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3-5 7:15am Tommy, Mardi Gras in Jefferson Parish

Mar 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jefferson Parish President John Young & Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand about how Mardi Gras went

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lot of -- I just Orleans parish of course not I got to see him both yesterday it was a -- your home for work and and I. Got outs bottom -- see detail and Vargas. And the truck parades. And sheriff -- Norman joins us right now with Jefferson Parish is well -- parish president John Young good morning gentlemen. The more determined boy and promote economic and. Thank you all for it they don't take in -- time -- alien be tired sheriff -- are with you because. Blow aside -- yesterday was nothing but family. Crowds people haven't -- time with their kids and a lot of costumes actually. More even Nestle downtown was a relatively peaceful -- on Jefferson. -- -- was the entire morning groceries. -- Not just about 24 -- -- -- Russell first a week and the rest. Through that the last four days of article. I was very hurt by what we saw via video on streets that anyone's spirits were to happen well there. I was quite incredible absolutely should the size of the crowd and everything about it without -- let it was a good -- I think so -- John Young parish president. From what kind of the economic dubbed Boone is this in the city in to the parish rather in and how is getting bigger and bigger every year. Yes. It's that tremendous economic who are Joel's -- McGraw which could trigger a unit and said I was out there in the rain it even though the crowd alive. Certainly -- dampening enthusiasm of the crowns and and while it would Stan Utley had a great more credit to recruit -- -- arranged chair -- and so team effort. The first crews get out there to out work him last night -- teach cleaning up during and just everybody pulled together solutions chairs on the excellent coordination. So. It's it's it's a lot of work pretty it's also economic. Boost to our. During this time a year. Sheriff Norman Tom you said only four arrests is that about common as though -- that do with the numbers way down on and. Actually they're probably down a little bit. We had you know in the first week and for import export total. For the whole Mardi Gras most disturbing the peace we've made some attachment around some things of that nature but nothing that any serious nature at all. It's sometimes. And that -- -- -- -- let an incredible stat in there to show it and you know look at how many people come models and actors. Well one thing I think that speaks of that is that. Italy presume I don't know if you guys are hiring if you have any kind of man or woman power shortage or not but I saw an incredible police presence is that because you have enough officers and able do that -- Well -- -- illustrator and the urban and Leo and our full compliment that we have with our standard formulas ought to laws and order fortunate this year. To be able to do that and and as John pointed out it's just not sure well and truly everybody in government -- its -- -- Alder resources together to try and they're about a statement at remark brought everyone. And I. Public works on what to -- last night at 530. And has underwrote reconciling clean power charming you know sit back and effort that really makes. You know I was I was on veterans. Monday evening I guess it was that. But outside at 530 I guess and I saw that the public works people and firing up the generators and get on lighting go and and terms of the team effort and now police presence I guess that does it go a long way share what people behaving themselves. Yeah you know -- went -- and everyone knows that everybody's full of others. And looking out for one another creates a really straight and Armitage typically. In. In conjunction parachute and we've enjoyed that it's been nice alternative. You know the situations you know and you know it makes it a lot easier for families on the -- -- And he had to take a breath president John young and in what happens with saint Patrick Zain Italian parades -- of those crank up. That are in less than two weeks down. Well certainly saint Patrick -- On the this extinct so the thing and then I think a week after that as it is. It is here -- -- types -- -- same thing going to be a team effort to share and a great -- our best. And it runs like clockwork and -- that another big celebration church purchased and courage -- -- -- gets breast. I'd sound so much -- how are your -- monetary UTU.

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