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WWL>Topics>>3-5 8:15am Tommy, NFL ticket prices

3-5 8:15am Tommy, NFL ticket prices

Mar 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jon Greenberg, the Managing Editor of Team Marketing Report, about ticket prices and the cost of attending NFL games

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- something that got lost in now money dry gases and maybe a good time to release the news that the saints season ticket prices are gone up ten dollars a game more. A hundred dollars per ticket. And we're asking you. You bomb doubted you realize you can't save your way to another Super Bowl for -- they've increased ticket price since 2009. And the saints still the best entertainment money you can spend in the area joining us now to give us some perspective as Jon Greenberg. Managing editor of team marketing report morning John. Hey what's up the Marty drugs. -- -- -- Little bit late but that's okay that's the case some people are still intoxicated so I guess -- -- -- on. Things may get to those somewhere exactly viewed bin. -- -- -- have been did in the new world indexes for they're saying you know cover. Yes those -- that was. I think it's time. Good tell me about team marketing report was that. It's the sports marketing research company and we. -- a few different things -- in your basic condoms are a fan cost index reports and that's we've we've been doing that for twenty years. We had a -- average ticket prices for every team in the four major sports that we calculate the cost because Tuesday. Say it a little. Spiteful -- -- -- research in the people. Use it to catch him at the baseline -- for the for me. Is it opened -- -- is an open the public present an industry. For the public you can get -- -- -- would -- too -- reporter where we have in order -- and cost experience stock confident as some older SE. Does it talk about it all or do you take into consideration the cost of living any self football market. Well we go back and added that kind of for the people of that statute that port on. You know and I'm right right about in the story that you're gonna see it but it. You -- you can pretty much talent that the chart gotten into the top teams are going to be. Yet I guess ultimately John it doesn't matter as far as the season ticket holder is does that. Doesn't matter where you come in on the average so about how much money you have. He would edit the that's absolutely great point it was football especially because the seasons so short. You know it's you're gonna pay more than the other sports but you know you're in the decent product yet but hopefully that's the great thing -- yet those teams don't don't exceed -- you -- delicate in Chicago because her -- directly not trying to win for the fourth straight year as opposed the previous 102 years. But I guess you don't have to get a good product that did most of the time so. Trying not to win for the fourth straight year we now we have his AAA baseball here but every now and then we'll -- and I'll hold my hand over the person's basins to reclaim what's. Don't know I don't care it's not like running is that the same with Major League Baseball. Well I'll yeah that to mean it is substances accurately field because it had been -- the -- -- -- There is that there is that that especially in the bleachers cadets into. Popularize there deteriorated enough into the incident. But for the most part. This is what -- -- side in this but some of the family outside. But you know what you -- doubt about. All the baseball when he teamed facilities in tickets have been trying to create that prizes before the season starts up and center tickets. Let's attempted to football in the saints and how they -- Compare on the index other NFL teams and is a ten dollar per seat. Increase. Per game unreasonable. Was at ten dollars across the board procedures it just develop the highest. That was look at what you just called in couldn't. In the -- -- -- -- invaded perfectly. -- clear actually. This season ticket holders next in the instead it's ten dollars per across the board per game -- -- say that there accurate. Right right okay well that that's pretty I mean that's that the decent but that is an increase in the last two tractors he's in ticket average. Provinces not include hide and premiums seat for the regulars is that yeah -- them -- So that the pretty decent increase but you know they haven't had any since what 2000 that it is -- the night he saw me. And I would rather have regular. You know about your -- there then I don't like at the sticker shock in the ten dollars across the board but. You know like it's not. There are pretty decent deal I think we we tracked you have a lasting damage to separate himself from. 81 half dollars that you want to -- for. Aliens saint that they haven't before and guys. So you know that they were a little over the average you know compared to these new world that property which show. Oddly enough. -- -- -- increase