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3-5-14 11:10am Garland: on the levee boards

Mar 5, 2014|

Garland hosts a debate about the levee boards between Senator Robert Adley and Sandy Rosenthal of Levees.org.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are reportedly -- this is an important topic environmental civic groups. During -- deployed what they believe may be in him by governor Jindal to replace members oval levee board. Where is senator Rosen told with the founder and president of levees dot org surrender book from the Chicago. And Robert Adler -- center who is introducing a bill concerning the issues and deter appreciative. Told torture bill would. Mobiblu that the bill fairly simple -- some changes in kernel colonel -- Says that when they begin to make nominations. Instead of one coming from Asian leaders it'll it'll be three cents to coming from a large group that beat three nominations today. They'll be made in right. The government sixty days to accept or reject them. And that he rejects them and they'll -- 45 days in which new names and be submitted. And current all of where the senate has the right to reject today. Is also code of and well. The sudden -- reporter and lieutenant says. -- element of -- -- builds giving the government the ability to reject all non Christians. And have told you know and your nominations are married do to make a board minutes on his own -- who -- that and I'm eating it. -- It dead at -- for. And I think it is there -- reason is what critical. Government should be involved. And not millions. We can debate policy old dale own but we cannot debate at all or is -- -- is. At this board that is probably lawsuit says violated one all of after another. And they did so with a board that and it. Membership terms that expire. Under current law that you could not force them to shoot additional -- -- to work where. Is this man this is at all led to. Are violations of all. And that's a reason is pretty simple. Article it -- a look at law -- think that as well. You -- administrative code 43. -- 719. Yeah and also several five you're adults and 723. To. The vote Thursday. Mineral exploration and production sites will be cleared brief bit agitated the -- supplied. And all the was restored to lose near as practical to be your -- -- condition. Upon termination of operations to the maximum. Extent practical. Result of the -- should be back Moldova was restored to pre existing conditions. Upon cessation of use for navigation purposes. All -- say basically the -- these are laws and. You know Annan and they are permits that your reading problems and and not the -- they are permits that govern the regular. And there are written in such a pleasure. To allow all the regulators authority to ensure that what gets done is protecting the public interest. That's why they use of words has practical. Let me explain this to you. Win. This board came to the legislature. And we asked them what -- science to solve the problem and -- They're science wars to back field. Canals that had been rich deities permits. When we talk to the state Louisiana and we say tell us why you did not make him back field. The answer was the moment the moment you move of this material more than once. He'd turn is is the consistency. Of sure. If you remove the back into the canal and you'll like now the tar both coached. Hints we've prohibit them. From doing now that's support for this second problem is. Is private right to property most of that property. 90% of the troops. Or more. Is owned about private land. If they -- built they -- They have to get permission from the pair. If they're going to grow again as well let is that state concern they had to get that from the state and it pulls back only permits for that to be done. When -- when I have former board member on the air last week. -- that he had been replaced with a had been on -- -- in the same -- to that the -- be bored. Bored with for years or remotely amounted to destructive than non -- related projects. And we. That was his statement but yet. Not federal money but yet. Then we. Ricardo. Two in the and I think it is chief engineers data California succeed under miles of Lebanese. Replaced by a lobbyist for the sports picture moon with the new mature trees. And flood issues. This this makes it sound like this is an attempt. To replace engineers and experts. -- have the governor specifically. Chosen to. -- think it's the board had operated. Under at the end can't they were created. It's remember rights saying you whether we're fighting the battle over. How to coordinate better effort after Katrina well here is the creation of this support in Miami -- out to. This support is not political. He's not called deliverable. He has -- board. It was created as an authority because the labor board remains the world. Their purpose was to help us in coordinating efforts in an area of the state that it just go through. Horrible -- perform. Called the lack of coordination so that it's well that it -- going to. And the question. That that was the problem and not social -- but -- I think that is fine thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pardon me senator and Paula got it to -- to break -- -- Will -- the -- -- -- We're thinking about changes to via -- healthy -- Louisiana flood protection authority. Some environmental groups and civic groups or concern in the about the governor's ability to do reject all nominations. And if no new nominations are made. Them make their performance or result -- by some in the nominating committee. We have senator Robert adult book between -- to explain why he's. Putting forth to bill and the distance of it is said Rosenthal founder president Levy's daughter or send. Your column. -- thank you it's. They let me -- legislation passed back to Katrina and note that. Was passed before the studies were completed for a -- -- -- really knew right that these failed and it was an assumption. That -- let people it must have been partly responsible and -- this legislation was passed. The legislation was needed. A new package in the let people what happened it was necessary after congress told the court that from now on -- gonna build levees that people would only have to do maintenance so. The new legislation was needed we needed regional. -- let people that we needed bullets that had expertise and engineers and we needed. The demand abroad -- not have to worry about the marina and happily and focus on what protection it was time. We with the first in the nation to pass this. And it sort of legislation like certainly don't models to -- -- concept of Nebraska and made the language that. -- we -- -- legislation that need to be improved changes do need to convey. The worst thing we can do is change from the nominating committee recommend one or two. Applicant too silly because the way it is enormously difficult to find qualified people. You feel about to do to be. Very very tedious and difficult qualifications to which. You can and not be made and the other is back -- everyone to a full financial disclosure. So in our opinion let me we do not feel that this bill will in any way and hands. Ability to let people what to do to -- -- the authority to do that job. Senator oh boy three broke that in two. Three. Engineers. -- -- -- -- It is that typical. Of three inch in New -- In this state yesterday as. -- the nominee is an element -- I'll answer. Marine engineers is it that aren't defined three people at -- Borland argues saying it puts -- totally in the hands of the governor to rejected and he gets to point that's not what is bills. -- -- -- says at