know he went to a movie stayed home played games with the family you'd did go and even though you've Rosie had a great time. It is always about the dollars at least a local merchants and Kelly Schulz joins us right now. And the vice president vice president of communications for the new loans convention and visitors bureau morning Kelly. Hate grammar school I remember when your clock and around the -- CVB -- -- white boots as an intern remember. Our anger Jesus yummy and it's -- that. A mini sound horse -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Island eat eat and talk a lot mentally. That -- Sure it was the broadcast. It was an out on Bourbon Street with a with a hurricane on. -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't there. I tell me about the crowds -- Andrew says I think before yesterday announced again your -- and you know the weather's bad when you can't even get politicians to hang around. Because usually that's the place to find value politicos -- you at all only common in any sit in the stands and watch wrecks and aside after I'd -- on alma. Toasting -- -- Dahlia all eyes anybody in the stands but I guess Kelly when he comes to business people here are already so. In a way in a weird way might be better if it rains because then they go inside and spend money. Gas and we work it right on the numbers I think Obama. -- it. Fortunately. Yesterday that it would be well it was in the evening and weekend and week leading up to it. And just about. One especially actors aren't. We saw that witness that he had said again. Coming back and won the -- 38 hasn't Kirk or. And those are not singles I'm guessing that you know I mean more than one person saying. Right or technically in at least two people and we also know that some in the visitors. Comes in Portland Maine state with their friends about it here. Yeah it was a big success I think six. -- -- I'm not happy that yesterday but I think it he said that the art and can restaurant they have got a little boost to people wanted to -- in -- coal. We think child that today at 5:30 in the morning and they are people out there sleeping on the potential ground. And we get the crowd and Willie or the people say despite arena called Terrell I think overall. And it will go down as the -- than. And so we need to do is keep the -- back. Unfortunately last night after it says here rap concert at the outside of Marty Roth in a parking lot. Two guys apparently they're saying the pleases any killed each other which I Kelly don't get involved and as but I guess. It was a situation for about resolved itself. And then a third guy wounded in gunfire inside where. Rapper rich homey -- performed. Com. Did something like dad who win you know the national media gets a hold of it is edges viewed as. Trouble at a at a concert venue and not necessarily linked to Mardi Gras. -- effort Arctic pack one. In the city. -- -- the Arctic and Arctic and learning about it and they're eighty Apache. Saluki. I think that there will report ducky tie it. All it in the capital that it happened on arcade. All in multiple -- Near the convention I've been a little -- all won't mention accent. I'll probably be in the and they hacking into some questions about. But honestly placed ET tall -- you know what won't be all that much. All things like anybody didn't happen. But only -- the loans. All right that we talked about needing more about it EG Romania. Just masterful at keeping me or -- straight and if you look at. Urban street bullies won't -- it probable that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And barely made it to monitor as of 1115 last night as a matter of fact and I'm not sure there would have been a big distinction made as it was being reported. How you did determine total dollars I mean deity could you would have to sue everybody maintenance detracted from what they would make on a normal weekend -- do that. I. Like -- Preval our mania -- can't treat it as her. Ticket sales or that and number attendees at a particular event that being hired steady. Work with you what can they get -- caddie to hop on determinant. On -- many -- actually year. Course we have. Occupancy numbers we have. Are they all like act. It. Often happens. We hear the about the Betty we have so much demand some visitors should. Point out there. We mark the liberty national media who actually. I repeat we are on fire at work yet. To act on their life either attacked -- are there -- with the -- that only does it. -- level it's an -- bit. So the big story out of you determination yet but the big story of monogram Tony fourteen in the eyes of an OC DB would be. Played it he can get -- -- that we can. Tee shot on credit quality of life here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that was there and people I. Come into. Eight -- people. Trapped. In. Written here actually. -- -- After the anomaly yesterday march 4 late we were all think in spring like 74 degrees and if you -- outside you know it wasn't. Next year's February 17 -- earlier Mardi Gras and much to be sunny and about eighty. -- -- -- -- -- -- It was great it and eight. I'm. At -- and. -- did you have a backdrop of a sunny day in Zulu in on a green screen or did you actually have what was happening. Background and you -- I. Couldn't believe I. And a whole lot of them. And now he's. Back towards the order. In -- -- -- -- and the spirit in order me and I opened grip. You know what makes you -- my favorite guess Kelly is the way you -- said. We we -- aligned so it was those saying a motto so was waterproof and I used that line up like two times yesterday I love you thanks for coming on right. Hey did you did you Wear the boots yesterday was hollering. Man I animal Nike Kelly had a great day in Latin -- anything up for one. Like it that's the kind of thing like it's easy to deal -- a great. Thank you get.

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