you know that these increased but but it you know don't increase in average -- -- -- in recent years. You -- 5% every year so. It's kind of more sticker issue I think. It thickens and -- I mean in Europe to go ahead. Oh without him the guidance of -- -- -- what they do have there's something status in the release that you know -- I think commitment the only teams have a 25 dollar. Hurricane season ticket -- Leadership so -- but you have put press ought to basically put. It's that's pretty cheap tickets and cheap seats you know a lot of top 45 and -- so we'll see others look this year. So -- other Texans in time and emails of the largest increase would be ten dollars per game. 13 of the seats will be 55 dollars -- games there's -- -- -- Cecile -- acutely the increase is 55 miles per. It I think that that that in the story to I think it's 65. It will be 55 -- lower which cheap for you know days. It's funny to say -- about -- -- cheap but the political football game in others as much inventory that she. I've had numerous people tell me John they have the best time in a terrorists and which is the upper level and that they've gotten seats in the club level and it's like an opera aura. Tennis match they have no fun down there and also sometimes cheaper might be better. Yeah yeah yeah absolutely right if you can create. A good atmosphere in the upper deck response to people like you know angry that the -- states. You know it back -- that you know that's true for every ethical though are -- anti bark but it is much -- -- -- -- So yeah that that the completely at the bleachers which seats. The most part that he took and bought. It in written leaders there -- more expensive ones because. They created a culture that was the party. And that you can do that seemed to felt especially. Didn't think you're better off because it's all about appearances you can't. The thing -- -- never promised reform. And you've seen it yet delicate stage -- greatly. Keep it there at thirteen won your thirteenth through next year the problem is the reverse also trio. So you that you. -- -- -- -- Especially with duke should do a better job they create an atmosphere so I think some really do. You know items that they use -- though it is a lot of history and cultural importance that also. You know -- that there's things they can do to improve. You know the indoor park almost right side of the. No no probably not alone but you know take it's pretty hard to get a look at record before relate to go to the team marketing report. At the parking averages around the NFL and union partners cheaply is ten dollars if you go to an Arizona Cardinals game eleven dollars if you go to an -- game. If you go to the the Dallas Cowboys games it's gonna cause she when he averaged 75 dollars to park. Got an opinion that the -- between gave Seattle think there's the happy -- cheaper option that walking distance that their official parking. Yeah they're out there on the you know until north Texas you know in Detroit partners abandoned building. Just rolled up -- the city. It is in the the thing with Detroit it's an older downtown -- and bustling on Sunday. But they make it up on a hot dog because -- I don't averages six dollars and that's in Detroit -- That that that probably Dexia you know that you you walk with your eleven dollar ticket you'll have a dog park on the street blocked. Here's how it yet they've got to get one of the same as Detroit Tony so. People have complained about beer prices that the dome. Which averages. Legacy yet he has pretty Diana and the cheapest on. Because during an opportunity cheapest. That's the cheapest there. And I think a lot more expensive. Games. -- nine dollars cheapest at the rams game and you go up from it. Is increasingly -- go to -- information are. Contact the scenes of teams don't get me. It is certain that preceded you -- I have tribe and up. Seating a couple of that seemed to baseline yes some a couple of change in the people tell me. On the way to people find. People on the -- We -- -- -- that invite really the easiest and cost experienced. That was we don't we have. -- -- think Austrians flopped took it and got it back on its electors senate bill one that you're marketing dot com and you'll find stuff. I what do you think it would be like if they had money -- Chicago. -- man the I think it would be hugely successful people adult. I love -- -- it used to drink in the city it's snowing it's -- everyday. -- The big sub percent think that these here. Did people behave themselves -- body chemistry drinking and now are. It's it's it -- people its economic and now they had to think of south side Irish parade. Which didn't get a little. Out of control and the -- that -- it -- on it. But you know most of the -- sparse things here there's -- with the Chicago is basically one big college -- with a lot more. I never got of the -- John thank you so much reporters at a time. -- Jon Greenberg.

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