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3-5 7:45am Tommy talks to Archbishop Gregory Aymond

Mar 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to Archbishop Aymond about Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, and Lent

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Archbishop Gregory Damon jones' right now and yesterday game an idea of contacting Pope -- and getting a one day extension that we can have Mardi Gras today. And then just make it up on the back -- and archbishop didn't think it was possible it. I don't -- I tried to poke a Danny. I should try site and do opera let's talk about let me I get a text you jokingly saying given up king -- but you know. Is that about it and ups and partners and about and I don't think he's just Catholic advisory opinions you know advice on media -- time that it is or maybe new years resolutions 2.0. Take a look at where -- evaluate everything. I think that's such reasonable there really think that before we choose. Attendance. We have to look very honestly within our -- and in -- part so with -- And to identify one action or one attitude that really needs to change in order that we can become more loving person to guard and to one another. Once we identify that particular actions or attitude. Then the -- really sure. The popular around that so that it helps us to undergo that conversion and change of course that got called student. So it I guess the thing that always confused me I'm Catholic you know but Tom. Are you supposed to punish yourself -- -- supposed to make it up does that -- negative re supposed to. Do something positive for somebody else ideally you would wanna do both but I guess it's easier to keep track of what do you eat any candy. Then it is to actually positively try to find some open a better way to helps -- no way to make somebody's life better. Yet the real issue is you know Tommy as we get to Easter week Tennessee's forty days that the forty days it's not. Nobody ninety -- for forty days to do not. Drink -- or whatever it is even. How much like a lot of is that the relations we finished lent the forty days is how has life changed is there anything in my life that is changed -- -- more loving. To god and two of the people. Clinton. Ideally suited to discipline sort of did the design ourselves something in as we deny ourselves of something. We remembered that when we want it that we've COLT who desire -- more than that thing. It's also time for the going out of ourselves more tolerant more prayer time for the particular acts of charity. One of the things I think in the world today is the time to be careful. We -- you know I call the custody of the tone that we really watch what we say about others in Serbia a fantastic. Moment and it's. As much in his movie imitation of life the other Knight has in my favorite. Time period for movies is in the fifties and and if you remember that archbishop but but it was a movie with anonymous thing they don't Rock Hudson and and Jane Wyman whoever it was an but the point -- As their whole idea of this none around not imitation of life from. Magnificent its obsession and a whole idea is. You wanna make your life happier do something nice for somebody without them knowing about it and seems to me. In terms of given up candy given -- -- of what have yet. Doing something nice for somebody especially anonymously. To mean make you feel a lot better -- -- candy would or that piece of vote whatever -- I would agree I would agree because and that way. The the -- or the going the extra mile there's cheeses which -- in the gospel. Is a way of cleansing our hearts purify our parts and more importantly making our hearts bicker about them more like. Part of it. Answer -- -- -- and in light on a lighter note do you have a favorite time period of movies. And not really I don't have a good chance to watch movies that mark so -- our markets are down. That you will archbishop I appreciate your time and your new loans guy and it's. It's a nice time after the holidays and we get football season on and the holidays and then king cake season moderate good time to get hold yourself again. It really is really disarming thank -- -- The drug God's blessings to you and so listeners thank you so much emigrate let I guess that appropriate that's right into the great -- I had a great land thank you archbishop.

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