all this bill you don't -- -- -- they they get to nominate he's got sixty days in response do you think projects they've got 45 days to respond again now the reason for the time line. Under current law. That's and it can reject these nominates. Based on not just absolute nominees by some nominating committee. Number 1% to ten rejected today the problem is that only -- -- three months -- years he had to have a time line if you're going to deal and you know. That's the first piece. The second pieces under the constitution. The governor has the right to do it two day. Albeit not in statute. That's that's what has occurred right medically that is exactly. What has happened. This law is not do anything other than putting and the ball. What has effectively and it is the law. What we will stop. Is this process of handing. Expired. Terms sitting a little boards. Making decisions that may or may not be in the best interest of people leave him. A little let's go back to -- troops and I said was wrong. I've read to you these worked. A key element of you -- ago. -- giving the government the ability to reject all on the patients. And of no no -- to -- to make appointments on his own without the advice of the nominating committee. That's could use that correctly you suggest you -- -- wrong or what. I'm saying to you is is that they have sixty days if he they have sixty days and cement. And then it says within 45 days -- submission of written rejection. The committee. That Babbitt did to the committee about it governor and certainly -- consideration voting requirements. The outlined in in law. They submit again. They can submit -- -- the and nominating committee. And I told me in writing is that -- alarm set your alarm will make. A difficult process even more difficult by the clients of the applicants instead of one or two but -- currently one -- That I don't object to him writing you anything and certainly his opinion that -- now with the long process. Sent out just let them come following the law in which you've got is aboard pan and sat there with expired terms who could submit senate calls. Day in and day out and keep their terms and do what they would do that that is not in the best interest of any. -- -- and you wake. Agree I agree I'm sick and cannot tell you we disagree the force and I remember clearly. When we were in the legislature who opposed the creation of this. While I was a supporter. Now you go full circle I appreciate you you I -- well. But that a upon the oppose the creation if Torre. That a lot can be content I think get confused and accounts and I don't think so that's OK okay. Aren't sinister a superb where those votes standing on the sidewalk or not environment. We're out engineered we're we're just trying to figure out who's right. Win. This board was put together. Everything we heard and I didn't hear anything differently. They were highly competent engineers. People that do want people to warring. The longer political process hurting complaint. Now at least so far we hear this one replacement with a had been on what authority in the city one. The border direct so much -- -- airports marine units convert from ruse that you name. Then. Another when the chief engineer -- Williams 600 square miles Lebanese. Replaced with a lot. Tell us what -- what -- duplicate governor wants to do won't change this back to political and. And -- listen carefully to to to your word Garland and I appreciate -- when you make this statement. This all worked well and there were no complaints. Is not a -- that pie. And okay what we intend to lose to Edwards loads okay -- -- we. And we've heard comply. Would -- me and I do so by giving immunity for a illegal. Bad policy. Bad. -- board member expired terms. And no way to get. -- members removed. Ruled illegal. Corrupt and illegal. We. Have Charlie -- charges. That it far. Along with him who says you -- -- -- Probably yes to question you wanna know why it's illegal. You cannot have meetings not publish agendas you cannot just. Secret agreements and contracts that's illegal you can't stand that contingency contracts. When the attorney general is. Europe attorney under the statute under law that illegal you cannot salute under article none of the constitution. And make yourself an agency of the state and all the guidelines were lawsuits that's illegal that's the first complaint we got. The second complaint we got is that if you have an objection. To whatever the regulator has done and you don't like which -- government has done your redress -- -- your problem it is not. To. Be the be citizen who followed the mall and did what they would total. And bad science when they tell us that he did silence going to be develop bother suing people. Because when you challenge -- withers the back filling the -- they find out that wrong in their science is going to. Be created throughout the losses now you didn't hear these lights which you obviously didn't watch in the committee hearings into the public hearing that we had. And these questions were asked trying to address these concerns of this board the complaints have been -- Most of the president of the -- -- -- disagree -- -- -- -- -- different polls. Most of them discipline. I am happy that I have to tape. I'm not one of those elected officials who looks to post this day. This is what I needed to use to rate move in one direction honey go get from a it's my job as a look at the facts and in tribal lead. And that's what animal do here I'm not going to sit here and demagogue this issue for political -- I just don't operate that way. Or do you charge corruption illegality. Yet charges won't. -- -- there in court -- one of these issues on the dated date in court on issues that they didn't contractor in court on the issue. Who represents them attorney general or contingency -- contract. I don't know what. I don't know what the ethics charges have been found -- -- agendas and not -- -- citizens have raised those issues I'd do note that. I'd do note that it immediately. Went on the board members is publicly bragging about adding that provisions of this contract. -- that's clearly. Abolish the law. I'd it can't bonded specific clues from sure you tell me where a rule. A broad and some good news reports. Your connections to the oil industry peered -- bugle boy and that leads this bill. They got from from the middle despite because I happen to be chairman of the senate transportation committee. I'm not I don't settlement natural resources committee I don't -- committed regulation -- -- -- -- I'm chairman of the transportation community. You know under under the law. These live reports and authorities fault in the and not committed. Aren't says the -- the words were running out of time. The I'd like to close by saying it is the residence. Who who who demand legislation legislation happens when the residents and that we have more power than we understand and we will be speaking out. On this this Saturday on the steps of the capitol and I would like to close by. -- think and it actually says something that is not true. I'd stick with 25 cents to defend the one on the steps of the capitol in support it. The -- have been elected by -- society after Katrina we absolutely were flat. A new paradigm of let people the government and I just wanted to make that clear to -- -- -- -- different I think. Senator overly ms. Rubin told -- big difference on them and thank you. Nobody bill -- 70 AM moral 53 open world continued this debate. It was called two's exit of 170 will take questions comments forgives -- pizza brigade said.

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